BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 'Interlude : Shadow' Comeback Trailer


  1. Punny P.

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    Suga I love U!! 💜💜💜💜✨🌥️🖍️

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    Team sugaaaa!!

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    Team SUGA

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    Team SUGA

  9. We Love BTS

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    idk why but this song makes me wanna cry

  10. lara barretto

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    Team shadow!!!

  11. Min Yoongles

    Min YoonglesГодину тому

    Team SUGA IWannaBeTheKing

  12. Haque Mahi

    Haque MahiГодину тому

    Yoongi's handsomeness killed me. He is so handsome. Litterally I am a ghost now.

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    80M plis

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    Team Shadow

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    Yeah yeahhh te amo yunkii

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  22. Jocabed Medina

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    Cuanto flow tiene este hombre!!!

  23. riva ajdari

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    Yess team suga will win Stream sarangs ... Fighting

  24. Roya K

    Roya K2 години тому

    Let's get it team SUGA...

  25. Roya K

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    Team shadow🎉

  26. Babie Yoon

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    Team Shadow Superior

  27. Dt SUGA

    Dt SUGA2 години тому

    Suga Team Aqui!

  28. gracia

    gracia2 години тому

    This MV get me to tears. See the meaning of this song hit me how they have been treated.

  29. Jung jvs Bangtan

    Jung jvs Bangtan2 години тому

    Hotter than sun

  30. Jung jvs Bangtan

    Jung jvs Bangtan2 години тому

    My love suga

  31. Jung jvs Bangtan

    Jung jvs Bangtan2 години тому

    Wowowo suga wowowowo

  32. gracia

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    Too hot and too handsome

  33. Han Han

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    TEAM SUGA fighting

  34. Sugar Min

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    Team SUGA fighting IWannaBeTheKing

  35. Светлана Сапожникова

    Светлана Сапожникова3 години тому

    Какая песня... Проникает в самое сердце.. I wanna go win..

  36. #ARMY 1BTS

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  37. lucasgb ff

    lucasgb ff3 години тому

    Music top!!!😍😍🧡🧡

  38. Crunchy Squad

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    Str£am battle... Suga Team fighting :) I Wanna Be The King...

  39. 진성parK

    진성parK4 години тому

    still cant get over this even after d-2

  40. Sad singer93

    Sad singer934 години тому

    I Wanna Be The King...

  41. Mohmand Khan

    Mohmand Khan4 години тому

    ayo suga ! u nice keep going !

  42. Ays un

    Ays un4 години тому

    Wow king

  43. Ays un

    Ays un4 години тому

    I love this song

  44. Atik Riyani

    Atik Riyani5 годин тому

    you so hansome realy

  45. Atik Riyani

    Atik Riyani5 годин тому

    suga in this vidio verry good and handsome, really energicc

  46. Bruna Gamer

    Bruna Gamer5 годин тому

    E tbm lembrem de dar str3@m em Epiphany

  47. fadak AL dandan

    fadak AL dandan5 годин тому

    مين يونغي

  48. azure castellan

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    Hello fellow yoongi stan

  49. Rini Dolok

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    good morning~

  50. Angela Hall

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    I wanna be a rockstar...

  51. K D-2

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  52. catalina Lara

    catalina Lara5 годин тому

    Yoongi estay entero rico wn uwu

  53. catalina Lara

    catalina Lara5 годин тому

    70M 20;22pm 9/8/20

  54. catalina Lara

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    79 402 656

  55. catalina Lara

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  56. AgustD AgustD

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  57. Tameika Williams

    Tameika Williams6 годин тому

    Only new listeners would think he "just" built up confidence....he has always been the King!!! And those epic 3 beat changes.....right!!! Agust D 💜💜

  58. BTS là hi vọng

    BTS là hi vọng6 годин тому

    Thật sự rất thích những bài như thế này của Suga

  59. Kaycelle Anne Castillo

    Kaycelle Anne Castillo6 годин тому

    Three great minutes of music video

  60. j.

    j.6 годин тому

    This is just unbelievable... I have no words

  61. Erika anmamaomjrcna

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  64. Bruna Gamer

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    O realismo presente é como um tapa na cara necessário

  65. Hanxelmae

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    My Suga, a king indeed.

  66. Cadela Do HOSEOK

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  67. Cadela Do HOSEOK

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    Essa música é tão bela nea

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  73. Samaa Mohammed

    Samaa Mohammed8 годин тому

    Oh my god you are the best You are perfect I love this song so much and i love her singer so much Please keep going The king suga

  74. Marie Stuart

    Marie Stuart8 годин тому

    I love y ou suga

  75. :s t a r r y n i g h t:

    :s t a r r y n i g h t:8 годин тому

    Sorry to put this in here, I know some are gonna be irritated but.. Reminder: Dynamite Single release on August 21 (1pm KST) How to Str*am: -If you wanna have multiple devices make sure that the devices have different *ip address* -Make sure that you would watch a video in between. -You can also like a comment everytime you v*ew the mv for it to count. And to prevent it to be sees as a "b*t" behaviour. -Please dont loop the mv because its a b*t behaviour. -Dont focus on the numbers too much, just enjoy the video for you to not be anxious. Cause its kinda stressful if we focus on the number too much. And also Pre-save Dynamite on Spotify and Itunes. Borahae.

  76. Kouassi Sonia

    Kouassi Sonia8 годин тому

    Add from the game : I want be ...

  77. Jeon Jungkookie

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  78. Fishy The Fish

    Fishy The Fish9 годин тому

    Symbolism: 2:11 O!RUL8,2? flashes on the screen. I believe that was BTS' first album.

  79. Hãn Hây Jèå Hãn Hây Jèå

    Hãn Hây Jèå Hãn Hây Jèå9 годин тому

    I Love You Suga 🇩🇿💜🇰🇷

  80. Mitu Saha

    Mitu Saha9 годин тому

    Bts suga !!! Good job!!!!!

  81. TheBeatmakerFromDaegu

    TheBeatmakerFromDaegu9 годин тому

    Yoongi is my emotional support kpop boy. :)

  82. Wola Bibi

    Wola Bibi9 годин тому

    ملك الراب يونقي، قريب إن شاء الله المية مليون .

  83. Wola Bibi

    Wola Bibi9 годин тому

    ياخي طفشتني اعلانات تيكتوك،، سامجييين. ناطين لي ف كل فيديو:/

  84. choerry ;

    choerry ;10 годин тому

    te amo, te amo, te amo, te amo, te amo fhklhfds

  85. Park Ji

    Park Ji10 годин тому

    سوقااااا بحبك

  86. Shylina Winkerson

    Shylina Winkerson10 годин тому

    This song is a masterpiece and noone can change my mind!!

  87. Shylina Winkerson

    Shylina Winkerson10 годин тому

    600k left for 80M!! Let's get it

  88. :::putrii:::anisa:::lil:::meow:::meow:::

    :::putrii:::anisa:::lil:::meow:::meow:::11 годин тому

    ::::: 100 MILLION PLEASE :::::

  89. Ot7

    Ot711 годин тому

    hello armys plz give some attention to this and read it thoroughly... blackpink kill this love song's MV has reached 950M views on youtube... soon it will be 1B.. If this happens then blackpink will become first k_pop band to get 1B views on 2 MVs.. before that happens let's stream BTS Boy with luv MV because it is nearer to 900M views and to get 1B views on youtube... share this as much as you can and alert all the armys and let's make our boys to get all achievements... purple you Army💜

  90. قافلة شقلح

    قافلة شقلح11 годин тому

    we were "LOST" , we don’t have “NO MORE DREAMS” hating ourselves , living as if we are not young , alone in the silence without friends to told them "I NEED U" ,we "RUN" to escape "DANGER" screaming "SAVE US",Under the black clouds blocking "MOON" light , waiting for the “SPRING DAY" , and because of a "SERENDIPITY" we learned how to “LOVE OURSELVES” no more "FAKE LOVE" , we learned how to live the moment of youth , we realized the meaning of living "YOUNG FOREVER" ,We were in the sky on an "AIRPLANE" flying with "WINGS" of success like a "BUTTERFLY" , we were in our "EUPHORIA" , but after we experienced an "EPIPHANY" where we were in a moment of "SINGULARITY" so we've took a ride on the “MAP OF OUR SOULS” , where we found our "EGO" helps us to discover who we are and what we like but at the same time we were running away from our shadows , trying to be in a "INTERLUDE" , but we could not , so we decided to stay and fight accepting that "SHADOW" is part of us , and now the "DNA" is the one who found our fate we've make the "LIGHTS" "ON" and we can dream ,we have "FRIENDS" , we are together , we can laugh, "WE NEVER WALK ALONE" , a day may come when we lose , but it's "NOT TODAY" , today we can "MAKE IT RIGHT " so no matter how is the pain that our life bring we will be forever "BOY WITH LUV" and girls with luv too , we will be able to fight through "BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS", because "WE ARE BULLETPROOF : THE ETERNAL" we will “STAY GOLD , and we will keep on shining like a "DYNAMITE" كنا LOST لم يعد لنا NO MORE DREAMS نكره أنفسنا نعيش كأننا لسنا شبابا, وحيدون في الصمت بدون أصدقاء , نحن RUN للهرب من DANGER بينما نصرخ SAVE US , تحت الغيوم السوداء التي تحجب ضوء "MOON" ننتظر SPRING DAY , و بسبب SERENDIPITY تعلمنا كيف LOVE OURSELVES لا مزيد من FAKE LOVE , تعلمنا كيف نحيا شبابنا , و أدركنا المعنى الحقيقي للعيش FOREVER YOUNG , لقد كنا في السماء على متن AIRPLANE محلقين ب WINGS النجاح مثل BUTTERFLY , لقد كنا في EUPHORIA , لكن بعد هذا عشنا EPIPHANY حيث مررنا بلحظة SINGULARITY لذلك أخذنا جولة في MAP OF OUR SOULS , هناك وجدنا EGO يساعدنا على معرفة من نحن و ماذا نحب و في الوقت نفسه كنا نركض هاربين من ظلالنا , نحاول أ، نكون في INTERLUDE , لكن لم نستطع , لذلك قررنا البقاء و المقاتلة متقبلين أن SHADOW جزء منا , و ها هو DNA قد دلنا على مصيرنا , لقد جعلنا LIGHTS ON نستطيع أن نحلم أخيرا , لدينا أصدقاء , نحن معا نضحك معا , WE NEVER WALK ALONE , قد يأتي يوم حيث نخسر لكنه NOT TODAY , اليوم يمكننا MAKE IT RIGHT و مهما كان الألم الذي ستحمله لنا الحياة نكون دائما BOY WITH LUV وفتيات تصادقن الحب أيضا , سنكون قادرين على القتال من خلال BLOOD SWEET & TEARS لأننا WE ARE BULLETPROOF : THE ETERNAL سوف نبقى STAY GOLD

  91. Angie Min

    Angie Min12 годин тому

    Hay que lograr los 100 M antes de que acabe el año ❤️

  92. Fagner Pablo de souza

    Fagner Pablo de souza12 годин тому

    ❤❤❤ amo

  93. Farida Mahreche

    Farida Mahreche12 годин тому

    A genius song!

  94. Zainab 6I

    Zainab 6I13 годин тому

    DKDKTV made a video showing the meaning of this song .

  95. Lunshila Akiu

    Lunshila Akiu13 годин тому

    Suga reminds me of the Great Eminem 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💞💞💞💞💞💞💞This is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Hell yah!!!!! Agust D✨✨✨✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️💞💞💞♥️♥️♥️😳😳😳😻😻😻👏🙌🙌💋💋💯💯👌👌😍✨❤️❤️

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  98. Esranur Yılmaz

    Esranur Yılmaz13 годин тому

    Rap king TURKISH ARMY

  99. Esranur Yılmaz

    Esranur Yılmaz13 годин тому

    Dynimite coming

  100. Esranur Yılmaz

    Esranur Yılmaz13 годин тому

    I wanna be me

  101. bea

    bea13 годин тому

    É o patrão mds

  102. джей

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    бигхит лацкните мою новую фотку в вк