BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. Ghada, ARMY

    Ghada, ARMY2 хвилини тому

    ااااخ قلبيي

  2. katelynfe

    katelynfe10 хвилин тому

    My parents loved them

  3. Susan Yin

    Susan Yin23 хвилини тому

    They are amazing! just love them!

  4. gisel

    gisel26 хвилин тому


  5. Unicorn _Playz

    Unicorn _Playz30 хвилин тому

    What do you see in BTS? They look boring

  6. sookawaiipurple

    sookawaiipurple31 хвилина тому

    3:57 hmm? Look at jungkooks hand

  7. ky b

    ky b42 хвилини тому

    2:50 전정국 카메라에 끼부리는거보소..

  8. Elijah Lopez

    Elijah Lopez47 хвилин тому

    I was there at snl when they preformed

  9. Attamrik Marak

    Attamrik MarakГодину тому

    I love their performance so much.... 😍😍 But I think it's not live they've probably recorded their voice before.. Prove me if I'm wrong pls...

  10. jsbach86

    jsbach863 хвилини тому

    Here's proof. You can find other many MR removed version.

  11. Attamrik Marak

    Attamrik Marak5 хвилин тому

    Yes I'm a fake army who watch and sing bts songs everyday trying to be as good as them...

  12. n9

    n910 хвилин тому

    +Attamrik Marak i think you are just fake fan who pretending to be Army to spread the rumor of BTS lipsync. Come on. I watch few reactions especially vocal trainer reaction and they all said, they could hear BTS sing live here.

  13. Annel Nuñez

    Annel Nuñez18 хвилин тому

    +Attamrik Marak ok it's your opinion Not a fact

  14. Attamrik Marak

    Attamrik Marak31 хвилина тому

    Nah I still don't think it's live 😂😂😂

  15. joe bart

    joe bartГодину тому


  16. 남현우

    남현우11 хвилин тому

    a beautiful trash



    I disagree. I think this is AMAZING

  18. Aki- Rara

    Aki- RaraГодину тому

    I will never get tired of watching Jimin😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Terilkin Flamewood

    Terilkin FlamewoodГодину тому

    The Beatles of South Korea.

  20. Marcela Silva

    Marcela SilvaГодину тому

    The thing that I love the most about this performance is how happy the boys look! They really love what they do!

  21. I Am A Googler

    I Am A GooglerГодину тому


  22. madelyn burns

    madelyn burnsГодину тому

    dang, i thought there was gonna be more haters. disappointed in Americas music taste



    You don't like this song? Can I ask why? I believe this song is amazing!

  24. Justine Lim

    Justine LimГодину тому

    haters gonna hate

  25. Anthony Alexander

    Anthony AlexanderГодину тому




    No to what?

  27. Aliona Dahl

    Aliona DahlГодину тому

    People, what's wrong with you? How can you listen to this c**p?



    How is this crap? This is AMAZING

  29. bella2019

    bella20192 години тому

    I don’t get it why they are famous - and I am Korean - they can dance and their singing is ok so then ?.

  30. 남현우

    남현우10 хвилин тому

    타이틀곡말고 앨범 수록곡 들어보셈 그리고 앨범이나 가사 주제가 흔한 사랑 노래보다 나 자신에 대한 내용이 많음

  31. Katey Bernal

    Katey Bernal2 години тому

    I usually skip thru the musical performances cept for a select few. This was one of them and i loved it! The dancing was so fluid i loved it

  32. mm g

    mm g2 години тому

    볼 때마다 넘 멋있어요. bts 애정합니다.

  33. jk pv

    jk pv2 години тому


  34. priscila kashima

    priscila kashima2 години тому


  35. Martha Ramirezni

    Martha Ramirezni2 години тому

    No offense but wants wrong Si Tu the sound

  36. Pen Writes

    Pen Writes3 години тому


  37. Mariah Alterio

    Mariah Alterio3 години тому

    Namjoon!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Sasa Makhila

    Sasa Makhila3 години тому

    I look you guys so happy in here song😍

  39. Juju Flower

    Juju Flower3 години тому

    Did they get a standing ovation from the crowd? LEGENDS.

  40. Harmonia Ares

    Harmonia Ares3 години тому

    For people who don’t understand their success or why their fans are so devoted. When you first discover BTS, it’s normally via a song that you quite like. When you delve further, you will find there is an amazing 6 year back catalogue of such high quality music, it feels like you’ve found buried treasure. I’ve got 80 tracks on my BTS playlist and they’re all so unique and different. And this is just the music, haven’t even mentioned the amazing choreography that accompanies it

  41. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm4 години тому

    These guys can Fart right now, record the Fart, release it as a Single and it becomes an instant Hit !! 😂🤣

  42. Rsoul

    Rsoul4 години тому

    why is bts' the only artist performance on snl's yt page? everyone else's is on the artist's official page. also if you search the videos on snl's by most popular this video doesn't turn up amongst the others that have similar views (for me anyway) :/

  43. Dee B

    Dee B4 години тому

    You lost me at 0.01

  44. I've got strength

    I've got strength2 години тому

    +Dee B how about this song?

  45. Dee B

    Dee B2 години тому

    +I've got strength Pretty much anything. To me this group does not sound good at all!

  46. I've got strength

    I've got strength3 години тому

    +Dee B what genres of music do you like?

  47. Dee B

    Dee B3 години тому

    +I've got strength Ok, got to 2:32. Just nope.

  48. P. J.

    P. J.4 години тому

    00:00 they went from hot to adorable in 1.0 seconds

  49. glowdark Lvst

    glowdark Lvst4 години тому

    Who notice that Jungkook improved is so beautiful 3.40-3.45

  50. Alfi Sulimanova

    Alfi Sulimanova4 години тому

    0:49 What is this guy's name?

  51. Alfi Sulimanova

    Alfi Sulimanova4 години тому

    +jw Yes he. Тhank))

  52. jw

    jw4 години тому

    the first guy in line? His name is Jin :)

  53. -しყ

    -しყ4 години тому

    Esse performance me deixa tão feliz

  54. Mariana Grespan

    Mariana Grespan5 годин тому

    I am 31 and I listen BTS all the time. They are great performers and singers. I got my husband addicted to them as well. I don't know if I could be called an Army but I love them so much!

  55. kat r

    kat r2 години тому

    I'm 35 y.o and I love them too💜 I relate to their music, very inspiring 💜💜💜

  56. MustacheN Beef

    MustacheN Beef5 годин тому

    too many ppl on stage

  57. rinnychan8

    rinnychan8Хвилина тому

    More like the stage was too small for BTS lmao

  58. I've got strength

    I've got strength3 години тому

    It's 3 rappers and 4 vocalists, thanks to that the group is very versatile in music and is able to perform very complex choreography, this is one of their lightest choreographies actually. Each member is equally important.

  59. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    7 to be exact!

  60. Shin Tae Oh

    Shin Tae Oh5 годин тому

    Keep coming back on thissss

  61. Sara Nazirbekova

    Sara Nazirbekova5 годин тому


  62. Christina Zitzer

    Christina Zitzer5 годин тому

    I want them at my wedding omg

  63. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    hahah you've gotta be incredibly rich for that to happen. it'd be a cool performance though!

  64. Özcan Çoban

    Özcan Çoban5 годин тому

    is jk at the end doing the twice fancy thing ?

  65. Özcan Çoban

    Özcan Çoban4 години тому

    +bee oh k thanks for the information

  66. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    +Özcan Çoban TWICE didn't make the Fancy thing. It's American Sign Language for "I love you" the thumb and the pointer finger represent the 'L' , the pinky represents the 'I', and the pinky and thumb represent 'Y'

  67. Özcan Çoban

    Özcan Çoban5 годин тому

    +bee ye but all the twice members are doing it so maybe jk saw them ?

  68. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    fancy came out a week later!

  69. Jungkook kookis

    Jungkook kookis6 годин тому

    Cade os brasileiros 나는 ㄷ아 진 ㄹ아 ㅇ나 다 나 지만 을 사 ㄹ아 ㅎ ㅐ

  70. R Y N

    R Y N6 годин тому

    Jungkook is just too good!!!

  71. Angel Mariah

    Angel Mariah6 годин тому

    i hope they perform this song for their concert in LA next week!!

  72. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    im going too!

  73. John Aldana

    John Aldana6 годин тому

    Where is Halsey? The only good thing of this is She!!!

  74. Dooly King

    Dooly King59 хвилин тому

    Seriously, I didn't know who she was until this song came out

  75. I've got strength

    I've got strength3 години тому

    Please listen to Halsey's words about the song and how she enjoyed working with BTS I understand that you are Halsey's fan but please be a bit more respectful to BTS, they are actually very good and Halsey likes them a lot

  76. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    they specifically asked for BTS on SNL!

  77. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya5 годин тому

    John Aldana she wasn’t there this day. she will perform with bts at the bbmas on may 1st!

  78. Rica Jean Rubio

    Rica Jean Rubio6 годин тому

    I really love Jungkook's high note after Rapmon's rap. Oh ma ma may 💕

  79. RobyBorsch

    RobyBorsch6 годин тому


  80. Cookiez :3

    Cookiez :36 годин тому

    I don't get what's so good about bts because everyone in school doesn't like bts

  81. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    bts works ahard and they have lots of talent!

  82. bts jjang

    bts jjang5 годин тому

    +Cookiez :3 ㅈㄹ

  83. Cookiez :3

    Cookiez :35 годин тому

    +bts jjang Вы жалкий "плотва таракана ", так что, если я не люблю их в любом случае? В целом его мое мнение, Ох, и кстати я не корейский, но у меня есть свои пути. :

  84. bts jjang

    bts jjang6 годин тому

    한심 ㅉㅉ

  85. I've got strength

    I've got strength6 годин тому

    Their lyrics, music, voices, performances, message and personalities are good



    1.1 million you-know-what! :D

  87. Divya D

    Divya D7 годин тому

    Wow I never really noticed this, but look at Jin keeping up with Jimin and Hobi during this particular part of the choreography... @02:18 He is doing so great and I feel like a proud mom TT^TT

  88. Victor Maciel

    Victor Maciel7 годин тому

    Live? More like push play and lip synch along. I feel sad for the band in the back they are just airplaying along. This is an Ashlee Simpson moment. Playback playback artist.

  89. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    bts doesnt lip sync!

  90. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya5 годин тому

    snl doesn’t allow lip synching... also DO YOU HEAR THOSE ADLIBS?!

  91. mia

    mia7 годин тому

    Ahahaha You clearly hear them sing live, with the backing vocals in the background. Fyi these guys make mention of doing their performances as live as possible, they suck at lipsyncing. If they sound stable, that's on years of practice. They aren't newbies E.g.

  92. Wolfie Bae

    Wolfie Bae7 годин тому

    I’m not good at cooking but I’ll learn to for tae 😆

  93. Anpang Girl

    Anpang Girl7 годин тому

    'Boy With Luv' is headed to debut at Billboard's 'HOT 100' singles chart at number 8 (to be published tomorrow!!) This is HISTORIC for our boys!!!!! To all the U.S. ARMYs out there => Please, please, please request 'Boy With Luv' to your local radio stations via Twitter & text. The airplay is very, very, weak compared to digital sales & streaming numbers (I've only heard it 5 times on the radio since 04/12, when other songs in the Top 10 can be heard AT LEAST 20-30 times 'per day'. Yes, we did get the number 1 spot on the 'Billboard 200' albums chart for the 3rd time with the new album 'Map of The Soul: Persona', but I want to see 'Boy With Luv' topping the 'HOT 100' singles chart.....this is the gift we ARMYs can give our boys. IF/WHEN that happens, it will be EPIC!!!!! Please share this message with fellow ARMYs. THANK YOU!!!!

  94. angie bean

    angie bean7 годин тому

    2:48 JK smile 😍

  95. iqra nayab

    iqra nayab8 годин тому

    God jimin looks sexy🔥😍

  96. Michaela Oren

    Michaela Oren8 годин тому

    I'm so proud of them. This was perfect

  97. Eric Walker

    Eric Walker8 годин тому

    What the fuck is this bullshit?

  98. Eric Walker

    Eric Walker4 години тому

    +bee Really? The group of Korean looking guys who can't sing a song with words in English are Korean? You could knock me over with a feather right now.

  99. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    bts is korean and a lil english! try Waste It On Me if you want English

  100. mia

    mia6 годин тому

    +Eric Walker they're singing in korean, you dumb and uncultured man

  101. Eric Walker

    Eric Walker7 годин тому

    +watch BTS - Spring Day MV You're fucking with me, right? I'm looking at the lyrics while watching them perform and I still can't get what the fuck they are mumbling.

  102. Shariva Alshehri

    Shariva Alshehri8 годин тому

    2:34 how come ??

  103. Shariva Alshehri

    Shariva Alshehri8 годин тому

    Sorry but j-hope 's sneaker catch my eyes all the time 👀❤️ anyone know what brand is it ?

  104. shdowfox17

    shdowfox178 годин тому

    can we all appreciate the female backup dancer? she seems starstruck and shes jamming hard lmao

  105. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya8 годин тому

    That's Melanie Fontana, she co-wrote the song!

  106. Vishwanath Nv

    Vishwanath Nv8 годин тому

    I have one request , can we have suga , rm , Jin and j -hope in the front plz They dance well tooo In fact , j-hope is the best dancer in bts ( their choreographer told this )

  107. BTSARMY yk

    BTSARMY yk9 годин тому

    #JUNGKOOK is known as the king of live performances for his stage charisma & stable vocal, even with heart-pumping choreo. His attractive visuals, many talents (sing, rap, dance) & good personalities make him a rare, wholesome, outstanding artist. Thank you for ❤ him

  108. Maekar I Targaryen

    Maekar I Targaryen9 годин тому

    Their resting heart rate must be like 40 bpm, their routine is an insane cardio workout

  109. fran cesca

    fran cesca6 годин тому

    btw tht‘s one of the most chill dances they ever did... 👀

  110. watch BTS - Spring Day MV

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV7 годин тому

    They have workout routine too

  111. Kutit Suglewo

    Kutit Suglewo9 годин тому

    yaaaayyyyy Boys with Make up😑😑😑

  112. Dooly King

    Dooly King54 хвилини тому

    Did you know their Boss Bang PD was inspired by the previous band Duran Duran, among others, that he realized you can look pretty and play great music? David Bowie, Alice Cooper all wore make up, and let's not forget KISS. But I think he was mostly inspired by Duran Duran with their pretty boy makeup look. And Bam! the rest is history..

  113. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    BTS are performers. None of your faves go without it.

  114. fran cesca

    fran cesca6 годин тому

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV oh and girls started wearing high herls because they wanted to be manlier cause high heels were worn by men originally?

  115. watch BTS - Spring Day MV

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV7 годин тому

    Do u know that make up were created and invented by a male?

  116. SuPerHyPerBro!! !

    SuPerHyPerBro!! !9 годин тому


  117. Manis StrEaMing

    Manis StrEaMing9 годин тому

    Лайк если ты Русский

  118. Jenna Wantspeace

    Jenna Wantspeace9 годин тому

    Alay alay. Lanang ora, wadon ora.

  119. watch BTS - Spring Day MV

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV7 годин тому

    Lo norak.

  120. b̲r̲e̲a̲d̲

    b̲r̲e̲a̲d̲10 годин тому

    9 days later and I still have 0:49 on repeat.

  121. bryan isr

    bryan isr10 годин тому

    im just so happy that a different language is being showcased on SNL. and well, .. because BTS.

  122. Sena Budak

    Sena Budak10 годин тому

    The part were Namjoon go down Sexy sexy sexy Im kidding they all are pretty sexy

  123. Sena Budak

    Sena Budak10 годин тому

    This is really one of the best performances

  124. happySINGINGpeople

    happySINGINGpeople10 годин тому

    What's wrong with the mic? Or are they singing over a recording because something sounds off from their usual performance.

  125. watch BTS - Spring Day MV

    watch BTS - Spring Day MV7 годин тому

    Yeah there were a small technical error with the mic.

  126. Gerry Eryckz

    Gerry Eryckz10 годин тому

    The king is back

  127. EliudRX6

    EliudRX610 годин тому

    No hate people I love them and really love the some but we can’t be bias the voices live weren’t the best, no back up voices is a hugeee different than Korean shows, no hateee ok is my opinion please respect, so the newbies calm your nerves, for referents , check BigBang performances that is how no sync nd stable voices sounds like, but I really like this song but no this performance, thank u! If u wanna said something bias, hateful or mean, keep scrolling bye !

  128. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    yeah you're completely biased. try Make It Right.

  129. Sandra

    Sandra7 годин тому

    You're the bias one here it's almost funny. no hate for sure this vid is about bts anyway.

  130. AllyCat

    AllyCat10 годин тому

    This is still on trending what

  131. Aria

    Aria10 годин тому

    Two things about Jungkook. 1. OH MY GOOD LORD HE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A CUTE BABY IN THE SUIT AHHHHHSJSKSJSKSKKS!!! 2nd thing: When they all turned around at the end, Jungkook did the ASL sign for 'I love you'. I'm not sure if that is what he meant, but don't tell me otherwise because... JUST LET MY HEART MELT FOR HIIMMM uwu

  132. bts jjang

    bts jjang10 годин тому

    So in love with this

  133. Sekura Drops

    Sekura Drops10 годин тому

    Lets agree this is only as good as a mediocre caraoke

  134. bee

    bee5 годин тому

    click on that link!

  135. I've got strength

    I've got strength9 годин тому

    I hope you will like this song

  136. Shayndel Tan

    Shayndel Tan11 годин тому

    Even though they were dancing and jumping around they still sound so great im proud to be a army.

  137. cute mangaettok

    cute mangaettok11 годин тому


  138. Yoongi Min

    Yoongi Min11 годин тому


  139. Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg

    Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg11 годин тому

    They are athletic

  140. Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg

    Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg11 годин тому

    Throw some #puma shoes on

  141. MyrthexLatoya

    MyrthexLatoya11 годин тому

    Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg they are actually the faces of puma in korea, they’ve done several commercials with them, you can find them here on youtube!

  142. Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg

    Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg11 годин тому

    They are great!!!!

  143. Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg

    Shelly-Ann Yanique Grigg11 годин тому

    Oh My God!!!!!! I'm in love!!!!

  144. Adventures of A Lost Girl

    Adventures of A Lost Girl12 годин тому

    Guysss help stream the Boy With Luv MV 🙏🙏 it's really close to 200M! Let's do this for the boys 💜💜💜

  145. Lim Yoona

    Lim Yoona12 годин тому


  146. ciel

    ciel12 годин тому

    the way the camera would stay on jimin even when it was someone elses verse smdkdkdkdk

  147. 히쁨

    히쁨12 годин тому


  148. 김바다

    김바다12 годин тому

    정말 멋있어~!! 세계최고다~~~

  149. NuJB R

    NuJB R12 годин тому

    To SNL, we tried to watch LIVE performance but unfortunately we don’t have yours on TV so we have to watch someone else recorded real time live on their tv. And thank you to post high quality clip on UAreporter because BTS has worldwide fandom, it helps us watch pleasingly.

  150. 1000 subscribers without any videos

    1000 subscribers without any videos12 годин тому

    Of course they sound great, it's BTS

  151. gloria

    gloria12 годин тому

    Liking BTS doesn't automatically mean you are into K-Pop. It just means you value a good performance, hard work, creative self-fulfillment and a positive message. It just makes you an ARMY, like the rest of us.

  152. JHIMCS

    JHIMCS12 годин тому

    *MOTS: Persona debuted No.1 in US, UK, Japan, No.3 in Germany and No.5 in France. They're in TOP5 in the largest music markets in the world.* KOREAN BOYGROUP WITH KOREAN ALBUM DID THAT 1) 3rd No.1 album in less than 11 months 2) First group this century to earn three No.1s albums in the US in less than a year (since The Beatles in 1996) 3) Fastest accumulation of No.1 album by a group since the Monkees in 1976 4) The 4th mostly Non-Eng album at No.1 in the past years 5) Persona is the seven mini album in Billboard200 history with No.1 entry BTS PAVED THE WAY

  153. Annie. J

    Annie. J13 годин тому


  154. Flor KillBill

    Flor KillBill13 годин тому

    Jimin, you stole my fvcking eyes, you were so good, I'm so proud of you

  155. Aprilia Hakim

    Aprilia Hakim13 годин тому

    Jimin with his outfit and hair color so perfect. I love his angelic voice too. BTS you are Amazing🔥🔥🔥.

  156. A.R.M.Y Fan BTS

    A.R.M.Y Fan BTS13 годин тому

    I hope that Korea will force Jin go to go the army , do not divide BTS

  157. JUNGKOOK knows how to COOK

    JUNGKOOK knows how to COOK13 годин тому

    Jungkook! You slayed baby! Vocal King! You sound like studio version. Your adlibs are the best. Keep it up baby. 🤟

  158. JUNGKOOK knows how to COOK

    JUNGKOOK knows how to COOK13 годин тому

    Jungkook! You slayed baby! Vocal King! You sound like studio version. Your adlibs are the best. Keep it up baby. 🤟