BTS performs 'Fire' live on 'GMA' [FULL PERFORMANCE]


  1. ZeroViper3245

    ZeroViper324518 хвилин тому

    Be American or be south korean

  2. Ho He

    Ho He11 годин тому

    A big aplouse to korean cameramen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Ho He

    Ho He11 годин тому

    Dose this camera man has somthing to do with BTS cuz WHAT THE HELL He missed every single best parts of the performance IHATE YOOUU.

  4. Ho He

    Ho He11 годин тому

    Even tho they killed it like every single time😏. That is called B T S

  5. Lynh Nguyen

    Lynh Nguyen11 годин тому

    What happened to the cameraman??????????¿?¿????????????¿ wanna kill him

  6. Kookie TaeTae

    Kookie TaeTaeДень тому

    Look at how much effort these guys put into this!!! Did u see blackpink at gma? They all looked lazy even Lisa

  7. Seokjin's Underwear

    Seokjin's UnderwearДень тому

    Nice 😂

  8. Queen RivaEre

    Queen RivaEreДень тому

    uuuUUUUGH why do they always tune out the fanchants ???!!!!!

  9. edr

    edrДень тому

    thats legendary yeahhhh

  10. Ray Lieben

    Ray Lieben2 дні тому

    Wow its cool how jungkook changed back to his 2016 vibes when he had his boyish look, its cool tbh

  11. smoothness with style

    smoothness with style2 дні тому

    Jimin was totally fire towards the end....

  12. Amina A

    Amina A2 дні тому

    That moment when the highlight of the choreography is not filmed. Jimin’s 3:33 dance 😭

  13. 4241sun

    4241sun2 дні тому

    The camera angles are so ridiculus that they totally miss the must-be-front angles.

  14. Ibnu hafiz

    Ibnu hafiz3 дні тому

    Fire finally debute in America 👏👏👏👏

  15. -시간의숲

    -시간의숲3 дні тому

    1:52 수저수저거려 난 수저인데...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남준이 많이 긴장했나보네...ㅋㅋㅋ

  16. CrystalHairston2

    CrystalHairston23 дні тому

    Terrible camera work 😫 they missed so many amazing parts by zooming far out or only filming their upper halves

  17. Misha Borromeo

    Misha Borromeo3 дні тому

    Get a new cameraman. You missed the highlights of the performance.

  18. maganda ako

    maganda ako3 дні тому


  19. Jen Sensei

    Jen Sensei3 дні тому

    Not gonna lie their music is straight FIRE!

  20. Marla T

    Marla TДень тому

    lol I see what you did there

  21. Elvie A. Colint

    Elvie A. Colint3 дні тому

    Damn camera guy missing all the highlights. When jimin was center would have been one of the highlights why film the side??

  22. Iwan Alkatiri Alkatiri

    Iwan Alkatiri Alkatiri3 дні тому

    Bts ♡ army dan jennie

  23. 장쌈

    장쌈3 дні тому


  24. pablo escobar

    pablo escobar4 дні тому

    The sauce to this boyband is that theyre not american nor can speak english. And to see that american pop culture influence emerge on others culture is soo fascinating. Now that for sho is the sauce!!!!

  25. pablo escobar

    pablo escobar3 дні тому

    @Priscilla Marie look kid, i dont hate them. In fact, im a fan of them. So pls dont hate me cause its just an opinion.

  26. Priscilla Marie

    Priscilla Marie3 дні тому

    pablo escobar All of that is great but that’s not the sauce. You have absolutely no idea. You only see what the media shows you.

  27. 다온이도담이

    다온이도담이4 дні тому

    수저인데라고 들렸엉ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀엽

  28. Still waiting for my anpanman

    Still waiting for my anpanman4 дні тому

    2:53 ...well that is... fresh?? Nice to have a differant angle for 3:33... ..just kill me

  29. CSW

    CSW4 дні тому

    죽인다~ 역시 방탄 자랑스러운 한국인들이다 멋있다

  30. 하트지민

    하트지민4 дні тому


  31. rd ahmad zacky

    rd ahmad zacky4 дні тому

    Sauuuuuurrrrrr oeooooo

  32. Mashiro Shiina

    Mashiro Shiina5 днів тому


  33. x ♡ o

    x ♡ o6 днів тому

    bro their mics were messing up too, and the camera angles were doodoo, but they still managed to be legendary kings and give those people the best performance they’ve ever seen.

  34. Teddy

    Teddy6 днів тому


  35. SatoKazuya

    SatoKazuya6 днів тому


  36. 소라이

    소라이6 днів тому

    박력있고 멋있네용ᆢ이래서 BTS가 세계적이네용ᆢ최고네용~♡♡♡♡♡

  37. Elijah Elkwood

    Elijah Elkwood6 днів тому

    Lol Hoseok at 2:30


    HAPPY LUCKY7 днів тому

    can these fans be quiet for few minutes and listen to the music without screaming?! why people scream at a concert really puzzles me?!

  39. my name

    my name6 днів тому

    Why not

  40. Syed Areez

    Syed Areez7 днів тому

    Dis cameraman is in no position of filming :/

  41. Inas Kad

    Inas Kad7 днів тому

    3:31 Omg the two boys on the extreme right and left look like jimin ! 😲

  42. Dulani Kumarasinghe

    Dulani Kumarasinghe7 днів тому

    I just got double banged. Taehyung's voice from one side , Suga's voice from the other side. IT"S FREAKIN GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I 40

    I 407 днів тому

    미국방송은 카메라가 늘 엉말 춤의 하이라이트를 모르네 지민 파트를 옆으로 찍냐

  44. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas7 днів тому

    Love the hardworking and talented BTS

  45. Lari Msacc

    Lari Msacc8 днів тому

    Esta canción me pone a mil

  46. Eric

    Eric8 днів тому

    They should take dance lessons.

  47. Blanca Diaz

    Blanca Diaz2 дні тому

    maybe you need some lessons

  48. Priscilla Marie

    Priscilla Marie3 дні тому

    Dancer reacts to BTS fire.

  49. Priscilla Marie

    Priscilla Marie3 дні тому

    Coming from a person that doesn’t know how to dance

  50. ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine

    ‘Moonshine&’Sunshine5 днів тому

    don't worry, they have had and probably still have a lot of lessons. that combined with talent makes them such good dancers. BTS have a lot of dance practices here on yt. I put them all in a playlist, were you can clearly see their progress -->

  51. my name

    my name6 днів тому

    Bitch 2:53 wear your glasses and look at that

  52. tric bumo

    tric bumo8 днів тому


  53. Tanapon Warabut

    Tanapon Warabut8 днів тому

    2:53 The camera should stay in front of this dance choreography. He didn't hear how the audience scream? That is an epic dance of Fire from BTS.

  54. Kwaffy Waffy

    Kwaffy Waffy8 днів тому

    For some reason that shaved head dancer behind hobi and jimin at 3:26 always stand out in every bangtan performances i watch 😐

  55. HiYa Craft

    HiYa Craft9 днів тому

    Woow amazing ... I love BTS 😍

  56. Not ur Babe

    Not ur Babe9 днів тому

    V... i caaantttt😭💜💜💜

  57. B3astpwn VIDS

    B3astpwn VIDS9 днів тому

    FIRE? YESS!!!

  58. Lara Victoria Rodríguez

    Lara Victoria Rodríguez9 днів тому

    The best ♥

  59. ꜰʀᴇᴇᴢᴇᴅ-ᴅʀɪᴇᴅ ꜱᴘᴀᴄᴇ ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ

    ꜰʀᴇᴇᴢᴇᴅ-ᴅʀɪᴇᴅ ꜱᴘᴀᴄᴇ ɢᴀʀʙᴀɢᴇ9 днів тому

    jins vocals dAyuM

  60. 임주희

    임주희9 днів тому

    카메라맨 완전별로내 그냥정면만해놔도멋지겠구만 월드클래스를 학예회수준으로 만들어버리내 ㅡㅡ

  61. Razyl Almedilla

    Razyl Almedilla9 днів тому

    When u are waiting for Jimin's killer part of fire and then suddenly , I want to kill the camera man :/ hahaha,

  62. anasthesia -kim

    anasthesia -kim10 днів тому

    singing’s very stable when dancing. Amazing!!!!

  63. k p

    k p10 днів тому

    Powerful sexy dance performer king Jungkook👍👍👍 Vocal king Jungkook 👍👍👍 Handsome king Jungkook 👍👍👍

  64. Sarang Seokjin

    Sarang Seokjin10 днів тому

    BTS became the newest religion for the young generation. These boys brings so much inspiration to be yourself, love yourself and speak yourself 😘

  65. zaw marine

    zaw marine10 днів тому

    We love bts v and jungkook ☺☺

  66. 백정인

    백정인10 днів тому

    너무멋쪄 미치겠음


    SERENA HYUN11 днів тому

    3:06 who felt that?

  68. Nena Tesinsky

    Nena Tesinsky11 днів тому

    Fire your missed the front angle of the best part of the is a hint..preview their video before filming them on stage so you know when not to do a side younger brother could do better

  69. Epipany 1

    Epipany 111 днів тому

    와 카메라;;; 이렇게 못잡기도 쉽지않네...great performance, terrible camera walk

  70. yoyo yo

    yoyo yo11 днів тому


  71. Rawan

    Rawan12 днів тому

    BTS V is sensational everything about him is so attractive and unique his voice his dance moves his facial expressions he is a star all of them are

  72. 이영선

    이영선12 днів тому

    한국 사람으로 너무 뿌듯합니다~^^

  73. im19ice3

    im19ice312 днів тому

    how does one survive this

  74. Lee Jia En

    Lee Jia En12 днів тому

    camera man r u drunk

  75. InteractiveMail

    InteractiveMail13 днів тому

    DEAR CAMERA MAN: You had one part of the song to get right and you failed us!

  76. Fam Soo keng

    Fam Soo keng13 днів тому

    Still Power fulllllll 😍😍😍👏👏💪💪💪💘bts burning Good job

  77. 한수빈

    한수빈13 днів тому

    카메라 왜 이딴식으로밖에 못찍냐?

  78. taetae kim

    taetae kim13 днів тому

    Omg i love this so much i was kinda getting tired of the boy with luv and this made up for it, it reminds me of that one time the mc fell on jk and he endured the pain

  79. Anjeli Ayu Maharani

    Anjeli Ayu Maharani14 днів тому


  80. Sushi's random edits

    Sushi's random edits14 днів тому


  81. MST Holdings

    MST Holdings14 днів тому


  82. Da eun Lee

    Da eun Lee14 днів тому

    냄쥰 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ수저수저 거려 왜 난 수저인데ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 앜ㅋㅋㅋ 감동받아서 울먹거리면서 영상 보다가 냄쥰 수저 가사 듣고 음? 하며 반복해서 들어봄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아

  83. Just Fries

    Just Fries14 днів тому

    Let's all wear light coloured shirts and not tell RM

  84. MinYoogi ISMINE

    MinYoogi ISMINE14 днів тому

    I was looking at Suga.. Because he is so HOT AND HE'S MY BIAS Is it just be or at the very begining did it look like he put up the middle finger...

  85. taetae kim

    taetae kim13 днів тому

    And it was him pointing to the sky

  86. taetae kim

    taetae kim13 днів тому

    That wasnt suga that was jhope

  87. Alove Ali

    Alove Ali14 днів тому

    Fake Love...

  88. HanisahR.

    HanisahR.14 днів тому

    lol @ the camera capturing only their feet during the iconic 3:33 please do better

  89. 절대긍정

    절대긍정15 днів тому

    방탄 군면제 시급하다.

  90. Олеся Кирсанова

    Олеся Кирсанова15 днів тому

    Такие мальчишки славные и песенки хорошие. Очень понравилось их выступление. Танцуют-отпад!

  91. ken Dang

    ken Dang15 днів тому

    The more i play the video the more i hate the camera man 😭😭😭

  92. ken Dang

    ken Dang15 днів тому

    Camera mem.should learn about the artist that they going to film

  93. 린린이

    린린이15 днів тому

    뷔 손딩작 제대로 안하기 시작하네... 아직 대충하면안되는데 하ㅠ

  94. 박영근

    박영근15 днів тому

    싹다 불태워라~~퐈이야

  95. Lina Ly

    Lina Ly15 днів тому

    The camera angles scare me

  96. 이응찬

    이응찬15 днів тому

    1:50 수저 수저거려 난 수저인데

  97. Taisen Brown

    Taisen Brown15 днів тому


  98. Michelle Ojulari

    Michelle Ojulari15 днів тому


  99. 우아한영자씨

    우아한영자씨15 днів тому

    대단하다 우리 애기들♡♡♡

  100. Pink Dreamer

    Pink Dreamer16 днів тому

    Classical Musicians react to BTS songs..Check this link

  101. sweet gukkie

    sweet gukkie16 днів тому

    Not tryna be straight up rude but the cameraman work is WORST, like I verbally kept complaining about camerawork without realising

  102. Apin Poon

    Apin Poon16 днів тому

    Jimin j hope😎😎😎

  103. Mary Jane Montero

    Mary Jane Montero16 днів тому

    I want to shout out to my Friend who introduce K-pop to me I just want to say that " WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!!... IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DORKS.💜"

  104. taetae kim

    taetae kim13 днів тому

    Me too

  105. Əľl {Ellsworld}

    Əľl {Ellsworld}16 днів тому

    Rap monster >////

  106. 둘리야놀자

    둘리야놀자16 днів тому

    두 곡 다 포인트가 되는 장면을 모두 측면에서 잡아버리네. 아쉽다.

  107. Happy world

    Happy world16 днів тому


  108. Eugene Park

    Eugene Park16 днів тому

    Please do your homework. Cameraman.....

  109. Ivette E

    Ivette E16 днів тому

    how is this legal.

  110. Suga For Ya

    Suga For Ya16 днів тому

    I think Jin is going to be called “The guy with the pink mic.” Once again

  111. 김교수TV

    김교수TV16 днів тому

    다 좋은데 정면 전체로 보면 제일 잘 사는 군무부분 전부를 측면이랑 뒷면에서 찍으셨네요. 너무 아숩 ㅜ

  112. Agnes Yuspita

    Agnes Yuspita16 днів тому

    Bts live so yummy.. Amazing voice and performance

  113. Agnes Yuspita

    Agnes Yuspita16 днів тому

    dancing is hard but the sound is still beautiful. Proud bts

  114. Phenomenal

    Phenomenal16 днів тому

    Imagine this song on an awards show in America. I don’t think Western artists will be ready for this.

  115. Juu Somi

    Juu Somi16 днів тому