Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!


  1. AriaVille

    AriaVille4 години тому

    More videos with Cheeto!😍

  2. Riley Mullin 20

    Riley Mullin 209 годин тому

    My cat has that fountain!!!

  3. N. B. A. Echoles

    N. B. A. EcholesДень тому

    Cheeto be like b**** f*** you

  4. unknown frenchie

    unknown frenchieДень тому

    In the beginning i thought ryland said boxers and i said "geez those are big boxers!" 😆😆😆

  5. VK Jungenberg

    VK JungenbergДень тому

    Shane is such an asshole XD why is he not supportive of his boyfriend trying to make their cat happy

  6. Wired kid

    Wired kid5 годин тому

    He is not

  7. Bill Valdez

    Bill Valdez2 дні тому


  8. Lëmøn Bøi

    Lëmøn Bøi2 дні тому

    “Cheeto! You little shit head!!” I’m dead 😂💀

  9. Cheeto and timmy’s World

    Cheeto and timmy’s World2 дні тому

    9:36 all you have to do is give cheeto a bowl of water and tap on the water so he knows its water or just put his paws in the water

  10. ashlyn smith

    ashlyn smith2 дні тому

    Is it bad that I noticed the sound effects that Shane uses in his videos

  11. kristy kun

    kristy kun3 дні тому

    legit getting pissed at Ryland trying to force a CAT to do things and then calling the cat an asshole when Cheeto basically communicated to him to fuck off for shoving him places he didn't choose to go. anyone who understands anything about cats knows you cant force them to do ANYTHING. Cheeto doesn't give a flying fuck if you're filming a video.

  12. Abigail H

    Abigail H3 дні тому

    you know you've watched too much shane when the music ryland used gives you flashbacks to one of shane's videos

  13. BSC7

    BSC73 дні тому

    I have a cat,she is called Shirley and she is a snowshoe I love her

  14. nico_atthedisco

    nico_atthedisco4 дні тому

    ryland:ughh rejection sucks me:tell me about it ;-;

  15. TB you don't need to know my real name

    TB you don't need to know my real name4 дні тому

    On the weel use a lazer pointer

  16. Jennifer Wiehebrink

    Jennifer Wiehebrink4 дні тому

    So what I have learned is Ryland knows how to drink out of a daisy fountain...Good Boy Ryland!! 🤣 🐈🐕

  17. Galaxy World

    Galaxy World4 дні тому

    Ryland- he will I saw a lot of other orange cats doing it. Hahahaha 😂💕

  18. Zuzanna Ciechanowska

    Zuzanna Ciechanowska4 дні тому

    I have a cat 🐈 🐱

  19. alex james

    alex james5 днів тому

    cheeto is low-key a bit fat mood

  20. m msst

    m msst6 днів тому

    11:42 ummm I don't think Ryland is ok 😂

  21. m msst

    m msst6 днів тому

    2:52 Ryland are you ok? 😂

  22. Arline Jernigan

    Arline Jernigan6 днів тому

    Poor cheeto

  23. Jules Reed

    Jules Reed6 днів тому

    Could you do links for the products.. I kinda want the cat tree please x

  24. Jules Reed

    Jules Reed6 днів тому

    The sadness in cheetos eyes when you filmed him peeing ahaha

  25. Jules Reed

    Jules Reed6 днів тому

    I have the fountain and my cat was scared at first but now loves it. She drinks so much, it is so much easier as if she had bowls she would run out all the time. I'm surprised you struggled to put it together. I think there were instructions with it. Love that you used it though damn that's dedication

  26. Luna Lynn

    Luna Lynn6 днів тому

    rewatching this video and realizing Cheeto is Shane as a cat. Hahaha

  27. Foxy Gamer

    Foxy Gamer6 днів тому

    I LOVE cats do you see my picture?! 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Lauren Rabbitt

    Lauren Rabbitt6 днів тому

    I love how Ryland is saying this litter box is so expensive while his Gucci slides are probably a few hundred dollars more lol. Love you Ryland!

  29. Lauren Rabbitt

    Lauren Rabbitt6 днів тому

    Scarlet Medel yeah true however I’m thinking of the pearl slides Morgan got in one of the videos and I’m pretty sure the slides were $900?

  30. Scarlet Medel

    Scarlet Medel6 днів тому

    the gucci slides range from 200 to 300 so the litter box is full on 500

  31. Elise Leonard

    Elise Leonard7 днів тому

    Ryland: aesthetics Garret: comedy Andrew: hahahaha Drew: depression/ is he still alive Shane: food just food

  32. hi how are ya

    hi how are ya7 днів тому

    The way ryland hipes up cheeto to poop is everything

  33. hi how are ya

    hi how are ya7 днів тому

    The way ryland hipes up cheeto to poop is everything

  34. Leila evisa Xhaferri

    Leila evisa Xhaferri7 днів тому

    Ryan Cheeto doesn’t drink from the water bowl or the fountain because cats know when water isn’t fresh and that’s why my cat and Cheeto is so fussy about drinking water so that’s that’s why I leave the tap in the bath on so that my cat drinks water that might help Cheeto drink water

  35. Muneeba

    Muneeba7 днів тому

    an ad came and in was like he bought a 500 dollar litter box might as well watch the ad

  36. Chicken Strips

    Chicken Strips8 днів тому

    I have three cats all i love and cherish 🐱🐈

  37. Riah Clark

    Riah Clark8 днів тому

    Omg Cheeto!!!!!

  38. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg8 днів тому

    My cat gave birth 2 months ago and I live her babies. We gave 3 if the girls away and we kept the boy, Simba.

  39. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg8 днів тому

    A bunch of people say paw, hand or other stuff to make their dogs shake there hand but tryland us the only person I've heard say shake

  40. CeaCie Villarreal

    CeaCie Villarreal8 днів тому

    When ryland is helping me decide what to buy and what not to buy for my pets

  41. Abby Larsch

    Abby Larsch9 днів тому

    I have 3 cats the litter boxes suck

  42. Amear Smith

    Amear Smith9 днів тому

    Why does Tito have a whole pod

  43. Wired kid

    Wired kid5 годин тому


  44. Jazmin Sanchez

    Jazmin Sanchez9 днів тому

    Ryland getting exited over cat toys😂

  45. LPSlovers729

    LPSlovers7299 днів тому

    I had that catit flower fountain and it was not good at all, we tried to glue it to a mat, because they kept knocking it over and overall it just wasn't a good product. Maybe it was just our cats but idk it just wasn't that good

  46. LPSlovers729

    LPSlovers7299 днів тому

    I had that catit flower fountain and it was not good at all, we tried to glue it to a mat, because they kept knocking it over and overall it just wasn't a good product. Maybe it was just our cats but idk it just wasn't that good

  47. Jocelyn Rivera

    Jocelyn Rivera9 днів тому

    you are my favorite UAreporterr because you never give up on things you're just a hard worker never give up on your dreams.

  48. Claire Mackie

    Claire Mackie10 днів тому

    You are far too rough with your cat. No wonder he swipes you.

  49. Teresa Langley

    Teresa Langley9 днів тому

    Actually bitch, He isn't! Cheeto just doesn't really like people. Also hes the opposite of rough he is really gentle and nice with his cat so just go home.

  50. Emma Medaglia

    Emma Medaglia10 днів тому

    I love Cheeto you named him sooo well bc he loves food

  51. sofia duven

    sofia duven10 днів тому

    LMAO ryland is an old cat woman who is having a breakdown LOVE HIM THE MOSTTT

  52. Nethercat Ca

    Nethercat Ca10 днів тому

    I love my cats

  53. Claire C

    Claire C10 днів тому

    I'm sorry Rhland. But I guarantee you, he will enjoy the boxes more than any thing you buy him. 😂 Edit: Shane and rhyland said what I was thinking 3 seconds after I posted this. 😂

  54. Alexis O'Keefe

    Alexis O'Keefe10 днів тому

    Does Cheeto still use that robot litter box or does he use the toilet???

  55. Cloverplayz Gacha life

    Cloverplayz Gacha life11 днів тому

    The last one WILL NOT WORK FOR MY CAT she’s to fat =-= that’s why I love her

  56. Lazbat Benitez

    Lazbat Benitez12 днів тому

    Ummm I'm not trying to be rude or anything but.....does anybody notice how much Shane shows up in ryland videos. Kinda feels like Shane's video.

  57. Rose A.

    Rose A.12 днів тому

    Lol, why are you me?

  58. Abby Howard

    Abby Howard12 днів тому

    Cheeto is such a mood

  59. Fire g ADVENTURES

    Fire g ADVENTURES13 днів тому

    Downtown click Hilton Hilton vmi jeff b Blvd

  60. nobody nobody

    nobody nobody13 днів тому

    I got that fountain for my cat and he loves it

  61. The Spider Queen

    The Spider Queen13 днів тому

    Cheeto has always been, and always will be, my number one queen

  62. Lola elizabeth

    Lola elizabeth13 днів тому

    You should do a training honey video

  63. hallie xo

    hallie xo14 днів тому

    Shane:omg that's dangerous Also Shane: puts dolls and metal in the microwave for fun

  64. Sabrina White

    Sabrina White14 днів тому

    Ryland losing his mind trying to get his animals to drink from the fountain was a fucking experience

  65. Aläila Elaine

    Aläila Elaine14 днів тому

    The excitement on ryland’s face when Cheeto got in the new litter box, made me so happy 🥺

  66. Shafa Rahmani

    Shafa Rahmani14 днів тому

    Why morgan sounds british

  67. lisa hickenbottom

    lisa hickenbottom14 днів тому

    On dear...honey...just put a small glass of iced water up on the counter away from the dogs. They love iced water that's not in a bowl...and it's very important for him to drink! Try to keep his box stress free...or you'll be sorry! Much love

  68. avagraceturner Ava T

    avagraceturner Ava T14 днів тому

    18:06 I am dying😂😂

  69. west side kids crip

    west side kids crip14 днів тому

    Bitch honey is fucking thick

  70. Sorano AE

    Sorano AE14 днів тому

    You guys should get cheeto a friend

  71. Romulo Salvador

    Romulo Salvador14 днів тому

    When Ryland said your welcome for your cat tree you littlr a**hole and started chasing Cheeto I fell on the floor and started dying of laughter

  72. Gisselle Levario

    Gisselle Levario15 днів тому


  73. Fishy fish

    Fishy fish15 днів тому

    11:14 ryland is me with my dog😂😂😂😂

  74. Mikayla Medina

    Mikayla Medina15 днів тому

    Ryland: Nobody ever spoils Cheeto! me: .... Cheeto: Food..?

  75. ItzAvaRenee ._.

    ItzAvaRenee ._.15 днів тому


  76. Christian Osorio

    Christian Osorio16 днів тому

    im still waiting for ryland fill the flower bowl thing with diet coke and see shane drink out of it

  77. Jenna_creepypasta_123 Jen Jen

    Jenna_creepypasta_123 Jen Jen16 днів тому

    13:42.....I don’t have cats my cats died....I love cats I play with my besties Kittens all the time she has 2 little black cats and there the sweetest ever! I love cats! My cats died tho ;-; RIP Ceecser and Tammy

  78. KC Reed

    KC Reed16 днів тому

    While the kitty poop robot is amazing, I didn’t want a cat because I hate liter boxes but one came up to my house and he copy’s my dog and only uses the bathroom outside. House training a cat is possible and the best way for any pet to be.

  79. LunaTheHellWolf aka luna

    LunaTheHellWolf aka luna16 днів тому

    Am I the Only one who only bought the car fountain for my pet bird to use as a bath?

  80. _*Mochi Mochi!*_

    _*Mochi Mochi!*_16 днів тому

    Me: Clicks video Also me: Eats pizza Shane and Ryland talk about poop and toilets. Me again: ....

  81. Leila BadrElDin

    Leila BadrElDin16 днів тому

    Cheeto is a human version of Andrew

  82. Mariana Zavala

    Mariana Zavala16 днів тому

    No one spoils honey

  83. tony marin

    tony marin16 днів тому

    your so happy he's fucking peeinng in a robot box come back tu earth lol jk

  84. Isabella Walters

    Isabella Walters16 днів тому

    Shane: you could have just got him food and he would have been happy Also shane, two years ago before andrew: MAKING MY CAT A MOVIE THEATER

  85. MysticxDreamz z

    MysticxDreamz z17 днів тому

    When a cats litter box is more expensive then your rent