Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe RugМісяць тому

    Next video: Buying Every Item From Gucci Jk jk but watch the video till the end for an emotional surprise

  2. Joe Borda

    Joe BordaДень тому

    FaZe Rug you made me cry 😪 god bless your heart 💙

  3. Adrian Reyna

    Adrian Reyna5 днів тому

    I will give you 23 dollar if you can go to the 99 store tomorrow

  4. Adrian Reyna

    Adrian Reyna5 днів тому


  5. Lilly Staatz

    Lilly Staatz13 днів тому

    FaZe Rug hi I love you


    DA BEASTГодину тому

    What happens at 13:37 on the right

  7. Netta Hughes

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  8. MckenzieNielsen?!?!

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  10. M&J Dawson

    M&J Dawson8 годин тому

    Rug you are closer cause you are my bro

  11. M&J Dawson

    M&J Dawson8 годин тому

    Yeah I did those stores and crap

  12. Derek Carmona

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  13. JD

    JD9 годин тому

    2,100 dollars

  14. Carter Kangas

    Carter Kangas10 годин тому

    My four year old sister said 25'000 dollars i said ten thousand dollars

  15. E Thompson

    E Thompson13 годин тому

    I like how he said to Nior we’re going to try? And then at the homeless shelter he said “we tried to get everything at the store” lol

  16. the jokester01

    the jokester0121 годину тому

    Rich people problems dont know that the 99cents store is not all 99 cents.

  17. nobodybutme1000

    nobodybutme100021 годину тому

    God bless you

  18. Patrick Walker

    Patrick WalkerДень тому

    1 to 3 thousand

  19. Neoisfabulous //

    Neoisfabulous //День тому

    Me beast copy just like morgz

  20. OBS_Alpha Z

    OBS_Alpha ZДень тому

    He’s the cheaper mr beast bro!

  21. KenzieRae

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  22. Jayda Hall

    Jayda HallДень тому

    Hey love you guys so much 2,356

  23. Sunsetter678

    Sunsetter678День тому

    When I was in my late 20's, I abruptly ended up staying at the Star of hope shelter here in Houston,Tx for about 6 weeks I believe. When you stay at a shelter you have NO choice but to pick a chore you have to do in order to be a functioning member of that shelter. In this one you had the choices of, baby sitter, shop runner which was an internal room w/all sorts of donated clothing that you would go get to look for work, you could choose to be a housekeeper, or you can work in the kitchen...I chose the kitchen! One day we had a huge truck drop off donated food, and I remember being one of the people sent to retrieve it, and at the time there were news cameras around us and I remember being interviewed about staying there...It was surreal. It was a nightmare at first cause when you got into a room, you could automatically be in a room w/up to 3 random strangers you pray won't try to kill you in your sleep! But as the days went by, and you got to know the people better, as well as the staff, you became more comfortable, and you didn't feel at all shamed for being there. From someone who has been there done that, I just wanted to say TY for doing what you did! You'd be sadly amazed at how many people turn their money towards a potential scammer on the side of the road w/a cup in their hand, that they would to donate that money to shelters ALWAYS in constant demand for financial donations and everything in between like you 2 got. You have a good heart, and it shows! I hope you have a great day!

  24. shadow gaming

    shadow gamingДень тому

    789 Edit:1379

  25. Maylee Thomas

    Maylee ThomasДень тому

    Anybody peep at 8:02 they said omg at the same time

  26. MagicPlays

    MagicPlaysДень тому

    I don’t know who made this first mrbeast or rug because this on May 15 and MrBeast May 18

  27. Purple girl

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  28. sweet_beanie_boo_4redz_

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    Ummmm 200000000000000 ?

  29. Y 1

    Y 12 дні тому

    Nor is so thick like she so hot like if u agree

  30. Klon Villa

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  31. vivi playz

    vivi playz2 дні тому

    I had no idea what was happening when all the workers were there

  32. Laney Laney

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  33. queen k k

    queen k k2 дні тому

    Mr beast bought all the grocery store not one of everything and the whole store was empty he even paid for other coustumers

  34. Brock Norton

    Brock Norton2 дні тому


  35. Pearls miller

    Pearls miller2 дні тому

    he forgot one thing... PERIOD PADS!

  36. Duke The Creator

    Duke The Creator2 дні тому

    The knock off mr. Beast back at it again! Lol

  37. VadoseMass 580

    VadoseMass 5803 дні тому

    Did he credit Mr. Beast?

  38. Girly Girl

    Girly Girl3 дні тому

    Donating and giving back is great but I think it was a little rude of the shelter to ask you as a separate item instead of just being thankful and excepting them that something they could’ve done.

  39. Lindsey Keating

    Lindsey Keating3 дні тому

    I think the total will be $2,786

  40. Gianna Robson

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    I think 1M items

  41. Lila Hopp

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    5 million

  42. Sam Francis Wathier

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  43. Devin Pollard

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    1000 to 3000

  44. Pieta Foley

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    I say 1,700

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  49. Amanda Fisher

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    This is clearly not one of everything in that store

  50. Wanda Galindo

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  51. Mariana Cena

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  52. Sans YeEt BoI

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    2:49 wish I was her..... I LOVE HOT SAUCE, especially Mexican because me myself is Mexican

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  54. icy playzz

    icy playzz4 дні тому

    100 dollars

  55. The_killer1529 l

    The_killer1529 l4 дні тому

    Tbh not to be rude but Mrbeast bought the whole store and it was a regular store not a 99 cent store but anyways its good helping out ppl that are in need

  56. Negro Turtles

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    bruh i love these types of vidoes, long live people like you Rug

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    Hi mr bea- I mean morg- I mean uh.... Which copy is this?

  59. Savannah Ranee

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    Faze rug~ Buying 1 of everything in the 99 cent store Mr Beast~ What, i need revenge Mr Beast~Buying everything at the grocery store

  60. Melanie Rami

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    Bless Up 🙏🏼 glad I Subscribed to you ❤️

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  62. Jo Sam

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    12:43 my eyes were filled with tears good human is he! Jesus...bless him😊

  63. Mateo Ruvalcaba

    Mateo Ruvalcaba5 днів тому

    You were doing almost the same thing MrBeast, but he bought the Whole store 🏬

  64. xXxtwinxXxalberto

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  65. SNAKE

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    Stolen from TGF bro and Mr.beast!!!

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    I am Poor

  67. Adrian Reyna

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    Can you give me some things

  68. Adrian Reyna

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    Hi I am Poor

  70. Miley Trinkella

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    In Oregon they call it the dollar tree and EVERY item is 1.00

  71. Omar Carrillo

    Omar Carrillo5 днів тому

    We have both the 99 cents store and dollar tree in California. These stores are throughout America

  72. Izayah Barrios

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  73. Izayah Barrios

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    666.66.6 $

  75. Miguel Gamer2988

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    Not to Be a dick but did you get this idea from MR beast

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    I think the total will be 868 dallors

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    Your girl is too hot

  80. Sub to MC5 Dreadeye

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    He copied MrBeast >:(

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  82. Julian Romero

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  83. raiven Martinez

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    Faze Rug: This is the longest reciept ive ever seen in my life Mr.Beast: Hold my MEMES

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    This video needs more than 2 million views

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    800 dollars I think

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    no 885

  90. Trayvion Cornell

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  91. Jacob Block

    Jacob Block6 днів тому

    I'm surprised he didn't know about mug muffins at one he doesn't know what a brownie mug is, you literally just eat from athe mug.

  92. domino domino

    domino domino6 днів тому

    Can these lame ass youtubers stop stealing content

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  94. Iceeboi Zay

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  95. 2 queens sisters

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    1,300dollars i guesss

  96. Tristan //

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    I think I’ve seen this somewhere🤔

  97. PhantomGhost229

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    He copied mr.beast so badly

  98. Kaden Kroll

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    Copied mr beast

  99. Heaven Universe

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    i can do this any day its only a dollar

  100. arianna jewels

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    So close to my house!

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  103. Juliana Aceves

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    Copied mr beast

  105. Bladツ

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    Shut ur stupid ass he made this before MrBeast get ur facts right

  106. Jj Kirywk

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    Why is the store called 99 cents if there is barely any things for 99 cents

  107. Fortnite player 101

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    He wouldn’t know he only goes to Gucci