Bye Bye Jim Acosta 😂


  1. Mark Dice

    Mark Dice8 місяців тому

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  2. bananajuicejones bananajuicejones

    bananajuicejones bananajuicejones2 місяці тому

    Mark Dice is ultimate cocksucking trumpanzee

  3. John S

    John S8 місяців тому


  4. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie8 місяців тому

    Mark Dice PS: Acosta is back in the game again...already!!! Do you feel like the f*cking idiot you are yet? Any other bright ideas or assumptions? No wonder you're such an uneducated loser.

  5. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie8 місяців тому

    Mark Dice What makes you think you're so smart when you have such a tiny penis...I mean brain? You're dumber than a fucking rock. You're also bent on hate, racism and rape...more than likely because you're a rapist, too.

  6. Racquel Kussman

    Racquel Kussman3 дні тому

    That's my president 👏🏼

  7. Badness Bob

    Badness Bob3 дні тому

    Little Jim is just an enormous cock smoker, who will be ridiculed by history. He needs tailor fitting for a Columbian neck tie for the benefit of all decent and truthful society. Bob. Australia.

  8. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk16 днів тому

    I love how crybaby Jim is trying to tell Anderson Cooper he didn't know who the woman was who tried to take the mic from him. Jim had been sitting there watching this same woman carrying the mic from reporter to reporter and taking it from them to carry to the next person, yet here he claims he "didn't know who she was". What a LIAR. I really wish they could have permanently revoked this AH's press pass. Jim Acosta is what you call a shit-stirrer. He's no journalist because journalists don't argue with people and inject their own personal opinion.

  9. Hal Halladay

    Hal Halladay17 днів тому

    He needs to quit being a reporter for any news company he is exatly what PRES. Trump said he was

  10. Randy Thompson

    Randy Thompson25 днів тому

    Jim Acosta is a complete jackass. He doesn't realize it either. It's astounding how damn stupid he is. I'm surprised the president didn't bitch slap that silly bastard.

  11. DmaxHd

    DmaxHd25 днів тому

    Thumbs WAY up to Trump for telling acostanza off !

  12. Chameleon 81

    Chameleon 8126 днів тому

    "You are a rude, terrible person".😃😃😃😃

  13. Orendain Ocampo

    Orendain OcampoМісяць тому

    It is an INVASION of thousands of ILLEGALS without proper VISA. That's the issue at hanf

  14. michaelcorbin2540t

    michaelcorbin2540tМісяць тому

    You go trump tell it like it is ,u go cia you done great for booting this person out of Whitehouse, that report was an enemy to our nation and our people watch video twice lov it

  15. michaelcorbin2540t

    michaelcorbin2540tМісяць тому

    You go youtuber great video

  16. michaelcorbin2540t

    michaelcorbin2540tМісяць тому

    Trump 2020 , actors a hint to America from our great president , enemy of the people CNN coming from truth our great president who exposes this truth

  17. John Jones

    John JonesМісяць тому


  18. John Jones

    John JonesМісяць тому

    TRUMP 2020

  19. Jack Lynti

    Jack LyntiМісяць тому

    Putin and Trump are two good things today...

  20. The Absolute Madman

    The Absolute MadmanМісяць тому

    3:52 “...I didn’t put my hands on her or touch her...”

  21. Billie Woodall

    Billie WoodallМісяць тому

    CNN is trash completely trash

  22. bw1988

    bw19882 місяці тому

    Dems dont like America

  23. Sean Gavin

    Sean Gavin2 місяці тому

    Jesus Christ he just doesn't stop. He's like a laboratory rat.

  24. Shane Brammer

    Shane Brammer2 місяці тому

    I mashed the like button as soon as i saw the title

  25. Ong Xuanzong

    Ong Xuanzong2 місяці тому

    Haha Jim say he try to be professional over at the White House. Give me a break! So rude and have no respect for the POTUS. He is not ur Friend, jimmy

  26. Shawn Alleman

    Shawn Alleman2 місяці тому

    It was an invasion! Now in the 2019 it's a full blown crisis, one we may not be able to stop because we can't seem to get all branches of our government to agree it's a crisis.

  27. Buk Lau

    Buk Lau2 місяці тому

    Bitch slapped Acosta

  28. Julian Waddell

    Julian Waddell2 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta is a f****** faget

  29. bananajuicejones bananajuicejones

    bananajuicejones bananajuicejones2 місяці тому

    Mark Dice would gladly put a shine on trumps little mushroom cock

  30. Jeff Mcglone

    Jeff Mcglone2 місяці тому

    Man acosta is really stupid!!! Cnn is fake news!! Trump is exactly right!! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸


    AMERICAN WATCHDOGS2 місяці тому

    Dammmmmmn trump straight schooled his pathetic ass

  32. Simeon Mladenov

    Simeon Mladenov2 місяці тому

    Jim your a scum, you are like whale shit you sink very low!

  33. John R. McCommas

    John R. McCommas2 місяці тому

    I never heard the earlier part about 'you think those were actors coming over the wall?' I love that guy.

  34. Lino Lopez

    Lino Lopez2 місяці тому

    Jim is the best report he looks for true not like there report

  35. Shane F

    Shane F2 місяці тому

    Acosta is just a piece of trash he's a waste of good air between his ego and his stupidity I'm amazed he can breathe when he walks in the room the smell of schitt's got to be overwhelming

  36. Douglas Roach

    Douglas Roach2 місяці тому

    Journalism is dead.

  37. dukkar123

    dukkar1232 місяці тому

    Is there any limit to which these people can fall any lower...

  38. Daryl Diefenderfer

    Daryl Diefenderfer2 місяці тому

    CNN should be banned

  39. Daryl Diefenderfer

    Daryl Diefenderfer2 місяці тому

    Jim is a piece of true garbage

  40. Silly Old Frog

    Silly Old Frog2 місяці тому

    Acosta and Anderson are probably butt buddies.

  41. Mike Ross

    Mike Ross2 місяці тому

    Acosta is a douche. Always plays the victim. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  42. Davey Jones

    Davey Jones2 місяці тому

    Those find a cure shirts!! Amazin!

  43. Solar Destroyer

    Solar Destroyer3 місяці тому

    Bitch ass twat. He eats Nancy's ass.

  44. Alex Morris

    Alex Morris3 місяці тому

    They had a raffle at the White House ,,,,,the winner gets a night out with jim Acosta ,,,,,,,the second prize ,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,TWO NIGHTS,,,,,,,,

  45. Jerry Sanders

    Jerry Sanders3 місяці тому


  46. ray olson

    ray olson3 місяці тому

    Acosta is a buffoon. He’s not a reporter. He’s not a journalist, either. He’s a Latino with half of a brain that was raised by wolves ( since he was never taught manners , respect or courtesy ).

  47. Earthnewz 2020

    Earthnewz 20203 місяці тому

    I love our president. i wish he walked around the podium and put jim in a headlock and gave hime a good solid 15 minute nuggy and finished it with giving him a wedgy

  48. Earthnewz 2020

    Earthnewz 20203 місяці тому

    thank god that guy asked the dumbest questions and he is ignorant.

  49. Charles Warren

    Charles Warren3 місяці тому

    Way to go, Donald Trump.

  50. Shawn R

    Shawn R3 місяці тому

    This aged well.

  51. 23rdJune

    23rdJune3 місяці тому

    The first thing Acosta says to President Trump is "I want to challenge you..." straight away he is being deliberately confrontational. The guy is an awful reporter, afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  52. Antonio

    Antonio3 місяці тому

    No one wants to see your big head taking up half the video.

  53. Chef GGD

    Chef GGD3 місяці тому

    acosta ur a fing stinking clown!

  54. FireBlade X

    FireBlade X3 місяці тому

    CNN is a disgrace. The best part was his last question was about indictments regarding the collusion delusion and now we know it's been revealed to be complete bullshit.