Bye Bye Jim Acosta 😂


  1. Mark Dice

    Mark Dice2 місяці тому

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  2. John S

    John S2 місяці тому


  3. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie2 місяці тому

    Mark Dice PS: Acosta is back in the game again...already!!! Do you feel like the f*cking idiot you are yet? Any other bright ideas or assumptions? No wonder you're such an uneducated loser.

  4. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie2 місяці тому

    Mark Dice What makes you think you're so smart when you have such a tiny penis...I mean brain? You're dumber than a fucking rock. You're also bent on hate, racism and rape...more than likely because you're a rapist, too.

  5. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie2 місяці тому

    music christian "YOU'RE" as in "YOU ARE". What a loser. Come back when you have the talents to read, write and spell as well as a 5th grader.

  6. Tracey R

    Tracey RДень тому

    It's. An. Invasion,. They're not immigrating the Legalway. Besides Acostas is an wholeAss.

  7. b1itsjustme

    b1itsjustme2 дні тому

    Mark, you're a stone cold pussy.

  8. ppl v ppl

    ppl v ppl2 дні тому

    Jim Acosta does not ask questions, the only thing he does is bullying, he should be tried in court and he should be imprisoned..

  9. b1itsjustme

    b1itsjustme2 дні тому

    Your name is spelled wrong Mark. It's got a K at the end, not an E. Just clearing some small Dic(k)s up.

  10. Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction2 дні тому

    Acosta should have been thrown out by security immediately.

  11. Alaskan Athabaskan

    Alaskan Athabaskan2 дні тому

    I enjoy your vids. Can you please speak and not yell tho?

  12. Boy Hindot

    Boy Hindot3 дні тому

    FU CNN!!

  13. Marsolin Antonio

    Marsolin Antonio3 дні тому

    Jim Acosta is in love with Obama, and hates Trump.

  14. Eric Swearingen

    Eric Swearingen3 дні тому

    How do you feel about all of trumps lies that he has been caught in in his own words but denies them Mark Dice?

  15. Eric Swearingen

    Eric Swearingen3 дні тому

    Jim is a real reporter. Hes asking the hard questions. And little trumpy poo had a tantrum lol. Fox news is fake news for a fake president. Dont give up Jim. Keep fighting.

  16. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis4 дні тому

    Well - 2 months later - Acosta got his pass back, and is still working at CNN. So - I guess that puts this post into it's perspective. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzz

  17. Dave Neilan

    Dave Neilan4 дні тому

    We all saw him make physical contact with that young woman. She should file assault charges on this misogynistic idiot.

  18. nawlulu

    nawlulu4 дні тому

    Jim wants to do president job. Journalist should do their job, just report the news. Don’t interfere in President jobs.

  19. Mike Swizzy

    Mike Swizzy4 дні тому

    This was one of the most disrespectful things. Press pass or not. The guy crapped on others time. Tried to make it a debate/personal interview instead of asking a single question.

  20. highlander robert

    highlander robert4 дні тому

    Virtue signalling reporters who want to go down in history for resisting is hilarious.

  21. Nathan Wind

    Nathan Wind5 днів тому

    Ha ha. Jim Ass-costa.

  22. soy man

    soy man5 днів тому

    He is coming back.

  23. Reegan

    Reegan5 днів тому

    I like you man ....lots of love from India ...trump trump

  24. Colleen Heck

    Colleen Heck5 днів тому

    I have not watched CNN in years!

  25. Colleen Heck

    Colleen Heck5 днів тому

    Liar liar pants on fire...

  26. Jack Calatayud

    Jack Calatayud7 днів тому

    Jim Acosta, should change his name to Jim Akaka, that's exactly what comes out of his mouth.

  27. Evan Hall

    Evan Hall7 днів тому

    People that can't even see or understand how rude and wrong they are, just disgusting.

  28. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith8 днів тому

    Jim Acosta is one of the biggest idiots in the world lmao lol lol

  29. J C

    J C9 днів тому

    My lord. This guy Acosta is ridiculous. I can not stand rude & unlawful liars.

  30. Kathy Noway

    Kathy Noway9 днів тому

    I'm beginning to think that Acosta is just CNN's patsy or false flag.

  31. TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 20209 днів тому


  32. Black Betty

    Black Betty12 днів тому

    I stand behind Trump!!!!! Keep it up and you will see consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Paul Edward Baca

    Paul Edward Baca12 днів тому

    Build that fucking wall now please..!!!!

  34. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones13 днів тому

    A professional ASSWHIPE!!!

  35. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones13 днів тому

    Your f**King life should be revoked...ASS!!!

  36. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones13 днів тому

    If he wants to be the news...let me smash his face in.

  37. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones13 днів тому

    That girl shud hav bitch slapped the gaywad..

  38. Jaded Rubies

    Jaded Rubies17 днів тому

    Just asking A question?. Try telling the truth; it was more like ten questions. And it looks like it Acostad him his press pass.

  39. Dexter Treehorn

    Dexter Treehorn20 днів тому

    Simply prove of another Fake News by CNN ;)

  40. Carlos Rodriguez-Pena

    Carlos Rodriguez-Pena20 днів тому

    acosta is the BIGGEST A-HOLE !!!!!

  41. Deplorable #1

    Deplorable #122 дні тому


  42. Apple TVinTheLR

    Apple TVinTheLR23 дні тому

    Jim who? Haha one month later and nothing about Jim Acosta. His 15 minutes are over.

  43. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith24 дні тому


  44. Lance Rexington

    Lance Rexington24 дні тому

    Worst reporter try reporting the news not biased opinions you call news CNN.

  45. steve henclewski

    steve henclewski25 днів тому

    Send Jim acostive back to the womb.

  46. Yvonne Baermann

    Yvonne Baermann25 днів тому

    Thank goodness.

  47. Pacific musik 41510

    Pacific musik 4151025 днів тому

    You white supremacists make me laugh stop crying😂🤣😂🤣😊

  48. Pacific musik 41510

    Pacific musik 4151028 днів тому

    You look stupid sound stupid look retarded typical white lil man lol that doesn't know shit LOL you know he won right lol. you dumb ass white motherfuker celebrate too soon,now look at your president fucking up everything and I bet you still kissing his ass lol.. and if you going to attack me with some dumb shit which I know what you're going to say. Just know this is native land remember that dumb fuck


    KATHLEEN GUARGLIA29 днів тому

    Jim= fake reporter,CNN=fake news!!

  50. Reel Fun

    Reel FunМісяць тому

    Acosta should have been out of the White House along time ago . He ( Acosta ) is not respectful .

  51. Vince Greco

    Vince GrecoМісяць тому

    What a Shill for the globalist agenda.

  52. Thomas Barnett

    Thomas BarnettМісяць тому

    Jim Acosta is like a kid at WALMART that wants a toy and you tell him NO!.

  53. t hath

    t hathМісяць тому

    Acosta is a liar. He should not spew his lies at a press conference. Save your lies for your failing cnn fake news show.

  54. t hath

    t hathМісяць тому

    At 1:48 of Mark’s video Acosta accosted the female intern. Acosta has not apologized. CNN is fake news, enemies of the people and physically abusive. 3 strikes you are out!

  55. t hath

    t hathМісяць тому

    Did you notice at 2:06 of your video that trump stepped to his left and Acosta immediately passed away (like hot potato) the mic and sat down! Acosta avoids the woodshed!

  56. R T

    R TМісяць тому


  57. R T

    R TМісяць тому


  58. Floridaboi 904

    Floridaboi 904Місяць тому

    Fuck Jim Acosta and CNN🖕🖕

  59. Hilda Gomez

    Hilda GomezМісяць тому

    You have to stop you look like protester

  60. Hilda Gomez

    Hilda GomezМісяць тому

    Jim Acosta is acting exactly like like Jorge Ramos that's why you Donald Trump get get mad

  61. La Pepina

    La PepinaМісяць тому

    I'm so happy, justice was done, let's see how many other follow you for disrespecting, is POTUS!!!!

  62. Ky Girl

    Ky GirlМісяць тому

    0:05 🤣 The look on your face-priceless! Lol!

  63. Samuel Nelson

    Samuel NelsonМісяць тому

    In my opinion CNN needs to be shut down altogether

  64. Kelly Baumann

    Kelly BaumannМісяць тому

    Who will make the president accountable for his lies if Jim can't do it anymore?

  65. Kelly Baumann

    Kelly BaumannМісяць тому

    +Chaquille Fowler sorry but I am not ignorant.did I touch a deplorable button here?

  66. Chaquille Fowler

    Chaquille FowlerМісяць тому

    no, you are blinded by your ignorance my friend

  67. Michael Revecho

    Michael RevechoМісяць тому

    Media, they think their better than everybody.

  68. Soupy P

    Soupy PМісяць тому


  69. Mvp-AngelOfGod

    Mvp-AngelOfGodМісяць тому

    Sorry but your so far right its not different

  70. Penny Morris

    Penny MorrisМісяць тому

    It is a invasion

  71. Lisa Ruggirello

    Lisa RuggirelloМісяць тому

    "They didn't come from Hollywood".....that's awesome! Lol

  72. George Jungle

    George JungleМісяць тому

    Jim who??

  73. Lucy Eason

    Lucy EasonМісяць тому

    Jim you are a doofus.We wont miss you!!!!!!!

  74. William I'am

    William I'amМісяць тому


  75. ronald welch

    ronald welchМісяць тому

    Thumbs down is from Acosta, he voted over 500 times

  76. IJJ

    IJJМісяць тому

    Jim Acosta won’t let ANYONE else get a word in. He’s unprofessional and an embarrassment

  77. Sid Dalida

    Sid DalidaМісяць тому

    A jackass like jim should intervewed bin laden when he was still alive, he should interview him in tora bora... And lets see if he could persuade bin to go to US. and meet the Seals...

  78. Kazi Morshed

    Kazi MorshedМісяць тому


  79. Dylan Weiland

    Dylan WeilandМісяць тому

    CNN big fake

  80. Jin Gabriel

    Jin GabrielМісяць тому

    cnn, jim acosta is so idiot!

  81. supreme

    supremeМісяць тому

    biggest fucking clown in american history

  82. Kenneth Cox

    Kenneth CoxМісяць тому

    The facts are true Acosta is a very professional liar, He is an Activist disguised as a Journalist working for CNN , They had fired Journalists before and after the elections if any was unfavourable towards Hillary Clinton,, Their Parent Company Times Warner was in fact the 7th largest contributor to the Hillary election fund , Acosta is there to discredit the President in any way he can ,as he has done so from day one, They use manipulation techniques to forward their disgraceful agenda on behalf of the Democrats . Their photos and editorials show clear evidence of this , on each and every thing they do , When his pass was revoked, CNN went to the courts with more untruthful statements to have their leading democrat spy reinstated in The White House to carry on their bias behaviour, ( If in any doubt of this comment ? ) check out on Google yourself ( CNN and Time Warner ) while on the computer it would be wise to also check ( Stop Mosque Building and Finance ) another truth investigated in full . Best wishes from the UK Yes we have the same problems here with the media .

  83. fantasma del tren

    fantasma del trenМісяць тому

    just like Jorge Ramos ...nothing but fake news...😖

  84. CharliBaltimore

    CharliBaltimoreМісяць тому

    Acosta makes me sick!

  85. Rey Formento

    Rey FormentoМісяць тому

    Jim you are bs, go back to your ancestors in central america

  86. Aussie Shane

    Aussie ShaneМісяць тому

    Is Anderson Cooper. DEAD or is he some kind of ZOMBIE. What a HORRIBLE FREAK of NATURE

  87. Aussie Shane

    Aussie ShaneМісяць тому

    Mark. I love your Work Buddy. Their is "Nothing like Running Commentary with the Walk of Shame included". Keep on Smashing these Criminal Pricks. You Videos make Food and Drink taste just Dandy...

  88. jack strada

    jack stradaМісяць тому

    “Jim Accoster”

  89. Lamba Kari

    Lamba KariМісяць тому

    Acosta is a proffesional?? God god! His kidding...

  90. Citizen G

    Citizen GМісяць тому

    Jim Acosta is the most UNprofessional reporter I have ever seen. I also think he is mildly retarded.

  91. Cam Med

    Cam MedМісяць тому

    Every time Jim Acosta pulls his bullying act whom ever is running the news conference, whether it be President Trump, Sarah Sanders or another White House spokesperson, they should quietly say, " that's it for today, thank you very much" and leave the room. I'm sure the press won't put up with that for long from Acosta. I'm not really sure why they let him monopolize the conferences now.

  92. veena paulson

    veena paulsonМісяць тому

    Add the NPC face, over CNN Presidential turkey pardoned Jimmie boy? Funny how a pretty face, can become ugly, over silly soy boy negative attention demands? No one can take our great President hostage. No one.

  93. La divina

    La divinaМісяць тому

    RIP jerk acosta👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  94. Sven Nelson

    Sven NelsonМісяць тому

    Unfassbar unverschämter Bengel CNN really should be ashamed!

  95. Raven Reyes PTZ

    Raven Reyes PTZМісяць тому

    What a rude dick cya Jim

  96. melvin lenn

    melvin lennМісяць тому

    The lady wearing white seems laughing at Acosta

  97. Danny Ferrell

    Danny FerrellМісяць тому


  98. Jack Pruett

    Jack PruettМісяць тому

    Scumbag dead tattoo and the scumbag disrespected the president and the scumbag is still a scumbag so kicking out don't let me back in

  99. Crank ‘N’ Hank

    Crank ‘N’ HankМісяць тому

    Anyone that would vote for a Dem is a real moron! Red all the way brothers and sisters.

  100. Lian Khan Muan Zomi

    Lian Khan Muan ZomiМісяць тому


  101. David H.

    David H.Місяць тому

    You do realize that Fox News edited the video accenting the "karate chop", (which it wasn't)-- and the WHouse and Trump are being sued for violating due process, right? You understand that you looked a lot like a religious fanatic who still believes that the Bible wasn't already thoroughly debunked, right?

  102. AH Davis

    AH DavisМісяць тому

    Totally agree with the assessment here, but man, those shirts are fucking terrible. I don't think you hate liberals, necessarily. I think you hate leftists. Pretty big distinction there, and I'm not sure how so many people have gotten confused with the definitions.

  103. shartne

    shartneМісяць тому

    Haaa Ha Haa! Justice is served.

  104. Mr. Ghost

    Mr. GhostМісяць тому

    he straighthandedly asked the president that "i want to challenge you". i mean just ask the fucking question that's what your job is. this is fucking ridiculous, glad he's banned from the white house.

  105. Riley Klote

    Riley KloteМісяць тому

    "Well I'm not I big fan of yours either so to be honest with you" HAHAHAHA that part killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀 God I love Trump it's about damn time we got a president who knows what he's doing unlike that fucktard Obama. Trump has done a lot of good black unemployment is at a record low, the economy is at a record high and the stock market is up and he's putting tariffs on other nations and putting tax cuts in place plus Trump doesn't want to take our guns away unlike that lying criminal bitch Hillary Clinton

  106. Riley Klote

    Riley KloteМісяць тому

    I just love how Trump shuts down that CNN fucktard