Bye Bye Jim Acosta 😂


  1. Mark Dice

    Mark Dice4 місяці тому

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  2. John S

    John S4 місяці тому


  3. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie4 місяці тому

    Mark Dice PS: Acosta is back in the game again...already!!! Do you feel like the f*cking idiot you are yet? Any other bright ideas or assumptions? No wonder you're such an uneducated loser.

  4. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie4 місяці тому

    Mark Dice What makes you think you're so smart when you have such a tiny penis...I mean brain? You're dumber than a fucking rock. You're also bent on hate, racism and rape...more than likely because you're a rapist, too.

  5. Geoff Forgie

    Geoff Forgie4 місяці тому

    music christian "YOU'RE" as in "YOU ARE". What a loser. Come back when you have the talents to read, write and spell as well as a 5th grader.

  6. Krishna Oza

    Krishna OzaДень тому

    If he want to argue let him join the opposition leave the job of media

  7. Shaun Sweeney

    Shaun SweeneyДень тому

    Little Jimmy is a total idiot! Little Jimmy doesn't want ask how thousands of people can walk thousands of miles to reach our boarders. Impossible for that many people to walk thousands of miles without a huge sponsor. Guess who sponsoring them Soro and the Demoncrats. I can write tons of books on the subject, but I don't want my brain to explode.

  8. D R

    D R8 днів тому

    Why does the President of my America has to take crap from a..hole.

  9. Thomas Schultz

    Thomas Schultz8 днів тому


  10. Michele Kirsch

    Michele Kirsch10 днів тому

    Jim, jim,jim. Poor dim wit jim!! Not a clue about how to behave!!

  11. bob rodgers

    bob rodgers14 днів тому

    Jim accosta is a slimy piece of dog shit

  12. Yuri Orloff

    Yuri Orloff14 днів тому

    "It's not an invasion, it's just an organized group of foreign nationals crossing the border without authorization. That's clearly not an invasion."

  13. Liza naga

    Liza naga14 днів тому

    He just wants the attention... he thinks its debate session

  14. JJ Boomheimer

    JJ Boomheimer14 днів тому

    Terrible censorship from the Trump Administration. Jose Goebbels would be proud.

  15. David Reiter

    David Reiter15 днів тому

    acosta is a first cladd dickhead.

  16. Damogan g

    Damogan g16 днів тому

    Jim's behavior is disgusting

  17. Damogan g

    Damogan g16 днів тому

    What's wrong with legal imigration

  18. nancy kaczor

    nancy kaczor17 днів тому

    Jim is vulgar. He should have been thrown out. Who the hell believes this cunt Jim?

  19. 58biggles

    58biggles17 днів тому

    Trump calling people rude I'd a bit hypocritical. But Trump going all red in the face really cracked me up.

  20. 58biggles

    58biggles17 днів тому

    Trump and this administration are so fucking scared of Acosta. He hates his questions because he can't answer them.

  21. Brad Savory

    Brad Savory17 днів тому

    What a disrespectful ass.

  22. Pablo V

    Pablo V17 днів тому

    Hahahahah I love this video keep it up

  23. Kev Hermon

    Kev Hermon18 днів тому

    Jim Ass-costa

  24. jbsuris4

    jbsuris418 днів тому

    The stupid guy doesn’t shut up and he doesn’t respect other reporters that do also have questions

  25. Titan Fall

    Titan Fall18 днів тому

    Trump 2020!

  26. Ronn Rogers

    Ronn Rogers19 днів тому

    Whoever this ass face is is looking pretty stupid now Jim Acosta still has his job and he is still questioning the president go back and look at this interview look how stupid you look

  27. Tess Jackson

    Tess Jackson19 днів тому

    If he is a true professional journalist, he would keep his political opinions/view aside and report only the facts. He is not getting paid for his opinion. If that is the case he should open his own talk show. Love the way President Trump deals with this stupid people. Love that we have a REAL MAN in the White House. You're doing great Mr. President. Jim Acosta go suck a lemon.

  28. Hazy Train

    Hazy Train20 днів тому

    Hey mark EVERY single time I click on any video of your it is black and says an error occurred please try again later... but if you wait 6 secs then the video pops up. its messing with your channel bud

  29. S S

    S S21 день тому

    Why doesnt anyone kick this bastard square on his face

  30. Darrell Ozzie Osborne

    Darrell Ozzie Osborne24 дні тому

    Hey Mark, I’m a new follower and fan. I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping the wacked out left, fake news and the CEC crazy eyes Cortez at bay. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your post! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  31. frank fernandes

    frank fernandes25 днів тому

    This moron of the leftist-shit-whole's show called cnn should be thrown in garbage n sewage including CNN all these fake news leftist-shit-whole's

  32. Ronald Carney

    Ronald Carney25 днів тому

    What a pathetic creep Acosta the professional is.

  33. arnoldtm31

    arnoldtm3125 днів тому

    Jim" the cunt" Acosta..

  34. Bobby Soles

    Bobby Soles26 днів тому

    He is a PUSSY with a big ass mouth and he needs the living shit slapped out of him

  35. Juan Curbelo

    Juan Curbelo27 днів тому

    To all below Jim Acosta is doing his job and not enough,if i was him i would say way more and like the congresswoman impech the m..f... he is trash this slime doesnt deserve to be in the white house,someone please get him the f..out there he's the national security breach build a wall around his nasty mouth and around his whole family Jim Acosta you keep doing your job which is excelent and have the ball to say what it is

  36. OneEyed Jacks

    OneEyed Jacks28 днів тому

    Jim Accosted

  37. M J

    M J29 днів тому

    That intern looked extremely attractive , how dare such scum ridden,lying filth put his dirty hands on such beauty.

  38. david white

    david white29 днів тому

    CNN: stupid, lying, sacks of shit.

  39. vegarosa69

    vegarosa69Місяць тому

    CNN lit up the Trump hate rocket and now they're riding it all the way down to earth, where they will crash and burn. You can tell when they tray to portray themselves as some kind of victim in this disgusting media war against a whole section of the population, that they are the instigators, not some innocent victim.

  40. Illustrious Potentate

    Illustrious PotentateМісяць тому

    I was just trying to accuse the president of being racist 👌I was just accusing the president of being a criminal 🤔

  41. Wthrwse

    WthrwseМісяць тому

    Saw him yesterday, more lies from the right. Can't you idiots say anything with a fucking ounce of truth? Lie about EVERYTHING!

  42. Walter Leistikow

    Walter LeistikowМісяць тому

    Acosta has serious issues. Shut him up!

  43. The National Guard Σ

    The National Guard ΣМісяць тому

    Trump is pretty good at destroying npcs

  44. Edmond Casasa

    Edmond CasasaМісяць тому

    Acosta is as stupid as Maxine Waters.

  45. SwampySack

    SwampySackМісяць тому

    how do u know if anderson cooper is the cook at a bbq? the hotdogs taste like shit!

  46. Douglas Baer

    Douglas BaerМісяць тому

    Acosta is trumps fool, he is the court Jestor.

  47. Tracey R

    Tracey RМісяць тому

    It's. An. Invasion,. They're not immigrating the Legalway. Besides Acostas is an wholeAss.

  48. b1itsjustme

    b1itsjustmeМісяць тому

    Mark, you're a stone cold pussy.

  49. b1itsjustme

    b1itsjustmeМісяць тому

    Your name is spelled wrong Mark. It's got a K at the end, not an E. Just clearing some small Dic(k)s up.

  50. Alaskan Athabaskan

    Alaskan AthabaskanМісяць тому

    I enjoy your vids. Can you please speak and not yell tho?

  51. AbdulJakool SalSalani

    AbdulJakool SalSalaniМісяць тому

    FU CNN!!

  52. Marsolin Antonio

    Marsolin Antonio2 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta is in love with Obama, and hates Trump.

  53. Eric Swearingen

    Eric Swearingen2 місяці тому

    How do you feel about all of trumps lies that he has been caught in in his own words but denies them Mark Dice?

  54. Eric Swearingen

    Eric Swearingen2 місяці тому

    Jim is a real reporter. Hes asking the hard questions. And little trumpy poo had a tantrum lol. Fox news is fake news for a fake president. Dont give up Jim. Keep fighting.

  55. vegarosa69

    vegarosa69Місяць тому

    He doesn't ask questions, he makes statements and hoards all the press conference time. If he can't act professionally, then nobody will respect him.

  56. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis2 місяці тому

    Well - 2 months later - Acosta got his pass back, and is still working at CNN. So - I guess that puts this post into it's perspective. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzz

  57. Dave Neilan

    Dave Neilan2 місяці тому

    We all saw him make physical contact with that young woman. She should file assault charges on this misogynistic idiot.

  58. nawlulu

    nawlulu2 місяці тому

    Jim wants to do president job. Journalist should do their job, just report the news. Don’t interfere in President jobs.

  59. Mike Swizzy

    Mike Swizzy2 місяці тому

    This was one of the most disrespectful things. Press pass or not. The guy crapped on others time. Tried to make it a debate/personal interview instead of asking a single question.

  60. highlander robert

    highlander robert2 місяці тому

    Virtue signalling reporters who want to go down in history for resisting is hilarious.

  61. Nathan Wind

    Nathan Wind2 місяці тому

    Ha ha. Jim Ass-costa.

  62. Reegan

    Reegan2 місяці тому

    I like you man ....lots of love from India ...trump trump

  63. Colleen Heck

    Colleen Heck2 місяці тому

    I have not watched CNN in years!

  64. Colleen Heck

    Colleen Heck2 місяці тому

    Liar liar pants on fire...

  65. Jack Calatayud

    Jack Calatayud2 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta, should change his name to Jim Akaka, that's exactly what comes out of his mouth.

  66. Evan Hall

    Evan Hall2 місяці тому

    People that can't even see or understand how rude and wrong they are, just disgusting.

  67. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith2 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta is one of the biggest idiots in the world lmao lol lol

  68. Jackie

    Jackie2 місяці тому

    My lord. This guy Acosta is ridiculous. I can not stand rude & unlawful liars.

  69. Kathy Noway

    Kathy Noway2 місяці тому

    I'm beginning to think that Acosta is just CNN's patsy or false flag.

  70. Katie Bistiglione

    Katie Bistiglione2 місяці тому


  71. Black Betty

    Black Betty2 місяці тому

    I stand behind Trump!!!!! Keep it up and you will see consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Paul Edward Baca

    Paul Edward Baca2 місяці тому

    Build that fucking wall now please..!!!!

  73. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones2 місяці тому

    A professional ASSWHIPE!!!

  74. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones2 місяці тому

    Your f**King life should be revoked...ASS!!!

  75. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones2 місяці тому

    If he wants to be the news...let me smash his face in.

  76. Rafael Quinones

    Rafael Quinones2 місяці тому

    That girl shud hav bitch slapped the gaywad..

  77. Jaded Rubies

    Jaded Rubies2 місяці тому

    Just asking A question?. Try telling the truth; it was more like ten questions. And it looks like it Acostad him his press pass.

  78. Dexter Treehorn

    Dexter Treehorn2 місяці тому

    Simply prove of another Fake News by CNN ;)

  79. Carlos Rodriguez-Pena

    Carlos Rodriguez-Pena2 місяці тому

    acosta is the BIGGEST A-HOLE !!!!!

  80. Deplorable #1

    Deplorable #12 місяці тому


  81. Apple TVinTheLR

    Apple TVinTheLR2 місяці тому

    Jim who? Haha one month later and nothing about Jim Acosta. His 15 minutes are over.

  82. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith2 місяці тому


  83. Lance Rexington

    Lance Rexington2 місяці тому

    Worst reporter try reporting the news not biased opinions you call news CNN.

  84. steve henclewski

    steve henclewski2 місяці тому

    Send Jim acostive back to the womb.

  85. Yvonne Baermann

    Yvonne Baermann2 місяці тому

    Thank goodness.

  86. Pacific musik 41510

    Pacific musik 415102 місяці тому

    You white supremacists make me laugh stop crying😂🤣😂🤣😊

  87. Pacific musik 41510

    Pacific musik 415102 місяці тому

    You look stupid sound stupid look retarded typical white lil man lol that doesn't know shit LOL you know he won right lol. you dumb ass white motherfuker celebrate too soon,now look at your president fucking up everything and I bet you still kissing his ass lol.. and if you going to attack me with some dumb shit which I know what you're going to say. Just know this is native land remember that dumb fuck


    KATHLEEN GUARGLIA2 місяці тому

    Jim= fake reporter,CNN=fake news!!

  89. Reel Fun

    Reel Fun3 місяці тому

    Acosta should have been out of the White House along time ago . He ( Acosta ) is not respectful .

  90. Vince Greco

    Vince Greco3 місяці тому

    What a Shill for the globalist agenda.

  91. Thomas Barnett

    Thomas Barnett3 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta is like a kid at WALMART that wants a toy and you tell him NO!.

  92. t hath

    t hath3 місяці тому

    Acosta is a liar. He should not spew his lies at a press conference. Save your lies for your failing cnn fake news show.

  93. t hath

    t hath3 місяці тому

    At 1:48 of Mark’s video Acosta accosted the female intern. Acosta has not apologized. CNN is fake news, enemies of the people and physically abusive. 3 strikes you are out!

  94. t hath

    t hath3 місяці тому

    Did you notice at 2:06 of your video that trump stepped to his left and Acosta immediately passed away (like hot potato) the mic and sat down! Acosta avoids the woodshed!

  95. R T

    R T3 місяці тому


  96. R T

    R T3 місяці тому


  97. Floridaboi 904

    Floridaboi 9043 місяці тому

    Fuck Jim Acosta and CNN🖕🖕

  98. Hilda Gomez

    Hilda Gomez3 місяці тому

    You have to stop you look like protester

  99. Hilda Gomez

    Hilda Gomez3 місяці тому

    Jim Acosta is acting exactly like like Jorge Ramos that's why you Donald Trump get get mad

  100. La Pepina

    La Pepina3 місяці тому

    I'm so happy, justice was done, let's see how many other follow you for disrespecting, is POTUS!!!!

  101. Ky Girl

    Ky Girl3 місяці тому

    0:05 🤣 The look on your face-priceless! Lol!

  102. Samuel Nelson

    Samuel Nelson3 місяці тому

    In my opinion CNN needs to be shut down altogether

  103. Kelly Baumann

    Kelly Baumann3 місяці тому

    Who will make the president accountable for his lies if Jim can't do it anymore?

  104. Kelly Baumann

    Kelly Baumann3 місяці тому

    +Chaquille Fowler sorry but I am not ignorant.did I touch a deplorable button here?

  105. Chaquille Fowler

    Chaquille Fowler3 місяці тому

    no, you are blinded by your ignorance my friend

  106. Michael Revecho

    Michael Revecho3 місяці тому

    Media, they think their better than everybody.

  107. Soupy P

    Soupy P3 місяці тому