Camp Lose-a-Friend


  1. Christoffer Ingebrigtsen

    Christoffer Ingebrigtsen17 годин тому

    I dont like that guy

  2. Sonia

    Sonia2 дні тому

    You lost nothing at that camp. Put a big X on that one and move forward toward people who deserve you. Start by being aware of your own personal value, and go from there.

  3. Janet P

    Janet P3 дні тому

    When it said camp lose a friend I was like wait a kid died

  4. I dk

    I dk4 дні тому

    It's hard to find true friends

  5. Galaxy Girl

    Galaxy Girl4 дні тому

    I lost a friend before :(😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  6. Dubz Silva

    Dubz Silva5 днів тому

    Just let that guy have his own friends

  7. Anonymous 123

    Anonymous 1236 днів тому

    I was just sho shocked

  8. Cinnamon Roll

    Cinnamon Roll6 днів тому

    People can be so r00d!

  9. Lin Neang

    Lin Neang6 днів тому

    My brother is making fun of you

  10. Marlie Burkett

    Marlie Burkett6 днів тому

    Fuck black haired guy

  11. Itz Bluekitty_playz

    Itz Bluekitty_playz6 днів тому

    Look if he didn't want to be your friend on the camp he was never a real friend aka Fuck Fake Friends go get another Best friend you deserve it!!!!

  12. The Official SASSY Lemon

    The Official SASSY Lemon7 днів тому

    I imitate Ben saying "It wen't from Oh hey...To OH HEY!"

  13. Kelsey P.

    Kelsey P.7 днів тому

    I know the kid telling the story, I’ve so been there I feel so bad for him

  14. Nope Mope

    Nope Mope7 днів тому

    You 12?

  15. MsmPoke Animations

    MsmPoke Animations7 днів тому

    I was show shocked too

  16. heyitsvanessa _yt

    heyitsvanessa _yt7 днів тому

    *1 like =1 slap for the betrayer kid*

  17. Gil Arbas

    Gil Arbas7 днів тому

    I dont need friend....

  18. Xsmol- potatoX

    Xsmol- potatoX8 днів тому

    he’s just on his period dUh

  19. summayia Ali

    summayia Ali8 днів тому

    Maybe has was embarrased, because kids will maybe think that he's not cool

  20. Epic Vlog game Gamers

    Epic Vlog game Gamers8 днів тому

    Sometimes myBest friendjust weird

  21. Two Crazy Little Cinnamon Rolls

    Two Crazy Little Cinnamon Rolls9 днів тому

    this is sad

  22. Fruity Cuber

    Fruity Cuber9 днів тому

    How things have changed

  23. alen walkers

    alen walkers10 днів тому


  24. BriJoot Is me

    BriJoot Is me10 днів тому

    so i have like the dirtiest mind just as a preface so like out of context “i just couldn’t stop, it just kept coming” i laughed a lot😂

  25. Guliana Martinez

    Guliana Martinez10 днів тому

    My friend is starting to lie and me and her are 9 and she said I killed a snake with a gun she is lieing because kids with any kind of weapon can go to jail

  26. Dezmond Shipper

    Dezmond Shipper11 днів тому

    Wat a but

  27. ツAndrej

    ツAndrej11 днів тому

    Fake friend

  28. Domichains86

    Domichains8611 днів тому

    1:56 when ZC toppling unsubscribes my channel

  29. end lord

    end lord12 днів тому

    my friend chose the rival comic company over me edit.or probably it is because I beat him in smash

  30. Jay 2 3

    Jay 2 312 днів тому


  31. Jay 2 3

    Jay 2 312 днів тому


  32. Jay 2 3

    Jay 2 312 днів тому


  33. Jay 2 3

    Jay 2 312 днів тому

    41 42

  34. Julia the cat

    Julia the cat12 днів тому

    Why would your ex best friend betray you like that

  35. Ruto Burrito

    Ruto Burrito14 днів тому

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this kid is over reacting. Ok, he wanted to make some new friends. I’m sure he didn’t go “*scoff* I wasn’t talking to you”. He sound obsessed with this one friend, and it’s not fair to the other kid.

  36. Guliana Martinez

    Guliana Martinez14 днів тому

    What if he was just using you or maybe he just started to try be a cool popular kid or something 😉

  37. Krispy Joe

    Krispy Joe14 днів тому

    sad story hope you have more friends

  38. sami D

    sami D15 днів тому

    The kid was such a lier

  39. lymverd madrigal

    lymverd madrigal15 днів тому

    Ehh that was like my frend tho in real life and i didnt know she was using me for money

  40. Master at ROBLOX Alyssa Mia Wynohradnyk

    Master at ROBLOX Alyssa Mia Wynohradnyk15 днів тому

    I use to have a BAFFF BAFFF stands for best annoying fake friend forever

  41. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 10915 днів тому

    If I was him I would cry in front of that jerk.

  42. Moonheart :3

    Moonheart :316 днів тому

    He should of hit the basketball in his face as hard as he could.

  43. why I play fortnite

    why I play fortnite17 днів тому

    2019 anyone

  44. Dogski28

    Dogski2817 днів тому

    I don’t understand why he was suddenly so rude? Does anyone know why?

  45. CHEMIX2007

    CHEMIX20078 днів тому

    And then completely abandoning his friend

  46. CHEMIX2007

    CHEMIX20078 днів тому

    Dogski28 I think it’s because he knew he had best friends there so he was excited to play with his best friend and make up the plans that he made with his friend

  47. Rose Petunia

    Rose Petunia17 днів тому

    That's it? That seriously it? you just drive home like nothing happened. If I where you, I'd treat him the same way you did to him!

  48. lil Blumpkin

    lil Blumpkin18 днів тому


  49. Carol Cooper

    Carol Cooper20 днів тому


  50. Oliver Murphy

    Oliver Murphy21 день тому

    I really just........... really cried a lot...

  51. Wolfy The Inky Gamer

    Wolfy The Inky Gamer21 день тому

    *_Best Friends Are Not Always Best_*

  52. Reallybacon Hair

    Reallybacon Hair21 день тому

    I lost my best friend at school because he had to move

  53. tyreekid yt

    tyreekid yt24 дні тому

    Fuck that nigga

  54. minetime

    minetime25 днів тому


  55. Unson Goodman

    Unson Goodman26 днів тому

    That kid sounds like my friend :/


    ΛĐΔMATIONS 2.O26 днів тому

  57. Ichard morales

    Ichard morales23 дні тому

    just WTF

  58. JoshShelton

    JoshShelton26 днів тому

    Oh hey...😐 OH HEYYYY!!!🤣

  59. BigKing 33

    BigKing 3326 днів тому

    Sho shocked

  60. BigKing 33

    BigKing 3326 днів тому

    So sad lol

  61. BigKing 33

    BigKing 3326 днів тому

    That’s Sosa’s though

  62. AshleyQueen χ

    AshleyQueen χ26 днів тому


  63. MrT Gaming

    MrT Gaming26 днів тому

    Did he just say sho shocked

  64. Marissa Bland

    Marissa Bland26 днів тому


  65. Jelcina the smol taco :33

    Jelcina the smol taco :3326 днів тому

    Hes your fake friend

  66. Elaine Kim Hababag

    Elaine Kim Hababag27 днів тому

    me: *kills him* muhahahaha

  67. Dragonborn 365

    Dragonborn 36528 днів тому

    I was just sho shocked

  68. bust down

    bust down28 днів тому

    *I’m sorry but i hate this animation*

  69. XxDark AnglexX

    XxDark AnglexX28 днів тому

    then that kid isn’t a friend

  70. Kaitlynn Russell

    Kaitlynn Russell28 днів тому

    that happend to me also

  71. I bet I can get 5000 subs whit one vid or two

    I bet I can get 5000 subs whit one vid or two29 днів тому

    My friendships

  72. Taiga Aisaka

    Taiga AisakaМісяць тому

    I thought he died cuz of the “lose a friend”

  73. jaida sanford

    jaida sanfordМісяць тому


  74. Random Alan 10

    Random Alan 10Місяць тому

    What a donkey not you your old friend

  75. twinkie n hamsters

    twinkie n hamstersМісяць тому

    My friend did this to me😭😭😭

  76. AlexisCupcakeWorld

    AlexisCupcakeWorldМісяць тому

    I shot a bb gun 6 or 5 times

  77. Ratree Maznoon

    Ratree MaznoonМісяць тому

    What a bad friend

  78. kitsune spirit

    kitsune spiritМісяць тому

    Same goes for my enemy friend who stole my bff and they call me annoying which made me rage and yell at them Shall I apologize?

  79. KiloKause Red

    KiloKause RedМісяць тому

    I'm so lucky that i have no friends :,)))

  80. zena rox cooking channel

    zena rox cooking channelМісяць тому

    Why didnt he want you with him and you should tell your parrnts cause they always will make you feel better

  81. Marisa 07

    Marisa 07Місяць тому

    _o h h e y_

  82. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    you can go in my head


    RYAN GAS MASKМісяць тому

    _S E X_

  84. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    give me your mask mask then


    RYAN GAS MASKМісяць тому

    +Thundercat Ninjago 2 do not disturb me right now im drinking a table

  86. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    You can go back in my head

  87. liezel miranda

    liezel mirandaМісяць тому

    Poor kid

  88. Nathacia Soerowirjo

    Nathacia SoerowirjoМісяць тому


  89. scarAnime sA

    scarAnime sAМісяць тому

    Your not the only one who lost a frieand☹

  90. Malia C

    Malia CМісяць тому

    2:00 I was just *_SHO SHOCKED_*

  91. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    You can help me get my nails done

  92. Adrian Mendoza

    Adrian MendozaМісяць тому

    Who needs that friend

  93. leong fun

    leong funМісяць тому

    I hate the friend so much (not you😢)

  94. Fredy Penafiel

    Fredy PenafielМісяць тому


  95. TeChNiXaL wAvE

    TeChNiXaL wAvEМісяць тому

    *Sho shocked* *so raged up*

  96. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    can you help me get my head back

  97. Tsumefan2

    Tsumefan2Місяць тому

    dude here is your problem 1. you are not saying what is on your mind when he told you were annoying him

  98. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    How do i get in my head

  99. xoxCuteNoorxox MSP

    xoxCuteNoorxox MSPМісяць тому

    My ex best friend did that to me

  100. CRIDIC0L_M3M4STER mems

    CRIDIC0L_M3M4STER memsМісяць тому

    So do you want this? 1:33

  101. Exploiters

    ExploitersМісяць тому

    I feel so sorry for him

  102. crazyfootballlovers 124

    crazyfootballlovers 124Місяць тому

    This has happened to me as well :-( (Not the camping thingy obviously)

  103. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 227 днів тому

    gachagurls124 you have to go back in my head and it hurts

  104. crazyfootballlovers 124

    crazyfootballlovers 12427 днів тому

    I have no frikin clue what u r on about

  105. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 228 днів тому

    You are the only one who has a lot of fun

  106. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    I found it you can go back in my head

  107. crazyfootballlovers 124

    crazyfootballlovers 124Місяць тому

    What do u mean?

  108. Samuel Gurung

    Samuel GurungМісяць тому

    That guy is not your friend. Sorry I’m late lol

  109. Glitchtale Sans

    Glitchtale SansМісяць тому

    Leave him,god will teach him a lesson

  110. Blackout_ 665

    Blackout_ 665Місяць тому


  111. Hello person On the internet

    Hello person On the internetМісяць тому

    Click here to kill the friend | |. I mean knock him out * evil laugh * V

  112. Thundercat Ninjago 2

    Thundercat Ninjago 2Місяць тому

    you are the go in my head

  113. Wanted Games

    Wanted GamesМісяць тому

    Your friend is a total bully

  114. Zombie_Chan

    Zombie_ChanМісяць тому

    Why did he leave you out?

  115. MayaPaya

    MayaPayaМісяць тому

    1:36 Did anybody hear a text tone?