Camp Lose-a-Friend


  1. Theodd 3sout

    Theodd 3sout13 годин тому

    2:05 when i lose at fortnite

  2. Aidan Johnson

    Aidan JohnsonДень тому

    i thought by lose-a-friend i thouht he died

  3. Zakriya Bukhari

    Zakriya BukhariДень тому

    I hope you have a nice friend than him 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  4. Tc Gaming

    Tc GamingДень тому

    I lost my frieand and he know bully’s me

  5. Mary Chua

    Mary Chua2 дні тому

    Ok what did you have for him to be his friend did you have a lot of vbux or something if a fake firend was your friend you had something be your firend like my other friend that only hang out with me cuz i had more stuff then him an i let him an his not friends with me now

  6. yoshiflash5

    yoshiflash52 дні тому

    That guys a loser lol not the guy narrating his “friend”

  7. Anna Ross

    Anna Ross3 дні тому

    Aww you’re name is John and you’re friend name is Babe

  8. Natsukiza

    Natsukiza4 дні тому


  9. Matt Jerman

    Matt Jerman4 дні тому

    2018 anyone?

  10. ƙɪƙɣɣ ყէ

    ƙɪƙɣɣ ყէ4 дні тому

    What a jerk :(

  11. TwinskiDude

    TwinskiDude5 днів тому

    I felt that to be honest

  12. shadow demon 36 Fox

    shadow demon 36 Fox6 днів тому

    Shame on that jerk!

  13. Jeanne WU

    Jeanne WU7 днів тому

    So sad 😭😭😭

  14. Ruby and Lillie

    Ruby and Lillie8 днів тому

    Awwwww this is so sad


    SAMUEL PIRAL8 днів тому

    its just life kid

  16. Lizzy rose Rose

    Lizzy rose Rose8 днів тому

    I’ll be your frind

  17. Alexander Roque

    Alexander Roque8 днів тому

    This looks like a little like south park

  18. Mr. Beastiality

    Mr. Beastiality9 днів тому

    Hmm why was there a slight change in the animation

  19. lena m

    lena m9 днів тому

    your gona vrt a friend

  20. skella PUN

    skella PUN9 днів тому

    Something simalar happened to me. But now I have new friends who are way better.

  21. jack arts

    jack arts9 днів тому

    camp lose a friend more like camp-never had a friend ha ha ha ha no just me ok.....

  22. Unicorn Dragon

    Unicorn Dragon9 днів тому

    Ahh, the old days

  23. Noah Dankmemes

    Noah Dankmemes9 днів тому

    ‘Sho shocked’

  24. GlitchHunter999

    GlitchHunter9999 днів тому

    Maybe he just wanted some time with someone else

  25. Andy Chen-Yu Low

    Andy Chen-Yu Low9 днів тому


  26. Guðný Kristín Bjarnadóttir

    Guðný Kristín Bjarnadóttir9 днів тому

    This hapent to me but i lost 3 friends 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  27. Vortex kills

    Vortex kills9 днів тому

    Its ok dude my friend was like that and i lost him

  28. KrissGO

    KrissGO10 днів тому

    Lmao the voice tho. No hate, just reminds me of someone i know :)

  29. coolkg coolkidgamer1

    coolkg coolkidgamer110 днів тому

    I thought when he said he lost a friend I thought he was trying to say he passed away

  30. Matthew Jenner

    Matthew Jenner10 днів тому

    I love the older animation

  31. Brenda Carrion

    Brenda Carrion10 днів тому

    Aww its okay ive been rhrough it and it will take awile but youll forget about it and loosen up

  32. Cinnamon HUNTER

    Cinnamon HUNTER10 днів тому

    I feel what this guy feels I have had that happen to me before. Actually two days ago

  33. Malcolm West

    Malcolm West10 днів тому

    i think a lot of people clicked on this because they thought someone died.

  34. Andrew Maure

    Andrew Maure10 днів тому

    1 like to make him feel better

  35. Black Hole HD

    Black Hole HD10 днів тому

    This is stupid so did he just have ONE friend cuz if he did and I was that friend I would say that night "Dude Get friends and a life I don't like u anymore sorry!"

  36. Yuan lol

    Yuan lol11 днів тому

    same but my gf makes me happy

  37. Cutie gamer Yunakim

    Cutie gamer Yunakim11 днів тому

    W-what he was mean

  38. Stephen Gaming

    Stephen Gaming11 днів тому

    If I was this kid explaining the story, I would smack him until he does not ignore me.

  39. cello oddette

    cello oddette11 днів тому

    My friend had been like that too...she and her new friends always talk to each other and ignore me... I always felt lonely, One day, one of my friends said to me that she was badmouthing me...that made me cry cause she always makes rumours of me and a person that she doesn't like...that make a bad person to her. She said that I was greedy and bad, she also say this to me...Whenever your around, I feel like your an annoying person f*** of dude...and laugh right in front of me...but now I have many friends 😄

  40. TheMrNotSo SomekidBOI

    TheMrNotSo SomekidBOI11 днів тому


  41. Twin'z Stuff

    Twin'z Stuff11 днів тому

    Owner of camp:Camp Lose-A-Friend!We have it all!Brokenhearted friend,depressed friend,break-up friend and much much more!Sign up now! Us:Jokes on you we have no friends.. :-P

  42. xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx

    xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx11 днів тому

    WOAH!! hes 15 now

  43. Lımėlıght XO Lyfė

    Lımėlıght XO Lyfė11 днів тому

    U should've gave him a piece of your mind

  44. Bearylina Cute

    Bearylina Cute11 днів тому

    I feel sorry for u

  45. Azulgris Galvez

    Azulgris Galvez11 днів тому

    The friend you were with sounds like a F***in a******

  46. Evil Square Boy

    Evil Square Boy11 днів тому

    B***h show me this child and ill beat him up

  47. Sammyrocksomuch 2005

    Sammyrocksomuch 200511 днів тому

    Love this vid

  48. Maisie Clarke

    Maisie Clarke11 днів тому

    2018 anyone?

  49. Anime Girl tik tok

    Anime Girl tik tok11 днів тому

    I don’t like my friends witch camp was it

  50. Psycho Belldandy

    Psycho Belldandy11 днів тому

    You didn't lose him, he lose you.

  51. Pipi Churchwardm

    Pipi Churchwardm12 днів тому

    I have a friend like that

  52. aoun gaming

    aoun gaming12 днів тому

    Me too

  53. Jai Mc

    Jai Mc12 днів тому

    My friend left me because I only talked to the girl in my group (my crush) so he wasn’t even happy for me that I managed to get a date with her and he just left my group for the popular group. I mostly blame his other friend because he would always go where he was, so basically I lost a friend because of a girl I liked. He was a friend since kindergarten and he just left for the “cool” group 😐 🤛👔🤜 👖 👞 1 like = 1 hope for him to be my friend again

  54. Cha Yang

    Cha Yang12 днів тому

    This guy needs a better friend then him

  55. Miguel Tasej

    Miguel Tasej12 днів тому

    You didn't lose a friend You lost a jerk

  56. Titan east

    Titan east12 днів тому

    Cant really blame the camp for that one Lol

  57. Gacha wolf

    Gacha wolf12 днів тому

    2 0 1 8 ?

  58. Margie Palmer

    Margie Palmer12 днів тому

    That's so sad

  59. Under Otaku World

    Under Otaku World12 днів тому

    thats really bitchy like boy bitchy

  60. Cami Dunlap

    Cami Dunlap12 днів тому

    No hard feelings the people like that aren't the keepers

  61. Clawden _

    Clawden _12 днів тому

    Wow what a jerk


    LOVEABLE FAN12 днів тому

    Aw it’s ok I will tell you what BE MY FRIEND I’m lonely 😔

  63. 『Certified Tears』

    『Certified Tears』12 днів тому

    *and that’s why i never go outside*

  64. Papa

    Papa12 днів тому

    It went do a *Oh OkAy* That has me dead 💀 😂😂

  65. NoIt'sBecky

    NoIt'sBecky12 днів тому

    "literally, LiTeRalLy, LITERALLY"

  66. Violetta Reedy

    Violetta Reedy12 днів тому

    1like = a new friend that won’t be as rude as his first one.

  67. blu3 fox

    blu3 fox12 днів тому

    What's a FUCKING dipshit

  68. Superintendent Chalmers

    Superintendent Chalmers12 днів тому

    I don’t have this problem because I have no friends *cries inside*

  69. OrganicTofu

    OrganicTofu12 днів тому

    This one kid used me for my computer and toys, he was 10 and cussed and had a very perverted view of the world

  70. nainai

    nainai12 днів тому

    If I was in that situation I'd start screaming my head off😂 next thing u know my friend is ded..... Woops. LMAO JK WHY WOULD I KILL SOMEBODY

  71. •PockyKomodo -Chan•

    •PockyKomodo -Chan•12 днів тому

    0:42 E a r r a p e

  72. ÆOŒi

    ÆOŒi12 днів тому

    do you think you are a "stalker?" I mean you go next to him in all of the activities he might just want a little space for once I'm not tryna offend you or anything just saying what I think sorry if I offended anyone

  73. cow cstic

    cow cstic12 днів тому


  74. bburkie10

    bburkie1012 днів тому

    Not a friend but camouflaged weapon

  75. Delfino lll Lerma

    Delfino lll Lerma12 днів тому

    Sho shocked

  76. Rsnpsplays The god

    Rsnpsplays The god12 днів тому

    That kid who used to be his friend is a jerk

  77. Cara Steven

    Cara Steven12 днів тому

    I feel so bad for u, like if I was u I would of said something coz I’m that kind of person that doesn’t care what I say who it’s to or when (don’t get me wrong I’m really kind and actually not all scary like gosh I’m scared of the smallest spiders ever) like if u annoyed me that’s it your not gonna forget me like I’ll make u pay 😂😂😂

  78. Dumb Trash

    Dumb Trash12 днів тому

    Your ugly you deserve it

  79. Shania Caribou

    Shania Caribou12 днів тому

    2018? Anyone??

  80. RES First

    RES First12 днів тому

    bin there done that my life

  81. Faryad Onqa

    Faryad Onqa12 днів тому

    I hope something bad is going to happiness it that mean kid but not the nice kid ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  82. ריף בני

    ריף בני12 днів тому

    What an asshole of a friend

  83. Benedict Hurtault

    Benedict Hurtault12 днів тому


  84. Benedict Hurtault

    Benedict Hurtault12 днів тому

    Sho shocked what does that mean


    BACON LEADER12 днів тому


  86. Handerfild Cherenfant

    Handerfild Cherenfant12 днів тому

    He suck to much.

  87. sareena sharaf

    sareena sharaf12 днів тому

    I am same as you I bring very little food to class because I don’t eat much and everyday I had to give that to a girl but now I am ok because as soon as the bell for the break rings I take my food and go to my best friend and we share and eat it together.

  88. The ACES Family

    The ACES Family12 днів тому

    Wow and your “friend” didn’t say the reason why

  89. Abe Bou Hadir

    Abe Bou Hadir12 днів тому

    This is sad but I wanna know why you lost him why he rejected you

  90. Wolfy 556789

    Wolfy 55678912 днів тому

    Watching this at home sick. I was supposed to go on a field trip today but I got sick. One like for this dude to get a friend.

  91. SarahInTheYTWorld

    SarahInTheYTWorld12 днів тому


  92. Mckenna Kevlin

    Mckenna Kevlin12 днів тому

    Can we be friends

  93. Hozic Games

    Hozic Games12 днів тому

    Its same with me

  94. X XxCandyKitty_StudiosxX X

    X XxCandyKitty_StudiosxX X12 днів тому

    Ehem *cough* ‘friend’ *cough cough* btw Ik this is late,but 2018/2019 anyone?

  95. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog12 днів тому

    Wow your style changed

  96. Susan Monsma

    Susan Monsma13 днів тому

    He is a mean friend

  97. Katherine Fuentes

    Katherine Fuentes13 днів тому

    That is wrong so he isn’t he firnd

  98. Tanis Tom

    Tanis Tom13 днів тому

    Tbh this kid sounds really annoying

  99. Minecraft Jack 33

    Minecraft Jack 3314 днів тому

    Yeah that happened to my friend

  100. Sean Alegada

    Sean Alegada14 днів тому

    He's not a friend he's a friass

  101. Mike Here

    Mike Here14 днів тому

    1:58 "I was just sho shocked