Camp Lose-a-Friend


  1. Harriet

    Harriet7 годин тому

    Why the fuck did he did it ?? There must be some reason?? Or is he a psyhco !!

  2. DJProSryGmeOvr _

    DJProSryGmeOvr _День тому

    The same thing happened to me but I gave my friend a piece of my mind and broke his glasses

  3. JadeGirl OMG

    JadeGirl OMG3 дні тому

    *If I were u I’d strangle him and not talk to him at all till you can go home*

  4. Shaggy

    Shaggy4 дні тому

    sho shocked. Btw I’m shaggy, so I can say this

  5. Yoshimitsu Onishi

    Yoshimitsu Onishi4 дні тому

    "I'm just lookin' for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down." Why did I do this?

  6. Jenni Cisneros

    Jenni Cisneros5 днів тому

    Your friend is so rude don’t be his friend anymore

  7. Gabi Faith

    Gabi Faith6 днів тому

    I think someone’s literally mad... oh sorry LITERALLY

  8. Clark A Farrell

    Clark A Farrell6 днів тому

    My friend hate me because I say what is that to everything

  9. Shannon Parsons

    Shannon Parsons6 днів тому

    I was sho shocked 1:59

  10. Parker Bilderback

    Parker Bilderback8 днів тому

    He sadid show shacked

  11. iiBlueHeartAnimationsii

    iiBlueHeartAnimationsii9 днів тому


  12. Swan CX-UX-SD Interests

    Swan CX-UX-SD Interests9 днів тому

    It’s Sad friends betray friends

  13. Marissa Bland

    Marissa Bland10 днів тому

    Your friend *putting fingers up and down* sucks

  14. mia taylor

    mia taylor10 днів тому

    He is soooo mean☹☹☹

  15. Nancy Flynn

    Nancy Flynn10 днів тому


  16. Abdul naseer

    Abdul naseer10 днів тому

    1:59 what is sho shoked

  17. ImADanganronpaWeeb

    ImADanganronpaWeeb11 днів тому

    So relatable.. I had a “friend” who kinda just left me after a year. ;-;

  18. Information

    Information11 днів тому

    h hi h please like it took me hours


    JESSEN FERNANDO11 днів тому

    Fakefriend lol

  20. Juliana Villanueva

    Juliana Villanueva11 днів тому

    the old storybooth quality

  21. GamingwithCuyler6

    GamingwithCuyler611 днів тому

    He is a gold digger but not in a gay way he only liked you for your video games and if I see him ill be sure to give him a little lecturing with maybe a few punches thrown

  22. paola gonzalez

    paola gonzalez12 днів тому


  23. ferio lisal

    ferio lisal12 днів тому

    Your friend is a traitor to you

  24. Trace Buffington

    Trace Buffington12 днів тому

    Dude I am 10 and shoot real guns.

  25. Kimshii

    Kimshii12 днів тому

    He’s fake

  26. SavageMaster

    SavageMaster12 днів тому

    He was basically replaced, if they’re friends and then his friend makes a new friend, then doesnt let the person telling the story play with him then its replacement.

  27. Stacey's Channel

    Stacey's Channel12 днів тому

    Friends Fri *end* Family Fam *ily* Forever F. *O.* R. E. *V. E. R.*

  28. Stacey's Channel

    Stacey's Channel12 днів тому


  29. Mad Sharkz

    Mad Sharkz12 днів тому

    1 like == 1 friend for kid

  30. Eeman Suhail

    Eeman Suhail12 днів тому

    I thought he was saying something about actually LOSING a friend. i mean like dying

  31. FALCON Birone

    FALCON Birone13 днів тому



    KINGKONG B13 днів тому

    I want to kill your stupid kid.

  33. Selvin Ramirez

    Selvin Ramirez13 днів тому


  34. Maria Rosero

    Maria Rosero13 днів тому

    Who else thinks this sounds like Haminations?

  35. Cathy Chang

    Cathy Chang13 днів тому

    The animation is so different

  36. Ma. Lourdes Linga

    Ma. Lourdes Linga14 днів тому

    He's plastic means fake

  37. Yaya M

    Yaya M14 днів тому

    So sad

  38. Ari Higgins

    Ari Higgins14 днів тому

    "Sho shocked"

  39. Emanuel Rodriguez

    Emanuel Rodriguez14 днів тому

    He’s is an asshole

  40. Evelyn F

    Evelyn F14 днів тому

    He is mean

  41. Sahasra Gopireddy

    Sahasra Gopireddy14 днів тому

    I hate his “friend”

  42. Lizzie Romero

    Lizzie Romero14 днів тому

    I know how it feels..I lost my bff but...I Didn’t get mad at her she did :( I couldn’t eat that day or talk too anyone but now I’m good I got other friends :3 and I got replace by here so idc

  43. Jane Oates

    Jane Oates14 днів тому

    That was so sad

  44. Bailey Ryan Rios

    Bailey Ryan Rios14 днів тому

    I never have lost a friend before

  45. Logan Townes

    Logan Townes14 днів тому

    I wish he would do that to me

  46. Bishy Fishy

    Bishy Fishy15 днів тому

    In hate the new design 😥

  47. Azzy90 2332

    Azzy90 233215 днів тому

    Can't believe this is how they used to animate shorts

  48. julian gonzalez

    julian gonzalez15 днів тому

    Sho shocked

  49. [Ghostelleツ] YT

    [Ghostelleツ] YT15 днів тому

    0:29 0:42

  50. Sean 679

    Sean 67915 днів тому

    2:17 that’s what she said

  51. Seoyun Chim

    Seoyun Chim16 днів тому

    I was sho shokthed too

  52. UwU Yoongi

    UwU Yoongi16 днів тому

    ‘it went from oh hey.. tO OH HEYYY!!’ why did I laugh

  53. lisa Slack

    lisa Slack16 днів тому

    He said sho shocked

  54. Mckenna Kevlin

    Mckenna Kevlin16 днів тому

    I sound like my bf he’s a Fortnite player his name is Fortnite god

  55. Toni Price

    Toni Price16 днів тому

    G Ge Get Get O Get Ov Get Ove Get Over Get Over I Get Over It. Get Over Yo Get Over You Get Over Your Get Over Yours Get Over Yourse Get Over Yoursel Get Over Yourself.

  56. Toni Price

    Toni Price16 днів тому

    Annoying cry-baby whimp.

  57. GachaAve

    GachaAve16 днів тому

    I WAS show shocked lol

  58. Trog_person_5 Dude1

    Trog_person_5 Dude116 днів тому

    This guy’s friend is a monster!

  59. awesome friend

    awesome friend16 днів тому

    Since its been 3 and a half years since this video, I still wonder if bens best friend learned any sense from this.

  60. general molestor

    general molestor16 днів тому

    I guess it's something normal that happens with friendships and relationships, people get bored of each other.

  61. Xx_Gacha Alexis_xX

    Xx_Gacha Alexis_xX17 днів тому

    Nuuuu T^T

  62. Rockyslykidjr gaming

    Rockyslykidjr gaming18 днів тому

    I HAD a friend😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  63. Dull Animations

    Dull Animations18 днів тому

    I think he the friend didnt like him bcs he so annoying

  64. Furry tails

    Furry tails18 днів тому

    Noice animation

  65. ŁØŘĐŽ

    ŁØŘĐŽ18 днів тому

    0:41 FUCK MY EARS

  66. Lights,cameras,action S

    Lights,cameras,action S18 днів тому

    What happened after tho

  67. Uzi Pink

    Uzi Pink18 днів тому

    Sho shocked 😂

  68. VinnyG 119

    VinnyG 11919 днів тому


  69. VinnyG 119

    VinnyG 11919 днів тому

    And and I was who shocked

  70. KirbyFan68

    KirbyFan6819 днів тому

    How tho

  71. Gacha Tails!

    Gacha Tails!19 днів тому

    1:36 what was that **ring** sound? (You have to hear close)

  72. Rihanna Korina

    Rihanna Korina19 днів тому

    He was a mean kid he never shared with u never wanted to play with u and he called u really annoying?! He ain't a friend hes a bully!!!

  73. Tom A.P.

    Tom A.P.13 днів тому

    +Rihanna Korina and I would have told everyone in that camp that he would just use them like a piece of TP

  74. Rihanna Korina

    Rihanna Korina13 днів тому


  75. Tom A.P.

    Tom A.P.19 днів тому

    I would have scream in his face and called him a straight up Judas in front of the whole camp

  76. smither army 1818

    smither army 181819 днів тому

    I would of lost it if my best friend called me annoying

  77. Sai Sushi

    Sai Sushi19 днів тому

    Fuck fake friends we don't need em... i know i am super late im sorry

  78. Von Calumpit

    Von Calumpit20 днів тому

    I have a realy good friend and he was my bully now but i dont care 😐

  79. Gameboy YT

    Gameboy YT20 днів тому

    Couldn’t you just tell him the that he keeps ignoring you bravely or complain it

  80. cheltty thecar

    cheltty thecar21 день тому

    that was a fake friends I think?!

  81. andrew brockerville

    andrew brockerville22 дні тому

    I would beat the friend up

  82. 100,000 subs with no videos challenge ?

    100,000 subs with no videos challenge ?22 дні тому

    If i was him i would've been like "Okay fuck you then" and find someone new, i wouldn't really give a shit lmao

  83. LV Reefing

    LV Reefing22 дні тому


  84. Royal FaithyYT

    Royal FaithyYT22 дні тому

    *ShO* *sHoCkEd*

  85. The Barbie FAMILY

    The Barbie FAMILY23 дні тому

    Sho shocked haha

  86. Jake pull off impossible game stunts

    Jake pull off impossible game stunts23 дні тому

    Hey see that motherfucker and kill him and say go the fuck to hell

  87. the_pickle _is_real

    the_pickle _is_real23 дні тому

    Don't worry I made a friend an enmy because SHE FRIKEN HIT ME WITH ICE AND KNEW IT WAS ICE ( she was talking behind my back about it at art and said it was about her dog but I heard this hears her exact words that I heard )( I hit her with ice and she started to cry the just took off )there's her exact words ( one like for how many people feel sorry for me)( the talking behind my back was today last week is when she hit me with ice it still hurts )

  88. Theodora Alcide

    Theodora Alcide23 дні тому

    I now how you file😶😥🐈🐰

  89. paris vaughn

    paris vaughn24 дні тому

    I would freaking give him a piece of my mind

  90. NerdShane

    NerdShane24 дні тому

    One like = 1 punch for him

  91. 10,000 subscribers with no video?

    10,000 subscribers with no video?24 дні тому

    Ohhh sleepaway?

  92. Shield Twins

    Shield Twins25 днів тому

    My friend did not like me because I'm not Christian 😢

  93. Tymothy Montoya

    Tymothy Montoya25 днів тому

    You sound kinda clingy, sounds like your friend is trying to do the right thing and move on and become more popular

  94. Cereal Box

    Cereal Box25 днів тому

    What a douchebag

  95. YT Star Leila is awsome

    YT Star Leila is awsome26 днів тому

    One like queal one slap for the guy who sayed hes anoying

  96. Oh yeah Oh yeah

    Oh yeah Oh yeah27 днів тому

    I thought he died

  97. Austin Jose

    Austin Jose27 днів тому


  98. xavier Teran

    xavier Teran27 днів тому

    My friend name Eliana but she's a girl because I lose my friends also the girl name mahealani and she stole my friend.😭😭😭😭

  99. Summer Fluff

    Summer Fluff27 днів тому

    0:59 do i really need to punch that kid in the face?

  100. Liza Alvarado

    Liza Alvarado28 днів тому

    I feel left out too sometimes... It's ok

  101. jay crelli

    jay crelli28 днів тому

    I'm so sorry that you lost your friend to some other guys

  102. Tyreq Master Gamer

    Tyreq Master Gamer28 днів тому

    Well your friend is a IDIOT I know this is old

  103. gamer XD

    gamer XDМісяць тому

    You don't need him , He is a fake friend.