Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?


  1. The King of Random

    The King of Random3 місяці тому

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  2. Anna Young_26

    Anna Young_269 годин тому

    When not to use sticky Tack

  3. Pandoras_ _box

    Pandoras_ _boxДень тому

    You sjoud do something with playduh! :D

  4. skyler Twilley

    skyler TwilleyМісяць тому

    Can you bake metl

  5. nellana cook

    nellana cookМісяць тому

    Blue goo tests

  6. PeterMb3 Ho

    PeterMb3 Ho2 години тому

    Be careful kids that’s a lot of sodium

  7. DBZ gang

    DBZ gang21 годину тому

    Freeze dry Oobleck

  8. Ashlin Gunderson

    Ashlin Gunderson23 години тому

    Whenever I got my hands on sticky tack in elementary school I would allllllways make a snail

  9. It’s me Neisha Neisha

    It’s me Neisha NeishaДень тому

    Can u guys make Edible glue

  10. Nexus Thecreature

    Nexus ThecreatureДень тому

    I can only imagine the struggle in getting that off your ceiling along side the boards. lol

  11. Sophia Spies

    Sophia SpiesДень тому

    Nate: *licks it* Calli: dont! Nate: im seeing if it has any flavor. In Nate's mind: ooh the things i do for you tube

  12. Reuven Dove

    Reuven DoveДень тому

    do slime burn it vacum chamber it burn it freeze it.

  13. Zoey Swindle

    Zoey SwindleДень тому

    Can you make a bed of slime

  14. Daniel Briseño

    Daniel Briseño2 дні тому

    I saw n+k!

  15. LOLSflint

    LOLSflint2 дні тому

    Sometimes I feel like you 2 are in high school.

  16. Cristodarey Naranjo

    Cristodarey Naranjo2 дні тому

    Bro the sticky stuff holded you guys because you added nails to the roof

  17. AndrewK

    AndrewK20 годин тому

    They added nails so they would have something to tie the strings to

  18. Gwen Porce

    Gwen Porce3 дні тому

    "Is it toxic?" "No! Actually it's non toxic!" *Immediately decides to lick it* 1:35

  19. Dolphin Playz

    Dolphin Playz3 дні тому

    Did anyone else see that logo at 8:16

  20. Leolionross

    Leolionross4 дні тому

    2017: homemade flamethrower 2019: wE"Ve g0t pUDdy! But they do crazy stuff to it so I'll give you that

  21. Everything Infrequent

    Everything Infrequent4 дні тому

    6:33 6:34 why was there a plus sign

  22. Miss Kim

    Miss Kim4 дні тому


  23. Rueben Francis

    Rueben Francis4 дні тому

    In the uk is Common to get this and is called blu-tack

  24. Kimbarbar Underfood

    Kimbarbar Underfood5 днів тому

    are y'all married? If so you're such a cute couple!!!

  25. Mober Ember

    Mober Ember5 днів тому

    Mix sillypuddy and sticky tack

  26. Kayda Rowberry

    Kayda Rowberry6 днів тому

    I want to see you vacuum chamber water

  27. Sierra LovesPenguins

    Sierra LovesPenguins6 днів тому

    I love the look they gave to each other before putting it in the flame

  28. Luke Trinley

    Luke Trinley6 днів тому

    1:34 "so if you accidentally have a kid"

  29. George Lytle

    George Lytle7 днів тому

    Can you put different types of candy in you’re vacuum chamber? And/or do other stuff with them?


    BIGMELLOWTASTY Films7 днів тому

    I use sticky tack for my animations all the time

  31. Drawing,Painting,And Sketching

    Drawing,Painting,And Sketching8 днів тому

    You should see what would happen if you vacuum chamber a hambuger,taco,and ice and other foods

  32. Ion McKinney

    Ion McKinney8 днів тому

    Test Labs..

  33. Inboundrocket

    Inboundrocket8 днів тому

    make a dry ice tornado like a flame tornado

  34. Allison Barletta

    Allison Barletta8 днів тому

    At 2:47 who holds the camera?

  35. Mahmuna Chaudhary

    Mahmuna Chaudhary9 днів тому

    There are multiple methods of burning it. Callie: I KnOw ThEm AlL

  36. WhyAreYouReadingThis

    WhyAreYouReadingThis9 днів тому

    8:13 logo flicker at the right

  37. Noreen Aniban

    Noreen Aniban9 днів тому

    What if you put an empty permanent marker on open flame?? 🤔🤔🤔

  38. Desiree Mathews

    Desiree Mathews9 днів тому

    Use the tack to hold a hammock

  39. cotne chejia

    cotne chejia10 днів тому

    Can STICKY TACK pull a car??

  40. Haboo's World

    Haboo's World10 днів тому


  41. ZTZ Pure

    ZTZ Pure11 днів тому

    try to make a smoke bom

  42. Lindi Nhlebela

    Lindi Nhlebela12 днів тому

    Is this not like Bosstick, Pritstick type of thing

  43. Olivia Walden

    Olivia Walden12 днів тому

    You should vacuum chamber seltzer.

  44. that one girl

    that one girl13 днів тому

    I swear nate acts like a child somerimes its so funny

  45. Lili Jahanpour

    Lili Jahanpour14 днів тому

    can you boil, freeze and burn kinetic sand?

  46. off line

    off line14 днів тому

    Dip a diamond in liquid nitrogen my dude what do ya think?

  47. River Dale

    River Dale15 днів тому

    Can you freeze paper

  48. William White

    William White15 днів тому

    1:34 If you accidentally have a kid

  49. Ju Gamer

    Ju Gamer15 днів тому

    Try out things with flex tape

  50. joseph ryan

    joseph ryan16 днів тому

    why the subliminal KoR logo

  51. Roblox4 Ever

    Roblox4 Ever17 днів тому

    Place catches on fire Police:how did this happen Nate:umm we set a strip of blue wall mounting putty on fire Police: ................

  52. Tammie Cowan

    Tammie Cowan17 днів тому

    6:05 Who else thought he said, "With instructions suggest you EAT IT till it gets warm and Cali has done that"?? Lol I had to rewind and hear it again! Lmao 🤣 😂 but he actually says, "Heat It till it gets warm"! Lmao 😂🤣 😂

  53. owo trash

    owo trash17 днів тому

    :o epic

  54. Cherry Dan

    Cherry Dan17 днів тому

    Why are you the king of random?

  55. Christopher Mick

    Christopher Mick18 днів тому

    can sticky tack hold 100 thousand pounds