Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?


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  2. Sebastian Ramadan

    Sebastian Ramadan21 день тому

    I don't know, but I can imagine some entertainment potential might come from sticking all of your furniture to the roof...

  3. Sebastian Barrett Truelsen STC Mørke Skole

    Sebastian Barrett Truelsen STC Mørke Skole26 днів тому

    A sticky situation

  4. John Gallentine

    John Gallentine26 днів тому

    +Jonathan Majors found it!

  5. John Gallentine

    John Gallentine26 днів тому

    Will sticky tack stay sticky in space?

  6. midget ninja gaming

    midget ninja gaming5 годин тому

    I saw a crown at 6:33 whats that for

  7. Xinxin Long

    Xinxin Long10 годин тому

    Can you the a what will happen if a person die. You know I'm really curious...

  8. Catsmainia Plays

    Catsmainia Plays14 годин тому

    To save your time Yes it can hold him


    UNSTOPABLEROLL18 годин тому

    What is sticky tack?

  10. Harun Tricic

    Harun Tricic21 годину тому

    bro i want the real king of random

  11. Why My PP Itches

    Why My PP Itches21 годину тому

    1:34 “if you accidentally have like- a kid”

  12. Marc-André Blais

    Marc-André Blais22 години тому

    ya see i would have broken the roof on the first try

  13. macks dh

    macks dhДень тому

    Who else is annoyed that 1 block is missing

  14. King Rumples

    King RumplesДень тому

    the logo was at 8:15, 8:14 ish

  15. Livesof1000

    Livesof1000День тому

    perfect product to go rock climbing with.

  16. Isabella Noske

    Isabella NoskeДень тому

    Ok now do it with mouse glue traps?

  17. Dragon Relm

    Dragon RelmДень тому

    Children, all of you

  18. Tobi Bryant

    Tobi BryantДень тому

    Try and make putty unbreakable and unsnappable

  19. Tony Gaston

    Tony GastonДень тому

    Make a flame through with sprays

  20. jyothi tallam

    jyothi tallamДень тому

    please can you do

  21. jyothi tallam

    jyothi tallamДень тому

    liquid nitrogen and dry ice in fire

  22. lNaufall

    lNaufallДень тому

    it's called a blue tack mate

  23. Flame Panda

    Flame PandaДень тому

    ..The fact that you insist on calling it 'wall-mounting putty' instead of 'blu-tack' is going to annoy me throughout this whole video.... I'm still gonna enjoy it, but if it isn't a cursed video....

  24. love

    loveДень тому

    Do you guys have fire alarms

  25. Wonderbunny ASMR

    Wonderbunny ASMRДень тому

    The video starts at9:04 your welcome

  26. MonkeyDaMan Playz

    MonkeyDaMan Playz2 дні тому

    What happens when you heat up gallium to a very hot temperature

  27. Matthew Godfrey

    Matthew Godfrey2 дні тому

    It’s blue tak why are they calling it sticky puddy lol

  28. Aiden Gaspard

    Aiden Gaspard2 дні тому

    8 15 has a hidden king of random logo in one of the frames

  29. Jbear Yang

    Jbear Yang2 дні тому

    Can u guys also try to somehow make laggy taffy somehow...sand like?...grands...? Idk but can u try to do that?!?!?!! Then eat it...?THAT WOULD BE SO COOL

  30. Assasin -Chan

    Assasin -Chan2 дні тому

    U gonna but a lot of stuff and den u gonna be broke 😭😭

  31. Brooke’s Wild channel

    Brooke’s Wild channel2 дні тому

    I wanna see dry ice in water

  32. Martiiin 8112003

    Martiiin 81120032 дні тому

    y do yall where gloves when they arent needed

  33. Moose Mines

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  34. Vu Hoangdiep

    Vu Hoangdiep2 дні тому

    There is something appear then disapear in like 0.1 sec at 8:15

  35. Odd's Nightcore

    Odd's Nightcore23 години тому

    Their logo

  36. Xander BoBander

    Xander BoBander2 дні тому

    the symbol was at 8:15 check for yourself if you dont believe me

  37. rootbeer666

    rootbeer6662 дні тому

    Put that stuff inside a chewing gum wrapper. >:D

  38. Julieta Caballero

    Julieta Caballero2 дні тому

    Who remembers when your teacher would use that?

  39. Adryanna Leatherwood

    Adryanna Leatherwood2 дні тому

    When I was in 3rd grade we chewed it like bubble gum.

  40. Elizabeth Jefferson

    Elizabeth Jefferson2 дні тому

    Where do you get it?

  41. Jenny is a lenny

    Jenny is a lenny3 дні тому

    Roses are red Sticky tack mix The time ur looking for is at 8:56

  42. Isaac Suarez

    Isaac Suarez3 дні тому

    Sticking Putty: OW!!!! I AM BURNING!!!

  43. lola Gotcha

    lola Gotcha3 дні тому

    "You bought a little"

  44. lola Gotcha

    lola Gotcha3 дні тому

    you bought a little

  45. Jade Evergreeen

    Jade Evergreeen3 дні тому

    You never did *show less*

  46. Shimi

    Shimi3 дні тому

    Can you melt scotch tape?

  47. Nae squad

    Nae squad3 дні тому

    We need a queen of random

  48. Randomly Ramune

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    Tkor+Vox=Basically my education

  49. Brylee Watkins

    Brylee Watkins3 дні тому

    What can sticky tack do

  50. Mythic's a Bully Ollie help

    Mythic's a Bully Ollie help3 дні тому

    i swear its callled blue tack lol

  51. Jakobzzon

    Jakobzzon3 дні тому

    In Sweden we call this: kludd

  52. DARKNESS X Gaming

    DARKNESS X Gaming3 дні тому

    Before:Stretchy After:Snaps in Half Reminds me of Infinity War

  53. ostr brathrs

    ostr brathrs3 дні тому

    Wead or wood

  54. Alice Adam

    Alice Adam3 дні тому

    Nate: Is it toxic? Callie: Well you can eat it, like if you have toddlers... Nate: *automatically licks it*

  55. Chris0183 .?.

    Chris0183 .?.4 дні тому

    We called it tik tak in our school

  56. Angelina Ignatova

    Angelina Ignatova4 дні тому

    *puts on fire; heyyy, thats warm!

  57. Grace Henderson

    Grace Henderson4 дні тому

    I love those 2

  58. fjkfdcvgk44

    fjkfdcvgk444 дні тому

    My parents did accidentally have a kid and I did just that! 😂 😂

  59. Lil Turtle

    Lil Turtle4 дні тому

    They look like the strings from the movie "UP"

  60. Miri Bengal

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    And queen of random

  61. Yasmin Channaa - Erin Centre MS (1319)

    Yasmin Channaa - Erin Centre MS (1319)5 днів тому

    do something with blue tack melt it, burn it....dehydrate it, show less. lol

  62. Shanwan PLAYs

    Shanwan PLAYs5 днів тому

    In England we called sticky tak blue tak

  63. Beautiful Miracles

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    My friend is leaving the school can. I get at least one like

  64. Khairul Ahmed

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    do you think sticky tack can hold a person

  65. Wyatt Carson

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    1:34 if you accidentally have a kid lol........................................jk

  66. Joziah Arroliga

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    Cool But how are you going to get it of the ceiling?

  67. Sofia Bernier

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    Build a giant butter structure

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    The TKOR came up at 8:15

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    8:14 tkor logo


    RJGAMING6 днів тому

    The amount of packs of blue tak you have is the same amount of C’s and I’m never gonna use them

  71. dillon havelin

    dillon havelin6 днів тому

    On cam

  72. Areta

    Areta6 днів тому

    Ive accidently chewed on blue tack when i was 10 because i had blue tack in one hand and gummies in the other

  73. karen kaye seneca

    karen kaye seneca6 днів тому

    I Was Just Playing With Blu Tack /Sticky Tack/Slime While Watching This 😂

  74. tim toms

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    I use to chew this stuff like gum idk why

  75. Becca-born to dance

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    Why did a king logo show up on my screen at the bottom corner at 8:15

  76. Jtrays 101

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    Can you stick your self to the veil yt with enough tape

  77. PvPSky

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    8:15 *Why did that appear for a less than a Second*

  78. Gamerlegendslays

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    PvPSky it’s the logo

  79. Xx132charlievlogs132xX Vlogs

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    Callie:not toxic Nate: let me eat it

  80. Ron silver 07

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    Try to put a plastic bag in liquid nitroge

  81. WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

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    I’m gonna put it out there, sticky tack is basically just blue tack but a bit more blue

  82. Rare Diamond

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    Burn it- 2:30 Freeze it- 3:34 and 4:01 Vacuum it- 5:04 Weight limit- 7:32 Human weight limit- 9:00 and 9:51

  83. Santiago Jr

    Santiago Jr7 днів тому

    See what happens if you put dry ice in the microwave

  84. Zackary Fishburne

    Zackary Fishburne8 днів тому

    ive started using the burn mark on the ceiling from the frozen gasoline as a video date tracker

  85. Dylan Baker

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    I’m playing with some while watching this... Unexpected

  86. Lexxii Babii

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    Thanks now I know how I’m going to make my hanging chair for my bedroom

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    Please dont.

  88. AI BG

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    Can we talk about nates duck face while callie was burning the putty at the beginning of the video

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    Nintendo switch gameplay8 днів тому

    For the contest can blue tack make you spider man?

  90. Nintendo switch gameplay

    Nintendo switch gameplay8 днів тому

    How did they get it off

  91. Avery Rich

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    I caught that sneaky logo at 8:15

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    Lol it almost Looks like gum

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    8:15 Did anyone else notice that? (Slow the video down by clicking the gear if you can’t find it)

  95. Heather Villarreal

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    I did

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    How tall is he she si constantly Talking about his Height like she is insecure

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    OMG! Amaaaaazing people😶

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    When your mum walkes in your room...... WHAT ARE YOU DOING Oh im just licking sticky tack.......

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    You guys are awesome!!!!

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    Nate is always ready to answer the ultimate question... Should you lick the science?

  101. Karolina Petrauskaite

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    about 3 months ago I made a small sticky tack house,dog house, dog and a yard and I decorated it. my friend put little collourful balls on the well, chinmey and window sides. they all fell at least 4 times ;D

  102. 安朱Andrew

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    Just curious about where you can find Nate's shirt, the night sky just looks sooooo cool and dreamy

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    Whats cali's full name

  104. Mørke Scribe

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    Hey! I doubt you'll see this, but could you do an experiment with (modeling) clay? Like maybe, “Will a vacuum chamber make clay dry faster?”

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    talk about a sticky situation

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    nope u're heavier.

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    I think if you had vacuumed it in a smaller ball that had a bubble it would have popped.

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    1:36 if you accidentally have a kid