Carole Baskin’s Paso - Dancing with the Stars

  • 14 вер 2020
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  1. lilwadd91

    lilwadd91Годину тому

    What was that about? Can’t blame her though because she is not the one who choreographed it.

  2. Emayzyah Reeves

    Emayzyah ReevesГодину тому

    what in the actual world tf

  3. Dahlia Flores

    Dahlia Flores2 години тому


  4. TEbony payne

    TEbony payne3 години тому


  5. Elise Culpepper

    Elise Culpepper3 години тому

    *Don Lewis watching this from the septic tank* 👁👄👁 I-

  6. Juan Echevarria

    Juan Echevarria3 години тому

    What is this? Lol. She's ruining the song for me

  7. M M

    M M4 години тому

    If 2020 had a dance

  8. Watching Watson

    Watching Watson6 годин тому

    So we live in a world now where you can get away with murder and meme it on television.....yeah the human race will go far.

  9. Daniel Lucio

    Daniel Lucio6 годин тому

    yall stop hatin, she out here living her best life❤️

  10. alex Gutierrez

    alex Gutierrez7 годин тому

    How the fuck do u even dance to eye of the tiger

  11. Brianna Fein

    Brianna Fein8 годин тому


  12. JustAlly

    JustAlly10 годин тому

    carole baskin ruined the paso, dragged it

  13. Angelica Gamez

    Angelica Gamez10 годин тому

    Please put that old cougar out her misery. #Gotawaywithmurder

  14. Dana Lynn Dufrene

    Dana Lynn Dufrene10 годин тому

    Literally crying laughing!!!!!

  15. Telehshow

    Telehshow10 годин тому

    Ok so the thing is before watching the videos most times I read comments and I must say you guys aren’t helping with this one 😭 yet my anxiety level to press play and see what y’all are talking about is on 99.9.

  16. Telehshow

    Telehshow10 годин тому

    Ok so the thing is before watching the videos most times I read comments and I must say you guys aren’t helping with this one 😭 yet my anxiety level to press play and see what y’all are talking about is on 99.9.

  17. L Guidry

    L Guidry10 годин тому

    Didn't this hag murder her husband?

  18. Mariah R

    Mariah R10 годин тому

    I was like ooooohhh nooooo !!! 😂😂😂😂 and laughing

  19. Allex

    Allex11 годин тому

    I see the only exception for her to be on the show if they let her do cat theme. I guarantee it.

  20. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi11 годин тому

    The fact that this woman made her husband disappear and still gets job offers is baffling to me.

  21. Anastasia Takis

    Anastasia Takis11 годин тому

    This is just sad

  22. Sad Sahara

    Sad Sahara12 годин тому


  23. The Nox Box

    The Nox Box12 годин тому

    They should put her and Joe exotic on in the same season.

  24. pixybell4

    pixybell412 годин тому

    She is really riding her 15 minutes

  25. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi11 годин тому

    Does he know he’s dancing with a murderer ☕️

  26. Crimsonhalo

    Crimsonhalo13 годин тому

    American TV at its lowest.

  27. B o o m S i r

    B o o m S i r13 годин тому

    im scared is that ok?

  28. Sofia Zalazar

    Sofia Zalazar13 годин тому

    Wtf am i watching

  29. Likah Spivey

    Likah Spivey13 годин тому

    Am I on acid 🥴

  30. Mr. Kanye West

    Mr. Kanye West13 годин тому

    This dance looks like they are trying to learn firebending from the original benders and they have to do the dance to prove that they are worthy.

  31. Allison Shoop

    Allison Shoop14 годин тому

    Carole : I have been doing VR thingy for practice! When it shows her doing it: She is flinging her arms around

  32. ellen pompeo

    ellen pompeo15 годин тому

    girlie i-

  33. Yeet Weird

    Yeet Weird15 годин тому

    I love how they have a fake yelling and cheering sound going in the back

  34. Jhji39

    Jhji3918 годин тому

    Pasha lookks just scared for his life, he might be next

  35. Jhji39

    Jhji3918 годин тому

    Shes so bad omg

  36. Sarah-Playz

    Sarah-Playz19 годин тому

    Let’s hope she doesn’t murder her partner too

  37. Marisa Coyle

    Marisa Coyle19 годин тому

    This is a slap in the face of her late husband “who is still missing” and family! Disgusting what people will for money. This will only turn more eyes onto the issue of the unresolved.

  38. join the fist 10

    join the fist 1020 годин тому

    Maybe 5 more years of practice. And maybe lose 15 years.

  39. Afua Akyaa

    Afua Akyaa20 годин тому

    Does he know he’s dancing with a murderer ☕️

  40. painted jellybeans

    painted jellybeans21 годину тому

    God has left the chat

  41. Jesus Flores

    Jesus Flores22 години тому

    They should let Joe exotic out and let him compete versus her now i would watch that lol

  42. Life Wit DJay

    Life Wit DJay22 години тому

    Look at the disikes😂😂😂😭😭😭

  43. Alexis Jacobson

    Alexis Jacobson23 години тому

    Wtf was that🤣

  44. -RmlB

    -RmlB23 години тому

    shes a 59-year old zoo owner, cut her some slack

  45. Steven

    Steven23 години тому

    So we’re just going to glamorize murderers and call them “stars”?

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  47. Mme P

    Mme PДень тому

    haaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!

  48. dji zzah

    dji zzahДень тому

    Ratings would have been better with Joe exotic

  49. Caitlin Bare

    Caitlin BareДень тому

    I... I feel like... I never should have watched this... 😐

  50. Devin Santos

    Devin SantosДень тому


  51. Muhammad Mirza

    Muhammad MirzaДень тому

    Didn’t she kill her husband

  52. NemoDemigodofStuff

    NemoDemigodofStuffДень тому

    This is pretty good

  53. Carolina Roman

    Carolina RomanДень тому

    I can already imagine what joe exotic is thinking 😂😂

  54. PrettyLuh•NiyaTM

    PrettyLuh•NiyaTMДень тому

    I just can’t believe she got a better rating than Skai with whatever this is over a small fumble

  55. niduoe stre

    niduoe streДень тому

    Police Should Come and Get Her And Arrest Her While She's Practicing In The Coming Weeks! She Should Not Even Be On Dancing With The Stars!

  56. Nathaniel Clark

    Nathaniel ClarkДень тому

    The irony lmfao the absolute irony 🤣

  57. niduoe stre

    niduoe streДень тому

    Husband number 3?/

  58. MadAnth0ny C

    MadAnth0ny CДень тому

    Don’t fucking use the Rocky song ....

  59. Sybsify

    SybsifyДень тому


  60. Fizel Shiba

    Fizel ShibaДень тому

    Good they are really going hard on the tiger theme huh. BTW I am already so done with them just because a murderer is now dancing while being decked out like this. See ya'll next season.

  61. Mark Hill

    Mark HillДень тому

    Ohh yah he killed it, If you know what I mean.

  62. Nicki Piccione

    Nicki PiccioneДень тому

    This is so 2020

  63. Goodbye

    GoodbyeДень тому

    someone tell me how she ended up on this show. she's definitely not going to make it.

  64. aundrea hodges

    aundrea hodgesДень тому

    Why are there so many views. She did not do well at all.

  65. Joseph Honeycutt

    Joseph HoneycuttДень тому

    Let us not forget that the cause for the disappearance of Don Lewis remains unsolved. His soul roars for justice!

  66. TheCobruhAlienat0r

    TheCobruhAlienat0rДень тому

    If she goes on to the next round she needs to dance to "it wasn't me" by Shaggy.

  67. Hannah Louis

    Hannah LouisДень тому


  68. Justin Nolasco

    Justin NolascoДень тому

    She Should Be In Jail Not Dancing With The Stars!

  69. Carla Costa

    Carla CostaДень тому

    I am so done with this show!.

  70. Carla Costa

    Carla CostaДень тому

    Husband number 3?/

  71. Justin Nolasco

    Justin NolascoДень тому

    Police Should Come and Get Her And Arrest Her While She's Practicing In The Coming Weeks! She Should Not Even Be On Dancing With The Stars!

  72. Eric Strasenburgh

    Eric StrasenburghДень тому

    When Joe exotic has his one hour of television time in jail and he flips on the television and this is what's on

  73. Billy West

    Billy WestДень тому

    Who dressed her? She looks like she’s melting

  74. Den James

    Den JamesДень тому

    Carole Baskin's TVography is a hit.. just like her husband; rumor has it, she'll be starring in Deadly Women and Forensic Files next. Atta gal, Carole!!

  75. Justin Time

    Justin TimeДень тому

    Very contradicting!

  76. Kristen Binning

    Kristen BinningДень тому

    You've gotta be fucking kidding me...



    Carol Basking should be the next bachlorette. I know she's already married but we all know that she won't be for long.

  78. SSstormwalker1

    SSstormwalker1День тому

    is her partner still alive?

  79. Lily Crooks

    Lily CrooksДень тому

    Wow I have really seen everything

  80. ShadowDemon17

    ShadowDemon17День тому


  81. Ava Gillespie

    Ava GillespieДень тому

    She looks like shes choking on the guilt of her husBand!

  82. tylerhall818

    tylerhall818День тому

    It's like an inmate dancing for his life with the crazy tiger lady warden

  83. ocelli

    ocelliДень тому

    Can they get Jeff Lowe and/or James Garretson on the show?

  84. Caitlyn Phillips

    Caitlyn PhillipsДень тому

    Carol Baskin...killed her..husband.. whacked him, can't convince me that it didn't happen. kill that b**** Carol Baskin #freejoexotic

  85. Curly Sue

    Curly SueДень тому

    All the gullible people in the comments who fell for a bunch of lies on a Netflix show. 😂

  86. ur cute

    ur cuteДень тому

    her dead husband just watching from heaven like 🧍🏻

  87. Yeti-gxmer

    Yeti-gxmerДень тому

    Carole basking, killed her husband wacked him

  88. Sahra Abdullahi

    Sahra AbdullahiДень тому


  89. Ray dingo

    Ray dingoДень тому

    From killing her husband to dancing just strange America

  90. pluto

    plutoДень тому

    i saw this shit from a million miles away

  91. Asia robinson

    Asia robinsonДень тому

    I thought she was going to break her neck the way she was turning it lol

  92. Dylan Kraekel

    Dylan KraekelДень тому

    At least she’s smiling I’ll give her that. Her husband surely wasn’t

  93. Jackson McCain

    Jackson McCainДень тому

    Oh lord lolllllll. I just can't.

  94. Diane Weinberg

    Diane WeinbergДень тому

    Putting aside who she is (or isn't), that was a TERRIBLE dance! A total mockery of what a powerful paso doble is meant to be!

  95. Burmese Python

    Burmese PythonДень тому

    Carole Basking should be dancing with the Cons in prison not DWTS!

  96. Heather DeGruy

    Heather DeGruyДень тому

    WTF is this?? DWTS you’re starting to suck so bad!

  97. IIseakoII

    IIseakoIIДень тому

    Hey man too soon too soon-

  98. joseduraznos

    joseduraznosДень тому

    Joe exotic left the chat

  99. Hektor Rios

    Hektor RiosДень тому

    The show got what they wanted, Ratings

  100. Lisa Larrabee

    Lisa LarrabeeДень тому

    Every step she took looked like she was stepping through wet concrete.

  101. shira T

    shira TДень тому

    im speachless

  102. Ruth Acosta

    Ruth AcostaДень тому

    She killed her husband and we're treating her like she's a celebrity and we all just gonna be okay with that???? 👀👀

  103. Devin Terrazas

    Devin TerrazasДень тому

    Dancing with the stars should be ashamed for doing this. Its not even funny. Her. The song. The dance and props. The mockery. Its a fucking joke. Literally. If ur gonna get ratings get them cuz ur ACTUALLY a good fucking show. Not cuz u got THAT controversial bitch on it. And u KNOW thats the Only reason anyones watching.