Cat Gets Ultimate Head Massage


  1. Aksel Korteweg

    Aksel Korteweg3 години тому

    Great starting voor the video

  2. Repo Bs4

    Repo Bs413 годин тому

    Man like wroeteshaw

  3. Titan1016

    Titan101614 годин тому

    0:39 just click it

  4. Sienna Terenciuk

    Sienna TerenciukДень тому

    2:46 that’s the cutest shit I’ve seen all day.

  5. Emma Stevens

    Emma StevensДень тому

    Who else is scared of heights and was screaming at the people to step away from the edge before they fall off?

  6. Heinrich Dinkelmann

    Heinrich DinkelmannДень тому

    watchthis while high you wont be dissapointed

  7. 𝔸. 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣

    𝔸. 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣День тому

    2:59 the same thing happens when I fart

  8. 𝔸. 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣

    𝔸. 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣День тому

    3:30 but what was in the bag tho.........

  9. ZZZ

    ZZZДень тому

    Cat gets ultimate *head*

  10. Annie Rose

    Annie RoseДень тому

    The airport dog is so sweet!!!

  11. SHA_SAWZEI_01

    SHA_SAWZEI_01День тому

    In my defense, the stick of cheese was expired.

  12. Lex Vitali

    Lex VitaliДень тому

    This is your daily dose of talking. 2:03

  13. Spooky Cereal

    Spooky CerealДень тому


  14. Mim

    MimДень тому

    I got pretty shocked when I saw Harry on here lmfao

  15. Zort

    ZortДень тому

    Cat : Having the best time of its life The entire world on quarantine : wait, *thats illegal*

  16. HLXD

    HLXDДень тому

    Damn, that cat got some talent

  17. Адам Садулаев

    Адам СадулаевДень тому

    2:49 вы здесь за этим

  18. kakarotto yt

    kakarotto ytДень тому

    0:25 This kid throws cheese stick out of the bus. Me: throws water to other kids outside everyday.

  19. alvin

    alvin2 дні тому


  20. Aaron Watanabe

    Aaron Watanabe2 дні тому

    Damn, those clouds be rollin.

  21. Bird

    Bird2 дні тому

    U know what is so special about this Channel... That u don't want the video ends... Like u wanna watch it for ever ... Over and Over.. It's like we r all Addicted 🤤

  22. Savana Rogers

    Savana Rogers2 дні тому

    Josh took that ball to the face like a champ

  23. ChaosForever

    ChaosForever2 дні тому

    YES HARRY 1:05

  24. A Nice Cup Of Memes

    A Nice Cup Of Memes2 дні тому

    W2S is in more of these videos than on his main channel

  25. Kerry Maskell

    Kerry Maskell2 дні тому

    Bye airport dog

  26. Amanda Long

    Amanda Long2 дні тому

    The hike into the Zion park looks a lot like the hike into the Grand Canyon to the Havasupais. Love the razberry kitty and the cups.

  27. Caleb Crouch

    Caleb Crouch2 дні тому

    But what was in that bag the dog had to sniff before retiring?🤔

  28. Manju Paul

    Manju Paul2 дні тому

    Kat do be chill doe and Chill Kat brother be chill on the piano doe

  29. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar2 дні тому

    Boy: Throws Cheese Man: Cheezuz Christ!!!

  30. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar2 дні тому

    0:46 Now, this is what I would call a 'Skyfall'.

  31. Fireflame Trent

    Fireflame Trent2 дні тому

    2:29 I'm uncomfortable now

  32. Killer Rabbit786

    Killer Rabbit7862 дні тому

    1:27 “Jesus Christ it’s Jason born”

  33. PastellMochis

    PastellMochis3 дні тому


  34. Bored Koreans 심심한 한국인

    Bored Koreans 심심한 한국인3 дні тому

    oh my god I could give that cat everything I own. I have like $8.

  35. Gamer19

    Gamer193 дні тому

    W2S 1:02

  36. Marlon Ben2891

    Marlon Ben28913 дні тому

    Does harry know that he made it into daily dose of internet?

  37. Derpy Derp

    Derpy Derp3 дні тому

    Did anyone notice the tennis ball pp at 2:35 ?!?!

  38. Dr UpSideDown

    Dr UpSideDown3 дні тому

    Anime cats are better

  39. Storm

    Storm3 дні тому

    Harry getting smacked in the face make me crack up.

  40. Robert Smithman

    Robert Smithman3 дні тому

    This is the best video to have ever been made

  41. Shaan Shermer

    Shaan Shermer3 дні тому

    The cat getting a massage is. planning to destroy the world

  42. Mr Fishy Boi

    Mr Fishy Boi4 дні тому

    0:35 AWWW

  43. TheMothGamer11

    TheMothGamer114 дні тому

    My second favorite noise from any cat

  44. Anthonygames 255

    Anthonygames 2554 дні тому

    3:18 is that the suv on war zone

  45. 21K subs before 2021

    21K subs before 20214 дні тому

    Wow Zion in the matrix looks so cool

  46. MechaSergi

    MechaSergi4 дні тому

    2:59 I really thought it's my fire alarm and run to the kitchen o.o

  47. Дима Хоггарт

    Дима Хоггарт4 дні тому


  48. Copyright Free Music Channel

    Copyright Free Music Channel4 дні тому

    Cats are so cool!

  49. Goodborn

    Goodborn4 дні тому

    0:43 - What? Oo

  50. i'm done

    i'm done4 дні тому

    2:30 That touched my heart.

  51. TheOneAndOnlyBob

    TheOneAndOnlyBob4 дні тому

    Chick-fil-a car: honk if you love chicken Random dude: *Y* *E* *S*

  52. Marco Schmid

    Marco Schmid4 дні тому

    I actually once met the guy walking on the wire in a hospital with my mother, I was reading something to her from a book and in the waiting room and it didnt bother him. He was just really chill and found it nice that i read something to her, afterwards he gave an autograph to me.

  53. Brogle

    Brogle4 дні тому

    "Why are you looking at me like that"

  54. Xeno

    Xeno4 дні тому



    INVERSE ZEXO4 дні тому

    The cat that finished the not was my favorite

  56. dylan de graaff

    dylan de graaff4 дні тому

    hey 1 nl vid 🇳🇱

  57. Happy Roses

    Happy Roses4 дні тому

    K1B0 Ultimate. h e a d m a s s a g e r

  58. MewToo OwO

    MewToo OwO5 днів тому

    0:40 best part ^w^

  59. ayyubi 123

    ayyubi 1235 днів тому

    I *C A N T I TW A S J U S T T O O C U T E*

  60. IAlfieI254

    IAlfieI2545 днів тому

    Wroetoshow is a yt I watch

  61. Peace Love

    Peace Love5 днів тому

    That girl just motor boated that hairless cat. Wth? Lmao

  62. Ahzam Arain

    Ahzam Arain5 днів тому

    W2s is in a daily does of Internet video, he's officially made it

  63. C&C Phx

    C&C Phx5 днів тому

    The tight rope walker was wearing a chute pack, so if he falls he does a BASE jump. I want no chute no harness for it to be considered no safety equipment.

  64. AssassinAV08

    AssassinAV085 днів тому

    Why’s he put W2s in this???😂😂😂 My man

  65. Chris Gaffney

    Chris Gaffney5 днів тому

    LMFAO at honk if you love Chikin.

  66. Death-_-Rally

    Death-_-Rally6 днів тому

    1:27 bro you can clearly see the parachute wdym.

  67. Blue Hand

    Blue Hand6 днів тому


  68. Aveek B

    Aveek B6 днів тому

    2:58 when your fart smells so much of the burnt steak you ate yesterday, it actives the fire alarm

  69. xDanger JTx

    xDanger JTx6 днів тому

    1:50 imagine if we can walk without seeing down and just focusing on the beautiful surroundings

  70. What? Who??

    What? Who??6 днів тому

    2:50 that is not a cat

  71. Hey look at me im a sausage

    Hey look at me im a sausage6 днів тому

    1:01 that is australia? * turns phone * Ahh now i see it

  72. Alexandre Sulton ( Student )

    Alexandre Sulton ( Student )6 днів тому


  73. Colorless

    Colorless6 днів тому

    1:00 you can’t tell me there’s not a dragon about to burst through the clouds.😂😂

  74. MUTE_RI0T

    MUTE_RI0T6 днів тому

    The cat is having the best quarantine out of every single organism that’s living 😂

  75. ツMohamed

    ツMohamed6 днів тому

    You made my life lovely

  76. noah kataila

    noah kataila6 днів тому

    3:00 like if you though that was sound was yours😂

  77. noah kataila

    noah kataila6 днів тому

    3:00 like if you though that was sound was yours😂

  78. Tooey Lan

    Tooey Lan6 днів тому

    Sometimes I don’t watch your videos so that way when I’m sad I can kinda benge watch them and they make me feel better🥺😔❤️

  79. Melin Yucel

    Melin Yucel6 днів тому

    Hello everybody this is more then your daily dose of interenet, GET OF YOUR PHONE!

  80. Ultra Daniel

    Ultra Daniel7 днів тому