Childhood Crushes


  1. Tperson Aname

    Tperson Aname32 хвилини тому

    I always end up liking men with fire powers For example Roy mustang Todoroki Zuko I guess I have a fire complex

  2. strawberry

    strawberryГодину тому

    omg this is so funny

  3. Rubul Rose

    Rubul RoseГодину тому

    the brother from card captors is cute!... but I was a yuki person! |p

  4. kainnnd pfhei

    kainnnd pfheiГодину тому

    I have problems with fruits basket. But Hatori in the 2019 remake is g o o d

  5. Multi Dreemurr

    Multi DreemurrГодину тому

    i'm aroace so i've never really had any crushes irl or in anime but i've DEFINITELY had squishes on like every cute character ever like Momiji and Honey-senpai and Izuku and Link

  6. censored strawberry

    censored strawberry2 години тому

    It wasn't the hair It wasnt the shirt IT WAS *ThE* *ChaIr*

  7. Tris

    Tris2 години тому


  8. ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ

    ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ2 години тому

    Okay I had to click when I saw Kyo. Who doesn’t like Kyo Kyo? XD

  9. The Schizo

    The Schizo3 години тому

    Listen...Legolas dad is lowkey someone you have to SPREAD for. The man is ruthless, powerful, and to top it off his wife is a badass. No wonder his children came out as Elven Pillar Men (Jojo Reference)

  10. Simon Gibson

    Simon Gibson3 години тому


  11. Simon Gibson

    Simon Gibson3 години тому

    lol I’m fan girling rnnnnn

  12. shattered.dreams

    shattered.dreams4 години тому


  13. Kamineiro

    Kamineiro4 години тому

    I don't know her but i know sure must read Komi

  14. Andy Aknoby

    Andy Aknoby4 години тому

    Toya,Sakura's broher is have a chance...if you win against me e.e

  15. Sarah

    Sarah4 години тому

    I wish there could’ve been more audio

  16. Laurel Elliott

    Laurel Elliott4 години тому

    Am I the only one who has a crush on Prince Zuko?

  17. Tperson Aname

    Tperson Aname21 хвилина тому

    No I have a massive crush on him 😂😂 😂

  18. DragonTooth65

    DragonTooth655 годин тому

    *in a different tab* 7:23 Me: Shinji?!?! *tabs back over* Me: oh... ok... crisis averted.

  19. Eden P.

    Eden P.6 годин тому

    Leorio is the ultimate man.

  20. the gacha life group Amyah Brown

    the gacha life group Amyah Brown7 годин тому


  21. Namjoon took Jimin’s Jams and fed them to Min Holly

    Namjoon took Jimin’s Jams and fed them to Min Holly8 годин тому

    Can we just appreciate how Emily but Boy With Luv at the end tho

  22. freakshadow Edwards

    freakshadow Edwards8 годин тому

    Death note*fangirl squeel*I'm watching that. So good. And fruits basket is amazing aswell

  23. Edgy Username

    Edgy Username9 годин тому

    Lupin from lupin the third

  24. Kailin Stillion

    Kailin Stillion9 годин тому

    when they mentioned L i fell out of my chair

  25. Kirb

    Kirb10 годин тому


  26. Téa Gardner

    Téa Gardner10 годин тому

    The ojamas are the most provocative characters from Yu-Gi-Oh!

  27. Chroniic

    Chroniic10 годин тому

    ciel phantomhive

  28. Phoenixhive

    Phoenixhive10 годин тому

    I am so happy to see Kyoya made this list lololololol

  29. Forever Gacha

    Forever Gacha11 годин тому

    Who didn't have a crush on Light Yagami before he went crazy

  30. Cyanthia _Volt

    Cyanthia _Volt11 годин тому


  31. Victoria Barajas-Miranda

    Victoria Barajas-Miranda12 годин тому

    Is it bad that I watch this on a daily basis?

  32. Michael Lazarou

    Michael Lazarou12 годин тому

    I had a crush on teenage Ben 10. For so long. I also had a crush on Justin from wizards of the waverly place, Harry Potter, EDWARD CULLEN (YEAH I KNOW TWILIGHT IS AWFUL BUT ROBERT PATTINSON IS HOT). Ngl I still have a crush on Robert Pattinson.

  33. Moonstone husky

    Moonstone husky13 годин тому

    I had a crush on Sonic when I was 8, which was 6 years ago. I liked him for 3 months, then had a crush on Tails for 4 months straight after. That's it. Yes, I'm a furry

  34. Aki Gear3015

    Aki Gear301515 годин тому

    9:05 you mean the girl was a fan of Blackcat from your old middle school sketchbook video?

  35. Keira Copeland

    Keira Copeland15 годин тому

    Man I'm boring. 2012 TMNT and Hiccup (I've grown up alongside the series and he's just gotten hotter and hotter with each movie) from HTTYD and that's pretty much it. Tom Holland's pretty cute tho. Hehe, Spiderman. Edit: the only reason I'm so boring is if they got a huns, you don't mess wit dem BUNS i.e. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley/Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

  36. Crissy Park

    Crissy Park15 годин тому

    I hope theres a part two. I WISH IM HAVE FRIEND LIKE THEM 😭😭

  37. Ih8lebu Vkookisdabesteu

    Ih8lebu Vkookisdabesteu15 годин тому

    Why do I feel like the ending music is the lullaby version of boy with luv??

  38. Avocadosaregreat Ò.Ó

    Avocadosaregreat Ò.Ó16 годин тому

    Literally everyone from diabolik lovers was my crush xd

  39. Glumbumble e

    Glumbumble e17 годин тому

    Wait. Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask/Endymion . From Sailor Moon. No one?

  40. MatthewButUnderTheCharachterLimitWhichDoesNotExist

    MatthewButUnderTheCharachterLimitWhichDoesNotExist18 годин тому

    Emily: *names character* Sóley & Kristine: OOHHHH YESS

  41. Grace TheHuman

    Grace TheHuman18 годин тому

    it's the chair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. Luna Playz

    Luna Playz18 годин тому

    When you can't relate..(just a bit)*

  43. The Duke Of Blaze

    The Duke Of Blaze19 годин тому

    7:55 That "I do" with that face really made me think: "Woah, she's thirsty as fuck!"

  44. Sad boi

    Sad boi19 годин тому

    Ok vampire knight anyone

  45. Dank Khann

    Dank Khann19 годин тому

    Listening To This Saddens Me. "I Like Em Taaaaaall" Me: 5'10 :O

  46. Hitagi

    Hitagi20 годин тому

    "he kinda looked like he didn't bathe" he REALLY didn't i don't get why so many girls like him KDJFSJJDJDK i'm into light more cause he definitely showers twice a day and cares about hygiene even though he's lunatic lmaoo

  47. Hitagi

    Hitagi20 годин тому

    and i still love him till this day

  48. Isathesordman king

    Isathesordman king21 годину тому

    I have legolas toy from lord of the ring

  49. Blackfalcon Otaku

    Blackfalcon Otaku21 годину тому

    this is legit me. which is sad because I know I am younger then all you. also why was there a random jimin. new subscriber

  50. Blackfalcon Otaku

    Blackfalcon Otaku21 годину тому

    like literally all of the guys in the video i liked except 3...who i am to lazy to look and see what there names were....the actor...the TV show guy....and the anime with short blond guy with black lines down his face....

  51. Ronaldo Barron

    Ronaldo Barron22 години тому

    I love spirit it is stil my favirote childhood of all time

  52. Hello fellow internet dweller!

    Hello fellow internet dweller!23 години тому

    “I am, like, 100% straight...” Me: That’s what they all say! 🧐

  53. RavenclAwesome

    RavenclAwesome23 години тому

    Since I was 13, I've had crushes on : -Damian (Monster Prom) -Asriel (UT Growthspurt AU) -Lewis (Mystery Skulls) -Junkrat (Overwatch) -Shane (Stardew Valley) -Kazuichi (Danganronpa) -Kirishima (BNHA) BTW, I'm a guy. Sooooooo. . . yeah. Past few years have sure held some... surprises.