Childhood Crushes


  1. Foxplayz

    Foxplayz3 години тому


  2. Da Best Dryer Sheet

    Da Best Dryer Sheet4 години тому

    I watch this videos to remind myself that no women on the planet are gonna stoop low enough to love me. Sorry if I made anyone depressed. But here’s something make it a bit better. I used to have a crush on Marie from splatoon.

  3. Moonlight Floof

    Moonlight Floof4 години тому

    I felt offended watching this as I’m a furry. 😂 it’s fine doe

  4. JH Sapphire

    JH Sapphire6 годин тому

    I surprised you didn’t say sasuke, itachi, or kakashi 😂

  5. Demented dingo

    Demented dingo6 годин тому

    Long beautiful locks of legolas... Reminds me of thor but thor's is better HE IS LEGENDARY!

  6. kpop stan

    kpop stan9 годин тому

    what about kyoya’s “you can pay me back with your body” thing like....

  7. Mainly _Mady

    Mainly _Mady9 годин тому


  8. weebmayleangamer :D

    weebmayleangamer :D10 годин тому

    Who doesnt like light yagami or l? ☺😭😂☺

  9. Amy 00700 !

    Amy 00700 !10 годин тому

    What did I just watch :'v

  10. Trashbag

    Trashbag10 годин тому

    Why do you all seem like the substitute teacher I made friends with in like 6th grade.

  11. Ani-ME

    Ani-ME11 годин тому

    Has anyone seen the fruits basket remaster?

  12. Snek Ron

    Snek Ron12 годин тому

    Lets be honest some of you watching this had a crush on Simba from Lion King

  13. Traci The Rebel

    Traci The Rebel13 годин тому

    I love how they talk about their anime/animation crush with no regret.😂✊🏻 I feel them👏🏿

  14. Fiona Shin

    Fiona Shin16 годин тому

    There’s an “ I haven’t seen that” from Emily at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a>

  15. Phoebe Chen

    Phoebe Chen17 годин тому

    I keep coming back to watch this little series as more time goes by, honestly i'd love to have an emirichu and friends podcast on crushes and anime and other whatever lol

  16. Slugz

    Slugz18 годин тому

    *I like the pretty boys* ✨🙋‍♂️✨

  17. Rajni Alex

    Rajni Alex18 годин тому

    I thought Giorno Giovanna was attractive until L from death note a steve from blues clues showed up

  18. that one guy

    that one guy18 годин тому

    LEvi LEvi LEvi LEvi LEvi

  19. bts Alex

    bts Alex19 годин тому

    Jimin XD

  20. Athina Kavakou

    Athina Kavakou19 годин тому

    Let me make this clear:ALL spider people are cute! (for me, Tom holland has to take the cake...)

  21. Comment

    Comment20 годин тому

    My first ever anime guy crush... is Usui Takumi from Maid Sama...

  22. maddie payne

    maddie payne20 годин тому

    On a side note, I will agree on Sóley on not Legolas' father. For me, he's just...OLD MAN!

  23. Kinu

    Kinu21 годину тому

    Team L

  24. Mahooi

    Mahooi21 годину тому

    I can relate to all of these girls's crushes omfg

  25. Sierra L

    Sierra L22 години тому


  26. Mr Waffs

    Mr WaffsДень тому

    Rip L died early on but I’m on the first season

  27. Grace Note

    Grace NoteДень тому

    This is not a childhood crush cause i'm currently 17 but like Cesario from the 1996 Twelfth Night Movie looking at Imogen Stubb in character like DANG

  28. * h x p p y _ d v c k *

    * h x p p y _ d v c k *День тому

    I'm very uncultured-

  29. •Blood Bath•

    •Blood Bath•День тому

    I have a crush on felix from miraculous ladybug.

  30. McKenna Foord

    McKenna FoordДень тому

    Okay but like King/Harlequin from the Seven Deadly Sins 😅

  31. n a g i s a

    n a g i s aДень тому

    Light be like I AM A GOD

  32. -Hikari•Ishimiru-

    -Hikari•Ishimiru-День тому

    I had a crush on all daemos and zane from Aphmau!Im so sorry kestin,Shado,Michael and other daemos ;w;

  33. IEatRainbows 095

    IEatRainbows 095День тому

    Child crushes 1 < Child crushes 2

  34. IEatRainbows 095

    IEatRainbows 095День тому

    steve from blues clues was a based answer

  35. sheryl :3

    sheryl :3День тому


  36. Sleepy Potato

    Sleepy PotatoДень тому

    Have you watched my hero academia?

  37. Alexandra Ysasi

    Alexandra YsasiДень тому

    Ouran high school host club the hosts anyome?

  38. Olivia Makeup and gaming sides

    Olivia Makeup and gaming sidesДень тому

    I remember my childhood crush was the unicorn that turned into a human from the last unicorn 🤣

  39. WaterBoltz RNPC

    WaterBoltz RNPCДень тому

    Remember Yagami backwards🙏🙏🙏

  40. xXKaryllePlayzXx

    xXKaryllePlayzXxДень тому


  41. Artem Sørensen

    Artem SørensenДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> is it just me, or does the 2 horses look like. Eren and Annie from Attack on Titan in Titan form, if they were horses. Come on look at them.

  42. zoe frangez

    zoe frangezДень тому

    Am I the only one who has a thing for firebenders. ATLA and LOK like Zuko and Mako 10000000/10

  43. Trinity Monroe

    Trinity MonroeДень тому

    See she like me I was or am In love with that guy

  44. Maddie Hajer

    Maddie HajerДень тому

    L is baby

  45. GNORK_standard

    GNORK_standardДень тому

    Is it only me, or are you not very picky xD Cuz there are only four girls in all my life who made me feel something. Two are from Anime and two are from rl. Also: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">7:18</a> Boi. I'm not gay in any means... but boiiii. He developed into a very fine men And: L is a guy I would really like to have as a friend. I love this dude. Light is awesome, too. BUT L, OMG! We'd be hanging around in the basement, overanalyzing the one thing that happened five months ago when we left the basement for once, and just have a great time.

  46. Julianne Cloutier

    Julianne CloutierДень тому

    any tall black hair guy is also my type

  47. Aly U

    Aly UДень тому

    lmao i liked both L and light I-

  48. piinky_lemon

    piinky_lemonДень тому

    I felt that Steve one

  49. Coco S

    Coco S2 дні тому

    I whatched the princess bride a week before I watched this video.

  50. Charla Mutcherson

    Charla Mutcherson2 дні тому

    Can I pls add someone or two to the list from the seven deadly sins I would add ban or meliodis I think you spell it but these are the two favorite characters like :3 in fan girling right now UwU

  51. Tjen Broun

    Tjen Broun2 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="453">7:33</a> me oops

  52. unicorn ninja tv

    unicorn ninja tv2 дні тому

    Nah, nobody can beat how weird my third grade cartoon crush was... Raphael from tmnt

  53. The Alpha Wolf

    The Alpha Wolf2 дні тому

    Omg 😂

  54. Hailey Galbraith

    Hailey Galbraith2 дні тому

    Oh my gosh, Kristine, I have never related to a person so much 😂

  55. OwlGrif LOL

    OwlGrif LOL2 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> "you Warthog faced baffoon” mhm, veryyy attractive

  56. HeySayJesKuh2

    HeySayJesKuh22 дні тому

    90% had the same crushes xD

  57. andrew harrison

    andrew harrison2 дні тому

    you ruined card capture sakura bc i loveeeeeeeeeee her bro

  58. andrew harrison

    andrew harrisonДень тому

    and lee

  59. andrew harrison

    andrew harrisonДень тому

    and i love yukito

  60. Mac gets 30

    Mac gets 302 дні тому

    I recently watched the princess bride with my family. I love it so much.

  61. juliette sabbagh

    juliette sabbagh2 дні тому

    I watched the princess bride like 100 times BROOO I LOVED IT!!

  62. Riyaz Riyaz

    Riyaz Riyaz2 дні тому

    Why does she sound like a cowgirl when she says you like Zach bell

  63. Aashi Kapoor

    Aashi Kapoor2 дні тому

    are you kidding me i wanted to be peter in that scene i had the BIGGEST FATTEST CRUSH on wendy in that movie

  64. Olivia Foster

    Olivia Foster2 дні тому

    Them: it was the red chair

  65. Kamikazewizard 3000

    Kamikazewizard 30002 дні тому

    The Peter Pan kid wasn't one of mine because his shirt was obviously not real leaves and you could see his nipple. Why does even bother weary a shirt if it isn't fulfilling its purpose as a shirt.

  66. Megan O'Hanley

    Megan O'Hanley2 дні тому

    Never have I had the opportunity to relate to another weebie horse girl 😂😂 Rin was my ladiee crush when I was like 12. So I think it was a perfect ending to the conversation lmaoo😂

  67. Zygarde Playz

    Zygarde Playz2 дні тому

    But did you watch that tho

  68. April Melder

    April Melder2 дні тому

    My daughter, likes this boy named, ash Ketchum.. and years ago, I liked he-man...

  69. DroppedOnTheHead

    DroppedOnTheHead2 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> HE SOUNDS LIKE CDAWGVA

  70. kyt thekat

    kyt thekat2 дні тому

    Okay but Touya was really hot

  71. Vito's Vids

    Vito's Vids2 дні тому

    Her friend Soleil mentioning Sach Bell made me glad, because I watched that show dubbed (not in english) but it was one of the first anime shows I watched and man I loved the power system and Sach, I heard the manga was... Of questionable quality, but I watched the anime I loved the Jojo Stand like Tomes where instead of more powerful each spell had a utility and real World dominated power levels. Sach was a fun little wee wee bastard to see fight with his partner. Reminds me of Oga in Beelzebub.

  72. Maja Palm

    Maja Palm2 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> StoneTayla... my girl... ahhhhh that's bad my girl, that's bad, I'm sorry, go and improve before you send in another piece my girl, you're scaring the kids...

  73. Isakitten

    Isakitten2 дні тому

    Danny phantom though...

  74. Red Coin

    Red Coin2 дні тому

    It’s always exhilarating listening to lady weebs geek out.

  75. Jaylynn Lam

    Jaylynn Lam2 дні тому


  76. Tara Wagner

    Tara Wagner2 дні тому

    My fiktional Crush is Erik/magneto when he was young from x -men

  77. Capall Liath

    Capall Liath2 дні тому

    i'm straight too but... monky d Ace from one piece XD

  78. Alissa’s Cooking Show

    Alissa’s Cooking Show2 дні тому

    When Emily said “alissa’s dad” I was like wtf you like my dad- and I looked at my tablet and it was frinkin’ LORD OF THE RINGS XD

  79. ღsåd•pøtåtø•høürsღ uwu

    ღsåd•pøtåtø•høürsღ uwu2 дні тому


  80. profire123456 with a budgie

    profire123456 with a budgie2 дні тому

    I'm surprised that levi wasn't in

  81. Caroline Jewson

    Caroline Jewson2 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a> L looks like Nico Di Angalo..............Correct me if i'm wrong

  82. LordPeanut38

    LordPeanut382 дні тому

    I thot that this video was great

  83. Some Zero

    Some Zero2 дні тому

    I've watched this video too often.