Classic Rap & Hip Hop mix Part #1


  1. Noise Explorer

    Noise Explorer3 роки тому

    ►TRACKLIST◄ Chill Bump - The Memo 50 Cent - In Da Club (Woodys Produce 2005 Remix) Chinese Man - Run Run Run (CHILL BUMP Remix ) G-Unit - Poppin' Them Thangs Task Rok & Dumb Luck - Once Again Bang Bang - feat. Notorious B.I.G. and KRS ONE Jay feat Alicia Keys - Empre State Of Mind Awon & Dephlow - "Real Hip Hop" (Prod. Phoniks) Dafuniks Ft. Particle Man - Soul Searching Awon & Phoniks - Certain Presence Poldoore - Heard It All Before (Feat. The 49ers & Bodhilynn) Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. - Higher 50 Cent - Disco Inferno (Daniel Buchmann Remix) Ps : Activity of a youtube channel depends a lot on comments & likes. So if you want to help you know what to do ! :)

  2. Zach Miller

    Zach Miller2 місяці тому

    Noise Explorer can I get the list

  3. Demo_ sy

    Demo_ sy2 місяці тому

    You mean 15M!!

  4. Prasanga Perera

    Prasanga Perera3 місяці тому

  5. Tibur tiburflowmusic

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  6. alteclizii47

    alteclizii479 годин тому

    Exceptionnel ! Simple & Nostalgique… Merci !

  7. alteclizii47

    alteclizii479 годин тому

    Hors le 19:30 !!!! Merde l'original est inégalable ! WTF !! Passez directement a 22:50 ! ;)

  8. mc bld mc bld

    mc bld mc bld23 години тому - estou dando início no projeto de divulgação em minhas músicas quem se interessar em se escrever em meu canal eu agradeço de corpo e alma MC bld MC bld 💥💥💎 curtem o som de favela

  9. M1d e

    M1d e2 дні тому

    That was what i was searching for years !!!

  10. Wallace Goudard

    Wallace Goudard2 дні тому

    Top manda um alô pra o Brasil

  11. david morales

    david morales3 дні тому

    Chingon man

  12. Kylie Rose

    Kylie Rose6 днів тому

    hahaha that mdma & ambien line that's gold! bring on 2020 im ready to rise up

  13. S Y V

    S Y V7 днів тому

    so many people gatekeeping what rap is in this comment section. "this is real rap" rap is whatever you want it to be as long as the focus is on the lyrics and beat then its rap

  14. Makima Claus

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  15. ASTRO gg

    ASTRO gg12 днів тому

    bum bum bum

  16. Polska Gora

    Polska Gora12 днів тому

    Molesta - Wiedzialem ze tak bedzie

  17. Martin Schönekäs

    Martin Schönekäs12 днів тому

    42 min mix mit 8 mal Werbung d.h. alle 5min Werbung danke YOU TUBE hast es geschafft

  18. Tamás

    Tamás13 днів тому

    3:30 music?

  19. Oliver el crack

    Oliver el crack14 днів тому

    Cómo se llama la primera canción

  20. Xyanidenz

    Xyanidenz14 днів тому

    Brah! this mix is off the charts, was looking for some old school stuff, while at work! man NAILED IT!!!!

  21. --

    --16 днів тому

    since 2014 hahaha wow, Lol

  22. GANGxGANGvevo

    GANGxGANGvevo17 днів тому

    28:21 the song please

  23. sari tray

    sari tray18 днів тому


  24. JopaBeats :D

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  25. Don M

    Don M24 дні тому

    I turned this off due to all the 50cent. Wtf I expected some nice shit.

  26. Tataru Marius

    Tataru Marius24 дні тому

    Best mix ever

  27. Solarston1

    Solarston129 днів тому

    Умели же делать! И музон приятный и исполние. Не то что щас.

  28. jackrabbitjohansen

    jackrabbitjohansenМісяць тому

    not classic.

  29. Isreal onofa

    Isreal onofaМісяць тому

    Eminem ?

  30. Nguyễn Minh Vượng

    Nguyễn Minh VượngМісяць тому

    This track and chill in marijuana

  31. zX LAHSIB Gamer

    zX LAHSIB GamerМісяць тому

    First one song name

  32. Yusof Funaki

    Yusof FunakiМісяць тому

    fire 🔥

  33. Patrick S.

    Patrick S.Місяць тому

    good mix but this is pitched way too high, impossible to listen to and enjoy. Again the MIX IS DOPE!

  34. Rachid Moumen

    Rachid MoumenМісяць тому

    Is this available for MP3 downloading or in any other music streaming platforms?

  35. Honza2211 Mucha

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  36. Pedro Oliveira

    Pedro OliveiraМісяць тому

    E nois não vamos roubar as mansão de vcs e todos do Brasil era só ladrões no outros países e agora nois somos um família união

  37. Pedro Oliveira

    Pedro OliveiraМісяць тому

    E vcs não tem rasocino nois brincar e vcs só deixar nois foram da família união vcs não liberdade

  38. Ginga Ninja 420

    Ginga Ninja 420Місяць тому'y good music

  39. Dec

    DecМісяць тому

    ..... "classic", and it has 50cent and gay unit songs on = what the fuck?

  40. Even Martinius Auli

    Even Martinius AuliМісяць тому

    what do you thinks about this- ey ey fills like a rap god rap god one has just started with rap thing rap thing is gonne beast all the pupils the pupils. am gonne and find my knife and hit you and hit you like a rap god rap god.

  41. Mickaël M.

    Mickaël M.Місяць тому

    I'm 40...Your differents mix makes my days better...really !!!😍...thanks for this monster songs back in gold age of hip hop

  42. MC Protesto

    MC ProtestoМісяць тому

    The best master and mix

  43. Maxime Kerjose

    Maxime KerjoseМісяць тому

    Man that like button get beat down 😂

  44. sk8 sk8

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  45. dubeei4u

    dubeei4u2 місяці тому

    Old Skool HIPHOP came back in 2019 #Awesome