Common Tries To Analyze Bars From Kanye, Juice WRLD, & More! | Rate The Bars


  1. SI

    SI9 днів тому

    Tommy Hill Finger 💀💀💀

  2. Gato 008

    Gato 00813 днів тому

    Common has a beautiful UNCOMMON MIND 🎶🎶🎶😍😆😇😏🤓🤓👻👻😺❣️💚💜💥💥💯💯💯

  3. Gato 008

    Gato 00813 днів тому

    &him dead now 💊💊💊💊💊💊

  4. Nasty Paz

    Nasty PazМісяць тому

    Yo where can I order me some fresh Tommy Hillfinger?

  5. James Rodriguez

    James RodriguezМісяць тому

    He was spot on I felt, and I loved how he explained why he came to the conclusion.

  6. Victor Siwaphiwe

    Victor SiwaphiweМісяць тому


  7. Thabo Seithathi

    Thabo Seithathi2 місяці тому

    I just commented to get this to 1000 comment.

  8. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    Society ... Soul Rebel 💁🙋🙋🙆👼

  9. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    Dirty ... All chi Artist 🎨 but Kayne... 😝😮😮Of crs

  10. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    I like these lyrics, shade in my shadows . MICK J...

  11. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    Chi Artist...... 🙏Yeah I remb....

  12. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    Polo fr:the Norrside, Common came up on SO SIDE..... BUT HE DOESN'T KNO ITS HIM YET😉😅😁cz the youth all c🐱

  13. Gato 008

    Gato 0082 місяці тому

    Polo G....... 🤷

  14. TehMadCow

    TehMadCow2 місяці тому

    They did Juice & Kanye so dirty lmao...but Common was still kind enough to objectively break it down & call them trash in the politest way possible

  15. bgk wrld zy

    bgk wrld zy2 місяці тому

    Why y'all did not pick out hate me part by jw

  16. SourToast

    SourToast2 місяці тому

    the worst possible bars you could have chosen for kanye tf

  17. Luis Datil

    Luis Datil2 місяці тому

    Why they do Kanye like that. Lmaoooo

  18. Simon Mulholland

    Simon Mulholland3 місяці тому

    Tommy Hilfinger

  19. kemal celik

    kemal celik3 місяці тому

    Please let someone rate capital steez's bars in survival tactics

  20. warrior 1050

    warrior 10503 місяці тому

    Was he in John wick 2?

  21. mexicanfsr300

    mexicanfsr3003 місяці тому

    Man they should of put different lyrics for Juice WRLD, he got better ones than that lol

  22. Thug Life Fishing

    Thug Life Fishing3 місяці тому

    Whoever typing up these lyrics trash. Listen to the actual track and spell it how it sound

  23. Rob Da Great

    Rob Da Great3 місяці тому

    Should of dropped some MF Doom bars in her..

  24. Fernando Hansen

    Fernando Hansen3 місяці тому

    2.5 for Kanye west 🤷🏼‍♂️

  25. EllinikoBloke

    EllinikoBloke4 місяці тому

    They need to get rappers like Eminem, Snow Tha Product, Hopsin and others on here to rate some bars

  26. Senorfluke

    Senorfluke4 місяці тому

    lol 1.25 speed aint that bad

  27. El Roco

    El Roco4 місяці тому

    Vic Mensa hard asf

  28. Ronald Donald

    Ronald Donald4 місяці тому

    Jeru's lyrics were the ones that moved me the most: wear our hair nappy so we dont destroy our own bodies... fayah

  29. Kashmoney

    Kashmoney4 місяці тому

    They should put the years of when these things bars were written down as well so it can be fairly judged

  30. hdjadaj fdjhkfshfks

    hdjadaj fdjhkfshfks4 місяці тому

    Feels like he gonna break down and cry any second

  31. Jeffrey Hargrove

    Jeffrey Hargrove5 місяців тому

    Gah went from juice world to black thought 🤣 really shows you the difference there

  32. Maxx Doran

    Maxx Doran5 місяців тому

    Juice Wrld sucked...yea he’s dead but he was nothing special. Just another flash in the pan, forgettable nonsense

  33. Lola Stclaire

    Lola Stclaire5 місяців тому

    He’s boringgggggggg

  34. Doonie

    Doonie5 місяців тому

    Please have someone rate "Immortal Technique - Revolutionary"

  35. BeatsBreeder Crooze

    BeatsBreeder Crooze5 місяців тому

    ah comon nu africa? 3 and a half?

  36. Shaun McClendon

    Shaun McClendon5 місяців тому

    Black Thought was saying “F. Scott Fitzgerald”, like so eff Scott Fitzgerald - Common read it wrong..

  37. Shaun McClendon

    Shaun McClendon5 місяців тому

    Lmao... do not let common rate a southern rapper lol 😂 You have to let him rate black thought, AZ, Nas, Mos Def, Kendrick, Maybe even J Cole..

  38. Big ES

    Big ES5 місяців тому

    Can u use MF DOOM lyrics PLEASE.

  39. Kia Rainey

    Kia Rainey5 місяців тому

    Just started watching these today, about 15. Common's is my favorite so far.

  40. Kia Rainey

    Kia Rainey5 місяців тому

    Oh my. His voice is magical.

  41. Adonnis Williams

    Adonnis Williams6 місяців тому


  42. PapaGeorg10

    PapaGeorg106 місяців тому

    Does Common not know who f. Scott Fitzgerald is?

  43. momaLuigi

    momaLuigi6 місяців тому

    "I'm trying to figure what do I get out of this?" Typical. Sage.

  44. momaLuigi

    momaLuigi6 місяців тому

    Every video you've ever made gets a thumbs down here it comes. How dare you show up as an ad during Jefferson Airplane. I can't wait to thoroughly be disappointed in all the rest of your content. You ad was such trash I'm triggered.

  45. Ricky Freezer

    Ricky Freezer6 місяців тому

    But Vic Mensa is bi racial??

  46. Dylansgreat

    Dylansgreat6 місяців тому

    I thought this guy died in John wick?

  47. lil smoke333

    lil smoke3336 місяців тому

    I’m pissed they did juice like that

  48. Carlous Woods

    Carlous Woods6 місяців тому

    They hoed juice wrld with them bars


    LOUISIANA FOXY BROWN6 місяців тому

    I can listen to Common Sense all day on his opinion of rap then n now.

  50. Suicide Sunset

    Suicide Sunset6 місяців тому

    Why does he sound like $krim

  51. adam bartone

    adam bartone6 місяців тому

    common seems like a man at peace

  52. Honest Abe

    Honest Abe6 місяців тому

    black thought deserves that 5

  53. Rob Payne

    Rob Payne6 місяців тому

    6th Sense is a 5++, common is a modest man

  54. xSSx W1LL14M

    xSSx W1LL14M6 місяців тому

    Anyone else think this was Joe buden haha

  55. Jahaz Shine

    Jahaz Shine6 місяців тому

    YO, I will forever love Common. Met him in my favorite restaurant in LA. He actually walked up to my car and asked if I really liked the place. He was so friendly, kind and sweet. brilliant Poet-Emcee!

  56. Rain Clayton

    Rain Clayton6 місяців тому

    Have him do XXXTENTACION 777 or Riot

  57. Triip

    Triip6 місяців тому

    at least give him some of juice wrlds best bars like damn

  58. Rohjah Morrison

    Rohjah Morrison6 місяців тому

    Shout-out to common for keeping it a buck 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  59. Zachary Artis

    Zachary Artis6 місяців тому

    Right y'all like common said vut ayee yall listen to Tupac gucci gang

  60. Zachary Artis

    Zachary Artis6 місяців тому

    Common kno it's funny

  61. Stuart Washington

    Stuart Washington6 місяців тому

    The level of intelligence of Q-Tip, or Tribe Called Quest's Bonita Applebaum and Common's lyrics in The Sixth Sense cannot or should not be in this conversation; nor should Black Thought and Mos Def. They are too intelligent!!!! Jeru The Damaja!!!! Jeru The Damaja!!!! Jeru The Damaja!!!! Jeru The Damaja!!!!

  62. SSwaZZ

    SSwaZZ6 місяців тому

    Out I every juice wrld song and lyrics y'all choose the one line that doesn't make since 😔😔

  63. Jon Murdock

    Jon Murdock6 місяців тому

    Juice wrld which I haven't heard of until recently is horrible.Spell it world atleast if your lyrics are that bad.

  64. UtimateAmvs

    UtimateAmvs6 місяців тому

    Jon Murdock they picked his worst bars ever

  65. Reypure207 DR

    Reypure207 DR6 місяців тому

    Lol the gay mumble idiot got a 1 like expected.

  66. King Tshilobo

    King Tshilobo6 місяців тому

    I didn’t even most this rappers

  67. OpeEd1n

    OpeEd1n6 місяців тому

    U coulda really chose a better bar for juice cmon now

  68. Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant6 місяців тому

    OpeEd1n I think we all agree, that Kanye could have left that song on his laptop lol

  69. OpeEd1n

    OpeEd1n6 місяців тому

    PineappleBoi or 10 feet

  70. OpeEd1n

    OpeEd1n6 місяців тому

    Julian Reese I’m a sick fck I like to quick Fck?

  71. YungFruitSalad

    YungFruitSalad6 місяців тому

    He should have taken something from legends all girls are the same or Rich and Blind

  72. Julian Reese

    Julian Reese6 місяців тому

    OpeEd1n That is why you rap every bar as lyrical as possible because you never know when someone is going to pull your card

  73. Evan Fide

    Evan Fide6 місяців тому

    Why they do juice like that

  74. Crylix. Kayla

    Crylix. Kayla6 місяців тому

    Wow. juice wrld?

  75. Senseii Rio

    Senseii Rio6 місяців тому

    They picked one of juices most basic bars 😒

  76. M3 Lifestyle

    M3 Lifestyle6 місяців тому

    He was basic tho

  77. Lizard Tartlet

    Lizard Tartlet6 місяців тому

    Dammit Elam

  78. Cris C

    Cris C6 місяців тому

    Out of everything juice wrld has ever said, you chose that ? 😐

  79. f3wny

    f3wny6 місяців тому

    Shoulda given him some Kanye bars from Dark Fantasy or Gorgeous but you give him the campiest bars from the campiest song

  80. The Angledsaxon

    The Angledsaxon6 місяців тому

    Lmao juice wrld

  81. ScrewGang LB

    ScrewGang LB6 місяців тому

    Coulda picked a way better better Juice Wrld song wtf

  82. HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

    HP OfficeJet Pro 80356 місяців тому

    Rest in peace juice. Young legend gone too soon

  83. Trey Sosa

    Trey Sosa6 місяців тому

    Common is a true MC. I laughed when I realized he was over analyzing sheiit.

  84. reality check

    reality check6 місяців тому

    Sorry, all of these bars are hifalutin garbage. Pathetic rap crap !!

  85. Patrick Witts

    Patrick Witts6 місяців тому

    +100 respect points to common for really explaining his ratings in a thoughtful manner

  86. Nolimit626

    Nolimit6266 місяців тому

    Why you give juice wrld worst lyrics

  87. Burnette Jordan

    Burnette Jordan6 місяців тому

    Really gave him juice’s worst lyrics smh