Common Tries To Analyze Bars From Kanye, Juice WRLD, & More! | Rate The Bars


  1. L Tusmc15

    L Tusmc15День тому

    Juice world is wack, just an example that anybody can make a song now.

  2. jj richter

    jj richterДень тому

    Do king Los Bars!!!!

  3. PJ

    PJ2 дні тому

    These mfers be calling everything thats not wordplay wordplay on these rate the bars lmao, “I’m hot like the sun” “oH i LiKe tHe wOrDpLay” Lil Wayne and Eminem is actual wordplay and bars

  4. Diablo

    Diablo11 днів тому

    Get eminem to rate bars

  5. P S

    P S11 днів тому

    He could be Drake's dad

  6. Emmanuel owoicho

    Emmanuel owoicho13 днів тому

    Do Nigerian raps... Boggey and Co!!!

  7. Wicker Verses

    Wicker Verses13 днів тому

    Common out here looking like Joe Budden Gucci Edition

  8. DSG

    DSG13 днів тому

    I dug Common, Especially his earlier music, but this annoyed me like a MF

  9. xEmery

    xEmery13 днів тому

    Watch on 1.25x speed

  10. Steve Oneill

    Steve Oneill13 днів тому

    Common speaks like he a human xanax pill

  11. yes.mam

    yes.mam15 днів тому

    Some of these bars he read were dope 👌

  12. Nathan Guerra

    Nathan Guerra15 днів тому

    Common is literally a ted talk on a beat

  13. DastoBeats

    DastoBeats16 днів тому

    This is just common opinions

  14. k2d10tode11

    k2d10tode1121 день тому

    he was really honest with the analysis and the ratings, it makes u feel the people who got 5 stars really deserved them

  15. Suliman .A.J

    Suliman .A.J22 дні тому

    Tip: watch at 1.25X Playback speed

  16. Joshua McCool

    Joshua McCool23 дні тому

    Jeru The Damaja had the best bars in my opinion. Powerful.

  17. Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa23 дні тому

    0:06 why his head so big

  18. Hardkkur Guru

    Hardkkur Guru23 дні тому

    I feel Common would rate a lot of my bars as 4's whenever I rate songs and bars subject matter is very important and if it doesn't move me I get bored. I truly feel artists such as Common will love my music!! Check out my first song (Hardkkur Guru - Belief Makes It so)

  19. John Hernandez

    John Hernandez24 дні тому

    “Slavery bad, cops killin us in the streets-SAD! I’mma get this bread for my mama cuz I ain’t never had no dad” Common: Yo...I like the idea of slavery being bad, that was clever...that spoke to me...those are bars 5/5 bars

  20. DK-717

    DK-71724 дні тому

    They gave the worst example of juice wrld 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. sergio bbb

    sergio bbb26 днів тому

    nah they literally chose the worst juice and kanye bars

  22. The Common People

    The Common People26 днів тому

    They couldve picked better bars from Polo G man

  23. Juniper Lee

    Juniper Lee26 днів тому

    I had to watch this in 1.25x speed

  24. blank plank21

    blank plank2127 днів тому

    Y'all should reveal the artist being quoted just before the rating is given. I find myself reading the lyric impartially then a judgement comes immediately when I see the artist. Gives for a less enjoyable experience. The viewers are rating the bars too.

  25. Killian Connolly

    Killian Connolly27 днів тому

    Love how you give them Juice’s worst bars...

  26. Killian Connolly

    Killian Connolly27 днів тому

    Can we talk about they chose Juice least conscious lyrics. They definitely did that on purpose.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  27. Tonice Mon’a

    Tonice Mon’a27 днів тому

    “What do I get out of this “ ? I felt that 💯💯💯💯❗️🎶

  28. Humphrey the Dog

    Humphrey the Dog27 днів тому

    Why he say tommy holfinger

  29. Mani727 BuckeyeNFlorida

    Mani727 BuckeyeNFlorida28 днів тому

    Common, those bars of yours were 5 stars bars. Some of your best bars ever.

  30. Darrell Mackinnon

    Darrell Mackinnon28 днів тому

    Get Blackstar or Mos Def, on here 😎

  31. Scherard Lindsay

    Scherard Lindsay28 днів тому

    Get people to rate Big KRIT and Montana of 300 lyrics

  32. Bajan Deem

    Bajan Deem28 днів тому

    I really appreciate the analysis and all.. but 1.25speed really hits this episode differnet👏🏿👏🏿

  33. JaseyHipHop

    JaseyHipHop28 днів тому

    Of course you wouldn’t choose a Kanye bar from like Gorgeous or literally any song other than I Love It

  34. aaron shaw

    aaron shaw29 днів тому

    Subject "MATTERS"

  35. Michael C

    Michael C29 днів тому

    Glad they gave Mick Jenkins some love

  36. Diego

    Diego29 днів тому

    i love my elitist woke uncle Common

  37. D B

    D B29 днів тому

    Always give Kanye's affiliates his worst bars

  38. The Austinator224

    The Austinator22429 днів тому

    You guys always give them the worst Kanye bars

  39. Damon Mercer

    Damon MercerМісяць тому

    Can we get a Tory vs Joyner #ratethebard from their battle

  40. Brandon Davis

    Brandon DavisМісяць тому

    Juice Wrld got amazing bars. Those were trash bars. This show does pick weak bars to analyze.