1. It`s Roos

    It`s Roos12 годин тому

    This video literally inspired me to make my own summer bucker list... *while it is only february*

  2. Noor Aqif

    Noor Aqif12 годин тому

    Emma: I have enough Polaroids to fill seven walls The polaroids: not even filling have of a wall 😭😂

  3. Sharanya Maulik

    Sharanya MaulikДень тому

    Emma just microwave the marshmallow

  4. bethany mccarthy

    bethany mccarthyДень тому

    how old are you? btw I love your vids, im subscribed.

  5. Lily Cecil

    Lily CecilДень тому

    does anyone know where her necklaces are from

  6. Camila Vallejo

    Camila Vallejo2 дні тому

    Emma: that’s lucky. Today is going to be a lucky day.................................................. Emma 2 seconds later: I just f*king cracked my phone

  7. Shayli Andrews

    Shayli Andrews3 дні тому

    Why didn’t u chuck the waterbaloons at people down.... #savage or just throw it in the air so it goes on u lol ilysm

  8. Chichi Manes

    Chichi Manes4 дні тому

    emma: gets a microscopic on her phone also emma: add to the bucket list: gEt a NeW pHoNe

  9. savage man

    savage man4 дні тому

    9:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  10. Cloudy_Builds

    Cloudy_Builds5 днів тому

    Ok I’m sorry but did no body hear her say I’m gonna get a new phone like u just cracked it calm down please

  11. Makayla Reyes

    Makayla Reyes5 днів тому

    14:10 had me pee my pants🤣

  12. Diabetic Grandma

    Diabetic Grandma5 днів тому

    Not a hate comment but why does she sound like a 13 year old boy

  13. Camryn Lewis

    Camryn Lewis5 днів тому

    Emma: "Make a garden" Also Emma: *puts one plant in a window and calls it a day* why is this me

  14. Jocelyn Gutierrez Morales

    Jocelyn Gutierrez Morales5 днів тому

    Omg I just remembered when I was in second grade my teacher made us do a summer bucket list I just found it I can't believe my mom kept that

  15. NJFB2188

    NJFB21886 днів тому

    Best idea ever!!!!!! Emma works at McDonalds for one full summer while maintaining her UAreporter channel! Prove that you’re not privileged by doing summer work FULL TIME at McDonalds. Or at Bk or at Wendy’s. Sorry but popsicles and s’mores is weak AF. Be Normal.

  16. NJFB2188

    NJFB21886 днів тому

    You are a teen. Become an adult. Too young for a bucket list. You’re privileged.

  17. xxDoozle Fairyxx

    xxDoozle Fairyxx6 днів тому

    Did she really just ask how you fill up water balloons. Like gurl😆

  18. Neve Kemp

    Neve Kemp7 днів тому

    7;32 they're knives not forks

  19. Albondiga del castairs

    Albondiga del castairs7 днів тому

    14:09 oh my god HAJAHAHAHAHA

  20. Tayla Phillips

    Tayla Phillips9 днів тому

    14:10 made me scream lmao

  21. gustavo chatard

    gustavo chatard10 днів тому

    ∂σиє ιм ѕad wнy? done. ι ѕaw eтнan dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor eммa

  22. Jenna Auger

    Jenna Auger10 днів тому

    my sister and me love u so much you are the perttys girl

  23. lauren.elizabeth

    lauren.elizabeth11 днів тому


  24. Kaitlyn Carroll

    Kaitlyn Carroll11 днів тому


  25. Kaitlyn Carroll

    Kaitlyn Carroll11 днів тому

    That was the best water balloon fight I have ever seen guys

  26. Bryan Rodriguz

    Bryan Rodriguz11 днів тому

    9:21 alllllll (; 🍌

  27. megan guedel

    megan guedel11 днів тому


  28. Amy Tela

    Amy Tela13 днів тому

    14:10 💧 🚕 oof

  29. The Anime Lover

    The Anime Lover13 днів тому

    Am I the only one who gets Jojo Siwa vibes..... No... just me, ok......

  30. ari :0

    ari :013 днів тому

    ceo of bucket lists

  31. Layla Arbuckle

    Layla Arbuckle15 днів тому

    Does anyone know where Emma’s blue yoga set is from?

  32. Francesca Micah

    Francesca Micah16 днів тому

    Emma: “Now take a fork.” 7:29 Wow definitely a *-fork-* lol

  33. Kimberly Cochrane

    Kimberly Cochrane16 днів тому

    Where is her blue yoga set from!?!?!?

  34. Karen Prendergast

    Karen Prendergast16 днів тому

    " That was about 5 minutes of yoga I tHiNk WeRe GoOd WiTH ThaT" But for real though she is on crack in every video

  35. agustina gayarre

    agustina gayarre16 днів тому

    I love when i don’t Fuck things up ME

  36. Lironie Zeharia

    Lironie Zeharia16 днів тому

    bye imma go make a emma inspired fort and put forks in there for no reason ;)

  37. Payton Dees

    Payton Dees16 днів тому

    I don’t see how ppl get so many likes

  38. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye17 днів тому

    Emma : take some wooden *forks* (shows a wooden knife)

  39. Tammy T

    Tammy T18 днів тому

    7:38 wooden forks 😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Mohammad Hassan Heidari

    Mohammad Hassan Heidari18 днів тому


  41. Mohammad Hassan Heidari

    Mohammad Hassan Heidari18 днів тому

    Congrats girl


    wabseys@gmail.com18 днів тому

    How is her apartment so clean all the time , does she have an assistant?

  43. OhLord Terry

    OhLord Terry18 днів тому

    Ily but honey that’s a knife

  44. lightning Firegirl

    lightning Firegirl18 днів тому

    9:27 *Nobody: *Me: Whoa slow your roll There are PG fans out there

  45. almi kawwai 18

    almi kawwai 1819 днів тому

    Like si vienes por Angie velasco

  46. Adriana Karolji

    Adriana Karolji19 днів тому

    Emma "like yeah u need a FORK" but its a knife, why does that not surprise me lol

  47. Hunter Johnson

    Hunter Johnson20 днів тому

    This is the most depressing video of hers

  48. GalaxyNights Cosplay

    GalaxyNights Cosplay20 днів тому

    I actually hate nuts

  49. jessica allison

    jessica allison21 день тому

    why does emmas voice remind me of billy eilish

  50. The Disney Expert Of All Time

    The Disney Expert Of All Time23 дні тому

    Wait I did one once There were only ten things and I did one.

  51. ANDREA PUSZKAR (Student)

    ANDREA PUSZKAR (Student)23 дні тому

    Emma doing yoga is the best thing

  52. Ellie Shilling

    Ellie Shilling23 дні тому

    does anyone know where her leggings are from?

  53. Sawsan Mhr

    Sawsan Mhr23 дні тому

    PleaseStop saying bad words!!

  54. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi23 дні тому

    I died when the water bloon bounced if her hard

  55. Joel Aracena

    Joel Aracena24 дні тому

    Emma: forks Knifes: am I a joke to you

  56. Andrew Giles

    Andrew Giles25 днів тому

    i NEED an update on the succulent

  57. Cecilia Mitchell

    Cecilia Mitchell26 днів тому

    Me watching this for the 100th time because her white and blue outfit is SOOOO CCUUUUTTTEEE

  58. Maya Gage

    Maya Gage28 днів тому



    HOLO CHOCOLATE29 днів тому

    "I just put random ass nuts in my mouth" - Emma Chamberlain 2019

  60. rosie torres

    rosie torresМісяць тому

    hi emma u prob wont see this but i live near central middle school and u went there so