Confinement Ep1: The Cannibal


  1. Tom Jr.

    Tom Jr.2 години тому


  2. Tom Jr.

    Tom Jr.2 години тому


  3. Dodo The Dinosaur

    Dodo The Dinosaur10 годин тому

    That cannibal looks like the giant from clash of clans

  4. ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

    ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ15 годин тому

    I’m very confused .. I wonder what the meaning is. I think I already know ..

  5. British Boi

    British Boi23 години тому

    We dont even know what is out there and what is with the government. What is... Area 51?

  6. Navy Bo

    Navy BoДень тому

    Joe schome i searched up and what i got was this

  7. Toast Toast

    Toast ToastДень тому

    I thought most of the d class were death row inmates spared from thier fate to he tested on and that thaumian scps (if you would consider conor one of those) were fairly rare

  8. Tércio Francelino

    Tércio FrancelinoДень тому

    how adult swin would lost this master piece

  9. Santiago Gonzalez Ortega

    Santiago Gonzalez OrtegaДень тому

    4:47 *wait what the fuck*

  10. Joker

    JokerДень тому

    Not every scp is disgusting

  11. Microwave

    Microwave2 дні тому

    Spawn campers be like

  12. TheNutMaster

    TheNutMaster2 дні тому

    Yo I just realized thafnine did voicing in this

  13. aidangunshot 10

    aidangunshot 102 дні тому

    On the last floor 3335 when you're looking at the other d-boys there's one from SCP 3008

  14. Bruno R.2

    Bruno R.2День тому

    where? I dont see him, do you mean a IKEA employee?

  15. Alondra Sanchez

    Alondra Sanchez2 дні тому


  16. Sir _Eggz

    Sir _Eggz2 дні тому

    I'd have a game of badminton and drink some tea with him. I'm a good sir.

  17. Tomás Macedo

    Tomás Macedo2 дні тому


  18. Ah

    Ah2 дні тому

    They always ask about ferdinand but they never ask how is Ferdinand

  19. DamagedPyro

    DamagedPyro3 дні тому

    2:23 Charger!

  20. Ryan Frazier Jr

    Ryan Frazier Jr3 дні тому

    I love you lordbung

  21. Dragofire202

    Dragofire2023 дні тому

    They need bigger beds

  22. fishfish run

    fishfish run4 дні тому

    It’s been 2 years already? Also from a 5 minute episode to 20 minutes. To uh 40 seconds

  23. 영어가실어33

    영어가실어334 дні тому

    Snake hand Like this

  24. Ja5on

    Ja5on4 дні тому

    Is that squizzy in the wall @ 4:06

  25. MAR

    MAR4 дні тому

    best animation ever!!!

  26. Catherine Carsley

    Catherine Carsley4 дні тому

    I Suggest you make a video with him and scp 999

  27. gmod gaming

    gmod gaming4 дні тому

    2:22 anybody else notice how l4d2 charger sounds

  28. Hydra Official

    Hydra Official4 дні тому

    Conor : *Exist* Scp 682 : Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

  29. Emcat es real

    Emcat es real4 дні тому

    No hablo inglés pero tengo que decir que esta muy weno -^-

  30. Rolands Zeps

    Rolands Zeps4 дні тому

    scp 082

  31. Angelox 123

    Angelox 1234 дні тому

    Gracias por los subtitulos en español :)

  32. simbeni

    simbeni4 дні тому

    That intro is like area 47 rp in roblox

  33. Leonardo Montero arano

    Leonardo Montero arano4 дні тому

    Like si estas buscando el comentario de nico core XD

  34. The Bird

    The Bird5 днів тому

    4:13 Wait, Is that Thaf?!

  35. Luna 008

    Luna 0085 днів тому

    wow, i love it!! ❤

  36. gggfff36

    gggfff365 днів тому

    which SCP is Connor?

  37. Egypt Hammond

    Egypt Hammond5 днів тому

    0:01 wait what are my sleep paralysis demons doing

  38. Dr Baconhair

    Dr Baconhair5 днів тому

    How is he flying

  39. CAIPING Cui

    CAIPING Cui5 днів тому

    The only SCP i like

  40. koumori75

    koumori755 днів тому

    Is it just me or someone also come back here to watch this and suddenly realize that how unnatural that scp-082 can't smell Conner?

  41. Dr. Marr

    Dr. Marr6 днів тому

    Are you allowed to leave anytime you wish- *HMMMMM????*

  42. Dr. Marr

    Dr. Marr6 днів тому


  43. Thaiel Moroni Alice

    Thaiel Moroni Alice6 днів тому

    the best animation EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Josep Fernández Sierra

    Josep Fernández Sierra6 днів тому

    Like si buscas el comentario de Nico core

  45. Javipro SP

    Javipro SP6 днів тому

    Hey I'm from Spain good animacions reali good idont now why am talking in English osea no lo entiendo de verdad

  46. SACP Universe

    SACP Universe6 днів тому

    I love it, i need in sub-spanish

  47. Luke Nichols

    Luke Nichols6 днів тому

    2:24 left 4 dead 2 charger sound effect

  48. Ecco Eco

    Ecco Eco6 днів тому

    The dukes uncle passed away from a terrible swan Attack -It's the victorian era and you are a terrible swan-

  49. Ray 350 Schulz

    Ray 350 Schulz6 днів тому

    Nico core un grande


    BLUE WHALE MAKES BASE6 днів тому

    just amazing

  51. Nico Core Games

    Nico Core Games6 днів тому

    best animation ever

  52. OwnageCakes

    OwnageCakes8 годин тому

    You said this too late

  53. Prez banasik

    Prez banasik11 годин тому


  54. ꧁iɑn1710 juegos y mɑs꧂

    ꧁iɑn1710 juegos y mɑs꧂День тому

    Eres el mejor

  55. Santiago Gonzalez Ortega

    Santiago Gonzalez OrtegaДень тому

    Nico Core Games a no ma we te encontré :v

  56. *Chocolate Milk*

    *Chocolate Milk*2 дні тому


  57. pugsnjugs

    pugsnjugs7 днів тому

    Fun fact that sound that happened in the death is the Chargers sound from left 4 dead 2

  58. pugsnjugs

    pugsnjugs7 днів тому

    It's the first death

  59. wampfler

    wampfler7 днів тому

    Him: I will make a cool video Us weebs: ladies and gentlemen, we gotten.

  60. Christopher Roberson

    Christopher Roberson7 днів тому


  61. shaikotikk

    shaikotikk8 днів тому

    I watched this a month after it came out, btw words of advise, dont binge this cuz the the author takes a bit to upload another ep.

  62. Nolan White

    Nolan White8 днів тому

    If SCP did a live action series based on this, Jeff Ward who plays Deke on Agents of Shield could play the role of Connor.

  63. Kala’s_ Gacha life

    Kala’s_ Gacha life9 днів тому

    I need a orange simeeeee

  64. Tommaso Pedroli

    Tommaso Pedroli9 днів тому

    This scp is nice but scary

  65. Cas k

    Cas k9 днів тому

    Man these are all awesome I’d love to buy the soundtrack too

  66. Señor Francisco

    Señor Francisco9 днів тому

    I would love to have a conversation with Mr Ferdinand

  67. Raider Zavala

    Raider Zavala9 днів тому

    One of the two last scp is from the infinite ikea