'Dancing with the Stars' Season 28 cast revealed

  • 21 сер 2019
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  1. lovely lavaka

    lovely lavaka5 місяців тому

    I only know Ally Brooke?

  2. Melvin Autwater

    Melvin Autwater5 місяців тому

    I can't believe they are on the razor edge of being cancelled and they are still playing games I going to watch but just for closure

  3. Lisa Scott

    Lisa Scott5 місяців тому

    I'm surprised that several pro dancers didn't speak up & boycott for Sharna & Artem. I won't be watching.

  4. Sloth Miki

    Sloth Miki6 місяців тому

    Come on Ally! #TeamAlly

  5. AZ66GT350 Mustang

    AZ66GT350 Mustang6 місяців тому

    First season we will not be watching. How on earth can you bring lying Spicer on. He lied to America every week. Poor decision.

  6. Geminilove 69

    Geminilove 696 місяців тому

    Ally and the guy from queer eye is the only two I care about

  7. adunndoneit

    adunndoneit6 місяців тому

    #DancingWithAMurderer #ItWillNotGoAwayRay #YouPaidBloodMoneyRay #WherestheWhiteSuitRay #YouCantUnringtheBellRay #HowCouldYouDWTS #RememberJacinthBakerandRichardLollar

  8. Yaymarie Nieves

    Yaymarie Nieves6 місяців тому

    Wow new People Dancing with the stars.

  9. Sydney Lockley

    Sydney Lockley6 місяців тому

    yall im hype for kate flannery

  10. Michael Vega

    Michael Vega6 місяців тому

    This season will be interesting. I don't care what some of you spoiled immature bratty hypocrites say about some of the cast members. You all need your brains fixed and need to get to know more about them. I know most of them are famous like Kel Mitchell is famous from all that, kenan and kel and good burger. Mary Wilson is one of the real singers who can sing. Lamar Odom was a good player of the Lakers and played well with Kobe. Ray Lewis is a good player for the ravens and won super bowl mvp. The show doesn't need A-list celebrities and you don't get anything you want

  11. sandra casso

    sandra casso5 місяців тому

    Than they should change the name to Everybody Dance. I want to see people I know and like, not Spicer, hellooo🧐

  12. Gabriela Medrano

    Gabriela Medrano6 місяців тому

    Who is partner with kel???

  13. Katherine Do

    Katherine Do5 місяців тому

    Gabriela Medrano Whitney

  14. Delaney Amsden

    Delaney Amsden6 місяців тому

    ...I only k ow like 3 people, and there not even famous. Like DWTS please have good people on!

  15. Carol Blackstone

    Carol Blackstone6 місяців тому

    Ok where are the stars .Hannah Brown is defiantly not a star .Sick To death of the Bachelor Nation crap

  16. Jennifer Edwards

    Jennifer Edwards6 місяців тому


  17. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth5 місяців тому

    Make their careers irrelevant, that should do it

  18. Jennifer Edwards

    Jennifer Edwards6 місяців тому


  19. Kaci Nguyen

    Kaci Nguyen6 місяців тому


  20. Brandon Ruiz

    Brandon Ruiz6 місяців тому

    Yess ally !

  21. Erich Von Wachter

    Erich Von Wachter6 місяців тому

    Maybe POS Ray Lewis can stab an audience member to death. He's real lucky he's not in prison for first degree murder

  22. melissa lalonde

    melissa lalonde6 місяців тому

    Such a crappy cast like why bring Ally Brooke on from fifth harmony I hope karmo brown wins he is such a good actor from the fab five

  23. Luis Hernández

    Luis Hernández6 місяців тому

    melissa lalonde cause she’s a star? Are you DUMB???

  24. Big Mass

    Big Mass6 місяців тому

    "actor" lol

  25. Deborah William

    Deborah William6 місяців тому

    Kill McMichaels going to win the show I can tell you that already then women ain't got a chance, am I the only person wonder why this show is still on TV for 28 years? It's beyond corny, the women always look like they dress to go to Las Vegas, don't know why they have big dudes on the show cuz they move too slow, and why so many old people all the time you already know they're not going to win, I'm just saying what a hot mess, the only reason why that show been on TV 28 years cuz the white people paying for it and Mary Wilson come on

  26. Katherine Do

    Katherine Do5 місяців тому

    Kel can actually dance and I hope he wins but tbh he probably won’t . The show only cares about popularity not who can actually dance . The votes turn out to be terrible I mean look at Cheryl and Juan Pablo they were perfect but got voted out

  27. Lisa Scott

    Lisa Scott5 місяців тому

    Hasn't been on 28 yrs. 28 seasons.

  28. Carolyn Franklin

    Carolyn Franklin6 місяців тому

    Wow just introduce a surprise cast member. I held my breathe Beyonce. , Arianna I will settle for a Disney star someone under the age of 30. No another has been. And before someone accuse me of bashing old people I'm 68 years old. I don't want to see someone like me with arthritis being pushed around the ball room like a shopping cart dropping like flies . I read romance books my fantasy is young people falling in love.So I want to put myself in the shoe of these young people improving in the dances .If I wanted to see old people stumbling out of breathe I just look in the mirror

  29. sandra casso

    sandra casso5 місяців тому

    @Carolyn Franklin hilarious, I'm with you, for that I go to the seniors community center. Not watching, I had enough of Spicer.

  30. Carolyn Franklin

    Carolyn Franklin6 місяців тому

    @VirgoDar life doesn't end at thirty .But at my age you don't have to worry about bills or raising children ,you have time now to fantasy yourself anywhere .But a older person like me who still exercise ,go to movies like Avengers ,Black Panther , Go to a Disney live shows with her grandchild. I read romance ,mystery online. In these fantasy the lover is not a 70 year old man who's wife has to give him heart pill before sex. Or a detective having to stop take a breathe before catching suspect. So my dancing fantasy is not dancer complaining about arthritis or see how awkward I would feel with a gorgeous young man pushing me around a dance floor while I look confuse .No I'm that young celebrity like Zandaya. dancing with a handsome man for a two hour show.

  31. VirgoDar

    VirgoDar6 місяців тому

    Eh, I think one of the coolest things about this show is that all adult age groups get represented. We've had enough shows that act like life ends after 30.

  32. Marsha Flores

    Marsha Flores6 місяців тому

    Well it turns out Mary Wilson has a new book out about Diana Ross, and Christie is in the musical Chicago.

  33. Marsha Flores

    Marsha Flores6 місяців тому

    I know who Christie Brinkley is. If that’s the Mary Wilson, I’m shocked.

  34. Carolyn Franklin

    Carolyn Franklin6 місяців тому

    Boringgggggggg cast get worst every year. Sprinkle a bunch of sport people in with has beens

  35. aj smith

    aj smith6 місяців тому

    Shut the hell up.....