Dangerous GIANT Board Game Challenge - Win $10,000


  1. Morgz

    MorgzМісяць тому


  2. gavin dunn

    gavin dunnДень тому


  3. Ben Davis

    Ben Davis11 днів тому

    You skipped punishment and everyone saw it... Now let Jill punch u in the face

  4. Nikki Macleod

    Nikki Macleod12 днів тому

    You are the best. UAreporterr in the world

  5. Scott Bradley

    Scott Bradley14 днів тому

    Nom nom

  6. Da235nny Pro

    Da235nny ProМісяць тому

    Morgz can you do last one to eat health food wins 10000 dollars please do it

  7. SISTERS Plays Toys

    SISTERS Plays ToysГодину тому

    HOW do you did that are you ok?

  8. GD Cow 2

    GD Cow 2Годину тому

    13:46 he skipped the punishment

  9. Em and Bentley

    Em and Bentley3 години тому

    Did anyone see morgz skip the punishment

  10. Mason GamesKC

    Mason GamesKC3 години тому


  11. Tanner Nauman

    Tanner Nauman3 години тому


  12. xbox minister

    xbox minister4 години тому

    I love how I act like he’s being shot by Actual bullets

  13. Katie McKenna

    Katie McKenna4 години тому


  14. Katie McKenna

    Katie McKenna4 години тому


  15. Perfasbro20 Ukill

    Perfasbro20 Ukill4 години тому

    That’s seven not eight

  16. Perfasbro20 Ukill

    Perfasbro20 Ukill4 години тому

    Morgz your are fat not being mean

  17. Kassandra Soda

    Kassandra Soda5 годин тому

    Also spit the smoothie and the flour in the sink

  18. Kassandra Soda

    Kassandra Soda5 годин тому

    Oh no morgz stepped on spikes but he stepped on nails edit:and spikes I did not see the spikes in there

  19. Natalie Aguilar

    Natalie Aguilar5 годин тому


  20. victor Gonzales

    victor Gonzales5 годин тому

    He is such a cheaper

  21. cipriano hernandez perez

    cipriano hernandez perez6 годин тому

    Morgz skip a punishment at 13:46 like if you agree 👍

  22. fadora kid

    fadora kid6 годин тому

    Its called a nerf blaster

  23. Desiree Barley

    Desiree Barley7 годин тому

    You 🦆

  24. Desiree Barley

    Desiree Barley7 годин тому

    Good luck

  25. Nicola Lepick

    Nicola Lepick7 годин тому

    Morgan cheated he was ment to land on punishment

  26. Elion Braha

    Elion Braha8 годин тому

    are you guys from london

  27. Arnaud Gustin Gaming

    Arnaud Gustin Gaming8 годин тому

    Poop ho saw it to ?

  28. Daniel Pierz

    Daniel Pierz8 годин тому

    💩💩 💩 poop

  29. roblo GAMES

    roblo GAMES11 годин тому

    Poop, did you see it?

  30. Jake Lynch

    Jake Lynch11 годин тому

    This is horrific what have I just watched

  31. [Flo]ILoveVeD_DeV 78

    [Flo]ILoveVeD_DeV 7811 годин тому

    Guys Jill didn't do her punishment at 13:30 because it has to be by the dice

  32. lana alosais

    lana alosais12 годин тому

    morgz cheated he skipped punishment like if you saw👍

  33. lana alosais

    lana alosais12 годин тому

    morgz seated he skipped punishment like if you saw👍

  34. Cristian Catimbang

    Cristian Catimbang12 годин тому

    Morgz's Mom Skipped a punishment while standing there in 13:33

  35. Patryk Wojno

    Patryk Wojno12 годин тому


  36. Moeed Hamid

    Moeed Hamid13 годин тому

    Fat jill

  37. trends 08

    trends 0814 годин тому


  38. Polish Surprise Eggs

    Polish Surprise Eggs14 годин тому

    funny video, super children ,like for you

  39. Prajwal pradhan

    Prajwal pradhan15 годин тому

    Poop in the middle of the wheel

  40. Cheryl de Leon

    Cheryl de Leon15 годин тому


  41. Kati Leinonen

    Kati Leinonen15 годин тому

    Morgen you are geting this back 😘😐😈😈😡😠😈

  42. Archie Webb

    Archie Webb16 годин тому

    are all your viewers american? why do you say dollars instead of pounds. theyre clearly pound notes.

  43. kiijah Playz

    kiijah Playz16 годин тому

    Ya mums so ugly tell her to put a mask on or something

  44. Kaylee Kennedy

    Kaylee Kennedy18 годин тому

    Poop like if your saw in the middle of the wheel also Morgan slipped a punishment

  45. TJT

    TJT18 годин тому

    Ok nerf bullets don’t hurt that much lol

  46. Izzys Slimes

    Izzys Slimes18 годин тому


  47. Raj Chauhana

    Raj Chauhana19 годин тому

    Morgs cheated on mom

  48. Raj Chauhana

    Raj Chauhana19 годин тому

    Live a like

  49. Raj Chauhana

    Raj Chauhana19 годин тому

    Morgs cheated

  50. Papyrus

    Papyrus20 годин тому

    Stop 👏 begging 👏 for 👏 likes

  51. Ava Carns

    Ava Carns20 годин тому

    Why are you all so drematic and over the top

  52. gtrain & aaliyah

    gtrain & aaliyah21 годину тому

    Morge is going to win.

  53. FaZe Puppy

    FaZe Puppy22 години тому


  54. Bekkem Barela

    Bekkem Barela22 години тому

    POOP 💩

  55. R Forbes

    R ForbesДень тому


  56. the ginger cork

    the ginger corkДень тому

    this video was morgz best video

  57. yakelin reyes

    yakelin reyesДень тому

    Can you make more videos like that plz 🤞

  58. GD Cow 2

    GD Cow 2День тому

    10:18 when I look at deviantart pictures

  59. jonathan rood

    jonathan roodДень тому

    21:03 better have apple care

  60. Megan Sneller

    Megan SnellerДень тому

    You cheated on 13:46

  61. roderick dial

    roderick dialДень тому

    13:46 morgz skipped😂

  62. Peyton302822 302822

    Peyton302822 302822День тому

    Omg it's a 4 hahahah

  63. lindsey carroll

    lindsey carrollДень тому


  64. Tommii

    TommiiДень тому

    well, that’s the first and last video i’ll be watching of morgz :/

  65. Kitty Lover dude

    Kitty Lover dudeДень тому

    Failed Matrix’s attempt 4:56

  66. KylanN15’s Minecraft

    KylanN15’s MinecraftДень тому

    RIP Morgz’s Mommy

  67. Adyson Ogletree

    Adyson OgletreeДень тому

    Poop 💩

  68. Mikaela Timmermans

    Mikaela TimmermansДень тому

    13:43 ... excuse me? So you're saying you landed in the "mystery space" and not the punishment? What? You were on the challenge space, the next one is punishment not mystery!

  69. Big Moon

    Big MoonДень тому

    Poop I saw it

  70. Mayra Luquin

    Mayra LuquinДень тому

    Why no give me a cokie 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  71. Jhania Goodar

    Jhania GoodarДень тому

    Poop alright

  72. Pricsilla Tapia

    Pricsilla TapiaДень тому

    💩 poop

  73. Alicia Morse

    Alicia MorseДень тому

    Jill went onto the punishment and didn't take it 👇Like if you saw

  74. Aimee Vangorder

    Aimee VangorderДень тому

    I liked your blonde hair better an you scream like a girl👧

  75. Kaaleif Francis

    Kaaleif FrancisДень тому

    I know,he was supposed to land on e the punishment in the kitchen

  76. Queen Kylewhile

    Queen KylewhileДень тому

    What the hec

  77. Ndey Njie

    Ndey NjieДень тому

    Morgan was on challenge in front of challenge was a punishment but then he just gets that and went to mystery

  78. Supriya Brar

    Supriya BrarДень тому

    He skipped a punishment

  79. Fionn Bradley Moore

    Fionn Bradley MooreДень тому

    Morgz all watching his mum being mean to you and that is child abuse

  80. Fionn Bradley Moore

    Fionn Bradley MooreДень тому

    Child abuse Jill if you want to hit people the face child abuse punch if you a tree want but not a child 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺

  81. Syeda Z

    Syeda ZДень тому

    Morgz Mum Wrote Laser

  82. Lily Hawthorn

    Lily HawthornДень тому

    We'll done Morgan.

  83. Elvis Angel

    Elvis AngelДень тому

    5:01 I just watched the T series video

  84. Elvis Angel

    Elvis AngelДень тому

    She gasps Before she knows what happens LOL

  85. Clayton Lynch

    Clayton LynchДень тому

    You done 2 not 1 you skipped the punishment

  86. Fresh Killer 2009

    Fresh Killer 2009День тому

    Who realised the writing on his forehead

  87. Crazy funnysina

    Crazy funnysinaДень тому

    Poop it says it on the wheel

  88. Kirsty Twell

    Kirsty TwellДень тому

    Alot of money for something funny Btw love your videos ♡☆♡☆♡ Can you do this again it was hilarious!!!!!🤩

  89. The Gamer Xoxo

    The Gamer XoxoДень тому

    Morgz missed the punishment and cheated like if u agree

  90. HarryWallace Music

    HarryWallace MusicДень тому


  91. Marco Yates

    Marco YatesДень тому

    Go bankrupt

  92. Voonax

    VoonaxДень тому

    Qui est français

  93. Da_roblox_gal_no1

    Da_roblox_gal_no1День тому

    killam did this first !

  94. Diamond Guinea

    Diamond GuineaДень тому

    After Morgz landed on the spikes Jill didn't roll

  95. Stefan Sreckovic

    Stefan SreckovicДень тому

    You noob your mum nub and your dead noob

  96. Lucid Labyrinth

    Lucid LabyrinthДень тому

    Is this channel geared towards 5 year olds now lol

  97. Tan Family

    Tan FamilyДень тому

    Jill Is Poop Not You Morgz

  98. Tan Family

    Tan FamilyДень тому

    Morgz Is 10,000$ And Jill Is 20,000$

  99. Kegan Weston

    Kegan WestonДень тому

    Morgan why u do always put ur mum and your self in danger

  100. Emil Ström

    Emil StrömДень тому


  101. Adam Groover

    Adam GrooverДень тому

    How does she know what vomit tastes like

  102. Adam Groover

    Adam GrooverДень тому

    No one is on team mum

  103. Remi’s makeup

    Remi’s makeupДень тому

    There were spaces that you skiped

  104. Subraya Pai

    Subraya PaiДень тому

    Morgan cheated did you see, smash like if you did.

  105. sunnylol #

    sunnylol #День тому

    R.i.p. IPHONE :( 21:12

  106. Samantha Wilson

    Samantha WilsonДень тому