Danheim - Skapanir (Full album 2020) Nordic Folk & Dark Viking Music


  1. La Valkyrican ᚷᛟᛃᛁᛏᚨ

    La Valkyrican ᚷᛟᛃᛁᛏᚨ16 годин тому

    🥓🎵🔥🥃!FOR DANHEIM!🥃🔥🎵🥓

  2. Fam Granath

    Fam GranathДень тому


  3. napoLeon History

    napoLeon HistoryДень тому

    Ta mig till Valhall

  4. Dóra Pozsgay

    Dóra Pozsgay2 дні тому

    This music make some ihlet for me! Very good

  5. Svetislaw Bo

    Svetislaw Bo2 дні тому

    Атмосферно) мне нра)

  6. Chin Chun

    Chin Chun3 дні тому

    I think this is one of the best

  7. Jacob Hancock

    Jacob Hancock4 дні тому

    Perfect Thank you so much x

  8. OkInsanity

    OkInsanity4 дні тому

    will you publish this on vinyl?

  9. ALENDROIT Nadine

    ALENDROIT Nadine4 дні тому

    35.53... j'adore cette musique ❤❤ Je l'écoute en boucle. C'est un sentiment que j'arrive pas encore à définir quand je l'écoute. Mais je ferme les yeux et je me laisse emporter par les sons. ❤❤❤

  10. The guy with a T in his name

    The guy with a T in his name6 днів тому

    love the intro what kind of an appliance? need to now, greetigs from germany. Min svensk bror jag kan lyssna de güdar.

  11. 1SGCarter

    1SGCarter6 днів тому

    Heute gehe ich auf eine Reise. Dort wo ich hingehe ist Vater. Dort ist Mutter, meine Brüder und Schwestern von Anbeginn der Zeit. Sie rufen schon nach mir, hinter den Toren von Valhall. Ich werde keine Angst haben, wenn die Walküren kommen, um mich Nachhause zu führen. Schon bald werde ich Bier aus gewundenen Hörnern trinken, in den prachtvollen Hallen Odins. Ich werde dort auf meine Söhne warten und wenn sie da sind, werde ich mich an ihren Siegestaten laben. Heute gehe ich auf eine Reise und ich kann es kaum noch erwarten.

  12. Cloud Empire

    Cloud Empire7 днів тому

    Writing my Electrical Engineering finals tomorrow, and boy is this keeping me motivated! Skal, Danheim!

  13. Виталик Скобелкин

    Виталик Скобелкин7 днів тому

    А про что поют то знает кто?

  14. Magskull

    Magskull7 днів тому

    Hail from Brasil, listen Amantikir Band

  15. AZ Sværd Dansker

    AZ Sværd Dansker8 днів тому

    I'm here cause I need Odin's wisdom and Thor's strength, My country is falling apart.

  16. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson12 годин тому

    I have wisdom from the gods. IF you care to hear AZ. Roots can grow in many directions and connect to multiple root systems. Men can seek embassy within their own territories. Connect with other tribes. Use yours and their skills to strengthen each other. Use the resources that are at your disposal. OWN YOUR LAND. AND OWN YOUR HOME. Seek wisdom of the world around you, watch and listen for what nature has to say. Seek alliance within your tribe, form symbiosis. Seek alliance with other tribes, form symbiosis. Create self sustaining communities. For those help themselves. End usury. Settle your debts. Do not take on what you cannot keep. Help your community, form partnerships that strengthen both tightening the roots of the tree. Learn not only from the gods and their followers, but from their counterparts, the other side has a lot to say. It will illuminate much of the world that has been covered in dense fog. Learn from the wisdom, of the snake and the wolf, for they have much to teach. Even if they might be wrong. You can still learn from them. Gain their skills. This will prevent RAGNAROK. Condition yourself and your kin for a long harsh cold road. And a snow covered hold. Sacrifice your time, learn everything you can. How to use the environment to your advantage. Learn how to use a victory and defeat. Form a strong family, create a strong hold through a strong home. The TRIBE will aid in this as will YOU. DO NOT LET PETTY DISPUTES FOG OVER WHAT IS IMPORTANT. The next generation. YOUR children. IF you can not get through to others, either prepare the environment for your return or prepare to leave. And most importantly; share this with others. Easy roads traveler.

  17. Ed Luijendijk

    Ed Luijendijk7 днів тому

    @AZ Sværd Dansker That makes sense.

  18. AZ Sværd Dansker

    AZ Sværd Dansker8 днів тому

    @Ed Luijendijk Im not in Denmark, Im in the US.

  19. Ed Luijendijk

    Ed Luijendijk8 днів тому

    Denmark? Did I miss something?

  20. Yaser

    Yaser8 днів тому


  21. Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas Bennett9 днів тому

    Valhalla awaits us! All Hail Odin

  22. Malpheron

    Malpheron9 днів тому

    It's 38 degrees C (100 F) here. I am listening to this to feel colder.

  23. MrGamer 2803

    MrGamer 280310 днів тому

    Imagine this in god of war ragnarok

  24. Claudia Simair

    Claudia Simair14 днів тому

    This music helps my ADD brain focus a lot, because it gives a pace and a rhythm I can stick to!

  25. Maria M

    Maria M15 днів тому

    "Beast from the east" (freezing cold) is comming. Let's get into the mood 😉 Greetings from Poland

  26. Marvin Veith

    Marvin Veith15 днів тому


  27. Enea Nela May

    Enea Nela May16 днів тому

    This is often the case while banishing spirits or divination ⛦

  28. chris falterer

    chris falterer16 днів тому

    Den smukkeste musik, mine ører har nogensinde hørt

  29. Lady of Hay

    Lady of Hay16 днів тому

    Wow! 👍 This is the BEST, I've listen to so far! 😝 This is AWESOME!... Thank you!

  30. Fabrice Prestinari

    Fabrice Prestinari17 днів тому

    Probably the best sound ever ! Greetings from France !! (the pagan one🙂)

  31. Melissa Rainchild

    Melissa Rainchild17 днів тому

    I enter the Circle, speak my spell, empower the warriors...

  32. Felix Sky

    Felix Sky20 днів тому

    Thank you. Happy Yule yall

  33. Anthony Sirico

    Anthony Sirico20 днів тому

    What are the statues in this video?

  34. Alexandru Mihai

    Alexandru Mihai21 день тому

  35. Steve Enright

    Steve Enright23 дні тому

    undursamlegur tónlist 👍😍

  36. Bum Dillinger

    Bum Dillinger23 дні тому

    This songs just like Altaic-Turkic songs. Greetings from Turkey 🇹🇷

  37. Kayra Nuray

    Kayra Nuray23 дні тому

    This could be transformed into deep dark & progressive house :)

  38. I'm in my mojo

    I'm in my mojo24 дні тому

    When Ragnarok begins, this will be the background music for me

  39. Turbonet

    Turbonet26 днів тому

    Realmente muy buena música, felicitaciones. Saludos desde Argentina.

  40. Ратибор Славянский

    Ратибор Славянский29 днів тому

    Это просто разрыв мозга, очень круто!!! Сразу видно и слышно что сделано с душой и это не просто музыка, это действительно целые ритуалы, ощущается вся энергетика, ууух, здорово, здорово, благодарю за такое творение. Респект!!!

  41. Thor The warrior

    Thor The warriorМісяць тому

    Viking music has become my life at this point


    ZAKARIONМісяць тому

    What a SHIT!!

  43. Денис Буслаев

    Денис БуслаевМісяць тому

    Давно искал,и вот нашел!!!🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

  44. Mista Coolie

    Mista CoolieМісяць тому


  45. carlos ortiz

    carlos ortizМісяць тому

    i listen to this while speaking to my Santa Muerte 🤎❤🖤

  46. Luk Luchok

    Luk LuchokМісяць тому

    Someone: what kind of music you like? me: i like old music Someone: like 80's music and that stuff? me: of course, 780's

  47. Lucien Ginoux

    Lucien GinouxМісяць тому

    A dog listening this become a wolf Sorry for my poor english, I'm french

  48. matycee

    matyceeМісяць тому


  49. Aimscoes

    AimscoesМісяць тому

    KALA IS MY LIFE.... I Listened to this song all day and night, now i can't sleep and listening to this same soundtrack over and over and i am afraid to go to sleep because tomorrow i will wake up a viking in a cave somewhere.

  50. krshna77

    krshna77Місяць тому

    Each of these songs deserve a long version, 10 to 15 minutes each, if not longer

  51. Jimmy Morton

    Jimmy MortonМісяць тому


  52. Swing Away

    Swing AwayМісяць тому

    It's snowing here me and my neighborhood are listening to this hope they don't have to work tomorrow

  53. Caro Bella

    Caro BellaМісяць тому

    The succinct lake orly yawn because parentheses oceanographically ski since a scientific amusement. incandescent, shrill fact

  54. Nick Vog

    Nick VogМісяць тому

    I live using your music in my dnd campaigns, it makes the mood so epic with a touch of barbaric tradition I love your music

  55. Elena D

    Elena DМісяць тому

    So cool ....

  56. NPC 001

    NPC 001Місяць тому

    Is it me or does Faldne(16:19) sound like from Deus Ex Mankind Divided OST?

  57. Caro Bella

    Caro BellaМісяць тому

    The periodic underpants immunohistologically remain because lilac chemically time upon a future futuristic fired. sulky, ashamed utensil

  58. Mihai Ionescu

    Mihai IonescuМісяць тому

    Lytter til så meget spirituelt musik - But DANHEIM! You are this Shamans preferred HOLY music. Hail Danheim! Skål!

  59. 尾辻OTSUJI明日香asuka

    尾辻OTSUJI明日香asukaМісяць тому


  60. Suzanne Sanders Hilton Hill Farms

    Suzanne Sanders Hilton Hill FarmsМісяць тому

    Love, love, love this!! Gets my witchy lil soul in such a relaxed, kick ass state of being!

  61. NoiseTheory

    NoiseTheoryМісяць тому

    Legitimately concerned I will get too absorbed in this song while driving through the Cascades that I will end up flying off a cliff.

  62. Markus Markus

    Markus MarkusМісяць тому

    250 of those who disliked it will not survive the winter.

  63. Nifty

    NiftyМісяць тому

    Halvtan was here

  64. Maria M

    Maria MМісяць тому

    Perfect! Thank you

  65. Michael Glassner

    Michael GlassnerМісяць тому

    listening to this behind my comptuter desk makes my blood boil , Sharpen my Battleaxes and throw them to my wall !

  66. Snigern Snu

    Snigern SnuМісяць тому

    please leave the vikin out if it coz viking is an activity not a ppl but what norse called the act of raiding, making a name for them selfs. not who we are but what some did

  67. Patrick Fiedler

    Patrick FiedlerМісяць тому

    valhalla is waiting

  68. Jan Kowalski

    Jan KowalskiМісяць тому


  69. Kristian K

    Kristian KМісяць тому

    7:33 is that a berimbao??

  70. Meta Solo

    Meta SoloМісяць тому

    Anyone else loving the smell of blood about now?

  71. mercy r

    mercy rМісяць тому

    The sound of those drums ....does something to me. It wakes something up in me....I feel it vibrate through me and jumpstart my heart.. With electricity....tingling and stimulating me and the limbs and extremities...adrenaline.....

  72. Donald Wynecoop

    Donald WynecoopМісяць тому

    So, i just got a foot taller listening to this.

  73. Wow4ik4ik

    Wow4ik4ikМісяць тому

    А не нужно сложных мелодий для пробирающей музыки, нужны правильные ритмы и звуки. Альбом 10 из 10 !!!

  74. Gloria Scientiae

    Gloria ScientiaeМісяць тому

    Is it just me or is it a bit loud in the mix? on some setups it starts clipping so i have to put the digital volumes down a bit. Beware of the gains! great music tho, can listen to it for hours :).

  75. Murmel Amondir

    Murmel AmondirМісяць тому

    After hearing this Music my Cat growing a beard. The Problem is....ITS A FEMALE CAT

  76. Meta Solo

    Meta SoloМісяць тому

    Maybe she’s got a big fat sack now too.

  77. Mitchel Putman

    Mitchel PutmanМісяць тому

    Hello from a ranch in Texas USA , I love this music. Thank you

  78. Meta Solo

    Meta SoloМісяць тому

    Take some heads, brother!

  79. Karol Duran

    Karol DuranМісяць тому


  80. loig le breton

    loig le bretonМісяць тому

    I just love it !!!!

  81. loig le breton

    loig le bretonМісяць тому

    And the 2nd .......I love this music .....SORRY

  82. loig le breton

    loig le bretonМісяць тому

    Wouaw I love my first message !!!!

  83. Amanda Zeller

    Amanda ZellerМісяць тому

    THANK YOU! ! !

  84. MicaH MaYeLL

    MicaH MaYeLLМісяць тому


  85. Slavic potato

    Slavic potatoМісяць тому

    I was taking a shit and my shit was fighting it's way out my ass I got the Nuraphone headphones

  86. John Gray

    John GrayМісяць тому

    Hello everyone, tomorrow I have a new cozy ambience, I'm so looking forward to sharing it with you :) Hope you enjoy :)

  87. John Gray

    John GrayМісяць тому

    32:22 # Reida (Remastered)

  88. John Gray

    John GrayМісяць тому

    Hello everyone, tomorrow I have a new cozy ambience, I'm so looking forward to sharing it with you :) Hope you enjoy :)

  89. N.W. Fredrick

    N.W. FredrickМісяць тому

    Whenever I hear Reida it gives me a reaction that none other song gives me; it makes me feel like I'm entering a battle-ready trance. I can't really put it into words, but I love it. Danheim is the king of Nordic Folk music.

  90. N.W. Fredrick

    N.W. FredrickМісяць тому

    @Meta Solo Skål!

  91. Meta Solo

    Meta SoloМісяць тому

    Let’s stand, brother. Time to take some heads.

  92. Василиса ТайкинаСолнцелика

    Василиса ТайкинаСолнцеликаМісяць тому


  93. Василиса ТайкинаСолнцелика

    Василиса ТайкинаСолнцеликаМісяць тому

    35 тыс👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏿

  94. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeМісяць тому

    Threw my glass away and have horn's now.. SKÖL

  95. M. E.

    M. E.Місяць тому

    It's ok to be white

  96. BLIX/ M8N/ NCBM

    BLIX/ M8N/ NCBMМісяць тому

    sounds great in my studio! this might be my favorite album to date- love it

  97. Bianca Reininghaus

    Bianca ReininghausМісяць тому

    Stunning rhythms. Feeling at home instantly. Might be more Nordic than i thought before. Thanks for sharing!

  98. Just .S

    Just .SМісяць тому


  99. mychannel

    mychannelМісяць тому

    First time listening to this artist, love it!

  100. DaveGG

    DaveGGМісяць тому

    My Odin. This is so gooood

  101. UserDmitry

    UserDmitryМісяць тому


  102. Dan Rizzuto

    Dan RizzutoМісяць тому

    SO good.

  103. kip Stone

    kip StoneМісяць тому

    i feel like this should be listened too at some yoga retreat while they do their ecstatic dancing

  104. goth femboy

    goth femboyМісяць тому

    why is there key noises in ragnakamp

  105. AusDenBergen

    AusDenBergenМісяць тому

    Kala and blodfest speak to me the most. Other than that, no words.

  106. Ruth Zaspel

    Ruth ZaspelМісяць тому

    Die Faszination nordischer Musik MUSS ein Geheimnis bergen; das ist doch nicht normal, was sie mit einem macht! 💥🦅 Wir sollten uns erINNERN....🕊

  107. Pamela Riley

    Pamela RileyМісяць тому

    The track called "Reida" is like some kind of time warp techno viking pagan shit like I can't even believe. I grow more impressed by this genre as time goes by.

  108. Outdoorgurl24

    Outdoorgurl24Місяць тому

    I'm still trying to figure out why over 400 people gave this a thumbs down.. Such powerful music! I swear every time I listen to this channel I feel like I should be dancing outside under a clear night sky with a bonfire blazing🔥

  109. Andres Peirano

    Andres PeiranoМісяць тому

    que riko temita pa agitar con los vagos mientras se la damos a una iglesia del barrio con hachas y escudos

  110. Портовый Кран

    Портовый КранМісяць тому

    Трек с 16 минуты непередаваемо великолепе