Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMR


  1. Gibi ASMR

    Gibi ASMRМісяць тому

    Ayy we're on trending! Welcome to my ASMR channel! ^_^ You can find out what ASMR is here in this corny yet educational video: uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-vFqbWwKg_o4.html

  2. qwerty123 456

    qwerty123 456День тому

    Can you do ASMR pussy challenge

  3. Cody Dudley

    Cody Dudley5 днів тому

    Gibi has the best ASMR videos hands down

  4. onetheon otherion

    onetheon otherion7 днів тому

    What age are you Gibi?

  5. Asian Sex

    Asian Sex7 днів тому

    This is my new favourite video

  6. onetheon otherion

    onetheon otherion8 днів тому

    We love you Gibi Best asmr Channel ever!

  7. Breanna Marie Silcox

    Breanna Marie Silcox14 годин тому

    first asmr video to give me tingles and i’ve been watching for a year now. yay so happy.💛

  8. Garrison Fay

    Garrison Fay17 годин тому

    2:15 that’s just kinetic and thermal energy,not the energy of air or something.

  9. Boogie Man

    Boogie ManДень тому

    Does that mean your married?

  10. Bryand Jiotsop

    Bryand JiotsopДень тому

    Boogie Man she has a bf

  11. Jennifer Margarita

    Jennifer MargaritaДень тому

    Your eyes are popin in this video!!❤️❤️ I love this video!

  12. Whirrlybird 01

    Whirrlybird 01День тому

    Gibi: Look at my face instead. Me: That's what I've been doing since the video started.

  13. amro faidalla

    amro faidallaДень тому

    Who else thinks this video at 0.75x speed is quite amazing stuff. It syncs well too

  14. Süleyman GÖKÇE

    Süleyman GÖKÇE2 дні тому

    I like your asmr touching videos

  15. ɴona

    ɴona2 дні тому

    I just noticed what pretty hands you have oml I'm in love 😍

  16. Angela Loya

    Angela Loya2 дні тому

    ive rewatched this video so many times cause it’s my favorite ugh i love you gibi!!💕

  17. Oscar Bracamonte Osorio

    Oscar Bracamonte Osorio2 дні тому

    Me pinches encanta este video. ❤️

  18. aivilo

    aivilo2 дні тому

    i watched a gibi bloopers video- i feel like i see her in a different way like not in a bad way she's just so funny and normal outside of asmr

  19. Garrison Fay

    Garrison Fay3 дні тому


  20. Alex Horsewell

    Alex Horsewell3 дні тому

    I feel like loads of people who watch asmr are a tad bit emo and listen to pop punk by day and asmr by night. People always know who Brendon urie, or Pete wentz, or Gerard way is in the comments on here. Anyway this was meaningless bye

  21. Alex Horsewell

    Alex Horsewell2 дні тому

    +CoolKidSeb I am a total music nerd and listen to a lot of genres. It just happens that I first got into emo bands and pop punk bands and that's what got me into music

  22. CoolKidSeb

    CoolKidSeb2 дні тому

    i watch lots of asmr but i despise the people you just listed, i’m more of a rap guy tbh

  23. Genco

    Genco3 дні тому

    10 lights behind you or i'm wrong 🤣

  24. Lydia Leivang

    Lydia Leivang3 дні тому

    Blake Lively’s twin

  25. Иван Иван

    Иван Иван3 дні тому

    zip-zap? snip-snip?

  26. Kat Furlong

    Kat Furlong4 дні тому

    Your beautiful smile alone is very relaxing.

  27. Yeet 69

    Yeet 693 дні тому


  28. Natasha Yazzie

    Natasha Yazzie4 дні тому

    You are a God send I always fall asleep and wake up refresh. You're the best, I don't know else to fall asleep now. But thank you.

  29. Melanie Smith

    Melanie Smith4 дні тому

    She isn't married, is she?

  30. Garrison Fay

    Garrison Fay4 дні тому

    Is it a bit weird that I actually felt her hand touch my face like something cold going down my back?

  31. Luke Summers

    Luke Summers4 дні тому

    Great work Gibi relaxes me every time

  32. Destiny Santana

    Destiny Santana5 днів тому

    My favorite part of this video is when you touch my face💆🏽‍♀️❤️

  33. Jossie Delgado

    Jossie Delgado5 днів тому

    More hand movements on black and white please!

  34. Nyx -

    Nyx -5 днів тому

    Followin the fingers across the screen like

  35. Haunter gaming

    Haunter gaming6 днів тому


  36. Corbin Culbert

    Corbin Culbert6 днів тому

    You’re hired

  37. Wrdchick1990

    Wrdchick19906 днів тому

    Love these videos but am I the only one thinking your right or my right? Lol

  38. French.potato .toast

    French.potato .toast6 днів тому

    13:28 T^T French.potato.toast exe. Has stoped working.

  39. Dale D

    Dale D7 днів тому

    Good job

  40. rvdb2011

    rvdb20117 днів тому

    How can you make so good asmr video

  41. Marcella Carqueija

    Marcella Carqueija7 днів тому

    when i dont have my earphones w/me...

  42. This might be a name ecsdee

    This might be a name ecsdee7 днів тому


  43. Heather

    Heather8 днів тому

    Is the cranial nerve exam video you're talking about by WhispersfromSweden by any chance? Because I miss her videos sooooo much!

  44. Creepy07

    Creepy078 днів тому

    What have we made Of blood and dust The end of us In God we trust On castles of sand Will slip through our hands Our fingers can't hold What will collapse itself

  45. GamerZ

    GamerZ9 днів тому

    ter bel

  46. Cherrysnoww

    Cherrysnoww9 днів тому

    These black and White videos with Hand movement are the best!! Chills from the first seconds

  47. Melissa Philipson

    Melissa Philipson9 днів тому

    Is she engaged

  48. Coop Dogg

    Coop Dogg9 днів тому

    Okay I’ll by a Samsung but my ears are bleeding from that full volume ad

  49. Dylan H

    Dylan H9 днів тому

    When she rubbed her hands to feel our energy was for some reason really tingly

  50. Joey Lankhorst

    Joey Lankhorst10 днів тому

    Oh my god the wiping and spraying is sooo amazing

  51. May

    May10 днів тому

    More is never wrong! ♡

  52. José Ludueña

    José Ludueña10 днів тому

    Are u ok?

  53. Widow12366

    Widow1236610 днів тому

    Dang it I watched it know My Feet are asleep 0w0

  54. Michał Przywarski

    Michał Przywarski10 днів тому

    Black&white video, nice :)

  55. JustCube

    JustCube11 днів тому

    She attac She protacc But most importantly She send tingles thru my bacc

  56. Martin S.

    Martin S.11 днів тому

    You have garnered a Enormous Following!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Respect.

  57. Mikoto Yamamoto

    Mikoto Yamamoto11 днів тому

    Wait... I didn’t know you were married!!

  58. Emily Ortal

    Emily Ortal11 днів тому

    My boyfriend doesn’t like ASMR Me: *Shows him Video* Me: This is what gets me: Gibi: May I feel your energy? Boyfriend: What is she doing? No! *Swats at phone* She’s in my space! Get out of my space!

  59. Awjee ASMR

    Awjee ASMR11 днів тому

    Her lashes ae perfect they could do the video all on thier own

  60. bumdiest boi

    bumdiest boi11 днів тому

    do u pronounce her name gibby like from icarly or jibby or geebee or jeebee

  61. bumdiest boi

    bumdiest boi5 днів тому

    +zfire nite *sniffs your penis*

  62. zfire nite

    zfire nite5 днів тому

    I think it jeebee

  63. Mackenzie Rawh

    Mackenzie Rawh12 днів тому

    Really gibi I hope u see this but I can’t explain to u how much u have helped me, I’ve recently been having really bad sleeping problems for no reason and I couldn’t even sleep in my own room for a while but I’ve been listening to ur vids and been falling asleep for the first time with no problems like honestly u really changed my life and pls do more of these vids.

  64. Kai Like it matters

    Kai Like it matters12 днів тому

    Love the black and white effect

  65. Conall Millward

    Conall Millward12 днів тому

    This vid is to all those people with hand fetishes.

  66. mauman standish

    mauman standish13 днів тому

    i think that us "feeling the energy" is more of us wanting to feel the energy than actually feeling it, but i still like the video . If that makes sense.

  67. Елена Абдукеримова

    Елена Абдукеримова13 днів тому

    My favorite ASMR♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  68. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana13 днів тому

    Gibi will pin this if she reads the comments?

  69. April Surma

    April Surma13 днів тому

    I don't get it ? Does it not work for deaf people? What is going on? There's no captions lol

  70. 舞Sensuka

    舞Sensuka13 днів тому

    At 18:18 - 18:24 the car honks at the perfect time! :D

  71. B T S

    B T S13 днів тому

    It’s 3:51 am and I am supposed to watch this to fall asleep but oh well

  72. Claire Kenesson

    Claire Kenesson13 днів тому

    I literally watch this video every night before I go to sleep haha it has helped me so much! Thank you Gibi!!

  73. Kaila Dii

    Kaila Dii13 днів тому

    Is Gibi married??

  74. RIØT Skull_killer 623

    RIØT Skull_killer 62314 днів тому

    I didn’t even notice I fell asleep while watching this and woke up at the outro

  75. Maddy

    Maddy14 днів тому

    4:10 - 4:25 AH- you didn't say Simon Says-

  76. It'sRylee J

    It'sRylee J14 днів тому

    This video has put me to sleep 10 days in a row. Let's see if it can tonight. 😁

  77. Hannah Nance

    Hannah Nance14 днів тому

    i really want her to be my mom for some reason

  78. Insanity

    Insanity14 днів тому

    Reminder, do not watch below the normal watch speed. It's truly horrifying. Use me as the "Gibi is the best ASMRist button." | V

  79. Sam S

    Sam S14 днів тому

    My favorite has to be the end, when you stopped talking (lol, not that I don't like you when talking as well).... but slow and silent hand movements with nothing but the ambient sound of fabric moving, and background noises are by far my most favorite trigger ever. Thank you for ending the video so perfectly :-D The rest of the video is still pretty awesome as well, haha.

  80. Joe McCourt

    Joe McCourt14 днів тому

    Me: I’m going to watch asmr *5 minutes later* WHERE THE F*CK ARE MY BEATS HEADPHONES

  81. Fares Alsulaimi

    Fares Alsulaimi15 днів тому


  82. TheRandomTroll

    TheRandomTroll15 днів тому

    I don't really understand what is happening but I'm gonna assume its some relaxing sexual thing... Yes I am aware it prolly isn't, pls don't kill me and if you want explain wth is going on

  83. Becca Gray

    Becca Gray7 днів тому

    I just checked and she doesn’t have a video linked but you can’t always look one up if you’re interested :)

  84. Becca Gray

    Becca Gray7 днів тому

    TheRandomTroll she usually has a video linked in the description box explaining asmr if you wanna check it out but it’s autonomous sensory meridian response and basically visual or sound triggers help people relax and send tingles down their backs

  85. Sister_Location fan66 0

    Sister_Location fan66 015 днів тому

    * Starts pouring down rain *me:I CAN’T HEAR THIS

  86. R. McConnell Jr

    R. McConnell Jr15 днів тому

    I set my phone to b&w after watching this that night you posted...

  87. Lex Esparza

    Lex Esparza15 днів тому

    This one by fas has become my favorite one!

  88. avd-7

    avd-715 днів тому

    is anyone else like not at all triggered by the finger rubbing like the fast finger rubbing? everything else pretty much gets me but that actually kind of annoys me and i don’t know why lol

  89. Elle J

    Elle J15 днів тому

    Can you link the place where you got your ring?

  90. Elle J

    Elle J3 дні тому

    Yeet 69 the purple ring she was talking about in the video. Not her engagement ring

  91. Yeet 69

    Yeet 693 дні тому

    Her husband

  92. starlight138

    starlight13814 днів тому

    Also want to know!!

  93. Wannabe-Studios

    Wannabe-Studios15 днів тому

    I'm getting tingles again yay

  94. Joshua redfern

    Joshua redfern15 днів тому

    The quality is on fire i can see so much

  95. jadyn23200

    jadyn2320015 днів тому

    When you pretended to spray and wipe down my face then licked your finger and I went like freaking boneless. Apparently I have found a new favorite trigger

  96. Kurosaki Tagami

    Kurosaki Tagami15 днів тому

    60 hzzz by extreme was here

  97. editingvs

    editingvs15 днів тому

    She attac She protec But most importantly She send tingles down my back ^-^ 😂

  98. Lydia Surfleet

    Lydia Surfleet15 днів тому

    6:54 me cutting the fake people out of my life

  99. Aware

    Aware15 днів тому

    I don’t know why but this woman is really one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet

  100. Knoxious

    Knoxious16 днів тому

    "I think its working" *me, my brain a tingly mess and can barely keep my eyes open* yes. Yes it most definately is working

  101. YuTzHitMan

    YuTzHitMan16 днів тому

    The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time

  102. Awesome Beast

    Awesome Beast3 дні тому

    One with a collar, turtle neck, that’s the kind

  103. Nicolas Davis

    Nicolas Davis3 дні тому

    YuTzHitMan fr😂

  104. Cameron Allen

    Cameron Allen17 днів тому

    People actually gave this video a thumbs down? Insane! This is by far my favorite video of hers.

  105. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person17 днів тому

    Is it weird that I listen to asmr without headphones? It’s only because the headphone jac and the charge are the same thing. I hate iPhones so much

  106. Love to the world

    Love to the world16 днів тому

    I mean u don't get the same effect, it's way better with headphones

  107. Allison Saffle

    Allison Saffle17 днів тому

    You look like Blake Lively in this video!!!

  108. Makaveli Shakur

    Makaveli Shakur17 днів тому

    I just finished another ASMR video before this, the fucking irritating add that played was the loudest ive heard in days. Only when ASMR is playin fucking Google 😐 -_-

  109. Kameron Duff

    Kameron Duff17 днів тому

    Just me or does the thumbnail look like you boutta throw some naruto Jutsus at me

  110. MT_ rosso

    MT_ rosso17 днів тому


  111. Love to the world

    Love to the world16 днів тому

    Ads suck

  112. ENG/HUN Lyrics

    ENG/HUN Lyrics17 днів тому

    Idk why, but the spraying got my whole body tingling 😂

  113. Gym&Dance

    Gym&Dance18 днів тому

    Your videos never disappoint me xx

  114. chantal botlikova

    chantal botlikova18 днів тому

    Dear Gibi, this video has helped mi to calm down and sleep so many times that I just can’t count. I personally love this video the most , your energy and emotions which are coming from it are so friendly, pure and nice. I’d really like to see more videos like this from you. Best wishes, thanks for your amazing ASMR.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  115. Kevin Fry

    Kevin Fry18 днів тому

    Might be my favorite

  116. Bryan Castillo

    Bryan Castillo18 днів тому


  117. Littlest mermaid

    Littlest mermaid19 днів тому

    2:38 I got chills in my butt as soon as she said that. is that weird.

  118. yo SPX

    yo SPX19 днів тому

    Did anyone notice at 18:23 the sync with the horn in the background? Lol

  119. what's life ._. .-.

    what's life ._. .-.19 днів тому

    Gibi: How are you? Me: sleepy *Five minutes later* Me: snores*

  120. _ka

    _ka19 днів тому

    You have really pretty eyes