David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair


  1. David Dobrik

    David Dobrik9 днів тому

    Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol

  2. All Gacha

    All GachaДень тому

    Your the best !

  3. Jasmine Brueggeman

    Jasmine BrueggemanДень тому

    10/10 would smash

  4. All Gacha

    All Gacha4 дні тому

    Your awesome

  5. Steven Yerxa

    Steven YerxaГодину тому

    Why you doin Erin like that lol

  6. Andrea R

    Andrea R2 години тому

    9:30 it moved so much my heart kinda breaks..

  7. izabelle

    izabelle2 години тому

    why he gotta be so cute it hurt my feelers

  8. AllyBlueChen

    AllyBlueChen2 години тому

    That was so uncomfortable

  9. Arianna _martin07

    Arianna _martin072 години тому

    When he said he was really high my mouth droped

  10. Brittany Shelton

    Brittany Shelton2 години тому

    After the Liza questions, he lost his smile 😥

  11. Kaydence Delgado

    Kaydence Delgado3 години тому

    his laugh is so cute and literally why do people say that hes like weirdly attractive?! HES LITERALLY THE CUTEST HUMAN EVER WTF

  12. Jenna Reynolds

    Jenna Reynolds3 години тому

    This is a real weird styled video

  13. jacksfilms is garbage

    jacksfilms is garbage4 години тому

    David has anxiety. That’s why he looks so upset and nervous. Yes the Liza stuff probably upset him. But he accepted the interview knowing that they’d ask personal stuff. He could’ve said no to answering things and asked them before hand to not. Calm down lmao.

  14. jlr_ 2143

    jlr_ 21434 години тому

    Dear David Dobrik, Today is going to be the worst day and here's why: You're going to be tormented for 15 minutes taking a polygraph test and asked questions that make you extremely uncomfortable.

  15. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson4 години тому

    The Dolan twins are not funnier than u

  16. Ayla Watson

    Ayla Watson4 години тому

    Oh god u can see the pain in his eyes when he starters talking about Liza 😭😭then he starts tearing up

  17. Abby Abril

    Abby Abril5 годин тому

    7:24 he looks so sad omg

  18. Kayla Mendoza

    Kayla Mendoza5 годин тому

    I love how he was a nervous wreck lollll (not to be rude)

  19. \Rawrz/ MSP

    \Rawrz/ MSP5 годин тому

    David: *I liked this girl named Courtney* Nobody: All girls named Courtney: 😮

  20. Ruthless MIRANDA

    Ruthless MIRANDA5 годин тому

    I notice the xani kicked in at 8 mins

  21. Paola Scott

    Paola Scott6 годин тому

    David was so cute in this video

  22. Alyssa Bisi

    Alyssa Bisi6 годин тому

    he really needs to keep that tongue in his mouth, that things got a mind of its own

  23. ThreeM

    ThreeM6 годин тому

    You could see the pain in his eyes when they mentioned his ex girlfriend. 😢

  24. David Slesarev

    David Slesarev6 годин тому

    5:46 i was socked!

  25. Georgie

    Georgie6 годин тому

    Slide into her DM's? David:Never. She has a boyfriend... The guy with the detector:who cares that's not a problem

  26. Sani Mozell

    Sani Mozell6 годин тому

    Them: are u actively trying to get her back? David: no 😂 Me: WHY WHY

  27. Sony Joseph

    Sony Joseph6 годин тому

    this was the most awkward thing ive seen in my life

  28. Ellz xx

    Ellz xx6 годин тому

    its funny how they talk to him its like so serious😂😂

  29. Glam Gamer

    Glam Gamer7 годин тому

    *what broke my heart was the LARGE spike on when he was asked if he was happy*

  30. HeyyyIt'sMal

    HeyyyIt'sMal7 годин тому

    This made me upset lol😭I support whatever happens but I will always, always ship David and Liza

  31. ab sn

    ab sn7 годин тому

    They never show is they are lying...

  32. random girl

    random girl7 годин тому

    6:18 me at school

  33. HeyyyIt'sMal

    HeyyyIt'sMal7 годин тому

    Alternative Title: David Dobrik gets bullied for 15 minutes

  34. Lala

    Lala7 годин тому

    His smile through the whole thing

  35. Skinny Legend

    Skinny Legend7 годин тому

    I want a lie detector test with the guy that’s asking David the questions

  36. Myrtle Dan

    Myrtle Dan9 годин тому

    Interviewer: "that sounds very funny" David: *Thanks* s a m e

  37. fernando9844

    fernando98449 годин тому


  38. Jordyn L

    Jordyn L9 годин тому

    I was sacred the entire time for some reason?

  39. Tessa

    Tessa9 годин тому

    WHO WANTS A COOKIE? {\_/} ( ^-^) / >🍪 Cost: 1 Sūb

  40. Susannah Oleson

    Susannah Oleson10 годин тому

    If I could go back and NOT watch this I would. This was not conducted in a respectful way. No one should be pressured to share information about themselves.

  41. dude! thatsmycar

    dude! thatsmycar10 годин тому

    He did this on one of his vlogs. Another genius who did not go to college. I never went to college and i can barely get a job. Dammit!

  42. Maya Prancuk

    Maya Prancuk10 годин тому

    This makes me guy wrenched. You can see he seems uncomfortable

  43. Olivia Roberson

    Olivia Roberson10 годин тому

    but idk when he's lying and when he isn't

  44. i got the tea come at me sis

    i got the tea come at me sis10 годин тому


  45. Adysyn Stirk

    Adysyn Stirk11 годин тому

    I live the thing he does with his tongue 🙃

  46. Noah Damm

    Noah Damm11 годин тому

    Is it just me, or is it always the same guy controlling this lie detector thingy?

  47. Caroline Edwards

    Caroline Edwards12 годин тому

    Is this just me or does he look high

  48. Flo Y

    Flo Y13 годин тому


  49. Liberty S.

    Liberty S.13 годин тому

    I love how honest he is cause like we knew all of this already and then he got put to a lie detector test and it's still the same

  50. Masuma Mahbub

    Masuma Mahbub13 годин тому

    it was like a do or die situation

  51. Jirka Svatos

    Jirka Svatos13 годин тому

    Thats the same in czech

  52. Nadya Imani Al-Arief

    Nadya Imani Al-Arief14 годин тому

    david looked so uncomfortable i feel bad for him,,, some of the questions seemed a little too invasive dont u think

  53. HaleStormRants

    HaleStormRants14 годин тому

    This video made me so sad...He looked like he was in so much pain the entire time, and he was so anxious. Also, I'm so sad that he thinks he's only slightly above average. He's so handsome he's a solid 10/10. I thought this was going to be like a fun light hearted video...this just seemed so mean and drama starting...not cool to make someone rate their friends and such...and it was obvious that he didn't want to answer the majority of those questions for his friends feelings sake.

  54. Tiara Faith

    Tiara Faith14 годин тому

    Idk why I was also nervous watching this 😂

  55. Zeina Ehab

    Zeina Ehab15 годин тому

    just felt like hugging you and telling you it’s gonna be fine, that did not look fun

  56. Raquel Moreno

    Raquel Moreno15 годин тому

    I kept laughing when he kept laughing 🤣😂 I was dying

  57. mrunal kulkarni

    mrunal kulkarni16 годин тому

    This was torture 🙁 why would anyone breakup with him.he is so genuine.

  58. Ashlovz

    Ashlovz16 годин тому

    I can’t help it but put your tongue awayyyyyy 😂😂

  59. Asian Videos

    Asian Videos16 годин тому

    Why did I watched this omg

  60. Aishwarya K Mendegar

    Aishwarya K Mendegar16 годин тому

    i feel like im watching a puppy get kicked

  61. Ally Samler

    Ally Samler18 годин тому

    I felt awkward watching this

  62. Kaylen channel

    Kaylen channel18 годин тому

    No,no I’m good. Hey do you guys have tissues??? I feel so badddddddddd for him😭😭

  63. wildflower gL

    wildflower gL18 годин тому

    Y is this seems like a torture??

  64. Jeyah Blue

    Jeyah Blue19 годин тому

    Jesus Christ he has such a beautiful heart

  65. Morgan Keirn

    Morgan Keirn20 годин тому

    I knew exactly what vine he was talking about 😂

  66. Lilit Dabagyan

    Lilit Dabagyan20 годин тому

    do the Dolan twins!

  67. Lucy  Thomas

    Lucy Thomas21 годину тому

    "are you happy" "yes" omg😭😭 that broke my heart seeing it was a lie

  68. Nurin Faiqah

    Nurin Faiqah21 годину тому

    You can see it in his face that he’s so uncomfortable during the interview and really wanted it to end 😫💔

  69. b

    b21 годину тому

    he’s so fine

  70. Azariaa 4

    Azariaa 422 години тому

    David is honestly the cutest😭 I’m not into white boys but him phewwww

  71. benji

    benji22 години тому

    im really high

  72. Emily Gonzalez

    Emily Gonzalez22 години тому

    am I the only one that didn’t like that the interviewer wouldn’t laugh AT ALL, ever when david would laugh

  73. lmaooo oo

    lmaooo oo22 години тому

    He is the cutest human to ever exist

  74. Alyza :/

    Alyza :/23 години тому

    Ok but like the bunnies💀

  75. Aisha Alshammar

    Aisha Alshammar23 години тому


  76. oh hi there

    oh hi there23 години тому

    Can someone tell me why he called zane a sell out?

  77. Madeleine Verette

    Madeleine Verette23 години тому

    A cute smile is really attractive and David has the cutest smile

  78. necole cooper

    necole cooper23 години тому

    What did they do to you your usual so so happy and hyper

  79. Kaden Fisher

    Kaden FisherДень тому

    bro the smoking weed part is the best 9:42

  80. lezley

    lezleyДень тому

    david seemed so sad :(((

  81. Lucy Babesss

    Lucy BabesssДень тому

    In my opinion I think David’s adorable and cute, to me he’s like attractive ATTRACTIVE🥰🤩 And when he said people comment under his videos saying he’s “weirdly attractive” he looked so sad and it got me sad🥺😔

  82. Wolf KLAUSTEAM

    Wolf KLAUSTEAMДень тому

    he looks nervous asf lmaoooo .. n i love how he tryna crack a joke and the people mad serious

  83. Erica Dalrymple

    Erica DalrympleДень тому

    5:37 “Oh, so you think you’re pretty?”

  84. Оазис

    ОазисДень тому

    Why did he look 16 in the thumbnail lmao

  85. Tiauna Fox

    Tiauna FoxДень тому

    it’s okay david, i know who you’re talking about in the vine.😂😂💗💗

  86. Rachel Kyes

    Rachel KyesДень тому

    For the record, I am not attracted to David in a weird way. You’re a very attractive person!! Not in a strange or weird way at all. You’re a straight up hottie.

  87. 0 subs with no videos without a video

    0 subs with no videos without a videoДень тому


  88. Erica Dalrymple

    Erica DalrympleДень тому

    He can’t stop laughing 😂

  89. Lena Rivera

    Lena RiveraДень тому

    I’m sorry but the dollar twins and Emma aren’t funnier than David he’s trippin

  90. Mecca Dobrik

    Mecca DobrikДень тому

    Cameron Dallas is hella hot 🥵

  91. Alejo Garcia

    Alejo GarciaДень тому

    Are gonna ignore the fact that he is a DACA recipient. Respect.

  92. Vida Garcia

    Vida GarciaДень тому

    Courtney lawless

  93. noyan

    noyanДень тому

    that was so awkward lmao

  94. Meegan wenzel

    Meegan wenzelДень тому

    is no one else going to bring up that it sems like he has beef with Erin, he ranked her last and the when they asked about he it said it was none of their business

  95. Mariah Castrejon

    Mariah CastrejonДень тому

    He looks like he’s going to cry😭😩

  96. Josh Barber

    Josh BarberДень тому

    He learned how to pass a lie detector to the through his Slovakian spy training.

  97. Baylee Tinker

    Baylee TinkerДень тому

    David why am I about to start crying?😢

  98. Alana Mercedes

    Alana MercedesДень тому

    Wow now I know all of his secrets😏

  99. Deka Warfa

    Deka WarfaДень тому

    I pick josh peck to

  100. Sabrina hernandez

    Sabrina hernandezДень тому


  101. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntДень тому

    Is there something you miss about Chicago? *the gang violence was really a BLAST on the weekends*

  102. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntДень тому

    Im 30 and I’m only here cus David Dobrik is the cute younger guy that I’d love to 🙃

  103. avocado naii

    avocado naiiДень тому

    This gave me a mini panic attack just watching. David is LITERALLY everything and cute asf/attractive asf. I loved that he took a chance on this but i wished he hadn't it exposes him even more about his life to the public. And said somethings he should of kept lowkey aka zane is a sell out💀and ranking his friend's