David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game


  1. Caitlin Rankin

    Caitlin RankinГодину тому

    ok seririously who is this guy and how does he have so many famous friends


    PROTAILS GT16 годин тому

    What about Jeffrey star

  3. April Schauer

    April SchauerДень тому

    Aww the bromance with Charlie is the best.

  4. chxrrycola

    chxrrycolaДень тому

    leave it to david to buy coachella outfits the DAY before coachella

  5. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person2 дні тому

    ‘’I don’t remember that night because I was just running around and shooting’’

  6. John McKay

    John McKay2 дні тому

    "Lorraine is Jason's mom, I recently married her" lol right casual

  7. Rachel Tyler

    Rachel Tyler2 дні тому

    Why does he love everybody he’s so sweet 😩

  8. Carmen Vincent

    Carmen Vincent2 дні тому

    Drinking game: take a shot every time David says favorites

  9. Carmen Vincent

    Carmen Vincent2 дні тому


  10. Pete P

    Pete P3 дні тому

    I love the dollan twins

  11. Jazlyn Lyann

    Jazlyn Lyann3 дні тому

    I was about to comment something about how everyone’s his favorite and then suddenly a whole collage appears of him saying it 😂

  12. Leen Waleed

    Leen Waleed3 дні тому

    Nobody:... David: NOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE....!

  13. Christin Pardede

    Christin Pardede4 дні тому

    Oh man i thought the last one was Alex

  14. Arie Mars

    Arie Mars4 дні тому

    J-14 is still a thing????! #90sbaby shook

  15. cschultz

    cschultz5 днів тому

    David 100% thinks he is 15 years old

  16. Silla V

    Silla V5 днів тому

    David has the sweetest eyes

  17. z3m0s

    z3m0s5 днів тому

    *Pulls a card* "Arh, one of my favourites"

  18. Maria Torres

    Maria Torres5 днів тому


  19. Krystal Ayala

    Krystal Ayala5 днів тому

    I miss David and Liza together...

  20. Jen G

    Jen G5 днів тому

    He one of my favorites -David Dobrik

  21. koko baby

    koko baby6 днів тому

    They're all *one of his favorites*

  22. Harpreet Bains

    Harpreet Bains7 днів тому

    Uncle Jesse 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  23. Harpreet Bains

    Harpreet Bains7 днів тому

    I love David so much 🖤

  24. Libby Edwards

    Libby Edwards7 днів тому

    I’m so convinced David is secretly in love with Jeff

  25. Claud

    Claud7 днів тому

    so what memory was truly his favorite??

  26. Keeyan T

    Keeyan T7 днів тому

    Guy David looks like he should nottt be famous 😂😂

  27. pine productions

    pine productions8 днів тому

    An ad with Liza played before this vid

  28. Gabby S

    Gabby S8 днів тому

    normal people: i don’t remember any of the night cause i was drunk the whole time. david: i don’t remember any of it cause i was running around filming the whole time 🥺🥺

  29. Kala Bender

    Kala Bender8 днів тому

    The vlog David was talking about When he drew Jason’s name💀

  30. Daniella Willis

    Daniella Willis9 днів тому

    6:46 David looks like every school picture 😂

  31. Daniella Willis

    Daniella Willis9 днів тому

    3:02 Liza walks in and punches David 😂

  32. elahe sh

    elahe sh9 днів тому

    Liza was the best collaborator...awww??

  33. Ryleigh Wilhelm

    Ryleigh Wilhelm9 днів тому

    david and liza forever ;((


    RUBYMAGALLANES10 днів тому

    charlie puth is 27 6:11 AMERICA EXPLAIN!!! 🤣💀

  35. jasmine mai

    jasmine maiМісяць тому

    7:33 dolan twins . ur welcome peeps 👀

  36. Trinity Chapa

    Trinity Chapa2 місяці тому

    “For like 7 minutes.. no not 7 minutes. For like 15 seconds” 😂

  37. Taylor Goldstein

    Taylor Goldstein2 місяці тому

    I think I speak for everyone when I say WHERE WAS NATALIE!?

  38. Karoline K

    Karoline K2 місяці тому

    Everybody is One of his favorītes😂

  39. Reina

    Reina2 місяці тому

    Nooo what about Madison Beer?

  40. Francisco Carbajal

    Francisco Carbajal2 місяці тому

    What about Wayne Brady or Rob Riggle or Casey niestat

  41. Ashley Cline

    Ashley Cline2 місяці тому

    Should have asked about Shawn Mendes

  42. Trista Stupke

    Trista Stupke2 місяці тому

    I saw David Dobrik and I was interested Then I read Dolan twins and clicked instantly

  43. Emma Hernandez

    Emma Hernandez2 місяці тому

    one of my favorites one of my favorites one o my favorites one of my favorites

  44. Sofia Dubrin-Meneses

    Sofia Dubrin-Meneses2 місяці тому

    david talks about things that have happened in the vlogs as if we havent watched all of them😭

  45. emilyfan505

    emilyfan5053 місяці тому

    He’s got a lot of favorites 😂

  46. Lydia tea

    Lydia tea3 місяці тому

    david has to be the only youtuber that is friends with celebrities and theyre not annoyed with him. its because hes the only successful youtuber who doesnt wear a flashy gucci piece. thats my favorite thing about him

  47. Zizi Kot

    Zizi Kot3 місяці тому

    I love how everyone is one of his favorite

  48. Bee Bee

    Bee Bee3 місяці тому

    “ she was hitting on me hard core” had me dead 💀

  49. Zia Amlani

    Zia Amlani3 місяці тому

    how can someone not like david, he's just too lovable :)

  50. Comment King

    Comment King3 місяці тому

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the tea when David said he was with tana and she was all over him as she’s engaged to jake

  51. Fc channel

    Fc channel3 місяці тому

    his lisp was on a 100 on here lol

  52. Issa Lyndie

    Issa Lyndie3 місяці тому

    I bought that magazine 😂👽👽

  53. Jaiden Kuan

    Jaiden Kuan3 місяці тому

    Where’s Natalie

  54. Max King

    Max King3 місяці тому

    What abt Trisha tho

  55. Marcia Vickers

    Marcia Vickers3 місяці тому

    I feel David is different on camera

  56. Mass Beauty

    Mass Beauty3 місяці тому

    I haven't finish the video yet... Is Trisha Paytas there? No? Ok.

  57. Yogan Edits

    Yogan Edits3 місяці тому


  58. maria kara

    maria kara3 місяці тому

    aw this is so sweet 😂💘 the end hahahah

  59. Sophi

    Sophi3 місяці тому

    how is this a memory game lol

  60. TheAlexanderSeries

    TheAlexanderSeries3 місяці тому

    “My favorite” “my favorite person to film with” 😂😂