Dead by Daylight | Stranger Things | Trailer


  1. Kurt The Bot

    Kurt The Bot6 годин тому

    Next Dead By Deadlight *Minecraft and the Creeper*

  2. DS

    DS6 годин тому

    Nooooo fudging way

  3. Lemoyellow

    Lemoyellow6 годин тому

    Okay, so there are new ppl coming in who never played or seen the game and ppl here who have been dedicated fans of ddb (aka like myself). I just want to say how happy I am to see ddb making a huge comeback and to see it on top 3 trending? That's amazing, incredible. So happy there's more recognition and attention towards this game.

  4. Smooth Move

    Smooth Move6 годин тому

    Change Nancy's face model

  5. noob gamer 6000

    noob gamer 60006 годин тому

    Please Release this on mobile because I dont have dead by daylight on my console only my phone

  6. Vadesy

    Vadesy6 годин тому


  7. UgandanKnucklesDei5th

    UgandanKnucklesDei5th6 годин тому

    If we don’t get Billy we Riot

  8. Joshua Harding

    Joshua Harding6 годин тому

    Bruh..... 1mil views in less than a day.... ya think anyone is excited?

  9. Tecca Clapped

    Tecca Clapped6 годин тому


  10. HYP3R EPIC

    HYP3R EPIC6 годин тому


  11. Vorg

    Vorg6 годин тому

    If only the in game visuals looked even remotely anything like these trailers.

  12. SpeciamDraws

    SpeciamDraws6 годин тому

    The faces on the video thumbnail will surely make me *dead by daylight.*

  13. Fox Pacman

    Fox Pacman6 годин тому


  14. Jay Vez

    Jay Vez6 годин тому

    I haven’t played in months. The Game gives me fucken heart attack every time.

  15. Random Content

    Random Content6 годин тому


  16. Isa._.

    Isa._.6 годин тому

    Seems about right

  17. DoritoCrush!

    DoritoCrush!6 годин тому

    " *Im so proud of this community!* "

  18. EliteDogg

    EliteDogg6 годин тому

    What they really need to add is Chucky it would be so epic

  19. CoolBestia

    CoolBestia6 годин тому

    I can't wait until the mobile version is not in beta anymore!!

  20. biccboi

    biccboi6 годин тому


  21. jiggiy8

    jiggiy86 годин тому

    Its that thing from fortnite Just a joke

  22. Sniper Ninja567

    Sniper Ninja5676 годин тому

    Random survivor: Is-Is he here? The Entity: Is who here? Steve: *Henderson!*

  23. Jake From State Farm

    Jake From State Farm6 годин тому

    Bet the demogorgon had a perk related to blood where he can sense auras depending on trails or maybe if a survivor heals someone they are more vulnerable

  24. Jesse K

    Jesse K6 годин тому

    Ste and Nancy look so much better than the other survivors... Hope this means the other survivors are gonna get boosted quality.

  25. Susie Cidal

    Susie Cidal6 годин тому

    CGI trailer m8

  26. AnDanDan

    AnDanDan6 годин тому

    Release the music!

  27. Lul Scar

    Lul Scar6 годин тому


  28. Kaylee Nguyen

    Kaylee Nguyen6 годин тому

    0:18 *me coming back home from the first week of school and i’m too lazy to walk*

  29. RJ DA

    RJ DA6 годин тому

    A dead game trying to get relevant off of a popular show.

  30. Garde la Pêche !

    Garde la Pêche !6 годин тому

    The game have almost 20,000 players constant on Steam, he has never been below 10,000 players since 2016. So don't talk about things you do not know.

  31. Ya boi be Dank

    Ya boi be Dank6 годин тому

    are these dlcs? im planning on getting the game and i wonder if i have to buy all these special killers

  32. Pumpkin Patch People

    Pumpkin Patch People6 годин тому

    Ya boi be Dank but this for sure is a paid dlc along with ghost face Michael myers and leather-face amongst others

  33. Pumpkin Patch People

    Pumpkin Patch People6 годин тому

    Ya boi be Dank xbox game pass has the special edition which has most of the non licensed characters unlocked already

  34. Pumpkin Patch People

    Pumpkin Patch People6 годин тому

    Ya boi be Dank depends on which system your on and which edition

  35. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name6 годин тому

    Not gonna lie, I wanted Five Nights At Freddy’s but this is better

  36. pb&j plushtrap

    pb&j plushtrap6 годин тому

    i don't care about demigorgon, the game needs jason!

  37. Skid Mittles

    Skid Mittles6 годин тому


  38. Julian Galo

    Julian Galo6 годин тому

    Ok tbh when you die while playing Steve or Nancy it’s a disturbing sight just seeing a well known and maybe main character for a large TV show. It’s sad

  39. Toxic _101

    Toxic _1016 годин тому

    Whished it was the starcourt as a map but still cool

  40. Peevxwm X

    Peevxwm X6 годин тому

    Yo is there gonna be eleven in there?

  41. Mauricio Sandoval Gomez

    Mauricio Sandoval Gomez6 годин тому


  42. David S

    David S6 годин тому

    First Fortnite now This,Im so happy for stranger things

  43. Garde la Pêche !

    Garde la Pêche !6 годин тому

    I did not think this game was going to get that far when I started playing in 2016, everything went so fast and I'm proud to be a player of this game since 2016. 👍

  44. _ Wolfie_

    _ Wolfie_6 годин тому

    Developers: we need more levels Greg: More? Thats a bit of a strange thing to say becaus= Developers: I V E. G O T. I T.

  45. Tron Speed

    Tron Speed6 годин тому

    Season 4 cmon now

  46. JadenMoodzK

    JadenMoodzK6 годин тому


  47. Susie Cidal

    Susie Cidal6 годин тому

    Nope. Not happening.

  48. Jordan Simon

    Jordan Simon6 годин тому

    A'ight. I love all the film crossovers but how about something with other horror games like Monstrum or FNAF?

  49. Julian Galo

    Julian Galo6 годин тому

    I can’t wait for another trailer

  50. Nick Ferguson

    Nick Ferguson6 годин тому

    Please be a 4 or 5 player co-op

  51. showerman

    showerman6 годин тому

    Nick Ferguson lol this guy thought it was a new game 🤦‍♀️😅😂😂😂😂😂

  52. K XCX

    K XCX6 годин тому

    Huh? This is just a DLC for a pre-existing game

  53. Joshua Agyiri

    Joshua Agyiri6 годин тому

    This is a fucking game this is a fucking game this is a fucking game THIS IS A FUCKING GAME.

  54. Susie Cidal

    Susie Cidal6 годин тому

    We’re aware

  55. no name

    no name6 годин тому

    Псы когда на мобиле игра

  56. KITT vs KARR KR

    KITT vs KARR KR6 годин тому


  57. M3KAツ

    M3KAツ6 годин тому

    [Everybody liked that]

  58. Faith Sparvier

    Faith Sparvier6 годин тому


  59. NateDogSturdikat

    NateDogSturdikat6 годин тому

    Finnaly a video game tie in that suits the style of the show

  60. pepe lord

    pepe lord6 годин тому

    im going to fucking buy this no matter how shit it might be

  61. Chase Reardon

    Chase Reardon6 годин тому

    Wait why Steve? Why not Jonathan?

  62. VoidGrenadeGaming

    VoidGrenadeGaming6 годин тому

    Buying the Demogorgon as soon as it releases

  63. pepe lord

    pepe lord6 годин тому


  64. kiana ツ

    kiana ツ6 годин тому

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME I CANT BELIEVE IT. I’m shook. I literally just had to sell my PS4 (rent, am I right?) and now y’all are coming out with a DLC for one of my favorite shows? ...I’m not even mad because I’m so shook lmao...

  65. Aubray and Bailey

    Aubray and Bailey6 годин тому

    Catch me listening to the menu music for twenty minutes before I start a match😂

  66. Coral LB

    Coral LB6 годин тому

    It should've been the Scoops Troop duo! LOL aka Steve & Robin

  67. Hunter Otte

    Hunter Otte6 годин тому

    That thing looks like its going to be fun to deal with. XD I won't lie, never saw Stranger Things. I stopped watching TV from a young age and mostly stuck to youtube, but can anyone tell me what it does (in the show, like its abilities and methods of hunting). Won't lie, I get the movie horror thing the game is going for but I'd love to see a video game enemy at some point. Perhaps like "Safe Face" from Evil Within or a Grunt from Amnesia. Although admittedly Grunt, or old pewdiepie fans would call a "Bro" , would likely play too similarly to the doctor as they rely on the exact same tricks fundamentally. (psychosis, fear aura's, the doc's illusion and the poofers being quite similar too)

  68. Aubray and Bailey

    Aubray and Bailey6 годин тому

    I been holding off on buying this for years but now that I saw this I literally bought it right away i don’t even care i have to wait i need this

  69. Nacindia DreamChild

    Nacindia DreamChild6 годин тому

    Love this...please check-out my videos pls

  70. robert b. howse

    robert b. howse6 годин тому

    O look it's Barren trump

  71. Victor

    Victor6 годин тому

    Its a game?

  72. IrishDude

    IrishDude6 годин тому


  73. Ayush Raj

    Ayush Raj6 годин тому


  74. lil Nex

    lil Nex6 годин тому

    Hell yesss

  75. L & Yum

    L & Yum6 годин тому

    Bruh dashie better do a gameplay of this

  76. Noor Husain

    Noor Husain6 годин тому

    Lol I thought it was a season 4 trailer but nope! New video game!❤️

  77. Vicho

    Vicho6 годин тому

    Noor Husain It is a dlc for an existing video game called dead by daylight. It also has many popular horror icons like michael myers, leatherface, jigsaw's pighead, freddy krueger, etc

  78. Cortez Maner

    Cortez Maner6 годин тому

    O am screaming I am so glad they used these two characters from the series omg I can't believe this is happening made one of my fav games 100 times better 😍😭😭😍

  79. Kasey Nickel

    Kasey Nickel6 годин тому

    If Steve or Nancy aren’t wielding the bat with nails, then we riot.

  80. Mythical Ut

    Mythical Ut6 годин тому

    I recently bought clown and used up my allowance:(

  81. Kalli Whxre

    Kalli Whxre6 годин тому

    Does anyone have a release date or smthng cuz I didn’t see one

  82. Blatantcat smith

    Blatantcat smith6 годин тому

    Noooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  83. screech

    screech6 годин тому


  84. InsanityWolf HD

    InsanityWolf HD6 годин тому

    Too bad they didn't add a Deadite when Ash was released.

  85. TheDeLoreanGaming

    TheDeLoreanGaming6 годин тому

    I have a reason to get this game now

  86. Juanca Nation

    Juanca Nation6 годин тому

    Me: idk these servers take too long to get into a game DBD: *drops stranger things content* Me: okay, maybe I can wait

  87. shadic web

    shadic web6 годин тому


  88. jkhang00

    jkhang006 годин тому

    Steve "The Hair" Harrington?!?! Me: "Hold my scooper."

  89. TheLazyHeystack246

    TheLazyHeystack2466 годин тому

    Can’t believe this is trending

  90. Whaurs On Xbox

    Whaurs On Xbox6 годин тому

    Stfu pussy

  91. Martín Peña

    Martín Peña6 годин тому