1. Regg3216 3215

    Regg3216 321515 годин тому

    Him take a shot ayy

  2. Ryan Krug

    Ryan Krug16 годин тому


  3. Underated LO

    Underated LO18 годин тому

    I remember playing my ex girlfriend new boyfriend for her he was like if he lose he will give me her,the key to her apartment & he will leave her alone so we can get back together.I burst his ass & was like nawl I don’t want her or her key it was too funny.

  4. Underated LO

    Underated LO18 годин тому

    This is too funny & he is head by talking to the girl after every point.Mind games.😂😆🤣

  5. 4Eva Flay

    4Eva Flay21 годину тому

    Whats up with that guys layup package 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Yannick DDAY

    Yannick DDAYДень тому

    Dude in the white Nike ain’t made no 3 points at all 😭😭😭🤣and he broke Allan’s ankle 🤣

  7. Risa Everett

    Risa EverettДень тому

    i feel so sorry for him

  8. Risa Everett

    Risa EverettДень тому

    allan won its 7 -3

  9. Ty ismy middlename

    Ty ismy middlenameДень тому

    You the goat 🐐

  10. minecraft prep

    minecraft prepДень тому

    why did she just kiss that dirty ball

  11. Kaden ledezmas adventure

    Kaden ledezmas adventureДень тому

    She's the bitch she looks like the type of bitch who had thousands of kids

  12. Abdii Abdii

    Abdii Abdii2 дні тому

    hhhhhhh good jop

  13. John Adams

    John Adams2 дні тому

    Damn 🤣🤣😭😭😢😢

  14. Ray Rustia

    Ray Rustia2 дні тому

    My mans looks like the guy from turbo dismount when he layups

  15. Invixjam3syoutube

    Invixjam3syoutube2 дні тому

    It’s his fault he lost his girl number 1 don’t ever challenge a good basketball player

  16. Big Trev

    Big Trev2 дні тому

    You fouled him

  17. Kaden Madison

    Kaden Madison2 дні тому

    Yes I saw a foul idiot Jaden SUCKS

  18. jakup faton

    jakup faton2 дні тому

    I feel sorry for that guy :(

  19. Tony 2FIT

    Tony 2FIT3 дні тому

    girly lay ups

  20. Tyler_ gameplay

    Tyler_ gameplay3 дні тому

    6:50 .....👏... yes I think I saw and heard a foul

  21. Lou Mundia

    Lou Mundia3 дні тому

    1 guy has no game! 2 he only goes to his right. 3 whats with the girly leg kick on his lay up. 4 i would bet alot of things on a game. My girl would not be one of them especially one like that.

  22. Kwarojwok oboya

    Kwarojwok oboya3 дні тому

    Dunk the last shot


    KING JONES3 дні тому

    y dose he layup like that

  24. Gavin Scott

    Gavin Scott4 дні тому

    So ya'll low key not gonna say anything about that extra bouncing ball on the court at 13:31?

  25. Jayla Currie

    Jayla Currie4 дні тому

    You don't want her

  26. Odell LMAO CALN LOL

    Odell LMAO CALN LOL4 дні тому

    Trump got a better layup than him

  27. Odell LMAO CALN LOL

    Odell LMAO CALN LOL4 дні тому

    Yeah I did u little bitch

  28. Debra Thayer

    Debra Thayer4 дні тому

    Umm I’m not good at basketball but I’m ok at i👠

  29. I Am Brand

    I Am Brand4 дні тому

    What the hell kinda lay up 13:13

  30. Asher Huerta

    Asher Huerta6 днів тому

    she looked like the kind that cheats

  31. Chris Dods

    Chris Dods7 днів тому

    But water those lamps look at his back leg is there a ballerina dance or something

  32. Sandra Campbell

    Sandra Campbell9 днів тому

    that girl is a ediot she is a hater a fool

  33. Cierra Crawford

    Cierra Crawford9 днів тому

    Your wrong for don’g that you a hole

  34. Leisure Gaming

    Leisure Gaming9 днів тому

    lost interest by 0:40

  35. Belinda Carpenter

    Belinda Carpenter10 днів тому

    I saw a foul

  36. Kamaurie Lovely-Hall

    Kamaurie Lovely-Hall10 днів тому

    He was was

  37. Eli_Almighty530

    Eli_Almighty53011 днів тому

    This bitch suck ass I could be him and I’m only 17

  38. rodney caldwell

    rodney caldwell12 днів тому

    Date layup do

  39. Kristie Moore

    Kristie Moore12 днів тому

    You got yo ankles broken by the worst player of 2019

  40. Gian Delacruz

    Gian Delacruz13 днів тому

    Why did the dude wants to kiss your ass

  41. Yariel Rivas

    Yariel Rivas13 днів тому

    Man nigga had the kiss on the ball all he needed to do was strip the ball to get the girl hard

  42. Pulse Fire63

    Pulse Fire6314 днів тому

    That nigga stupid

  43. AYN Dav

    AYN Dav14 днів тому

    Isaw foul The way you Suck

  44. Akera Sands

    Akera Sands15 днів тому

    Be suck

  45. Seven Gordon

    Seven Gordon15 днів тому

    5:31 everybody was kung-fu fighting!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  46. Wyatt Butson

    Wyatt Butson15 днів тому

    9:05 got me weak af

  47. Kaylan Perry

    Kaylan Perry15 днів тому


  48. Tommy Bowater

    Tommy Bowater15 днів тому

    Yes it was a fellow

  49. The BMW Bros

    The BMW Bros15 днів тому

    Why does that dude in the grind never stop tanktop do his layups like that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. JB King

    JB King15 днів тому

    You can’t be stealing his girlfriend.

  51. savage boss

    savage boss16 днів тому

    i think one of them bitch slaped i the other guy sounded like it

  52. Abdiqadir Muhamed

    Abdiqadir Muhamed16 днів тому

    What kind of layups are those

  53. Chase Monreal

    Chase Monreal16 днів тому

    You are so good am going to get her to her suck at basketball

  54. FaZe SwayYT

    FaZe SwayYT16 днів тому

    Plus he knows his insta

  55. FaZe SwayYT

    FaZe SwayYT16 днів тому

    Thing about out of the blue this random dude comes and says ur ass is this not a role play

  56. Jaylen Polk

    Jaylen Polk16 днів тому

    Got daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn

  57. Ninja B

    Ninja B16 днів тому

    Foul like 16 times

  58. Aj And Dj

    Aj And Dj16 днів тому

    Are you being a sore loser

  59. Dylan Jackson

    Dylan Jackson17 днів тому

    I can probably beat jarred in basketball and I am in a wheelchairs

  60. Andy Sandoval Ortiz

    Andy Sandoval Ortiz17 днів тому

    He fouled