Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. christopher haas

    christopher haasГодину тому

    Wait, so is Will smith just Gonna Talk-Sing through Friend like me?

  2. David Rosen

    David Rosen2 години тому

    hmmm ... looks like piss

  3. Luna LOu

    Luna LOu2 години тому

    This looks like an Indian movie than an arab movie!! Lol!!! Aladin is an Egyptian according to the original strong and jasmine is actually "Yassmine".

  4. Luna LOu

    Luna LOu2 години тому


  5. themightywhoosh

    themightywhoosh2 години тому

    i can NOT stop watching this trailer im so so so excited... im more than willing to give this one a shot, even though so far all the remakes have kind of sucked (beauty and the beast remake shattered my childhood)

  6. MadLane

    MadLane2 години тому

    OMG why does that girl look so much like Sarah Micheal Gelar from the show Buffy O_O is it just me that sees them as the same or what ? i even thought it was her especially at 1:40

  7. Frederick Paulino

    Frederick Paulino2 години тому

    Oh shit it’s will Smith

  8. sophia-chan :3

    sophia-chan :32 години тому

    WillSmiths career is going down hill...

  9. Mak Bluu

    Mak Bluu3 години тому

    She’s from lemonade mouth!! Only early 2000s kids would know

  10. Mandraquex3000

    Mandraquex30003 години тому

    looks interesting... sadly though, and i can say this with relative confidence, they blew their load of every good scene with this trailer.

  11. Jamie Az

    Jamie Az3 години тому

    Omg I can hear the crappy acting from Aladdin and Jafar. Monotone boring no skills.

  12. Bella Ortega

    Bella Ortega3 години тому

    Can't wait to see this movie💜

  13. Woj Tek

    Woj Tek4 години тому

    Goddamn the CGI is bad, looks like a PS4 game

  14. Gk

    Gk4 години тому

    I really want them to do the little mermaid! My favourite movie as a kid !

  15. dgarrard100

    dgarrard1005 годин тому

    Well, credit where it's due. This trailer's better than the last one.

  16. Evan0706

    Evan07065 годин тому

    😮 | |/ This is bob. If you like this comment you will probably be breathing.

  17. Kirk Singh

    Kirk Singh5 годин тому

    Thanks 🙏

  18. Kirk Singh

    Kirk Singh5 годин тому

    Lot of love 🙏🎶

  19. عبدالله البدراني

    عبدالله البدراني5 годин тому

    ديزني جعلت من إستايل الفلم آقرب للهندي من العربي ،بشكل متعمد وساذج، وهذا يدل على مدى استخافهم بالعرب ، إختيار الممثلين تم بشكل سيء وعنصري، حيث إستبعدو الجهات الشرق الأوسطية الفاعله وجلبوا الهنود والصينيين والأوروبيين .

  20. Luna LOu

    Luna LOu2 години тому

    حتى انهم سرقوا القصة الاصلية من الف ليلة وليلة، ساذجون

  21. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia5 годин тому

    If I had three wishes, I'd want Fortnite, and Marques Brownlee

  22. Michal Rojas

    Michal Rojas6 годин тому

    I don’t think I’ll ever take jafar’s voice seriously

  23. peyton McFarland

    peyton McFarland6 годин тому

    Stitch ride

  24. Alaa Mohsen

    Alaa Mohsen6 годин тому

    At the beginning of the trailer I heard some Arabic words I'm so happy that they added this to the new movie

  25. what what

    what what6 годин тому

    App the best linkduit.net/bClTZ

  26. Knowbodi

    Knowbodi7 годин тому

    I would have cast Kelsey Grammer for The Genie, personally. Great voice actor, great actor, and if they wanted to make him look younger they could have used that age backwards CGI they used on Nick Fury but I don't even think a Genie should have to look young. That's just me.

  27. MrandMrsNavarro

    MrandMrsNavarro7 годин тому


  28. Chandan Sh

    Chandan Sh8 годин тому

    Kevin Hart would have made a very funny genie

  29. JK FluffyX3

    JK FluffyX38 годин тому


  30. christian scelaya

    christian scelaya9 годин тому


  31. Chris Beder

    Chris Beder9 годин тому

    Seems though Arabia was a part of India before

  32. renab

    renab9 годин тому

    For all the comments who think Persia is Arabic, know that Persians, today called Iranians, are NOT Arabs.

  33. Pablo Gutierrez

    Pablo Gutierrez9 годин тому

    Will Smith? Really!

  34. serkan akarsu

    serkan akarsu9 годин тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-LjfWbPnK1GU.html please like friends 👍

  35. Garrium Whirwart

    Garrium Whirwart9 годин тому

    Isnt it more like of *Bollywood style* ? I had expected it to be more Arabian. 😐

  36. Joshua Jimenez

    Joshua Jimenez10 годин тому

    1:52 who is that?

  37. Giorgos Vlaxavas

    Giorgos Vlaxavas7 годин тому

    Who? The woman in the red clothes? She is Dalia, Jasmine's best friend and handmaiden. She is a new character

  38. Giorgos Vlaxavas

    Giorgos Vlaxavas7 годин тому

    Who? The woman in red?

  39. Vídeo Informe

    Vídeo Informe10 годин тому

    Já aqui na expectativa querendo ver.

  40. Laura Albarran

    Laura Albarran10 годин тому

    I love it !!!!!! my favorite movie princess's

  41. Logjam225

    Logjam22510 годин тому

    Aladdin is my all time Favorite Disney film. My heart exploded!

  42. Chase Vp

    Chase Vp11 годин тому

    not sure if this is going to be extremely good or extremely cringe

  43. brion burkett

    brion burkett11 годин тому

    So another live action Disney movie that can’t capture the broadway excellence of the original but excuses this by being “relevant”. Got it... Yawn...

  44. DJ S

    DJ S11 годин тому

    Islam will own Disney soon and further Allah’s peace Praise Allah god

  45. Sandeep Dilor

    Sandeep Dilor11 годин тому

    But i am very disappointed a cractor of evil jafar.... anyway this movie best Disney live action remake of Aladdin....

  46. Photosounder

    Photosounder11 годин тому

    Woke niggas: omg so what if Hamilton's Aaron Burr is black who cares? #WhiteFragility Also woke niggas: omg Jasmine is played by a half-Indian actress and therefore she's the wrong ethnicity to be an Arabian princess BOYCOTT!!!

  47. John Naga

    John Naga11 годин тому

    Cant wait to watch.

  48. Nike bruh

    Nike bruh11 годин тому


  49. Disembodied Voice

    Disembodied Voice11 годин тому

    “I can make you rich enough to impress the princess.” “What do I have to do?” “You see, I work for a company. Herbalife.” Aladmlm

  50. MOviez4U

    MOviez4U12 годин тому

    Best trailer ever must watch: uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-x1-Ya0NZQso.html

  51. Boyd Daane

    Boyd Daane12 годин тому

    Teaches children it's okay to steal, lie, make deals with evil jin/devil/genie for wealth, honors of men, fame, sneak girls out of their homes at night. Same thing with Little Mermaid. Disobey father, make deal with witch, run away from home to pursue a man. Instant gratification in "this world/Babylon" if you make deals. Doctrine of devils/Lies that lead to the destruction of the soul. A spiritual trap. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ. He will return in wrath and fury upon the wicked and He will spare none that remain in Babylon. Flee Babylon's enchantments. Protect your children from such fantasies. It's not harmless. Wake up.

  52. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose5 годин тому

    shut up

  53. Reyman Santos

    Reyman Santos12 годин тому

    That Jasmine when she sings "A Whole New World" makes my hair stand lol

  54. Brando Williams

    Brando Williams11 годин тому

    I have listened to the original and honestly I think her version might be better than the original the original one sounds cool but it almost sounds like she took the song and made it into what it was supposed to be

  55. allah izafag

    allah izafag12 годин тому

    Torrent all disney movies

  56. Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend

    Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend12 годин тому

    Aldaddin looks Indian

  57. mo maffei

    mo maffei13 годин тому

    Oh man when he rubbed the lamp and blue smoke came out I forgot Robin William wasn't going to appear. Now I just feel sad.

  58. BrianMarrino236

    BrianMarrino23613 годин тому

    I loved the 1992 classic since I was born in that year, now I'm concerned this might get a lot of bad reviews and bomb at the box office

  59. Amira Tounekti

    Amira Tounekti13 годин тому

    Some things are better left ANIMATED.

  60. M Soumaya

    M Soumaya13 годин тому

    This seems more Indian than Arab my dude


    FOXSITE13 годин тому

    I thinks this was T-Series XD

  62. Jun Lee

    Jun Lee14 годин тому

    i think... terry crews would've fitted role for genie...better than will smith.

  63. Brando Williams

    Brando Williams11 годин тому

    Yeah okay this is why you're not in charge lmao gtfoh

  64. AgroSouz

    AgroSouz14 годин тому


  65. Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    Rafferty Keegan-Sharief14 годин тому

    Wow!! 25 million views!!!

  66. PeachOats

    PeachOats14 годин тому

    oK ok British actors (well, the Jasmine actress is British anyway), who are supposed to be medieval Arabians, speaking with American accents

  67. Ragi Baba

    Ragi Baba14 годин тому

    Avan jogia should be the aladdin

  68. Virus _Joy

    Virus _Joy15 годин тому

    Well when a trailer shows u everything about the movie 😅 so no need to watch it ✋😁😂 #kidding😘

  69. Adman77

    Adman7715 годин тому

    Sorry, i preffer Avengers...

  70. Gray Leprechaun

    Gray Leprechaun15 годин тому

    I have no problem with this! But I still can't accept that you'll remove Shang in Mulan!! Not fair man! Not fair!

  71. Husna Uneng

    Husna Uneng15 годин тому

    I don't understand why people are so salty about Will Smith being genie ? He is the best choices

  72. Evan Lajoie

    Evan Lajoie16 годин тому


  73. Farhan Ahmed

    Farhan Ahmed16 годин тому

    Too much bollywood vibe

  74. Arash Namjoo

    Arash Namjoo16 годин тому

    Fucking Indian woman playing jasmine

  75. Brandon Kohout

    Brandon Kohout16 годин тому

    Aladdin is gonna prove himself that he’s more than just a street rat.

  76. Mack Wicker

    Mack Wicker17 годин тому

    Looks great

  77. Marah Meertens

    Marah Meertens17 годин тому

    1:48 YEAHH SING BABY!!! Love this😂😂

  78. Mohsin ali

    Mohsin ali17 годин тому


  79. Kimmy -Splat Queen

    Kimmy -Splat Queen17 годин тому

    Genie sounds like Grock And Khufra from ML

  80. Diwakar#Raj# Ambani

    Diwakar#Raj# Ambani17 годин тому

    Fantasy movie

  81. Sisiana Julianti

    Sisiana Julianti17 годин тому

    Disney studio's 💓

  82. Flex Fan

    Flex Fan17 годин тому

    Who can use chanese tell me what this?

  83. organicjoe

    organicjoe17 годин тому

    So no one going to talk about that fact that iago still hasn't spoken and that he gets turned into a giant monster bird.

  84. Maledict

    Maledict17 годин тому

    Soyboy Jafar

  85. Coffee Or Bass

    Coffee Or Bass18 годин тому

    Okay my goosebumps never stop when she started to sing

  86. LePapillon

    LePapillon19 годин тому

    yaahahahhh..thats hot.

  87. Isabel Garcia

    Isabel Garcia19 годин тому

    Anyone else got Prince of Persia chills at the beginning?? Just me?

  88. Gaurav mandor

    Gaurav mandor19 годин тому

    Ta da da da da aladdin madafakar 😂..... Snoop dogg😎😎

  89. prasetyo reizky

    prasetyo reizky19 годин тому

    Keren bro,, salam dari Indonesia

  90. usang chanel

    usang chanel19 годин тому

    Yang mau film dilan 1991 ada di channel saya

  91. Anthony Riccardi

    Anthony Riccardi19 годин тому

    This looks dope af

  92. Sean Jayson

    Sean Jayson20 годин тому

    Why cant they just make the Genie in full CGI like Thanos?

  93. The last Melon

    The last Melon20 годин тому

    I’m about to watch this shit 8 times a in theaters

  94. Ethan 0007

    Ethan 000720 годин тому

    Ranveer singh khilji look was better than this jafar

  95. Ethan 0007

    Ethan 000720 годин тому

    uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-v7K4vGYL9zI.html howz this guy as jafar ?

  96. Jenni Lopez

    Jenni Lopez20 годин тому

    Why did Aladdin’s shirt have to be on...

  97. Vignesh dhils

    Vignesh dhils20 годин тому

    But the animated version is legit its ok

  98. Sai krishna

    Sai krishna20 годин тому

    Lion king, toy story,Aladdin..

  99. Giorgie Gorge

    Giorgie Gorge21 годину тому

    So far, I’ve watched Cinderella and Beauty and the beast as for the live remakes. Cinderella obvi was amazing and great story. Beauty and the beast, well, uhmm, was terrible. We’ll see about this one!


    KHALED WALED21 годину тому

    علاء الدين❤

  101. Greate Gambler

    Greate Gambler21 годину тому

    Porn parody?

  102. Wes B

    Wes B21 годину тому

    Frooooom, West Saudi Arabia born and raised, in a tiny lamp, where I spent most of my days.

  103. sofia

    sofia22 години тому

    if you look closely at 1:58 when Aladdin fall there's a person 'o'

  104. Giorgos Vlaxavas

    Giorgos Vlaxavas11 годин тому

    i want to believe its Abu

  105. MAX MAX

    MAX MAX22 години тому

    Once again.. Hollywood (aka White people) mixing Indian culture with Middle Eastern/Arab culture. Smh.

  106. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose5 годин тому

    that's what they did with the animated movie too tho

  107. Flowercat911

    Flowercat91123 години тому

    Who in the world is jafer? I hear people talk about him in the comments. Please TELL ME!

  108. manik basha

    manik basha23 години тому

    Will give Oscar to will smith.especially wen comes out of lamp expressions are extraordinary.

  109. Jasmine Stuart

    Jasmine Stuart23 години тому

    Could of found a cuter Aladdin tho