1. Peter McKinnon

    Peter McKinnonРік тому

    What do you guys think?! Would you buy Osmo Action Over GoPro Hero 7 Black?

  2. Ryder Schuch

    Ryder Schuch2 місяці тому

    GoPro all the way

  3. TurkishLens

    TurkishLens8 місяців тому

    Anybody else asking DJI Action vs GoPro Hero 8 ☕😎

  4. Lynton Howes

    Lynton Howes10 місяців тому

    Love the vid thank you. But, you are so unfit! Please try testing products daily and you soon won't be spent after one block of jogging 🙄

  5. Henryk Sasim

    Henryk Sasim10 місяців тому

    I wonder if he reads the user's manuals before shooting the videos.

  6. MH 14

    MH 1410 місяців тому

    You haven't uploaded more videos using this...

  7. Amar Nath Das

    Amar Nath Das7 днів тому

    GoPro Hero 8 Black or DJI Osmo Action?

  8. Focused in Media

    Focused in Media13 днів тому

    How about a tutorial on that frame masking you did on 1:10 to 1:15

  9. xradical89x

    xradical89xМісяць тому

    first impression: it's so much better than gopro

  10. Info Vidoe

    Info VidoeМісяць тому

    Osmo's features and comparisons against the GoPro hero 8 black.

  11. Aaron Lewis

    Aaron LewisМісяць тому

    Hi Peter love your vids can u do an update on this action cam please how's it held up

  12. DroneTumulud

    DroneTumuludМісяць тому

    thanks peter..i just bought the osmo action and this video really help me ready to explore and use it.

  13. Rice2G

    Rice2G2 місяці тому

    This is better than the gopro! I just made a vlog with it! Front screen is so helpful

  14. Jared Gotcher

    Jared Gotcher2 місяці тому

    Have you revisited this camera yet? I don’t recall seeing a fuller review from you.

  15. Faisal Bilal

    Faisal Bilal2 місяці тому

    Am gonna have it soon thanks boss!👍

  16. Faisal Bilal

    Faisal Bilal2 місяці тому

    Am gonna have it soon thanks boss!👍

  17. B4U kerala to

    B4U kerala to2 місяці тому


  18. R Vijayann

    R Vijayann3 місяці тому

    Allo allo, what’s the sensor size and the company they source from. Does hassleblad have its tech behind OJI CAM?

  19. Mayank Raghav

    Mayank Raghav3 місяці тому

    As GoPro Hero 8 is here....Osmo is finding shelter.

  20. Brian Hallmond

    Brian Hallmond3 місяці тому

    Only thing it's not good at is low light. I love mine.

  21. Ian Borromeo

    Ian Borromeo3 місяці тому

    I just bought the action because of this video! First vlog is up! I hope you check out the quality and how bad I did my first edit 😂

  22. BonsaiGuy

    BonsaiGuy3 місяці тому

    The Art of Nerf War, always maintain the high ground, well done, oh.......and that camera thingy looks cool too

  23. DAVID1239354

    DAVID12393544 місяці тому

    ow do you upload share the videos from osmo action on social media and UAreporter? You need laptop or desktop computer? I only have iPhone . Been taking videos from my iPhone and edit on iMovie app on iPhone and upload from iPhone. Can you edit upload videos straight from the osmo action without the need of other device ? Thank you

  24. Faith Evans

    Faith Evans4 місяці тому

    What mic adapter and microphone did you use on it? The sound is lovely

  25. Chris's Camera's and Gadgets

    Chris's Camera's and Gadgets4 місяці тому

    That osmo action background super stable

  26. Aszlam Polska

    Aszlam Polska5 місяців тому

    DJI OSMO ACTION-number one!

  27. Blake Roberts

    Blake Roberts5 місяців тому

    Hey! I just filmed my latest vlog using the DJI Osmo Action.📷 If you want a real life example of how it can be used, check it out 🤙🏾 10/10 would recommend! Peter you inspired me to make my own content, so thank you! This video also persuaded me to by the Osmo!

  28. Richard Bott Slots And More

    Richard Bott Slots And More6 місяців тому

    Awesome Review. I have an ozmo pocket and am considering getting an action too. I use them in the casinos to make my slot play videos. The small size doesn't draw much attention. Thanks for the great content..

  29. ThuggyMacho

    ThuggyMacho6 місяців тому

    DJI Osmo is a lot better.

  30. Toben Benemerito

    Toben Benemerito6 місяців тому

    Nobody talks the crop Osmo does and how wide the Gopro view is

  31. brendalg4

    brendalg46 місяців тому

    What? Everybody talks about it

  32. Awesomegamerscientist

    Awesomegamerscientist6 місяців тому

    What are the best settings to shoot low light video?

  33. Britni Looby

    Britni Looby6 місяців тому

    Peter we need an action cam update!!!

  34. Rob Guevara

    Rob Guevara7 місяців тому

    Did anyone notice that rocksteady was not that good in low light? Really shaky in comparison with hypersmooth...

  35. Cerita Mr. Zank

    Cerita Mr. Zank8 місяців тому

    Great share

  36. Erick Perdomo

    Erick Perdomo8 місяців тому

    do you still recommend this Osmo Action over the GoPro Hero 8? I just want a stable and reliable camera for special angles and everyday in my backpack camera sort of thing..! I know a new firmware added hyperlapse stabilized and to help with the LCD latency issue... thanks!

  37. だっち / DatchLiveTv

    だっち / DatchLiveTv8 місяців тому

    Does anyone know this BGM 0:43 ?

  38. Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson8 місяців тому

    Are you going to review the New Hero 8 ? Love to see what you think.. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  39. Europa Canada 移投置

    Europa Canada 移投置8 місяців тому

    Rubbish cam

  40. DONZOR

    DONZOR8 місяців тому


  41. Shayy Marie

    Shayy Marie8 місяців тому

    "I filmed my crotch on a jetski for 45 minutes, that really sucks" 😂😂😂

  42. Sarim Mehboob Siddiqui

    Sarim Mehboob Siddiqui8 місяців тому

    You know, I completely forgot about the Osmo Action, until this video.

  43. ModernAviation

    ModernAviation8 місяців тому

    Are you going to do a comparison between the Osmo and the Hero 8? Would be really nice as I want to get myself a actioncam :) Kind regards!

  44. Dr. Amr Ebeid

    Dr. Amr Ebeid9 місяців тому

    very bad product and also bad customer service. the osmo action didn’t work after 3 days when I bought it. they ask me to pay 290 $ because there is no warranty cover that issue. I watched many videos on UAreporter and I found it common issues in this product

  45. Baca Baconi

    Baca Baconi7 місяців тому

    Amr Ebeid and what is the issue?

  46. Avi G

    Avi G9 місяців тому

    Hi, what gimbal and mount did you use?

  47. Adnan A

    Adnan A9 місяців тому

    I think it does well against the hero 8 too

  48. Rob Lpz

    Rob Lpz9 місяців тому

    2:14 I'm not gonna ask you if you want to play dude...

  49. wlhsnowboarding and mtb

    wlhsnowboarding and mtb9 місяців тому

    Is it good for mountain biking.?

  50. GAM

    GAM9 місяців тому

    Why you didn't have an osmo pocket review?

  51. catchem

    catchem9 місяців тому

    Behind the bar look at the lights on the ceiling on Osmo they look true white and on GP7 they are yellow. When hes climbing the stairwell look at the red car parked up on the Osmo its a darker red and GP7 its more orange I just think Osmo is more natural.

  52. Patrick Botros

    Patrick Botros9 місяців тому

    I was about to buy GoPro Hero 7 and now you just convinced me not to buy it but to go with the DJI OSMO. Thx, Amazing content. keep up the good work!!! Pat from Montreal!!

  53. Daniel Calsada

    Daniel Calsada9 місяців тому

    update video?

  54. fly x

    fly x9 місяців тому

    Who need dji action accessory. I can give away! I am an amazon seller, I need review! Contact information is on my homepage's about.

  55. brendalg4

    brendalg46 місяців тому

    Do you still need a review? I'm not commenting from my account that I upload videos to.

  56. Remmy Oszyanu

    Remmy Oszyanu9 місяців тому

    For about 2 months I sit and think about it! Should I buy it or not ?! :) :(

  57. Tone Ross

    Tone Ross9 місяців тому

    Peter I’m ready for the follow up to this video! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  58. Affan Amjad

    Affan Amjad10 місяців тому

    6:10 close your eyes

  59. ec17pse

    ec17pse10 місяців тому

    fast forward todate, how have you been getting on with this? I am looking into this as my first expensive action cam so im very cautious on whether to pay this money out for one of wait till they do a 2nd version in about 1 year lol

  60. 7GTV

    7GTV10 місяців тому

    gopro 8 is just a waste.

  61. 7GTV

    7GTV10 місяців тому

    yep... just got converted....

  62. KEYFRAME Video productions

    KEYFRAME Video productions10 місяців тому

    This camera has manufacturing errors. The front screen gets moisture in the water and blurs. The card and charging usb-c cover is very poorly designed. The second time I opened the cover, it didn't lock properly and the service company told me that they want 75 euros to change it. DJI sells the cover 19 euros to the official site.... DJI has a very poor service (they make you wait more than a month to fix a problem). Anyone who needs a professional camera should prefer gopro7.

  63. Mbuso Guma

    Mbuso Guma10 місяців тому

    Am I the only one that sees a little Marvin Gaye in you?

  64. Shahid Jufri

    Shahid Jufri10 місяців тому

    Literally just sold my GPHB7. Im getting this! Like right now! 😆

  65. MKZ's diary

    MKZ's diary10 місяців тому

    bought this

  66. B Thunder

    B Thunder10 місяців тому

    Surprised you didn't mention the screen lag!

  67. mattMPG

    mattMPG10 місяців тому

    For me the GoPro color seems so over saturated.

  68. mattMPG

    mattMPG10 місяців тому

    I have a Hero 7 Black and after watching this I 100% prefer the Osmo. I actually prefer the flat color profile of the Osmo to the GoPro. I color grade all my videos.

  69. 纳闷哥大将军

    纳闷哥大将军10 місяців тому


  70. P-stylez

    P-stylez10 місяців тому

    After years and years of holding off buying an action cam, I believe I've found the one. The one to rule them all.

  71. Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen10 місяців тому

    Plz make a new vlog of these too soon.. Going to buy one of them soon ;) Thanks for great vlog !!

  72. Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen10 місяців тому

    Already got more vlog info.. I´m buying Gopro 7 :)

  73. darkstepwarrior88

    darkstepwarrior8810 місяців тому

    First video of your channel i am watching and i am delighted

  74. Ray Zhou

    Ray Zhou10 місяців тому

    jid should be the ambassador of dji

  75. Roland Jeremiah

    Roland Jeremiah10 місяців тому

    Man.. shout out all the Canadian hero’s marvel forgot to mention... Peter McKinnon. Your reviews always come clutch when I need them!

  76. SemmyRace

    SemmyRace10 місяців тому

    Any updates on a dji vs hero 7 comparison? Recently lost a gopro, undecided if I should buy the hero 7 black or the osmo action. I'd use with a mic connected, that no cam supports without adapters

  77. Salty Gee

    Salty Gee11 місяців тому

    I was making that exact same face as you at 5:02 haha, I actually laughed out loud.

  78. Xochitl S.

    Xochitl S.11 місяців тому

    Hello Peter! Can you make a video where you show us how to use DJI Osmo Action camera in a more cinematic mode. When you have time, thank you! ;-)



    Good Day! I am on the fence between getting the Osmo Action and The GOpro Hero 7. What would you recommend? Appreciate the feedback. Thank you and Awesome channel!!!!!!!



    @Daniel Neely Thank you for the reply.....DJI Osmo Action it is....So far I guess it will be a good addition to my Osmo POcket, Insta360 ONe X and Fuji Xa3 and Drone.

  81. Daniel Neely

    Daniel Neely10 місяців тому

    DJI Osmo Action without a doubt.

  82. Roger rtewwr

    Roger rtewwr11 місяців тому

    Rocksteady, clear winner also, low light, Osmo is clear clear winner

  83. Tiago

    Tiago11 місяців тому

    at 7:31 how come the rocksteady is on and it's 100 times worse in terms of stabilization? what happened?

  84. Scott Stephens

    Scott Stephens11 місяців тому

    Do the GoPro accessory mounts work with the DJI OSMO?

  85. Yuhki [ The YM Studio ]

    Yuhki [ The YM Studio ]11 місяців тому

    I think oughta get my hands on one now...just for shits and gigs :-P!!!!

  86. yi tan

    yi tan11 місяців тому

    i just find out that osmo action will overheating seriously when shooting 4k 60FPS,its hard to hold~~hope dji can solve this problem

  87. joshx413

    joshx41311 місяців тому

    What kind of Nerf guns were those?

  88. TigerChuu

    TigerChuu11 місяців тому

    Think Hero 7 was better in stabilization and image quality in light Action was better in low light image quality but wayyy to bright sometimes in light Both amazing I think though for their size

  89. Ulrey Productions

    Ulrey Productions11 місяців тому

    you have your fathers hands ✌️

  90. Jaime Vedres

    Jaime Vedres11 місяців тому

    No stabilized hyperlapse feature on the DJI OA like the GoPro 7. Attempting to return or sell my DJI OA unless DJI releases some sort of firmware upgrade that includes this feature.

  91. SkyPilot

    SkyPilotРік тому

    Nice review. Are the mounts interchangeable with the gopro mounts? 🎖✔👍🖑👊😉