Doja Cat - Juicy (Official Audio)


  1. Davi Gomes

    Davi Gomes9 годин тому

    Quem veio pela mina de 15 anos ?

  2. Pixel Pixie

    Pixel Pixie16 годин тому

    As a gay, can I just say, women are beautiful, bootyful if you will 🥺

  3. Rick Giniebra

    Rick Giniebra2 дні тому

    Mm this song has warmth!

  4. KiKi

    KiKi2 дні тому

    Does all the tiktok music come from her

  5. Amala Chandra

    Amala Chandra2 дні тому


  6. Lady Aridette

    Lady Aridette2 дні тому

    No you don't Mr. Crocker

  7. Warmcheeto

    Warmcheeto3 дні тому


  8. Mina

    Mina3 дні тому

    "cant trust a big butt and a gemini" me: **a gemini with not ass at all** *_*

  9. Jose Williams Jr.

    Jose Williams Jr.3 дні тому

    This song is ear screwing me so much. i love the little two harmonies in the "Wait til you see from the-" echoes. Made me just play it ovee and over i cant stop

  10. Kathryn Neil

    Kathryn Neil3 дні тому

    This song literally made me stop starving myself 💖

  11. V.G. CARO

    V.G. CARO3 дні тому

    Lmao someone in the comments said that feminism is a first world problem. Thats likes saying doja is a bad female rapper

  12. Christin Burdam

    Christin Burdam4 дні тому

    say so wau kuo

  13. Makenzie

    Makenzie4 дні тому

    broke a finger nail and then some. felt

  14. Ileene Morales

    Ileene Morales4 дні тому

    its officail dojo cat is the new cardi b

  15. Elmo Basher82

    Elmo Basher824 дні тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> Better than Tyga

  16. Bwitish

    Bwitish4 дні тому

    The image is fucking EW

  17. Holly Adams

    Holly Adams5 днів тому

    Y'all are saying you came here to get rid of Tyga, but yet are still complaining and talking about how his verse 'ruined it' etc. Yes. I agree, but if you came here to listen to Doja without him, shut up about him, move on, and listen. :)

  18. rose mad

    rose mad5 днів тому

    Felix the cat could never

  19. Laila’s World

    Laila’s World6 днів тому

    I keep that booty booty I love Doja cat and this is my favorite song

  20. M Styr

    M Styr6 днів тому

    Big booty if u can see my stinger from the front u cn see it from the bk ♏

  21. Follow the DAMN train

    Follow the DAMN train6 днів тому

    i can't stand tyga's part

  22. Alberto TheboSS

    Alberto TheboSS7 днів тому

    Her ex: u good Her: I’m juicy

  23. Rav3n

    Rav3n7 днів тому

    ** twerks aggressively**

  24. moonandstars713

    moonandstars7138 днів тому


  25. Tree House

    Tree House8 днів тому

    Please do not tattoo that gorgeous bod.

  26. Amaryel And lily

    Amaryel And lily8 днів тому

    He like Thick he like it fat yeah

  27. dxrk fxce

    dxrk fxce8 днів тому

    Elle est trop bien cette musique


    JUNGLE JIM8 днів тому

    0.75x somethin else

  29. BreadWinners Association

    BreadWinners Association9 днів тому

    Tyga who🤣🤣🤣

  30. Lizzy The wølfe

    Lizzy The wølfe9 днів тому

    my cat is *jammin* to dis

  31. Zacc Walked

    Zacc Walked10 днів тому

    Yr ago damn im late ..saw the moo when it drop & didnt pay her no attention jus said She Thicc .. but im a fan now ..streets thump ..

  32. GSxxxRGirl

    GSxxxRGirl10 днів тому

    Covid19 brought me here. Bored at home? Jam Doja lol 💖💛💚💙💜💪

  33. justchillin

    justchillin10 днів тому


  34. Kamila Rosa

    Kamila Rosa10 днів тому

    TikTok gang where are youuuuuu😂

  35. Dani Marcello

    Dani Marcello10 днів тому

    She’s a LIBRA THO. But I’m grateful she’s gave us Gemini’s a shout out 💜💜

  36. Melissa Magloire

    Melissa Magloire11 днів тому

    She got a big butt but is beautiful

  37. London_ boo

    London_ boo12 днів тому

    This song saved my life I was in a coma For three months then one of the nurses turned on the Radio this came on and I woke up and started dancing

  38. Dalia MATUTE

    Dalia MATUTE12 днів тому


  39. JayBirdy 123

    JayBirdy 12312 днів тому

    I’m a whole ass man, but sis, TRUST I will drop it low on this bop and that’s on periodt

  40. fresh meat

    fresh meat13 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a>


    BRIELLE HAYNIE13 днів тому

    she dont need tyga for this song she is already FIRE!!!


    BRIELLE HAYNIE13 днів тому

    the other juicy

  43. Noah Strawberlyn

    Noah Strawberlyn13 днів тому

    im bored

  44. Toxic

    Toxic14 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>

  45. シstrawberriables

    シstrawberriables14 днів тому

    “I bend and snap”. Possibly a Legally Blonde reference?

  46. 50-A Official

    50-A Official14 днів тому

    Buena musica

  47. happy happy

    happy happy14 днів тому

    i love this over tyga verse like the song is all vibing like oh yes love your curves show yourself off and tyga roll up bout sum sex 🤧 ruined it.

  48. berenice medina rojas

    berenice medina rojas15 днів тому

    Que perro 🐶 😛😛😛😛😛

  49. America

    America15 днів тому

    *Autoplay* Up next: Big and Chunky from Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

  50. adoor hargreeves

    adoor hargreeves15 днів тому

    how tf can a song hit this hard but be this soft we-

  51. The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife

    The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife15 днів тому

    The girl I like is Gemini and have a big butt. 😭😭 So, can I trust her?

  52. The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife

    The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife15 днів тому

    poopy pooper lmao, wow, this commentaries’ box is still pretty active.

  53. poopy pooper

    poopy pooper15 днів тому

    The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife no.

  54. E B

    E B15 днів тому

    What album is this on then?

  55. Clarice Cross

    Clarice Cross16 днів тому


  56. Clarice Cross

    Clarice Cross16 днів тому


  57. Rich Barnes

    Rich Barnes16 днів тому

    id fucken go this gal any day of the year dude. dayum!

  58. Rich Barnes

    Rich Barnes16 днів тому

    she had me at suck it out like edamame

  59. Zuleide Soliz

    Zuleide Soliz16 днів тому

    Mi favoryte Music

  60. Adan Beltran

    Adan Beltran17 днів тому

  61. Brendo Rafael

    Brendo Rafael17 днів тому

    The original version so much better!

  62. Nafisa Heart

    Nafisa Heart17 днів тому

    Tyga took the juice out of this song....(ಥ﹏ಥ)

  63. Elif Gürel

    Elif Gürel17 днів тому

    i have bad news for small bootys booty is booty people will still appriciate it

  64. Put your tongue on my Ass

    Put your tongue on my Ass18 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a>

  65. _Ozn

    _Ozn18 днів тому

    Man this sounds like a Punjabi song. Not very obvious but the 2nd half of it.

  66. Kiki Newton

    Kiki Newton18 днів тому

    When you're thick everywhere except your butt😒

  67. Peachy Keen Queen

    Peachy Keen Queen18 днів тому

    This song NEVER GETS OLD!

  68. Peachy Keen Queen

    Peachy Keen Queen18 днів тому

    This version is SO much better without Tyga. Can’t believe she got rid of those bomb ass lines for his ass!

  69. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones18 днів тому

    Will forever be my song🦋😘💗

  70. Senoj Burton

    Senoj Burton18 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a>

  71. Worm the Fish

    Worm the Fish19 днів тому

    So much better without Tyga, he makes me cringe lol

  72. Eunice Kaya

    Eunice Kaya19 днів тому

    Do nice

  73. WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard

    WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard19 днів тому

    Can’t see yours from the front

  74. MSc Bayley

    MSc Bayley19 днів тому


  75. Britneyyy

    Britneyyy20 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Elle would be proud

  76. Mystery Guy

    Mystery Guy20 днів тому

    Everybody is correct: Doja's own verse is just as good as Tyga's *if not BETTER*

  77. AnnieBeex0

    AnnieBeex020 днів тому

    So much better without Tyga...

  78. Leila Carline-Franklin

    Leila Carline-Franklin20 днів тому

    i love u doja cat i love your songs there lit

  79. Jenna H

    Jenna H20 днів тому

    I love you only

  80. letshangout fun

    letshangout fun21 день тому

    It sucks

  81. MagEnTa-EXTRACT

    MagEnTa-EXTRACT21 день тому


  82. Hermilo Vera

    Hermilo Vera22 дні тому

    Jaj vengo de tiktok :v

  83. 冗談です人生の悪い男の子

    冗談です人生の悪い男の子22 дні тому

    Doja Cat: Can’t trust a big butt and a gemini Every Gemini ever: what the fu-

  84. Limonlexi Lolo

    Limonlexi Lolo22 дні тому

    I have an natrul big ass but I don’t like it I HATE IT