DOOM ETERNAL: Top 10 Secrets & Easter Eggs


  1. Krzysztof Suswał

    Krzysztof SuswałДень тому

    10:40 Ahhh, so that's what this shit was. I found it and was like "mom come pick me up im scared what the fuck was that I didn't pay for this mom please".

  2. Krzysztof Suswał

    Krzysztof SuswałДень тому

    6:52 Wha???? No it's not?? It's bullets are fast but they most certainly exists.

  3. dark shadows industry's

    dark shadows industry'sДень тому

    Doom is eternal

  4. gyro _ loqu

    gyro _ loqu2 дні тому

    there is a DOTA 2 logo in the unat-co book

  5. Jake Morrison

    Jake Morrison3 дні тому

    2 prey or not to prey is a reference to Romeo and Juliet

  6. Leonardo Vazquez

    Leonardo Vazquez3 дні тому

    hold on i got to make a sandwitch

  7. Leonardo Vazquez

    Leonardo Vazquez3 дні тому

    alright im back

  8. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia3 дні тому

    Love this game having a blast

  9. Chuggy cheese

    Chuggy cheese5 днів тому

    my heart crack when he was looking around at bookshelf and didnt notice markiplier father's book

  10. Alexander Howard

    Alexander Howard5 днів тому

    theres a markipleir easter egg in doom eternal, his father is named as an author in one of the books on the shelf on the doom slayers ship

  11. Mr. Puff

    Mr. Puff6 днів тому

    Was the thumbnail?

  12. Connor Magee

    Connor Magee6 днів тому

    I can’t get the unmakyr because the second empyrean key causes my game to crash every time and this is Bethesda we’re talking about so they’re not gonna fix it

  13. soldier boi

    soldier boi7 днів тому

    So the doom guy has a problem that every low spec gamer has. A shit intenrnet.


    DHRUV TANWAR8 днів тому

    Ok... I have to say.... the final boss in doom 2 where John Romero.. says about his destruction in a haunted voice actually spooked the crap out of me

  15. zahra samadi

    zahra samadi9 днів тому

    Why do I hear giorono theme background???

  16. flog_gnaw_goblin21

    flog_gnaw_goblin219 днів тому

    "I can't leave without my buddy superfly" my ears started bleeding

  17. Deported

    Deported13 днів тому

    Time to play doom one and two now

  18. Small Boy66

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  19. Small Boy66

    Small Boy6613 днів тому


  20. Small Boy66

    Small Boy6613 днів тому


  21. Small Boy66

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  22. Small Boy66

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  23. Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman13 днів тому

    If u search up the icon of sins height it will show he is 666 ft

  24. Clyde Mcmanus

    Clyde Mcmanus16 днів тому

    I'm still confused looking back at this 2 months ago if anyone has found the id software sign in doom eternal

  25. frances balbuena

    frances balbuena18 днів тому

    The orange book is Markiplier's Father why not easter egg

  26. TheNate371

    TheNate37119 днів тому

    On that same shelf is a book based memorial to Markiplier’s dad.

  27. John Meadows

    John Meadows20 днів тому

    Fun fact! In the story of Ishtar (the origin of the word Easter) the goddess of fertility is in hell and guided back to life by a rabbit. I don't know if there's any connection but it's definitely a notable coincidence 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. Team Rustofsky

    Team Rustofsky21 день тому

    plz dont click bait one of the best games ever

  29. Juanita Infante

    Juanita Infante22 дні тому

    You forgot the markiplier dads name that is the big Orange book on the second

  30. The Blockbuster

    The Blockbuster22 дні тому

    He didn’t see the markiplier book reference

  31. Sam Mel

    Sam Mel23 дні тому

    I think I here’d somewhere that commander keen was The doom guy’s father so if you think about it every time doom guy looks at his collection of games or action figures he’ll always see his fathers decapitated skull on a stick

  32. Henry Alejo

    Henry Alejo23 дні тому

    8:33 you know it's a joke cuz when you play doom (2016) when you see the secret maps look at the walls it's underwards and they made it in doom enternal as a joke.....

  33. Makai Simuel

    Makai Simuel24 дні тому

    he forgot markipliers dads easter egg

  34. Grim m

    Grim m26 днів тому

    Dont forget the markipliers father reference.

  35. Balgaar The Bold

    Balgaar The Bold26 днів тому

    This guy pronounces everything wrong😂

  36. Knight Sentinel

    Knight Sentinel26 днів тому

    Theres another Easter egg it's that the gladiator looks like the classic hell knight

  37. I’m a Ditch

    I’m a Ditch27 днів тому

    How dare thee skip past the markiplier’s dad Easter egg how to comb you mustache it’s the biggest book on the second shelf cmon Clifton Edward fishbach how did you skip over it sorry if I am over reacting but just cmon man you were right there

  38. Cactus Cloud

    Cactus Cloud27 днів тому

    #4 Explained Back in DooM 2016 people were angry that the textures were upside down, so many were outraged, so then in DooM Eternal they used the “wrong” sprite and when you pressed interact it would flip right side up, with confetti and a noise happening. People outraged by a sprite.

  39. Nicole Randall

    Nicole Randall28 днів тому

    The terminator reference was in doom for ps4

  40. Life with Murph

    Life with Murph29 днів тому

    You forgot the Markiplier Easter egg!

  41. Colin Vanbibber

    Colin Vanbibber29 днів тому

    On the second shelf, there's a reference to markiplier's father

  42. Iván Quero

    Iván QueroМісяць тому

    The art of rip and tear is the title of one of the slayer’s books

  43. Kyle Simpson

    Kyle SimpsonМісяць тому

    Doom and doom for oiy was the day that we could have been the best To get the money to get Doom

  44. A default Gamer

    A default GamerМісяць тому

    Mine isn’t installed yet

  45. Darrien Fields

    Darrien FieldsМісяць тому

    Just to be that guy but...The random doom texture for #3 was actually a reference to doom 2016, where they messed up the layout of the walls in the retro levels and had all the bricks upside down so when you found it in game you actually got to turn it around and its actually hilarious 😂

  46. Xander Gillenwaters

    Xander GillenwatersМісяць тому

    Is noone gonna talk about how stupid the thumbnail looks

  47. Brody Britt

    Brody BrittМісяць тому

    He missed markipliers dad Easter egg on the shelf

  48. some random 10 yr old

    some random 10 yr oldМісяць тому

    You didnt point out that one of the books in the shelf has markipliers dad name the book is called how to comb a beard

  49. Elias Dragoi

    Elias DragoiМісяць тому

    Did no one see the mimic easter egg from Prey?

  50. Barrack Obama

    Barrack ObamaМісяць тому

    When I heard you can play dook 1 and 2 I loaded up the game and enjoyed the games

  51. SimplyyJesss

    SimplyyJesssМісяць тому

    Forget about markapieres dad name on how to groom your beard.

  52. dogey1 kanoby

    dogey1 kanobyМісяць тому

    When he didn’t talk about markipliers dad having a book about his mustache The doom slayer: hold my beer

  53. LL A 1232 i

    LL A 1232 iМісяць тому

    There's one that you missed if you see the main character in doom 3 if you look at his hair and face there exactly the same as doom slayer

  54. Matthew Abraham

    Matthew AbrahamМісяць тому

    If you look at markipliers playthrough the red book about mustaches is a reference to marks dad who got him into computer gaming with the first doom game

  55. Sl1pp1

    Sl1pp1Місяць тому

    05:58 correction: EVERY Platform. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Fireball Blitz15

    Fireball Blitz15Місяць тому

    the book called how to comb your mu-stash is made by markipliers dad

  57. Kousuke Ueki

    Kousuke UekiМісяць тому

    Commander Keen ayh..? Nice.. i will go spend some time with that game.. bring old memory backs..

  58. Cinnamon Toast Boi

    Cinnamon Toast BoiМісяць тому

    Corrections about the computer, in order to unlock the original doom you have to 100% a save file

  59. Mason Mead

    Mason MeadМісяць тому

    I beat the campaign, but I can’t play doom on the old PC??

  60. Spider-teen

    Spider-teenМісяць тому

    4:24 hold up that orange book at the far left fishbock like mark fishbock aka markaplier, isn’t that his dads name?

  61. Phantom Animations

    Phantom AnimationsМісяць тому

    What are the books actually has Markiplier‘s dad’s name on it and it’s how to comb your mustache


    TYLER WITTМісяць тому

    You never mentioned the book with Markipliers dad name on it

  63. Berseria

    BerseriaМісяць тому

    In the fortress, there was a frame with the bunny on it and plays a music

  64. Chris V

    Chris VМісяць тому

    I wish you all good luck and happy demon hunting may you strike fear into the hellspawn that plauge this land and may you............. Rip and tear until there is no more

  65. DeralTGM

    DeralTGMМісяць тому

    markiplier's mustage book

  66. cgraham6

    cgraham6Місяць тому

    lol, Tom Hall in that old picture of the id team. Looks like he's falling off a chair or something.

  67. Hunter 5000440

    Hunter 5000440Місяць тому

    Good, the T2 reference is back... Wait I have 54 extra Lives...

  68. Nick MaGrick

    Nick MaGrickМісяць тому

    5:47 this ones actually interesting and useful

  69. idiot. siqxn_

    idiot. siqxn_Місяць тому


  70. David Wojtowicz

    David WojtowiczМісяць тому

    Having a rabbit is nice.

  71. Jochen

    JochenМісяць тому

    Great video and thanks for the spoiler warning! I‘ll be back 🤓

  72. Doc Emmet

    Doc EmmetМісяць тому

    To people looking to buy it, just hold back since with the new update they have added introduced denovo into the game and the drivers that come with that are basically root kit styled files that can/will gain kernal level 0 privileges on a host's pc and believe me it's a pain in the ass to get rid of.

  73. yakub 79

    yakub 79Місяць тому

    *Even Doom Eternal can run doom64*

  74. Jayden Hughes

    Jayden HughesМісяць тому

    When Gameranx doesn't mention Markiplier's dad being a book Easter egg: ***angry King of FNaF noises***

  75. Natanisaway 1

    Natanisaway 1Місяць тому

    You left out a Markiplier ester egg on the book shelf it’s the mustache book it’s a Reference to his dad

  76. Britani Rath

    Britani RathМісяць тому

    You forgot "How to comb your moustache- by Clifford Fishbach"(Markiplier's dad)

  77. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham LincolnМісяць тому

    He skipped the markiplier one. :(

  78. macorn _

    macorn _Місяць тому

    He forgot markiplier's dad's easter egg!

  79. Reeko Suave

    Reeko SuaveМісяць тому

    IDKFA - that's not how I remembered that acronym. I Do Kick F***ing A**.

  80. Sabiki Kasukō

    Sabiki KasukōМісяць тому

    I literally opened the video because of the thing that were in the thumbnail. I feel betrayed :'c

  81. Integrity replys randomely

    Integrity replys randomelyМісяць тому

    What about Mark's dads reference

  82. GorilleToast706 Leduc

    GorilleToast706 LeducМісяць тому

    So doom eternal you get 3 GAMES ITS Basically a bundle

  83. Todd Bevan

    Todd BevanМісяць тому

    That is the thickest, shortest thumb I have ever seen and I'm not going to assume anything...

  84. Abro Gaming

    Abro GamingМісяць тому

    Im sad you guys didnt include the easter egg to markiplier dad.

  85. Mack Manning

    Mack ManningМісяць тому

    If you don’t have the doom 1 and 2 wads for gzdoom you can find them in the doom eternal files but they are bfg edition