Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)


  1. Fellen Denegerous

    Fellen Denegerous2 години тому

    I can't wait to see the blue forms. I haven't seen the blue forms look awesome since fukatsu no f.

  2. moist pancakes

    moist pancakes2 години тому

    0:13 my new wallpaper.

  3. Earle Roberts

    Earle Roberts2 години тому

    A no gogeta

  4. yavnik nayka

    yavnik nayka2 години тому

    Hey what's a name of music in the end of video when you ask to watch another video? Please answer

  5. Abdullah Nadeem

    Abdullah Nadeem2 години тому

    Any Pakistani

  6. TheSpectralForce

    TheSpectralForce2 години тому

    Super Saiyan Red is more Vegetas style tbh

  7. corey michael

    corey michael2 години тому


  8. Cristina Ceja

    Cristina Ceja2 години тому

    Can't wait

  9. EnolMenol

    EnolMenol2 години тому

    who would win? kefla lssj3 or broly?

  10. Hewy

    Hewy3 години тому

    What’s the song

  11. Yeahhboii

    Yeahhboii3 години тому

    When is The Movie coming out

  12. Yeahhboii

    Yeahhboii3 години тому

    When is The Movie coming out

  13. slim92 shady

    slim92 shady3 години тому

    This movie is coming around the time I get married. YAS!

  14. Steven L

    Steven L3 години тому

    Gimme in IMAX and 4D pls! I want to feel like a super Saiyan watching this

  15. Mohamed Mowlid

    Mohamed Mowlid4 години тому

    Damn the way he was dragging goku across the rocks was so broly

  16. Kevin Cordero

    Kevin Cordero4 години тому

    When English dub coming?

  17. Vegeta

    Vegeta5 годин тому

    Y no dub

  18. Danny Sparks

    Danny Sparks5 годин тому

    i just jizd

  19. Amey Khondekar

    Amey Khondekar5 годин тому

    It will be really AWESOME to BROLY movie wish to see it as soon as possible 🙏

  20. saad ali

    saad ali5 годин тому


  21. ItsOnlySeeker xbox1

    ItsOnlySeeker xbox15 годин тому

    What does" This is no time to be playing around", means from the scene?

  22. Rapha21

    Rapha216 годин тому

    Gogeta ?

  23. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia7 годин тому

    It looks like q video games

  24. رمضان عفرين

    رمضان عفرين7 годин тому

    1:03 love

  25. ByQuantero x

    ByQuantero x7 годин тому

    Where can i see this film?

  26. ByQuantero x

    ByQuantero x7 годин тому

    In the cinema?

  27. muhammad ripa.i

    muhammad ripa.i8 годин тому

    bertarungnya di planet mna tu

  28. JeJe Mobile Legends

    JeJe Mobile Legends9 годин тому

    what us the title of this song ?

  29. Dfafwcfw Ffsfsc

    Dfafwcfw Ffsfsc11 годин тому


  30. Jaime Mercado

    Jaime Mercado11 годин тому

    #Broly Like si viste el trailer mas de 3 veces

  31. Priyanshu Chilkoti

    Priyanshu Chilkoti11 годин тому

    Just one word Epic

  32. God Killer

    God Killer12 годин тому

    Is their a skip December button?

  33. Yellow Flash Of the Leaf

    Yellow Flash Of the Leaf13 годин тому

    *the scars on Broly's face are only possible if Broly gave it to himself to look cool*

  34. Jawan Bryant

    Jawan Bryant13 годин тому

    Just imagine a jiren and broly fusion!

  35. Fernando Munoz

    Fernando Munoz14 годин тому

    Is this set during or the end of super?

  36. 10000 Subs *I'll show my a** and pu**y*

    10000 Subs *I'll show my a** and pu**y*9 годин тому

    Fernando Munoz The end of super

  37. E TROPO BELO mi viene nel cuore

    E TROPO BELO mi viene nel cuore14 годин тому


  38. Vlad

    Vlad14 годин тому


  39. Sir Skyned

    Sir Skyned15 годин тому

    So we get to see Whiz vs Broly?

  40. I'm not BLACKPINK fan I'm their air conditioner

    I'm not BLACKPINK fan I'm their air conditioner11 годин тому


  41. Juice Nasty770

    Juice Nasty77015 годин тому

    I think I peed a little

  42. Ross Nesbitt

    Ross Nesbitt15 годин тому

    There need to stop putting the WHOLE movie in the trailer. There did this with super episodes as well. People like anticipation for something. Lol

  43. Kakarot 94

    Kakarot 9416 годин тому

    I can't wait to see the amvs that fans are gonna create. I'm calling it, there will definitely be one with the song indestructible by disturbed.

  44. TheEasyBeginning

    TheEasyBeginning16 годин тому

    Will this movie be able to play in Dolby Cinemas?????

  45. darius limbrick

    darius limbrick17 годин тому

    I don’t think they’ll beat him this movie they might just break him free from whatever controlling him. I’m sure he’s a super gentle Saiyan.

  46. Yiandro Ayala

    Yiandro Ayala17 годин тому

    This looks great and all, but what's with the ps2 video game intro at 1:03 ?

  47. Yiandro Ayala

    Yiandro Ayala8 годин тому

    +Gabriel Pereira yeah, I figured. But you gotta admit it is pretty weird-looking compared to the rest of the trailer

  48. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira13 годин тому


  49. Rakshit Prabhu

    Rakshit Prabhu17 годин тому

    1:10 again and again !!

  50. Son Goku the assasin

    Son Goku the assasin19 годин тому


  51. Ria Flores-tamayo

    Ria Flores-tamayo19 годин тому

    I wish the English Dub version of the third trailer should also come out.

  52. Dumb Frog!

    Dumb Frog!19 годин тому

    1:09 I keep playing this over and over again at max vol for fun!

  53. Josiah King

    Josiah King19 годин тому

    Oh damn I lost to no nut November

  54. Obvious Meme

    Obvious Meme19 годин тому

    Spoiler: goku still wins

  55. Josiah King

    Josiah King19 годин тому

    Lmao watch the banwagers 😂

  56. Alstar Games

    Alstar Games19 годин тому

    1:12 is hilarious to me. Im sorry😂

  57. Arthur Hyatt

    Arthur Hyatt19 годин тому

    Can we get something other than another damn Broly movie?

  58. IaMaPh1991

    IaMaPh199120 годин тому

    What makes that roar at the end even more impressive is me just finding out that Bin Shimada is 63 YEARS OLD!!! Most impressive!

  59. Dead Memes

    Dead Memes20 годин тому

    Dragon ball Z is for people who hate their lives

  60. Phranger

    Phranger20 годин тому

    It does not matter if the song is appropriate for the anime, what matters is promoting the pop group performing it.

  61. Airwick woot

    Airwick woot21 годину тому

    1:09 Can The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly defeat America's ever rising power level of obesity!? Find out next time on the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

  62. Xilun Jiang

    Xilun Jiang21 годину тому

    0:31 What the heck? Broly is destroying SSG in base form

  63. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira13 годин тому


  64. Jordan Godwin

    Jordan Godwin21 годину тому

    Imagine this fight is parallel tostar and tom or marco vs meteora when she become a monster than mewman and she getting strong when fight progressive further Imagine that fight 😌

  65. Jaden Hines

    Jaden Hines21 годину тому

    Jiren vs Broly......... let's argue

  66. God Aizen

    God Aizen2 години тому


  67. Jonathan Guzman

    Jonathan Guzman10 годин тому

    Jiren hands down

  68. Ben Hull

    Ben Hull21 годину тому

    Galick Kamahama

  69. The Yeetmeister is here!

    The Yeetmeister is here!21 годину тому

    personally not a fan of the main theme

  70. SInfamousgod

    SInfamousgod22 години тому

    Gogeta Blue at 1:00 ?

  71. Reniel Bustamante

    Reniel Bustamante22 години тому


  72. Michael O'Neal

    Michael O'Neal22 години тому

    Is there gonna be an english version of the trailer?

  73. just2good

    just2good22 години тому

    Is this cannon or non cannon?

  74. just2good

    just2good21 годину тому

    +Aimac master thank you

  75. Aimac master

    Aimac master21 годину тому

    just2good cannon after the tournament of Power

  76. Jaxon Brumsey

    Jaxon Brumsey23 години тому

    Am I the only one who noticed ssjg vegeta? LIKE THIS IS A BIG DEAL HERE.

  77. Monroe Jr

    Monroe Jr23 години тому

    1:13 oh no....


    SOVEREIGN INEFFABLE23 години тому

    In previous Broly movies he was a psychopath killer.However, Goku said "you are not a bad guy i can tell that".It means he didn't kill anyone till now. He is only brainwashed with hatred by Pragus to get his revenge from the heir of King Vegeta.It seems they are not going to kill Broly.So,may be Broly join Goku and Vegeta in the series after the movie.Then Earth will have the 3rd guardian the strongest saiyan warrior.

  79. Carlos Blank

    Carlos Blank23 години тому

    Im gonna be one off the first one in line to watch greatness hurry January!!

  80. ACE Gaming

    ACE Gaming23 години тому

    Litttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. OT Will Productions

    OT Will Productions23 години тому

    MUI Goku wipes Broly out with ease.

  82. Jose Banuelos

    Jose Banuelos23 години тому

    Did anyone ells see whis with broly. Are they fighting.

  83. Amos Zarfran

    Amos Zarfran23 години тому

    Let's hit 10 million views guys!

  84. Marcos Paulo

    Marcos Paulo23 години тому

    Melhor filme do ano

  85. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira13 годин тому

    Isso aí!

  86. Joonas Penttilä

    Joonas Penttilä23 години тому

    Even tho i hate broly the movie still looks awesome

  87. Keaton Blanchard

    Keaton Blanchard23 години тому

    What is that music it is let someone tell me the name of it

  88. Blackwood Shark

    Blackwood Shark23 години тому

    15 seconds slow down. Ultra Instinct.

  89. xX-Conqueror-Xx

    xX-Conqueror-Xx23 години тому

    Wait why is the galick gun yellow ?

  90. Canbo LG Ultimate Battle 2020

    Canbo LG Ultimate Battle 2020День тому


  91. fortnite pro 123

    fortnite pro 123День тому

    Whis fights broly

  92. Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

    Spinosaurus AegyptiacusДень тому

    Ahhh Where's Jiren when you need em?

  93. El Mutante X

    El Mutante XДень тому

    I wish to hear this trailer in dub

  94. Mutasim Jarah

    Mutasim JarahДень тому

    Where is the english dub

  95. Izaak Monaghan

    Izaak MonaghanДень тому

    I love that the dragon ball fandom is so excited to the upcoming movie "OMG! THIS GOING TO BE THE BEST!! DB MOVIE EVER!!" cus i know when it releases there gonna hate it" THIS!!! IS THE MOST DISAPPOINTING THING!! SINCE THE PHANTOM PAIN!!! WORSE DB MOVIE EVER!!!" cus the fandom will trash anything about dbs.

  96. Stathis Kout

    Stathis KoutДень тому

    I would like to see Beerus vs Broly

  97. Money OG

    Money OGДень тому

    Cool a SSG vegeta

  98. WowFoilage EgaliofWow

    WowFoilage EgaliofWowДень тому

    When is this hitting UK cinemas?

  99. Douglas Coutinho

    Douglas CoutinhoДень тому


  100. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira13 годин тому


  101. Striker Ace

    Striker AceДень тому

    When is the dub one coming?

  102. Phashaun Animationz

    Phashaun AnimationzДень тому

    I come back everyday to watch this

  103. obvies

    obviesДень тому

    I forgot, wasn't there something called legendary super Saiyan?

  104. The Radish Raditz

    The Radish RaditzДень тому

    HES GONNA HAVE TO FIGHT WHIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  105. ZonTheDon

    ZonTheDonДень тому

    Man the song kind of ruined the trailer in this one

  106. Justin Hammond

    Justin HammondДень тому

    Yea, it should've been intense music. The trailer started off right, but when the pop came I was like maaaannn. Awesome trailer though.

  107. Joseph

    JosephДень тому

    Just to say, Goku goes ultra instinct (duh) on the first trailer. Go to 1:22 and look a few frames after.

  108. senzutoast

    senzutoast16 годин тому

    That's just how the ssb aura looks in this movie

  109. miguel romero

    miguel romeroДень тому

    cual es la musica de fondo

  110. Abdull King

    Abdull KingДень тому

    Its great to see Vegeta with that red form

  111. chris graham

    chris grahamДень тому

    Better have rock music playing for him

  112. fierro sniper

    fierro sniperДень тому

    O verdadeiro lendario super broly no game so pego ele mostrao regaça em

  113. dung ho

    dung hoДень тому

    Will have Fushion between Goku and Vegeta to Gogeta, Broly fighting with Whisky but don't dove on the Whisky

  114. Training Grounds

    Training GroundsДень тому

    Where did all the electric rock music go for Dragonball? It's supposed to be epic rock battles not emo "let's do this together" battles