Draw My Life: Part 2


  1. Jasmine Wallis

    Jasmine WallisМісяць тому

    *Leonardo da vinci has left the chat* Update *So has his wig*

  2. atleast6jims

    atleast6jims18 днів тому

    Okay but like. Where did you get a full rainbow of white board erasers?


    HI MY NAME IS23 дні тому

    it FLEW

  4. Mason Heart

    Mason HeartМісяць тому

    @Emily McKindley Omg your so lucky

  5. amazing existential danosaur

    amazing existential danosaurМісяць тому

    @Chai T Vincent Van wig gone

  6. Chai T

    Chai TМісяць тому

    Van Gogh who?

  7. Amanda Dawn

    Amanda Dawn13 годин тому

    I’m so happy your drawing skills are just as bad as mine thank you Phil

  8. My Name's GlitterFace

    My Name's GlitterFace23 години тому

    so happy your dad is better!! ❤️

  9. C Lopez

    C LopezДень тому

    He said get back to this tab the moment I switch tabs...

  10. Heidi Does youtube

    Heidi Does youtubeДень тому

    Phil it’s been one month who are u dan

  11. Bright Chicken

    Bright ChickenДень тому

    Phil’s laugh is everythinggggggggg

  12. Seven Ellen

    Seven Ellen2 дні тому


  13. OP 1000

    OP 10002 дні тому


  14. Halley H

    Halley H4 дні тому

    'Seal with wheels' merch 😂🙌🏻

  15. charlotte

    charlotte4 дні тому


  16. Xx xX

    Xx xX5 днів тому

    I love you phil! I can’t believe I’ve been a fan since I was 11 and now I’m 21 still watching you. You’re an amazing person and I’m so glad you have embraced who you truly are!:)

  17. sapienveneficus

    sapienveneficus5 днів тому

    I miss Dan and Phil. This hiatus from joint content has gone on for 9 months with no end in sight. I wish they'd communicate with us one way or the other. Either they're done with creating content together (if so, rip the bandaid off already) or they have plans to get back to it. I'm getting tired of being jerked around. Anyone else feeling frustrated?

  18. grac8570 grac8570

    grac8570 grac85705 днів тому

    *Fnaf in a nutshell:* 15:33

  19. Cooper

    Cooper6 днів тому


  20. Lily Hart

    Lily Hart6 днів тому

    god i love phil

  21. PaytonwithanA

    PaytonwithanA6 днів тому

    So, I went to Interactive Introverts last year in Chicago. Which is great! But....one issue. I have extremely bad memory. And we barely got any pics/video of what was happening. Anyone that is reading this probably thinks, "YEAH, BUT YOU REMEMBER AN IMPORTANT MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT?"...no. I don't remember ANYTHING from the ENTIRE show. Every time I try and think of it I get so sad and stressed because I can't REMEMBER any of it. I realized this when my sister asked me about a specific moment in the show and I was like... "What?" And then she got so mad at me and was like "How the hell don't you remember stuff like that? What do you remember?!" And then I started crying because I realized... nothing. I remember nothing.

  22. Damon Ormsby

    Damon Ormsby6 днів тому

    woooooooooooo drugs!!!

  23. ArtHistoryChick1870

    ArtHistoryChick18706 днів тому

    “Just Beyoncé it” Xoxox

  24. ArtHistoryChick1870

    ArtHistoryChick18706 днів тому

    Dang. What does a guitar look like? :)

  25. BurntToaster

    BurntToaster7 днів тому

    Omg I was so scared I thought you guys freakin' died I'm zazzed

  26. Lilly Keres

    Lilly Keres7 днів тому

    I’m still sad I couldn’t go on interactive introverts because it wasn’t in my country ;----;

  27. BunnyRabbit Ty

    BunnyRabbit Ty7 днів тому

    Much love for you Phil! Dan also!💜☺️

  28. XSimplyCleanProX

    XSimplyCleanProX7 днів тому

    i really thought u were gonna say, “next project is...project DOG!” 😂

  29. bat cave bitch

    bat cave bitch7 днів тому

    I needed this. I put watching this off for too long, I'm glad I watched it. thank you.

  30. Melanie G

    Melanie G8 днів тому


  31. kria allison

    kria allison9 днів тому

    I knew it. Dan was always the one looking at the board and being all technology and you were talking 'oh my god, what does a guitar look like?!' - Phil Lester 2019 um. 5:54. um. he- 2017- and he still- *sobs* thank you phil I want to give him a hug

  32. alina !

    alina !9 днів тому


  33. edgy boii

    edgy boii9 днів тому

    you guys should do a podcast! the whole thing is just banter about things and theres not much editing

  34. Jess Hale

    Jess Hale9 днів тому

    The “YEE” SENT ME

  35. Ezria Daniels

    Ezria Daniels9 днів тому

    *The fact that danandphilgames might never coming back makes me depressed, but Dan and Phil deserve a break*

  36. Alex Or Whatever

    Alex Or Whatever9 днів тому

    Coming soon, Dan and Phil’s cook book: Your once amazing kitchen is now on Fire.

  37. Actually, truly, Completely trash

    Actually, truly, Completely trash9 днів тому

    Ok but someone needs to make a video that has a bunch of Pham clips with the song When The Day Meet The Night playing in the back-round, please.

  38. Lauren doodlecakes

    Lauren doodlecakes10 днів тому

    OMG Phil should make a movie based on his random thoughts, I mean, I’d watch it

  39. sarah flade

    sarah flade11 днів тому

    So happy you also shared the story of your dad and glad to hear he is doing well.... I was in the exact same position and it's nice to know other people dealing with the same life shit.

  40. Slime _diy

    Slime _diy11 днів тому

    Do you get uncomfortable when Shane Dawson talks about you in his videos ??

  41. Mhyckahella M

    Mhyckahella M11 днів тому

    I'm a happyyy!!!! BOII8I

  42. nebula ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

    nebula ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄11 днів тому

    Thank you for being you Phil :)

  43. Vigtoria

    Vigtoria12 днів тому

    The dislikes are from the countries that wouldn’t let you in

  44. BooberryCruncho

    BooberryCruncho12 днів тому

    PHILLY ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ you can always talk 2 us about personal stuff. We are all here for you, and you’re such a sweetheart! You should take a break. !

  45. Seltzer Lime

    Seltzer Lime13 днів тому

    If the internet is the future, then why don't you evolve with it. Do something new and exciting that you're fans and potential fans would like. It kinda sad coming back to your channels and seeing you doing the same things as when I left, 2 years ago. I wanted to see something new and maybe sub again, but I don't want to see 2013-16 anymore.

  46. Satan's Dog

    Satan's DogДень тому

    you can't change a person to suit other people's wants, let him be who he is and create the content he wants to create, it may suprise you how many people love these types of videos, find someone different who meets your tastes, don't change someone else just for your happiness

  47. Stephanie

    Stephanie2 дні тому

    let him be jeez he makes videos he enjoys making and what his fans like seeing it’s not supposed to be for everyone. If he’s happy that’s all that matters you obviously grew out of it

  48. Mae Jawwad

    Mae Jawwad13 днів тому

    When will there be more sims?

  49. Naja Cook

    Naja Cook13 днів тому


  50. Naja Cook

    Naja Cook13 днів тому

  51. Gabrielle Usarewicz

    Gabrielle Usarewicz14 днів тому

    Where is dan

  52. yoonpluto

    yoonpluto14 днів тому

    i hope you guys come to new zealand again some time since i missed out :’( i’ve loved both of you for years and i’m really proud of your growth as a person c:

  53. Jaime Beazley

    Jaime Beazley14 днів тому

    Awww, I'm crying a little bit! This video was so sweet!!! I love you Phil! You and Dan have meant a lot to me ever since I was around ten or eleven and I'm glad you're doing what's best for you!

  54. Agamer120 Agamer120

    Agamer120 Agamer12014 днів тому

    Can you and dan play a silent hill or resident evil game please

  55. Roo Stewart

    Roo Stewart14 днів тому

    Awwwww actually looked so much during this! Thank you :-) happy to volunteer to be your fifth friend in London if you ever find you still need one 🐣

  56. Prisha Dadhwal

    Prisha Dadhwal15 днів тому

    the way phil says "us" is so adorable i can't "uz"

  57. missymoosen

    missymoosen15 днів тому

    When you said you wanted us to forget our worries instead of taking on yours.... that broke my heart. I know what that feels like. To feel like you have to keep your worries quiet in order to keep others happy... it makes your heart so heavy. I know it can be hard to share, and I never expect you to, but I don’t think you need to worry about us taking on your worries. At least, it’s not your job to choose what we worry about lol. My point is, don’t hold yourself back because you’re afraid you’ll hurt your audience. Your health comes first, as how can you even have an audience if you’re not in a good place mentally? Sorry this whole comment is a bit scatter-brained so hopefully you get my point.... just want you to know we care ❤️

  58. Liv W

    Liv W15 днів тому


  59. Júlia

    Júlia15 днів тому


  60. pastedbyjam

    pastedbyjam16 днів тому

    Phil, my internet father, I love you.

  61. Savanah Halsey

    Savanah Halsey16 днів тому

    2:54 Yes Man starring Phil Lester

  62. Moonlightboy

    Moonlightboy16 днів тому


  63. Holly Bingham

    Holly Bingham16 днів тому

    This is gonna become a trend now. just wait.

  64. Ada Brianna

    Ada Brianna16 днів тому

    i’m not crying, you’re crying >:( pussy

  65. Hermila Heart

    Hermila Heart16 днів тому

    9:25 I'm going to cry he's too adorable 😭💕

  66. cornie the corn snake

    cornie the corn snake17 днів тому

    i love how Dan looks at 17:50

  67. Zubair Kazi

    Zubair Kazi17 днів тому

    We love the Happy Hill!