Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!


  1. gabriela freire

    gabriela freire3 години тому

    Rosa is literally a 20 yr old Gabriel Iglesias aka fluffy 😂 like if I close my eyes and hear rosa speak I would think it’s fluffy 💁🏻‍♀️

  2. America Mariany

    America Mariany3 години тому

    One of your best videos ever James thank you!!!!! 🦋


    MAYDEE MORALES3 години тому

    Jamescharle I love u shirt is so cute 😁

  4. Elaria Makrouna

    Elaria Makrouna4 години тому

    I thought rosa was girl is that bad

  5. John Doe

    John Doe4 години тому

    Massss puuuuuuutttttttt

  6. rosario gil

    rosario gil4 години тому

    I’m only watching this because of Adam

  7. Larry Price

    Larry Price5 годин тому

    When i saw this video i was like "youre fucking lieing, dude"

  8. Jonathan Govea

    Jonathan Govea5 годин тому

    Tx is amazing I live in Texas I love it you should come

  9. Keena

    Keena5 годин тому

    I rlly thought that was a girl 😩😂😍

  10. Bryce Douglas

    Bryce Douglas6 годин тому

    Adam couldnt br any farther away from james omfg😂

  11. Kory Nichols

    Kory Nichols6 годин тому

    The fact that I can’t remember a time without Rosa is insane

  12. Tik Tok Family

    Tik Tok Family6 годин тому

    I live in Texas

  13. Anggg ._.

    Anggg ._.7 годин тому

    social distancing has been looking good this past week 😍😍

  14. nina Farrell

    nina Farrell7 годин тому

    “ you’re not going to see some girl that much contour on” ovs never been to England

  15. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy6 годин тому

    I love Rosa’s laugh

  16. maddy c

    maddy c8 годин тому

    I love how they both talk so quickly

  17. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy6 годин тому

    This video made me re-subscribe to James’s channel

  18. Skylar Walter

    Skylar Walter8 годин тому

    No one: Still no one: Rosa: DoN’t Be RuDe NeSiO

  19. jasmine Trujillo

    jasmine Trujillo9 годин тому

    Okay but i think you should do someone’s makeup but who is NOT famous

  20. AnneYourGirl

    AnneYourGirl9 годин тому

    Broooo! The color on the eyeshadow!! So cute! I totally agree with blue hieu! He is really good at interviewing. lol

  21. Bliberty Wayne

    Bliberty Wayne9 годин тому


  22. Dheeraj Puri

    Dheeraj Puri10 годин тому

    James you good you hot

  23. Muted Stream

    Muted Stream10 годин тому

    she`s cute

  24. Unicorn Panda

    Unicorn Panda10 годин тому

    Rosa should give James a makeover

  25. Cheymy’s Vloggs

    Cheymy’s Vloggs11 годин тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="639">10:39</a> rosa is meeeeee

  26. tiktok thot

    tiktok thot11 годин тому

    wait rosa is a dude?

  27. WhutThePhuq

    WhutThePhuq11 годин тому

    cringy intro. but video was great :S

  28. gacha playz

    gacha playz12 годин тому

    Hey sister James can u do my makeup someday 🥺🥺🥺😏

  29. Stephanie Hoatson

    Stephanie Hoatson12 годин тому

    Your makeup looks so bomb here James! You should do a tutorial on this look ❤️

  30. Maddie Saba

    Maddie Saba13 годин тому

    You have to go to Texas James! 👉🏼👈🏼🥰

  31. Raechel Stringer

    Raechel Stringer14 годин тому

    This video made me re-subscribe to James’s channel

  32. Savannah Gomez

    Savannah Gomez14 годин тому

    I love Rosa’s laugh

  33. CookiesAndMilk Studios

    CookiesAndMilk Studios15 годин тому

    CoRoNa ViRuS



    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 trending <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a>

  35. Casual Tings

    Casual Tings16 годин тому

    James: goes to put on lip liner on Adam Adam: tries to bite james "i had to do it bitch" Funniest shit ever 😭😭

  36. LittleMissHailey

    LittleMissHailey17 годин тому


  37. Alberto TheboSS

    Alberto TheboSS17 годин тому


  38. anisa dhembi

    anisa dhembi19 годин тому

    THAT IS A HEEEEEE????!!!!!! WAT????

  39. Jadey Corn426

    Jadey Corn42620 годин тому

    You guys are so nice omga❤️😚✨

  40. Megan Jaffe

    Megan Jaffe22 години тому


  41. Chanelly Alvarez

    Chanelly AlvarezДень тому

    I thought Adam was a natural girl like wtf 🤯🤯

  42. Inocencio Mendoza

    Inocencio MendozaДень тому


  43. Tenshi Cos

    Tenshi CosДень тому

    Okay but maybe??? A video with Blaire White??? She's one of my favorite youtubers

  44. Banana Sauce

    Banana SauceДень тому

    James you should’ve added eyeliner

  45. Andrew Mejia

    Andrew MejiaДень тому

    Rosa’s eyes do be poppin tho

  46. Joanna Marquez

    Joanna MarquezДень тому

    I really need a makeover 😁

  47. Joanna Marquez

    Joanna MarquezДень тому

    Can you do my makeup

  48. Jennifer Packard

    Jennifer PackardДень тому

    Wow how cayute are youuu

  49. Payton Schuette

    Payton SchuetteДень тому

    “It still has not like sunken in that I have like millions of followers on that platform” I mean imagine not having millions of followers 🙄 can’t relate. -this was supposed to be funny not rude sorry 😐

  50. Seriously?

    Seriously?9 годин тому

    Guess what it takes time for reality to hit. It’s like getting a puppy or getting off a plane or seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while, it feels surreal. You don’t have to be rude about it Adam is just trying to live is life just as you and I are trying to live ours

  51. Gamer Phoenix Az

    Gamer Phoenix AzДень тому

    Love the make up

  52. Antony

    AntonyДень тому

    So where's the people that said james was mocking Rosa.

  53. Kaelex Peters

    Kaelex PetersДень тому

    Umm Sister James is not sister social distancing

  54. Mikaela Martinez

    Mikaela MartinezДень тому

    I died of laughter when Rosa biting the lip liner🤣🤣🤣

  55. Maya Turner

    Maya TurnerДень тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="639">10:39</a> 😂😂😂💀💀

  56. Gabriela Orona

    Gabriela OronaДень тому

    My mom and i never git Along bit lately me and her have been watching your vids together and we have been best fr ui ends ever since , crazy how you brought my mom and I close and able to get along w each other. From me and my mom we love you so much ps. My mom thinks you're so amazing and handsome lol xoxo

  57. ericagandara19

    ericagandara19День тому

    Watched the video because Rosa was on it

  58. Zoe Reeve

    Zoe ReeveДень тому

    am i the only one who legit thought he was a girl in real life lmaoooooo

  59. danielle morse

    danielle morseДень тому

    used to not know how i felt bout James, but I have to stan. such a nice person, king.

  60. Bnb Draft

    Bnb DraftДень тому

    Wtf is that

  61. *zofia rosemary*

    *zofia rosemary*День тому

    bro can we just say how white personish james said rosa 😂😂😂 ilysm

  62. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouyДень тому

    good at multitasking? (I just wish I could do one of those things like making a good UAreporter video).

  63. whats_a_dema

    whats_a_demaДень тому

    I know so many real rosas from middle school 😂

  64. Pineapple Fever

    Pineapple FeverДень тому

    Omg James queen! Don't put cuss words on your video! D:

  65. Aisha Bettahar

    Aisha BettaharДень тому

    i thought he was a girl 😳😳😳😳

  66. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouyДень тому

    I thought Rosa was a boy 🤦🏼‍♀️

  67. Max Siaopo

    Max SiaopoДень тому

    Honestly Rosa looks prettier without makeup tbh 😉😉

  68. Destiny Lee

    Destiny LeeДень тому

    Oml he is so beautiful ❣️❤️❤️

  69. Sheri

    SheriДень тому

    this look is giving me life

  70. Alyssa V

    Alyssa VДень тому

    To be clear....I am only here for Rose....nuff said

  71. Stephanie Butcher

    Stephanie ButcherДень тому

    The slushie video reminds me of asking my mom for quarters to give the icee lady in the apartment complex as a kid! Your complex was not popin' if you didn't have one!

  72. kaY mE

    kaY mEДень тому

    Yooo I seen Rosa on time tok

  73. Natalia Chavez

    Natalia ChavezДень тому

    What is adam’s gender I’m sorry I don’t know 😔

  74. Flaka Cee

    Flaka CeeДень тому

    Natalia Chavez boy

  75. peach

    peachДень тому

    james so good at makeup

  76. Vault 7622

    Vault 7622День тому

    The way James snatches the nose can u snatch mines please

  77. karissa

    karissaДень тому

    I love James personality

  78. karissa

    karissaДень тому

    His laughs I fucking can’t

  79. Alan Leal

    Alan LealДень тому

    Adam's skin is so fucking good

  80. Kendyl ong

    Kendyl ongДень тому

    james charles is so iconic ngl, i always watched his videos

  81. Sg

    SgДень тому

    i love rosa. she’s so fucking real down inside ♥️

  82. Abby Grace

    Abby GraceДень тому

    I thought Rosa was a boy 🤦🏼‍♀️

  83. Tamryn Diondra Ann

    Tamryn Diondra AnnДень тому

    I only came here because Rosa is in the video 😗

  84. Ladaisha Eilish

    Ladaisha EilishДень тому


  85. jennifer caudill

    jennifer caudillДень тому

    Adams skin is beautiful af! Legit so clear and healthy