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    what's up fam!❤️love you💕 thank you for watching :) the Lexi's are so fun to hang with 😂 can we get to 250k likes!?

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    MrBrent98 i love hour videos pleas make more

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    Why Mrbrent though? 😑

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    Aaliyah Shroyer kk

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    MrBrent98 ive followed ur tiktok its all so funny

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    Brown cuz chocolate is brown!!!

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    He the girls get a 100 dollar

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    red for me

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    Yellow Because Bananas Noodles Chips Icecream and more

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    Brown cuz I would get doctor pepper, chocolate, cake.

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    Are you and ava datting

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    The banana isn't red

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    They didn't even do 24 hours

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    me to I have a problem in my left knee and I don't listen to the docter 😅😅😅

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    Omg I love you and Lexis too love your channel I watch you all the times

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    Ok I know what if Lexi Rivera had ordered a pepperoni pizza Lexi H took the pepperoni out Lexi R could eat pasta, cheese, lemonade and way more Lexi H could have Strawberry Brent could have cucumber or guacamole LexiR can have Tostito’s LexiR can have a cheese sandwich

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    Red bc of fruit roll ups

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    Shut up you bich

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    PURPLE all the way

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    # BREVA

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    Green spinach?? Umm

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    I would choose red

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    How to eat the colour pink for 24 hours

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    Bananas aren’t red or green why did Brent and Lexi with pink hair get bananas

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    my colour would be transparent

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    Has a banana "its all red" lol

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    Pink 🌸

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    They have the same name 😂😂

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    Imorgon following you ön tiktok☺

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    Who has crutches

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    I would choos plnk

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    I would eat red food

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    i swear Lexi literally always that shorts

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    Oh there’s two lexis

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    Rainbow 🌈

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    I would to pink or yellow

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    Lexi hensler made this video 20% more awkward PS. No hate(just a joke)

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    But it's not 24hour yet

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    I would chouse pink

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    Two lexis

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    I would do pink

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    I would choose blue

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    5:45 Fuck You you out you can’t do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love your vidio

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    Stop being so childish and stupid.

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    Your friend not funny that's not a challenge

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    All the colours of the rainbow .green .red .yellow Good job brent

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    i love your viedos

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    L andolijkhj the first one to sell the car ISO standards to the same to me that you have a nice weekend the first one is in a nice weekend the car ISO speed and accuracy and integrity and security we have to be able to the car

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    Wait wait, this video is to eat a certain colored food and Brent and Lexi h used bananas in there smoothie