1. Brent Rivera

    Brent Rivera7 місяців тому

    what's up fam!❤️love you💕 thank you for watching :) the Lexi's are so fun to hang with 😂 can we get to 250k likes!?

  2. Krish Gurung

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  3. Krish Gurung

    Krish Gurung2 місяці тому

    I will pick my caller yellow

  4. Hmmosf150 Hmmosf150

    Hmmosf150 Hmmosf1502 місяці тому

    I love you and I want marry you Brent

  5. Shayan Hussain

    Shayan Hussain3 місяці тому

    Brent Rivera Your channels are amazing!

  6. Jon Short

    Jon Short4 місяці тому

    Brent Rivera your videos are awesome 😎

  7. Clarissa Romero

    Clarissa Romero25 хвилин тому

    I would pick blue too

  8. Serenity Johnson

    Serenity Johnson30 хвилин тому

    I like how Mason is just in the back round. Did you guys at least offered the dude Pizza?

  9. Dora Turcios

    Dora Turcios38 хвилин тому


  10. Audrey Schmitt

    Audrey Schmitt55 хвилин тому

    Lexi: i hate this youtube video Me:this is so entertaining

  11. Audrey Schmitt

    Audrey SchmittГодину тому

    i would want green

  12. Nayeli Banuelos

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  13. Michael Zeller

    Michael ZellerГодину тому

    Red or pink

  14. Jessica Bentancourt

    Jessica BentancourtГодину тому

    I saw Mason in the back round when y'all went to lunch

  15. Abbas Shoukat

    Abbas Shoukat2 години тому

    i hate lexi h

  16. jennelyn ramos

    jennelyn ramos2 години тому

    I would pick brown.

  17. Mike Cosic

    Mike Cosic2 години тому

    I would want to eat brown

  18. Alexis Cruz

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    I like blue

  19. Addison And Abby

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  20. Jimmy Macharia

    Jimmy Macharia3 години тому

    You already said it blue

  21. Farnoush Jalilvand

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    I would choose brown

  22. Lilyan Jenkins

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  23. Rohan Thompson

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  24. CSTE 2

    CSTE 24 години тому

    Lexi.h is so cute

  25. jrelisha1

    jrelisha14 години тому

    Did you actually break your leg?

  26. Micah B.

    Micah B.4 години тому

    What is that dude who always rides with them in the car?

  27. Sachman

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  29. jini BTS

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  30. jini BTS

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  32. jini BTS

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  34. jini BTS

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  35. jini BTS

    jini BTS4 години тому


  36. Nothing Unusual

    Nothing Unusual4 години тому

    Did you noticed that Brent's video title starts with eating but Ben's video title starts with buying

  37. Anita Maharaj

    Anita Maharaj6 годин тому

    Love you Brent

  38. Chee Thao

    Chee Thao6 годин тому

    I thought Ben did that challenge

  39. Rosaline Casha

    Rosaline Casha7 годин тому

    Lexi won the rap battle

  40. vilasini ,

    vilasini ,7 годин тому

    I would eat anything

  41. ADH plays

    ADH plays8 годин тому


  42. David williams

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  43. Mariska Van Dyk

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    I would choose blue or purple

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  45. Trinayan mohanraj

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  46. Mike

    Mike10 годин тому

    I would like the couler pink

  47. Giovanni Miguel Garcia

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    I would use orange

  48. Army Amigos

    Army Amigos11 годин тому

    Brown choclate

  49. Jamie Aekins

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  50. Train Wreck

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    Green yellow pula

  51. Herminia Estrada

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  53. Betty Diemsse

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    And Brent if you came to my house swill gave you 10000,000 dollors 40 carew way durrimut inAustrila address thank you lexi and Brent and Andrew and celeb and another lexi and Alan and alex

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    like the video \/

  55. marivic Javilinar

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    lexi hates banana karina hates banana

  56. Erin Rasmussen

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  57. mutiara rafika

    mutiara rafika13 годин тому

    Brent just listen to the doctor

  58. Nick Monaco

    Nick Monaco14 годин тому

    Brent: "let's go get some pizza!" Coronavirus: "not yet..."

  59. Nick Monaco

    Nick Monaco14 годин тому

    One like equals one more prayer to stop the virus :)

  60. Nick Monaco

    Nick Monaco14 годин тому

    Red for hot cheetos, takis and strawberries

  61. Caleigh Laluna

    Caleigh Laluna14 годин тому

    Brent Rivera can you do the alphabetical challenge on your sister

  62. rahmon taylor

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    WI would do pink

  63. Kelly Family

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  64. Korey Bown

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  65. sarai de anda

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    I pike pink

  67. Sal Rasheed

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  68. Sophia Sandoval

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    I would eat red stuff for 24 hours

  69. Helena Tulikihakau

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    Aha you don’t listen to the doctors

  70. Emily O'Dell

    Emily O'Dell18 годин тому

    blue i would pick blue

  71. Hoa Le

    Hoa Le18 годин тому

    Lexi should get mac and cheese

  72. Tamara Downer

    Tamara Downer18 годин тому

    Girls: I dunno we're flexible!!!!! Me: I would say the same thing too!!!😂😂😂

  73. Christy Barker

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    red =stop yollow = slow down green = go

  74. Rosary Holmes

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  75. Christy Barker

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  76. Peyton Nazaryk

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    Is lexi addison

  78. Joanne Macneil

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    What other colour of spinach is there

  80. Sharlene Carl

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    10,0000000000000 haaaaaaaaa

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    your sis is come bake for more

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    Hi I love your videos

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    I really would do blue I really like blue

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    You forgot give them the 100 bux

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  86. blayze spectre

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    The doctor know s best Brent do not brace rools