1. Brent Rivera

    Brent Rivera6 місяців тому

    what's up fam!❤️love you💕 thank you for watching :) the Lexi's are so fun to hang with 😂 can we get to 250k likes!?

  2. Krish Gurung

    Krish GurungМісяць тому


  3. Krish Gurung

    Krish GurungМісяць тому

    I will pick my caller yellow

  4. Hmmosf150 Hmmosf150

    Hmmosf150 Hmmosf150Місяць тому

    I love you and I want marry you Brent

  5. Shayan Hussain

    Shayan Hussain2 місяці тому

    Brent Rivera Your channels are amazing!

  6. Jon Short

    Jon Short2 місяці тому

    Brent Rivera your videos are awesome 😎

  7. Hyejin Kim

    Hyejin KimГодину тому

    Wait couldnt Lexi Hensler just get spaghetti?

  8. Kristina Orth

    Kristina Orth2 години тому


  9. Cara Nejak

    Cara Nejak2 години тому


  10. raquelle Manson

    raquelle Manson2 години тому

    Why does Lexi laugh like that 💀

  11. larissa hagy

    larissa hagy3 години тому

    i would go for blue

  12. larissa hagy

    larissa hagy3 години тому

    i love blue

  13. Cadence Johnson

    Cadence Johnson3 години тому


  14. Rishikkesh Patel

    Rishikkesh Patel3 години тому

    I’d choose blue as my color for 24 hours

  15. Donna Ward

    Donna Ward4 години тому


  16. vanessa DOOK

    vanessa DOOK4 години тому

    I woud like pink yay

  17. jason vu

    jason vu5 годин тому

    Rainbow color😏

  18. Amelia Clutterbuck

    Amelia Clutterbuck5 годин тому

    Brent. I. Love. Your. Sister.

  19. Lucylou OBrien

    Lucylou OBrien5 годин тому

    Id be brown Chocolate baby

  20. Bottle Flipping Queen

    Bottle Flipping Queen7 годин тому

    I like red peppers they are not spicy

  21. Franklin Hall

    Franklin Hall7 годин тому


  22. Jimena Macareno

    Jimena Macareno7 годин тому

    Brown because you can have chocolate

  23. Amelia_The_ Dancer

    Amelia_The_ Dancer8 годин тому

    I would want yellow💛 But my favorite colour is pink💗

  24. alexia moonlily

    alexia moonlily8 годин тому

    Pink colored food 👌

  25. Addisyn Martin

    Addisyn Martin8 годин тому


  26. Jacobs Bike trail builds

    Jacobs Bike trail builds9 годин тому

    this is so funny

  27. Rebelking 09

    Rebelking 0910 годин тому


  28. Chatham home Walker

    Chatham home Walker10 годин тому

    I will only eat pink food

  29. Aileen Auld

    Aileen Auld12 годин тому


  30. Emily Hendry

    Emily Hendry12 годин тому


  31. Lila Bahgat

    Lila Bahgat14 годин тому

    I would eat orange

  32. Daan MULLENS

    Daan MULLENS14 годин тому

    Red or pink

  33. Adrianna Brito

    Adrianna Brito15 годин тому


  34. langi Langi

    langi Langi18 годин тому

    Rose gold

  35. Randa Raouf

    Randa Raouf18 годин тому

    Can i ask When you guys went To get Ice cream wouldnt lexi get vanilla instade of Lemon? :I The vanilla Is kinda Yellow

  36. Coral_The_Gacha _Clown

    Coral_The_Gacha _Clown20 годин тому

    but Lexi i like lemon custard Me in the inside:😭

  37. WABAM Brothers

    WABAM Brothers21 годину тому

    i will pick brown

  38. Vortex 69

    Vortex 6922 години тому

    i like ur sister

  39. Juan Carlos Rios Garcia

    Juan Carlos Rios GarciaДень тому


  40. Slytherin Queen

    Slytherin QueenДень тому

    "All the colors in the rainbow." *only has 3 colors in the hat*

  41. Isabella Hodgins

    Isabella HodginsДень тому


  42. Orange Lazar

    Orange LazarДень тому

    orange or red

  43. Cammey Darty

    Cammey DartyДень тому


  44. Hash N Breaze

    Hash N BreazeДень тому

    I'd choose green

  45. Indiana Smith

    Indiana SmithДень тому


  46. Yisell Cruz

    Yisell CruzДень тому


  47. Mauril Jeanbaptiste

    Mauril JeanbaptisteДень тому

    You are the best UAreporter channel 🥰😍😘😛

  48. Allison Kulka

    Allison KulkaДень тому

    If I had to eat one color food I would choose yellow

  49. Gabriela Chan UwU

    Gabriela Chan UwUДень тому

    I'm gonna be good for once so i dare you to do the same video but with the color blue love cha :)

  50. Audrey Caldwell

    Audrey CaldwellДень тому

    Lexie is my favorite 😍💕

  51. Audrey Caldwell

    Audrey CaldwellДень тому

    Blue and love your UAreporter channel

  52. Michelle Boateng

    Michelle BoatengДень тому

    Who else noticed when it said special day that Brent spelled special as speical at 0:41

  53. Yon Ko

    Yon KoДень тому

    I would just eat strawberrys and apples

  54. Yon Ko

    Yon KoДень тому

    I would do Red

  55. Belma Cardenas

    Belma CardenasДень тому

    Lexi with pink hair u need Takis

  56. Elyse Fong

    Elyse FongДень тому

    Part 2 also who’s crutches are in the back ground in the house?

  57. Kalila Colon

    Kalila ColonДень тому

    Red because I like takis

  58. Kalila Colon

    Kalila ColonДень тому


  59. Jayne O'Connor

    Jayne O'ConnorДень тому


  60. jack pot

    jack potДень тому

    I’d eat only brown food

  61. Cole Exner

    Cole ExnerДень тому

    Blue and blue

  62. pranshu kumari

    pranshu kumariДень тому

    Lexi: what's red?? Me : strawberries At breakfast Her: whatsoever except strawberry Me : you literally haven't had strawberry smoothie?? WTF!!

  63. Briana Santos

    Briana Santos14 хвилин тому

    Well I don't really know what color yet but I will get Brown 🍫🍩🍪 so good

  64. Treicy Perez

    Treicy Perez13 годин тому

    Spicy things strawberries apples chips gum candy pizza ice cream Kit Kat Starbucks sour candy

  65. Sean Hanley

    Sean HanleyДень тому


  66. Robin Devries

    Robin DevriesДень тому


  67. my friends call me deku

    my friends call me dekuДень тому

    2020 gang | ---------------- | V

  68. Qamar Plays

    Qamar PlaysДень тому

    I'm a kid and I can handle red pepper