Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show


  1. Hannah Million

    Hannah Million3 години тому

    i loved this too much XD

  2. Hasiger Hase

    Hasiger Hase6 годин тому

    seriously? she didnt burp every five minutes like she usually does? and seriously, you took her there the second time, when she is the epitome of a homeless woman in style and behavior? wow.

  3. Jonathan Lundquist

    Jonathan Lundquist13 годин тому

    Am I the only one who noticed she was sitting next to Madeleine

  4. Taylor Taylor

    Taylor Taylor21 годину тому

    4:57 i had felt so bad for that girl i’m so glad emma is so nice to be kind to her

  5. Nicky W

    Nicky WДень тому

    emma is my soul child ... were only 7 years apart but still

  6. Alexis Sena

    Alexis SenaДень тому

    She was sitting next to Cheryl blossom!!😮

  7. Esther

    EstherДень тому


  8. Anna Roman

    Anna RomanДень тому

    Emma is so amazing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Love that she doesn’t over do her makeup

  9. Alyson Reyna

    Alyson ReynaДень тому

    Girl u over there next to Madeline petsch I see u gurl

  10. Dolan Gacha

    Dolan GachaДень тому

    Casually waiting for The Dolan Twins turn for the interview, anyone else?

  11. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie MartinezДень тому

    Emma SLAYEDDDD that look!!!!

  12. Nah. Graal era

    Nah. Graal eraДень тому

    She's like so chambie

  13. Hailie Paz

    Hailie PazДень тому

    I love this

  14. kamryn green

    kamryn greenДень тому

    isn"t it funny how cheryl is sitting next to her liiikkkeee wwwhhhhaaattt

  15. Simran Mangat

    Simran Mangat2 дні тому

    4.20 Emma trying to swear but stopped by the brand😂😂😂

  16. Catherine Horn

    Catherine Horn3 дні тому

    She is honestly a really good Louis Vuitton model and also her with makeup is everything

  17. Dax Luidhardt

    Dax Luidhardt3 дні тому

    Casually sits next to Madeline petsch

  18. Malia Johnson

    Malia Johnson3 дні тому

    I wonder if they made her shower for this video?

  19. Sophia Patiag

    Sophia Patiag3 дні тому

    Omg she was was sitting my Madeleine AHHHHHHHHHH

  20. marwuhh xxx

    marwuhh xxx3 дні тому


  21. Zor

    Zor3 дні тому


  22. Honey Lemon

    Honey Lemon3 дні тому


  23. Smart Cookie Dennison

    Smart Cookie Dennison3 дні тому

    Brooklyn is part of New York City

  24. Nikita Miller

    Nikita Miller3 дні тому


  25. abby nicole

    abby nicole3 дні тому

    emma looks so different with her hair down

  26. Genxesys

    Genxesys4 дні тому


  27. Maritza Castillo

    Maritza Castillo4 дні тому

    I want to be a model for Louis vuitton💗😭😭

  28. Emily Young

    Emily Young4 дні тому

    you’re lying...

  29. Katie Spraker

    Katie Spraker4 дні тому

    It’s 2020 already

  30. Eva chauhan

    Eva chauhan4 дні тому

    Her eyes are popping

  31. Elizabeth Price

    Elizabeth Price4 дні тому

    Emma and Madeleine were doing the same things 😂

  32. bushra bashar

    bushra bashar4 дні тому

    Hi EmMa

  33. April Aline123

    April Aline1234 дні тому

    I love how she still acts like herself with Louis Vuitton

  34. Hosanna Sings

    Hosanna Sings4 дні тому

    I’m shook you got to sit next to Madelaine petsch❤️

  35. Aj Martinez Vlogs

    Aj Martinez Vlogs4 дні тому

    I like how she didn’t even notice she was sitting next to sharel from riverdale

  36. Ria Lopez

    Ria Lopez2 дні тому

    Aj Martinez Vlogs **Cheryl**

  37. Kate Desingano

    Kate Desingano4 дні тому

    Can the boy in the traffic light just be cooperative? WE'RE TRYING TO BE HOPELESS ROMANTIC IN HERE. [That would be a great movie story line though.]

  38. Kate Desingano

    Kate Desingano4 дні тому

    I am so proud 😢

  39. Edward Ryan

    Edward Ryan4 дні тому

    I love how much more comfortable and confident Emma is this time. Next year she will be even MORE into it.

  40. Breanne Murphy

    Breanne Murphy4 дні тому

    Madelaine Petsch❤️

  41. sammy ibarra

    sammy ibarra4 дні тому

    i wonder if she talked to madelaine petsch because they r so alike in ways and couldve done vlogs together ❤😌

  42. Sonia Sanchez

    Sonia Sanchez4 дні тому

    That iced coffee by the window! Dead who says Emma has changed?

  43. Fatima Rashed

    Fatima Rashed5 днів тому

    Yaaaaaassssssss work it !!!

  44. Ella Bruce

    Ella Bruce5 днів тому

    When she said "I love going to cycling classes with my friends" anyone else think ETHAN NO...ok

  45. Miss Bliss

    Miss Bliss5 днів тому

    Ella Bruce OMLL YASS

  46. Rutleishka Cruz

    Rutleishka Cruz5 днів тому

    I saw Madeline video when she went to the Luis show and it’s funny cuz ur sitting next to her

  47. sofia nanou

    sofia nanou5 днів тому


  48. Rebecca Ruiz

    Rebecca Ruiz5 днів тому

    I love her shes so cute

  49. Brylie Stocking

    Brylie Stocking5 днів тому

    Was that Madeleine Petsch by Emma!!

  50. Sophia Ahmed

    Sophia Ahmed5 днів тому

    she is so uneducated I'm from Brooklyn and Brooklyn is part of NYC.

  51. Hannah Santiago

    Hannah Santiago5 днів тому

    ahhh am i the only one that noticed that shes sitting next to maelaine petsch!!!!!

  52. Moni M

    Moni M5 днів тому

    Did she shower,because she changed

  53. Georgia Stoila

    Georgia Stoila5 днів тому


  54. Joshua Wegmann

    Joshua Wegmann5 днів тому

    "I love Brooklyn. But I love New York City too." Honey, Brooklyn is a part of NYC. 😂 I know what she meant though.

  55. Slime By Evv

    Slime By Evv5 днів тому

    U can tell how hard she’s trying not to swear😂

  56. Raquel Morsey

    Raquel Morsey5 днів тому

    This is how many times Emma said vibes 👇👇👇


    NINUCA BERIANIDZE5 днів тому

    can we just take a moment and admire how beautiful she is :)

  58. Moo Gan

    Moo Gan5 днів тому

    L.A might have changed Emma a little bit, but she never forgets her coffee. 😂

  59. Любомира Марчева

    Любомира Марчева5 днів тому

    Umm why no one is talking about THAT MADELINE PETSCH IS SITTING NEXT TO EMMA

  60. Ivan Guillen

    Ivan Guillen5 днів тому

    I'm so surprised that she only said 2 bad words, she was trying so hard🤣

  61. ginger oldmixon

    ginger oldmixon5 днів тому

    YOU WHERE NEXT TO MADALAINE PETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Jeremy andrei Santiago

    Jeremy andrei Santiago6 днів тому

    Louis Vuitton, I am available all year around.

  63. Dana Murray

    Dana Murray6 днів тому

    Peep the coffee in the back😂❤❤

  64. Allison Olson

    Allison Olson6 днів тому


  65. Gabrielle Irene Lorenzana

    Gabrielle Irene Lorenzana6 днів тому

    Emma kind of looks like Elizabeth Olsen in this video

  66. charcs_7

    charcs_76 днів тому

    I wonder if she freaked out over Madeleine

  67. soilgrasswaterair

    soilgrasswaterair6 днів тому

    It’s a bit odd that they hire teenagers to wear their things when it’s adult women who buy their clothes! It’s a bit backwards to say the least. I’m all for Emma...this is aimed at the companies!

  68. Tea Cronqvist

    Tea Cronqvist7 днів тому

    let’s take a moment and talk about emma just sitting casually beside madelaine petsch

  69. GOTEE G

    GOTEE G7 днів тому

    is that Madelaine Petsch? 7:11

  70. Hazel Rivas

    Hazel Rivas7 днів тому

    What did you do to Emma!!!! :(

  71. Ruthiel Roño

    Ruthiel Roño8 днів тому


  72. FreeSpirit123

    FreeSpirit1239 днів тому

    Where is her LATTE?


    JUST PANASHE9 днів тому

    Emma looked bored 😂Even thou I know she wasint

  74. EklipsedDarkness

    EklipsedDarkness9 днів тому

    I dont see anything special about this girl, raspy voice, lazy eye, and stumbles on her speech.

  75. Gamze Duran

    Gamze Duran9 днів тому


  76. youtube excellence

    youtube excellence10 днів тому

    u know just casually sitting next to Madeline

  77. A_Socialist_Channel

    A_Socialist_Channel10 днів тому


  78. Ary

    Ary11 днів тому

    *Lowkey look like heroine of film Brooklyn...?!!

  79. Miguel Gaonananananana

    Miguel Gaonananananana12 днів тому

    Licenciado Valeriano

  80. J E ss E Y

    J E ss E Y13 днів тому

    I wonder if she showered?

  81. Book Worm

    Book Worm14 днів тому

    ARE WE GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT SHE IS SITTING NEXT TO CHERYL BLOSSOM!! I mean I know that not her name cuz she bae but whatever

  82. dicantik.

    dicantik.14 днів тому

    7:17 oh hi ryujin

  83. Sabrina Jogezai

    Sabrina Jogezai15 днів тому

    Oml Emma just sitting beside Madelaine is everything

  84. Sabrina Jogezai

    Sabrina Jogezai15 днів тому

    We love a kween

  85. Gacha Teddy

    Gacha Teddy15 днів тому


  86. Steven Escamilla

    Steven Escamilla16 днів тому

    My mom follow you on Instam😜

  87. Berra Yanmaz

    Berra Yanmaz16 днів тому

    I just realized that Madelaine Petsch was sitting next to Emma🤗🤗 I’m sorry i just love her😍❤️

  88. Poupette Eugene

    Poupette Eugene17 днів тому

    Ya know when she said cycling and coffee that reminded me of the Dolan twins 😏

  89. missSDW

    missSDW17 днів тому

    I love that they kept her silliness in the edit.

  90. Eiliyah Kausmaly

    Eiliyah Kausmaly17 днів тому

    Emma Chamberlain is soo original😂👏

  91. Jonathan Flores

    Jonathan Flores18 днів тому

    Sitting in the front, see Me.

  92. Dalicia Puente

    Dalicia Puente18 днів тому

    Lol I herd this without looking at the screen and I literally thought it was Tanna

  93. Cheif Called

    Cheif Called18 днів тому

    I LOVE THAT SHE IS ALWAYS HERSELF ...even with LV 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  94. Myaliyah Myers

    Myaliyah Myers21 день тому


  95. Charlotte yeah

    Charlotte yeah21 день тому

    This is so sad

  96. Endless Galaxy

    Endless Galaxy21 день тому

    6:37 Louis Vuitton knows what questions to ask!😂💜

  97. Suzie Wong

    Suzie Wong21 день тому

    Love the way she is just casually sitting beside Madelaine Petsch and I’m just fan Girling over here like AGGGHHHHHH

  98. Lucia Aguirre

    Lucia Aguirre22 дні тому


  99. MusicBoxFanatic Mushrooms

    MusicBoxFanatic Mushrooms22 дні тому


  100. Olivia Swensrud ('24)

    Olivia Swensrud ('24)23 дні тому

    7:11 cheryl.

  101. Emilee Ohman

    Emilee Ohman24 дні тому

    7:43 I noticed that the girl who plays cheryl blossom in riverdale is next to emma💀💀

  102. Jennifer Marks

    Jennifer Marks24 дні тому

    Are we not going to talk about how Emma was sitting next to Madelaine petsch 😍😍