Every Grizz Visser Line


  1. Rose Ndungu

    Rose Ndungu3 дні тому

    This is the best video ever made

  2. alex turner

    alex turner4 дні тому

    no flaws on this man

  3. Maddy P

    Maddy P5 днів тому

    I need to know why grizz reminds me of Steve from stranger things

  4. Addie Allen

    Addie Allen4 дні тому


  5. tater tot

    tater tot12 днів тому

    best character.

  6. Maleah H.

    Maleah H.12 днів тому

    He is the smartest man in that show

  7. tea spiller

    tea spiller13 днів тому

    I wish he cuffed me with his handcuffs :)💝😭

  8. CrystalLily0267

    CrystalLily026713 днів тому

    I feel like after Cassandra Grizz was one of the people who held everyone up emotionally, he was always supportive to a certain extent and really laid back, I mean think about as soon as he left it all went to hell and the guard sided with Harry and Campbell and they arrested will and Allie


    RA KIB MOON13 днів тому

    He think wisely and he is also the most loyal person. Excited to watch him in S2 can't wait to see the next plan of grizz.


    RA KIB MOON13 днів тому

    He think wisely and he is also the most loyal person. Excited to watch him in S2 can't wait to see the next plan of grizz.

  11. Lisbet j.

    Lisbet j.17 днів тому

    I love this guy.

  12. Kyomek Who likes Pokémon

    Kyomek Who likes Pokémon18 днів тому

    I need season 2 already

  13. Alexis Dunnigan

    Alexis Dunnigan18 днів тому

    I lowkey first shipped Allie and grizz at first then I was like Sam and grizz better be endgame

  14. alec walsh

    alec walsh22 дні тому

    why is no one talking bout <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="782">13:02</a> like she literally forced herself onto him like bruh he literally told you he was gay like 2 seconds ago back off

  15. Lauren

    Lauren25 днів тому


  16. lauren lovely

    lauren lovely29 днів тому

    this has 91k views oh my god yes

  17. AJ

    AJМісяць тому

    Literally this is the content I live for until season 2 comes out!!

  18. Jaera A.C.

    Jaera A.C.Місяць тому

    wwwait so in all of the 400 min in this seasons play time grizz only got 13??

  19. thelonelyyplanet

    thelonelyyplanetМісяць тому

    Alternative title: "The Society but I fixed it so it's a good show now"

  20. gianna valentin

    gianna valentinМісяць тому

    grizz is the best character

  21. miah -

    miah -Місяць тому

    as soon as he brought ally tea i knew smt good was going to happen

  22. broadway brandie

    broadway brandieМісяць тому

    i am emotionally attached to grizz it is not okay

  23. Savannah Wright

    Savannah WrightМісяць тому

    Damn it makes me miss when they were reading the phone upside down and none of the crew members noticed so they could redo it😭

  24. Kennedie Joyce

    Kennedie Joyce5 днів тому

    aaah that drove me crazy lmao i thought i was the only one who noticed

  25. Ariyanna Smith

    Ariyanna Smith25 днів тому

    Savannah Wright thank you I thought I was the only one who noticed and they. Switched the type of phone lol

  26. Alezane 4

    Alezane 4Місяць тому

    He's the love of my life ! ❤ He's just not real, it's okay... 😂😂

  27. Alexis Pedersen

    Alexis PedersenМісяць тому

    If anything happens to Grizz me and Netflix are gonna have issues

  28. Charlie

    CharlieМісяць тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a>

  29. Charlie

    CharlieМісяць тому


  30. ll vdb

    ll vdbМісяць тому

    I love how Grizz stays loyal to everyone 🙂

  31. bogr times

    bogr timesМісяць тому

    after <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="583">9:43</a> grizz was kinda off through the season which just proves how good of an actor his actor is, he knows something bad/sad just happened to his character and made sure it effected him through his other seasons

  32. claudia.garcía

    claudia.garcíaМісяць тому

    Sam biting his lip at Grizz has me feelin some type of way <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a>

  33. Lachlan Is pansexual

    Lachlan Is pansexualМісяць тому

    Sometimes I wish Grizz would just marry me Edit: I thought about it and I want him to marry Sam first

  34. Khia K

    Khia KМісяць тому

    Also just realized...bc I am slow that they would wear their lettermen jackets as uniforms to signify that they are the designated military.

  35. Khia K

    Khia KМісяць тому

    Just realized that literally the minute Grizz left with the explorer group, the whole entire system fell apart😂

  36. Khia K

    Khia KМісяць тому

    Tunmise Lamidi exactly!

  37. Tunmise Lamidi

    Tunmise LamidiМісяць тому

    I was just saying this. Even the first time they left, shit went to pieces. He's like the voice of reason

  38. Мам, я фея

    Мам, я феяМісяць тому

    Сериал «Общество» пока что 1 сезон

  39. hailey

    haileyМісяць тому

    bless u

  40. fairchildsrunes

    fairchildsrunesМісяць тому

    if grizz and sam don’t end up together, i’m storming netflix and killing the writers. anyone with me?

  41. Marie-Soleil Ranger

    Marie-Soleil RangerМісяць тому

    Yeah I’m 15 .. and yeah he’s 22 I mean ... it’s possible.. haha.. just 7 years appart..

  42. Penguin King

    Penguin KingМісяць тому

    He literally leave all his friends for 1 week and when he's back, everything is so messed up

  43. Penguin King

    Penguin KingМісяць тому

    When my friends teach me math Me: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="302">5:02</a>

  44. StarwarsIT

    StarwarsITМісяць тому

    Why would ANYONE dislike this😤

  45. Karen Griffith

    Karen GriffithМісяць тому

    I kinda think it’s cool that Grizz hair got longer and longer cause they are obviously been in the situation for months ✌️ *just a random detail to say*

  46. İlayda Özgüner

    İlayda Özgüner2 місяці тому

    i need a sam version. and a grizzam one.

  47. jacksonfan4life123

    jacksonfan4life1232 місяці тому

    I knew I was going to love him. Protect him at all costs.

  48. 25th&South

    25th&South2 місяці тому

    I have never seen this show. He is the best character. I don't want to watch it, because I don't want to see all those pointless scenes with him. 😁

  49. Ariyanna Smith

    Ariyanna Smith25 днів тому

    25th&South you need to watch the grizzam scenes

  50. Breyna Olivis

    Breyna Olivis2 місяці тому

    Grizz will always be superior

  51. Dani_the_dood !

    Dani_the_dood !2 місяці тому

    Okay we need to protect this bean he’s so friggen amazing if he dies I’m going to freak out

  52. It’s ya girl

    It’s ya girl2 місяці тому

    I am so in love with Grizz it’s not even funny

  53. Vasilije Kadijevic

    Vasilije Kadijevic2 місяці тому


  54. CuteAly 101 ‘3’

    CuteAly 101 ‘3’2 місяці тому

    grizz needs more scenes as well as the scenes with grizz AND sam.

  55. Ashley Cruz

    Ashley Cruz2 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> I literally rewatched him making that face like three million times cause like HOW ARE PEOPLE NOT OBSESSED WITH HIM!!!

  56. Mary Hegarty

    Mary Hegarty2 місяці тому

    why are there only four football players if this is the entire high school?

  57. Mary Hegarty

    Mary Hegarty24 дні тому

    @Ariyanna Smith yeah, I know. I've watched the show a couple times. I just thought it was funny.

  58. Ariyanna Smith

    Ariyanna Smith25 днів тому

    Mary Hegarty it’s not the entire school and the rest of the players are side characters if you watch the show you will see more

  59. Sarah Morris

    Sarah Morris2 місяці тому

    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a> why does he consider burying that girl in the woods? sorry, I've never seen the show, but if she was just bitten by a snake why wouldn't you just bring her home? it's not like they murdered her. i'm confused lol.

  60. Sarah Morris

    Sarah Morris2 місяці тому

    @spook oh I see. thank you!!!

  61. spook

    spook2 місяці тому

    Basically they are the only ones in the entire town, all the adults have disappeared, and they were on a hike to look around, so they would have had to carry her all the way back to be buried at town (which they eventually did but another option was just burying her there instead)

  62. Truce Warriørs

    Truce Warriørs3 місяці тому

    Sometimes he looks like Tyrell and i...fuck

  63. Inês Cruz

    Inês Cruz3 місяці тому

    Just by seeing this u can already love grizz and don’t even need to see the show

  64. pxtxrr

    pxtxrr3 місяці тому

    He needs more screen time

  65. M O N I R O T H

    M O N I R O T H4 місяці тому

    He’s such a baby I wanna put him in my pocket 🥰

  66. Sofia Molocchi

    Sofia Molocchi4 місяці тому

    When he tried to communicate with sam and for one second he forgot the rest of the signs and whispered "fuck" yeah that's the best moment

  67. Tartar sauce Pussy

    Tartar sauce Pussy4 місяці тому

    If something bad happens to grizz netflix will be expecting a call or 2 from me

  68. The Ranch

    The Ranch11 днів тому

    Ur username I can’t 😂

  69. Jennah 0908

    Jennah 09084 місяці тому

    Imagine not thinking he was the best character

  70. Iggy Stardust

    Iggy Stardust25 днів тому

    @Ariyanna Smith lol no I just like being a contrarian. I love Grizz. But I honestly do like Campbell as a character. In real life I would knock his ass out though haha.

  71. Ariyanna Smith

    Ariyanna Smith25 днів тому

    Iggy Stardust bruh really tho you think the psychopath is better than the sweet grizz bear 😭🥴

  72. Iggy Stardust

    Iggy Stardust29 днів тому

    Campbell is the best... Grizz is the worst.

  73. kristen fondue

    kristen fondueМісяць тому

    him and sam period

  74. sydbabyxoxo

    sydbabyxoxoМісяць тому

    Jennah 0908, that’s a pretty sad to think for someone to think. I can’t even imagine someone thinking like that ... especially cause it ain’t true. 👏👏 for sure, best character

  75. J D

    J D4 місяці тому

    ok but how he looks away cause he can't make eye contact with Sam when he says "how do you say 'kiss me'?" is so wholesome and i can die happily now. also ... why does he have handcuffs? ;)

  76. Always Eilish

    Always Eilish21 день тому

    Secret kinky

  77. ll vdb

    ll vdbМісяць тому

    U know- I don’t really wanna know (Also, he wouldn’t be able to use them with Sam cuz they weren’t together then :(... Kind of a disappointment ik)

  78. lorelai mina

    lorelai mina2 місяці тому

    Jess Dhaliwal he using them with sam ;)

  79. Robert Young

    Robert Young4 місяці тому

    I've seen the greatest part of this clip on THREE different sites.

  80. HOT MESS

    HOT MESS4 місяці тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a>

  81. Haley Bartel

    Haley Bartel4 місяці тому

    I swear I'm about to watch this show just for him

  82. Haley Bartel

    Haley Bartel25 днів тому

    kate lohman I think I might if/when they get a second season bc I don’t want to watch a short show just to be disappointed

  83. fessa has no life

    fessa has no life29 днів тому

    Bruh I’m only watching s2 for him and Sam ngl the show itself is lowkey boring

  84. kate lohman

    kate lohmanМісяць тому

    Haley Bartel ik this is late but if you haven’t watched the show yet this is your reminder to go do it it’s great

  85. Adriano Silveer

    Adriano Silveer4 місяці тому


  86. Isobel Johnson

    Isobel Johnson4 місяці тому

    the society on netflix its a tv show

  87. gorgeous_grazer

    gorgeous_grazer5 місяців тому

    "whAt The FuCk aRe YoU TaLKinG aBoUT"

  88. riley pietsch

    riley pietsch5 місяців тому

    the only video that matters

  89. bel410la

    bel410la5 місяців тому


  90. sunset vibes

    sunset vibes5 місяців тому

    I swear he’s the nicest character off of any tv show I’ve seen?? he got his heart ripped out and stomped on and he was still gentle and polite and congratulated them both I genuinely can’t think of a character better than him I swear he has no flaws

  91. bru h

    bru h5 місяців тому

    I watched the entirety of this series for 13 minutes of this man. I don’t regret one second of it

  92. maggie wanner

    maggie wanner20 днів тому


  93. AJ

    AJМісяць тому

    LITERALLY i seen the clip where he asked sam to kiss him and i was like I HAVE TO WATCH IT and its the legit the only reason why im waiting for the next season

  94. Kitana Metcalf

    Kitana Metcalf5 місяців тому

    what is the show called

  95. Isobel Johnson

    Isobel Johnson4 місяці тому

    the society its on netflix

  96. Kylee Sabo

    Kylee Sabo5 місяців тому

    Kitana Metcalf the society

  97. Summer Hendrix

    Summer Hendrix5 місяців тому

    I know he’d be great in charge, but everyone in charge doesn’t last too long so

  98. Tae cup

    Tae cup3 місяці тому

    if they kill Grizz the whole fanbase is suing Netflix

  99. Maggie Schmidt

    Maggie Schmidt6 місяців тому

    God bless you for making this

  100. Elisabeth Weisnagel

    Elisabeth Weisnagel6 місяців тому

    I shouldn't have watched the show tbh this is all I needed, he was the only good character imo

  101. harini!!

    harini!!19 днів тому

    Elisabeth Weisnagel sam

  102. Cruella Devil

    Cruella Devil6 місяців тому

    i'm in love with grizz

  103. allure Thomas

    allure Thomas6 місяців тому

    Its impossible not to love grizz😉

  104. Ma. Angela Delos Santos

    Ma. Angela Delos Santos6 місяців тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="302">5:02</a> "What the fuck are you talking about" still my favorite line hahahahahahaha. His voice is a little higher there.

  105. megan cummins

    megan cummins7 місяців тому

    doctor: you have 13 minutes 18 seconds left to live me:

  106. Nora H

    Nora H7 місяців тому

    He kind of looks like Ruel👀🤤

  107. Syamiel

    Syamiel6 місяців тому

    Nora H omg he actually does SKSK

  108. BEE SUM

    BEE SUM7 місяців тому

    It's so funny because he's a little 21 year old baby making his debut in this show and I love it

  109. cool cool no doubt no doubt

    cool cool no doubt no doubt20 днів тому

    Ariyanna Smith yeah he’s 20

  110. Ariyanna Smith

    Ariyanna Smith25 днів тому

    Sikaur lol I think he’s 20

  111. Previous X

    Previous X2 місяці тому

    He’s 20 💀

  112. Sikaur

    Sikaur4 місяці тому

    @eman6343 not lying it doesn't show the right informations, Jack said his age in an interview :)

  113. eman6343

    eman63434 місяці тому

    Sikaur so google is lying🤔

  114. mirka

    mirka7 місяців тому


  115. Samantha G

    Samantha G7 місяців тому

    Also the raid is my favorite scene! Perfect acting of what teens would do in that moment!

  116. Mobshreen Rehman

    Mobshreen Rehman2 місяці тому

    Shannon where do i find the bloopers

  117. Shannon

    Shannon2 місяці тому

    Samantha G but what makes it even better is that there’s actual bloopers when they said their real names and not character names 🤣🤣

  118. Samantha G

    Samantha G7 місяців тому

    The good jock, sweet, kind, strong, loving has handcuffs (for some reason) he’s my favorite character ever. Love for Grizz!