Everything Wrong With The Lion King (2019) In The Circle Of Minutes


  1. Wolfie Gamble

    Wolfie Gamble2 години тому

    Scar’s name was one he picked for himself- as the name his father gave him, Taka, meant trash in Swahili

  2. Nio Loves

    Nio Loves3 години тому

    Yes, that is y they call him scar. It was a nickname. Y doesn't get mad every time idk.

  3. Bowser Dragon

    Bowser Dragon6 годин тому

    So if they basically remade the original Lion King...why not save money on voiceovers and just reuse the original dialogue and overlay it on Live Action

  4. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan7 годин тому

    I’d give it 100 sins for existing. 1 is simply not enough.

  5. Anonymous Annie

    Anonymous Annie8 годин тому

    Hyper realistic visuals does not equal good

  6. Xyzuii

    Xyzuii13 годин тому

    The original was more emotional

  7. Herpetology Lover

    Herpetology Lover14 годин тому

    I miss meerkat manor.

  8. Infinitecdc

    Infinitecdc16 годин тому

    The " Nelson" song got me XD.

  9. Mikael Targaryen

    Mikael Targaryen17 годин тому

    John Legend should've been Simba. At least feel the love would be better.

  10. Yvonne Rogers

    Yvonne Rogers18 годин тому

    Awesome! Thanks! 🙏 😎

  11. Kitty Kitty

    Kitty Kitty21 годину тому

    Scars real name is Taka. Meaning trash. Mufasa was the favorite child, One day His fath gave him that scar on his eye. Afterwards that was his nickname.

  12. CS

    CS21 годину тому

    I miss Ed and Banzai in this movie, the other 2 hyenas didn't like me as much as they did YnY

  13. Jesse McCoy

    Jesse McCoy22 години тому

    Baby Pumbaa was a boar. A FRICKING BOAR!

  14. ButtersTheBoss

    ButtersTheBoss22 години тому

    Add a sin for him saying there body’s come the grass why?Cause mufasa in the sky

  15. Clash

    ClashДень тому

    Just so we're clear, Chiwetel Ejiofor is a better voice actor casting for Scar than Jeremy Irons, shithead. WTF is your dumb ass talking about? How the fuck is that a sin?

  16. Jesse McCoy

    Jesse McCoy22 години тому


  17. Gregg Tompos

    Gregg TomposДень тому

    so while growing up apart nala a lioness never went into heat & mated with another lion?

  18. Shady Mist

    Shady MistДень тому

    WOW, during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" takes place during the day not night. Everyone points this out but not you not giving it a sin there.

  19. SailorIda3

    SailorIda3День тому

    Hyena clanssa can be up to 30 induviduals from what I recall from both documentries and books. Its not common for so large clans, but far from unheard of. When it comes to fighting: It takes about 4hyenas to take on a lioness, male lions are rarly if ever attacked by hyenas at all. It does happen but really rarly. Warthogs are considerd dangerous for most predators due to the tusks that can genuinly gutt the attackers.

  20. Ghais Ali

    Ghais AliДень тому

    17:26 - 17:29. or it would be choji

  21. Alota honey

    Alota honeyДень тому

    Aslan killed me 😂😂

  22. Bobzilla 789

    Bobzilla 789День тому

    Damn Nala really friend-zoned Simba at the start

  23. Maya Synge

    Maya SyngeДень тому

    how did you NOT sin “be our ahhhhhhhhhh”

  24. Maria Cowle

    Maria CowleДень тому

    The main problem with this movie is the songs!. Boooyy they really fucked these songs up!.

  25. Mr. Eighty

    Mr. EightyДень тому

    “This movie exist.” The most satisfying sin ever

  26. Evve Locce

    Evve LocceДень тому

    I don't like this movie either, but the fact that the entire ecosystem was able to go back to normal so quickly isn't actually a rare "this stuff only happens in movies" thing. You can watch super carlin brothers' video about it. Although they talked about the original of course.

  27. LamsShipper 4Life

    LamsShipper 4LifeДень тому

    Two things 1) Star Wars!!!!!!!!! 2) You didn't mention the fact that the way lion prides are set up, Nala would be Simba's sister. Think about that.

  28. TweetsyCk

    TweetsyCkДень тому

    I can't wit y'all 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1st sin... "this movie exists". You ain't have start out that hard DANG!!!! 🔥👏🏾

  29. Hannah F

    Hannah FДень тому

    Not a single animal has balls

  30. AJ 3000

    AJ 30002 дні тому

    Nothing wrong with that one to me

  31. 1DeathEater

    1DeathEater2 дні тому

    Basically, the Original version is better..

  32. Leon Rogers

    Leon Rogers2 дні тому

    Scar's real name is Taka

  33. Kalypso

    Kalypso2 дні тому

    Sweet. Didn't have to waste my money to see it. 😂

  34. Daisy

    Daisy2 дні тому

    @CinemaSins Scar's original name was Taka, which means 'dirt' or 'trash'. Meanwhile, Mufasa means 'king'. If you want to blame anyone, blame the parents.

  35. Neusa Pacheco

    Neusa Pacheco2 дні тому

    Scar's original name was taka aka trash then he got hurt when trying to get mufasa killed n was scarred

  36. Water Sheep II

    Water Sheep II2 дні тому


  37. sregors

    sregors2 дні тому

    Leonard! Lol

  38. Max J

    Max J2 дні тому

    sin 62 is dick move.

  39. Cassidy Anthony

    Cassidy Anthony2 дні тому

    Scar, the females would pick scar also The animals in the beginning were saying "YYYYAAAAA DROP HIM DROP HIM!!!" Also Scar was named Taka at first and he got his scar after his dad banned him after his mom died in a hunting accident and a lioness playfully named him scar and when he came back to pride rock he was named scar as a nickname

  40. Kaylie Babocsi

    Kaylie Babocsi2 дні тому

    I need a full cover of 4:41 right now

  41. Hiren Patel

    Hiren Patel2 дні тому

    Lions or as a matter of fact none of the animals needs to pull out, they can consciously release their semen. Hence, when they mate they make the thrusting action just so that they can penetrate their penis through female's cervix and when they feel they are at the right spot they release.

  42. Hunter Burton

    Hunter Burton2 дні тому

    The Lion King is a good movie

  43. chilanya

    chilanya2 дні тому

    they wanted it to look so "true to nature" but it would be too.. sexual??.. to provide the male lions with testicles? ridiculous

  44. chilanya

    chilanya2 дні тому

    when i heard they were making this, my heart sank. just.. why?! and it's even worse than i thought for a movie that had no need to be made.

  45. Herowebcomics

    Herowebcomics2 дні тому

    OMG! A live action Bugs life would be AWFUL! The animation in THAT movie is FOUNDATIONAL to it working! ...Sure the animation to Lion King was very important, but the cartoony way the bugs look gave them actual emotion and helped us tell the difference between them and other bugs! Man this "Live action" trend sucks!

  46. Revenge of the Nerd

    Revenge of the Nerd2 дні тому

    Should have let Jeremy Irons voice Scar

  47. Revenge of the Nerd

    Revenge of the Nerd2 дні тому

    Scar's name is Taka. Meaning "want" or "desire" buttttt it can also mean "garbage" lmfo. Fitting because he is garbage and he has a strong desire to be king. There were three parts I wanted to see, "Be Prepared", the exchange between Simba and Mufasa, and Shenzi's exchange with Banzai "Mufasa Mufasa Mufasaaaa" heeee. All three were cut out or dried up.

  48. Justin R

    Justin R2 дні тому

    When the musical had more effort than this

  49. Kevin Shepherd

    Kevin Shepherd3 дні тому

    I feel so bad for James Earl Jones, like he had to feel obligated to be in this movie, but you know he didn't want to read it word for word for fucking word. I'm sure he was looking forward to the stampede scene

  50. Secluded Misanthrope

    Secluded Misanthrope3 дні тому

    Why hasn't an animated sequel to this movie about the "Trial of Rafiki for Simbaslaughter" been made, this seems like a missed opportunity.

  51. Soul93Taker

    Soul93Taker3 дні тому

    7:50 Scar's name originally was Taka, an african's language (forgot which) word for... garbage. I would add 167282526 sins just for how 'garbage' his parents were.

  52. W Mettler

    W Mettler3 дні тому

    yes. it is an inferior copy

  53. Nyyk

    Nyyk3 дні тому



    INFINITE DESTINY3 дні тому

    Cinemasins are no more the channel they used to be ... i remember back in the days when there is a mistake in the movie only then a point is added in the sin counter for each mistake ! But these days every shot of a movie makes a point for sin counter even if its not a sin in the first place ! This channel is just jeopardizing and making fun of the hard work of thousands and thousands of talented artist and creators and diminishing their reputation by making silly jokes which isn't funny by the way and increasing the sin counter with out any good reason behind it ! i am so disappointed in this channel if you really wanna critic a movie and make a funny critic video , then fix your god damm sin counter first and then your critics and your stupid jokes !

  55. Alegorila00

    Alegorila003 дні тому

    Minute 1:12 that joke almost started the WWIII

  56. Bryd Joslin

    Bryd Joslin3 дні тому

    Worst remake ever.

  57. Jellyduckface

    Jellyduckface3 дні тому

    You didn't give it a sin for the fact that 'Can you feel the Love TONIGHT' took place in SUNLIGHT

  58. candyslice

    candyslice3 дні тому

    “Remember, this is our little secret.” *_Uncles_*

  59. Chris Stone Unlisted

    Chris Stone Unlisted3 дні тому

    7:53 I mean his actual name means trash so scar is abit of an upgrade

  60. aenjgeal

    aenjgeal3 дні тому

    I'm sorry, but Beyonce trying to play her usual vocal gymnastics with every note just took me out of the movie completely

  61. Ari Williams

    Ari Williams3 дні тому

    Scars real name is Taka