Exposing The Most EMBARRASSING Things From My Childhood Bedroom *CRINGE*


  1. Thonkes

    Thonkes16 годин тому

    Oh My god!!!! My parents got married the 18. September!! Wth!?!

  2. Lily Jones

    Lily Jones17 годин тому

    That leather suit was 3 sizes too small

  3. Lily Jones

    Lily Jones17 годин тому

    10:29 Billie is quaking

  4. Sadie Wilkinson

    Sadie WilkinsonДень тому

    I tried the same with the eye dr but you obviously were more convincing 😆

  5. Wifey

    Wifey4 дні тому

    That leather suit- what have I witnessed

  6. Amanda Rivera

    Amanda Rivera4 дні тому

    When you showed the Valentine’s Day card from your parents..I felt that

  7. Amanda Rivera

    Amanda Rivera4 дні тому

    The shot of Tyler going down the escalator has me dying

  8. Samantha Simonds

    Samantha Simonds5 днів тому

    Hold up!!!!! I've lived in CO my whole life and went to girl scout camp too! I have one of those awards!!! WERE WE IN THE SAME CAMP!?!?

  9. shahar _BE

    shahar _BE6 днів тому

    Why does she look like she's about to cry😂❤

  10. Chicken Strips

    Chicken Strips7 днів тому

    Tyler needs a youtube channel.

  11. ConnorMD Hooper

    ConnorMD Hooper8 днів тому

    Me looking at thumb nail is this going to be a scary video

  12. Nyssa Rawther

    Nyssa Rawther8 днів тому

    They'd give a kid Xanax and put her immediately into a counselor's office when she got to school for being too emotionally distressed but they did nothing about another kid threatening her every single day??? Yeah, that matches up to my experience with school too. Good to know the school system sucks no matter where you are in the world!!


    ILLIANA DELGADO9 днів тому

    Lord. From one unicorn 🦄 to another. I see you queen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Bonnie White

    Bonnie White9 днів тому

    Morgan doesn't realise how naturally gorgeous she is. Id love to be best pals with her, garenteed to have a laugh. Ive only just subscribed and I just love her. Ur ace Morgan.

  15. Kendall Morris

    Kendall Morris10 днів тому

    my names kendall and i lost my fucking shit😂😂❤️

  16. Ineskouletvickot

    Ineskouletvickot11 днів тому


  17. Ash Schweinlin

    Ash Schweinlin12 днів тому

  18. starlyn

    starlyn12 днів тому

    I would have said inlaw instead of brother

  19. L grey

    L grey12 днів тому

    I literally had the same fucking glasses in first grade as you, just in red

  20. мσσиу zєє

    мσσиу zєє13 днів тому

    Oh mah gawd Andrew looks so handsome in in the suit ;-;

  21. octo nips

    octo nips14 днів тому

    14:40 "chicken fingers" girl i know how to read

  22. Rita A

    Rita A14 днів тому

    Okay but can someone please tell me where to get that hoodie because I’m obsessing over it and I can’t seem to be able to find it on my own

  23. Summer Colledge

    Summer Colledge16 днів тому

    ur so pretty

  24. Cassandra Scutchfield

    Cassandra Scutchfield21 день тому

    YOO SOME GIRL DID THE SAME NOTE THING TO ME AHAHA. now she is on drugs soo...

  25. Emma Aguiar

    Emma Aguiar22 дні тому

    tell me how my birthday is September 18..

  26. Shafa Rahmani

    Shafa Rahmani23 дні тому

    I always kinda freak out when andrew talks to morgan. I ship you guys so much

  27. Bunny Games

    Bunny Games25 днів тому

    Other people in the comments (maybe): Ugh, youre just tryna be relatable. Birth isnt an age idiot. Me: *HAMBURGER*

  28. Katie Kroboth

    Katie Kroboth26 днів тому

    andrew looks so good i cant

  29. ToneTone126

    ToneTone12626 днів тому

    I love the shot of them both laughing as she arrives to her parents's place

  30. Bianca Gonzalez

    Bianca Gonzalez28 днів тому

    Your wedding is my birthday this year lol

  31. lindsay?

    lindsay?29 днів тому

    I'm not gay but... Morgan is gorgeous ❤️

  32. Ivory Wolf

    Ivory Wolf29 днів тому

    "Embarress" Wtf

  33. Judie Bradshaw

    Judie BradshawМісяць тому

    Damn Kevin Jonas for marrying someone else! Pffffttttt

  34. Marisa Braunstein

    Marisa BraunsteinМісяць тому

    This hits way too close to home on so many levels for me. One being that I have the EXACT same furniture set in my childhood bedroom.

  35. S W

    S WМісяць тому

    Morgan looks gorgeous!! And Andrew in that suit.... Damn!! 😍

  36. PeanutButerJellyTim1

    PeanutButerJellyTim1Місяць тому

    HOLY shit you were a weird/creepy little kid

  37. SimplyJames

    SimplyJamesМісяць тому

    Andrew, hello you sexy mother***ker!

  38. Rona Rose

    Rona RoseМісяць тому

    Dude I have the exact same dresser and bed frame!

  39. Rosie Heke

    Rosie HekeМісяць тому

    Somebody tell me where she got her hoodie from the white one

  40. Erika Garibay

    Erika GaribayМісяць тому

    This is amazing lol

  41. Veronica S

    Veronica SМісяць тому


  42. Veronica S

    Veronica SМісяць тому

    i forgot what the video was about when i was watching the whole award part lol shit

  43. MacKenzie Borter

    MacKenzie BorterМісяць тому

    I made September 18 2019 an event in my phones clander bc I have no life 😂😭🤷‍♀️

  44. Marissa Nikkole

    Marissa NikkoleМісяць тому


  45. Alyssa Lefebvre

    Alyssa LefebvreМісяць тому

    I want a video where she gets the Justin Bieber autograph appraised our gets it framed

  46. Abby Gibson

    Abby GibsonМісяць тому

    I had the biggest crush on Kevin Jonas when I was younger!!!

  47. sardonicGrip

    sardonicGripМісяць тому

    15:39 wait bro you wanted to marry Kevin on my b-day lol

  48. jennifer N

    jennifer NМісяць тому

    I wrote to the Jonas brothers once a month

  49. Jaime Meyer

    Jaime MeyerМісяць тому

    one after my b day will get merried ps i cant spell

  50. Sydney Mitrecic

    Sydney MitrecicМісяць тому

    Morgan you're so gorgeous, funny, and relatable!!!!!!! Morgan, I dance and those moves are hard and you look great! I never thought you danced! You were a great dancer by the looks of it!! Stay amazing! ❤❤😘

  51. Michelle Blank

    Michelle BlankМісяць тому

    Sameies childhood 😂😢

  52. Brittany Langdon

    Brittany LangdonМісяць тому

    Omg girl! Can relate on so many levels. Heres 2 examples from my childhood. 1) wanted glasses so bad that when my mom took me i lied and the doctor said if i was telling the truth i was legally blind. So i cried for a week cause i didnt get glasses. 2) i found at a young age that humor can be a huge defense against bullies lmao!!!

  53. Maria del Rosario Herrera

    Maria del Rosario HerreraМісяць тому

    I can fucken relate and omfg Nick was my favorite of the 3.

  54. Savannah Mohart

    Savannah MohartМісяць тому

    September 18, 2019. Morgan this is your year!!

  55. chloe lalala

    chloe lalalaМісяць тому

    'and this would be me on our wedding day' 😂 love it 😝

  56. CX부서진

    CX부서진Місяць тому

    Morgan is so pretty!!

  57. Lisette Dąbrowska

    Lisette DąbrowskaМісяць тому

    You’re like the funniest girl I’ve ever watched. And you’re extremely beautiful! Didn’t even know it was possible to be so perfect! No joke. You’re amazing, I can relate to you in so many levels

  58. emily massengill

    emily massengillМісяць тому

    Okay but I had the exact same white dresser💀

  59. Carlissa Martin

    Carlissa MartinМісяць тому

    can you please give us the link to that hoodie

  60. Charlotte x

    Charlotte xМісяць тому

    September 18th is my birthday

  61. Mia Jones

    Mia JonesМісяць тому

    September 18 is my birthday

  62. Katy Severson

    Katy SeversonМісяць тому

    That sticky note said chicken fights not chicken fingers😂😂

  63. Jiya Alpesh Sanghavi

    Jiya Alpesh SanghaviМісяць тому

    Can you sell me the Justin Bieber autograph on eBay please?

  64. Deandrelewis Lewis

    Deandrelewis LewisМісяць тому

    Morgan: * I have 20/20 vision*. Reads perfectly with glass with absolutely no problem.

  65. Jocelyn Grace

    Jocelyn GraceМісяць тому

    I didn't know you got married on my birthday to Kevin jonad😂was I invited😂😂😂

  66. Savannah Castanos

    Savannah CastanosМісяць тому

    Tell me y Andrew looks so cute in the suit. ❤️

  67. Hannah

    HannahМісяць тому

    I'm convinced we had the same tween years experience, right down to the leather dance suit

  68. Honey R

    Honey RМісяць тому


  69. Noodleboy Farts

    Noodleboy FartsМісяць тому


  70. yorel 123

    yorel 123Місяць тому

    1:50, what a man

  71. _Dolan_Twins_ _65_

    _Dolan_Twins_ _65_Місяць тому

    In kindergarten I had a huuuuuggggge crush on nick Jonas. Know I have a crush on Frankie jonas

  72. No No

    No NoМісяць тому

    Pinterest used to be a place to find crafts and fun things to do when you’re bored. Now it’s just a place to get lost in memes

  73. tina trotter

    tina trotterМісяць тому

    Andrew looks so nice in a suit

  74. Phil! At the Disco

    Phil! At the DiscoМісяць тому


  75. Conner Childes

    Conner ChildesМісяць тому


  76. SB Zaldex

    SB Zaldex2 місяці тому

    Anybody knows where she buy that sweater !?

  77. SB Zaldex

    SB Zaldex2 місяці тому

    Anyone knows where’s that sweatshirt from !?

  78. Natalie Rivas

    Natalie Rivas2 місяці тому

    we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Liv With Love

    Liv With Love2 місяці тому

    WHERE oh where did Morgan get her white hoodie with all the designers on it ???

  80. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez2 місяці тому

    Where is that hoodie from asking for a friend