Exposing The Most EMBARRASSING Things From My Childhood Bedroom *CRINGE*


  1. Dana

    Dana10 годин тому

    Lmao this was painfully relateable.

  2. Arly

    Arly11 годин тому

    omg they were right next to the salesforce building where my dad used to work

  3. pickles

    pickles22 години тому

    OMFG MORGAN SAME STORY when I was in first grade, I’m in 4th now, I went to the eye doctor. I wanted glasses so bad. I could read the letters perfectly! And I acted like I need glasses and now I regret it cause I wear glasses, so can relate

  4. pickles

    pickles22 години тому

    I was watching this, and I got a text from my friend saying: *I have a girl crush*

  5. pickles

    pickles22 години тому


  6. SamO LamO

    SamO LamOДень тому

    Dude, I did the same thing for my eye exam when I was little. I regret it so much.

  7. Mitchie

    MitchieДень тому

    I love how that's the day after my birthday 😂

  8. Nico Johnson

    Nico JohnsonДень тому

    7:45 In this picture you look exactly like my aunt Jess did when she was younger lol.

  9. Sad Rat

    Sad RatДень тому

    Got a Nick Jonas ad on this?

  10. Lilly Jeffries

    Lilly Jeffries2 дні тому

    Same with me with the pill taking too. Lol

  11. Lilly Jeffries

    Lilly Jeffries2 дні тому

    Dont worry in elementary school i was jealous of all the girls who had guys interested in them or bfs who sent things to them at school. I would have mom send me flowers or a bear to school for me to get so the girls would think i had a bf or love interest. Lol

  12. Lilly Jeffries

    Lilly Jeffries2 дні тому

    Dont worry in elementary school i was jealous of all the girls who had guys interested in them or bfs who sent things to them at school. I would have mom send me flowers or a bear to school for me to get so the girls would think i had a bf or love interest. Lol

  13. Jocelyn Escobar

    Jocelyn Escobar3 дні тому

    Morgan, where did you get your hoodie?! 😍

  14. DanBekim

    DanBekim3 дні тому

    9:30 thank me later

  15. Black cat Gaming and vlogs

    Black cat Gaming and vlogs4 дні тому

    Congrats to ryland and Shane for winning a streame

  16. El i

    El i4 дні тому

    looking like amy schumers leather special lmaoo

  17. • Pastel Paint •

    • Pastel Paint •4 дні тому

    Birth is an age?

  18. Eveanna Sue

    Eveanna Sue4 дні тому

    Morgan in that leather suit looked like a stripper😂 I Love You Morgan

  19. stephanie

    stephanie5 днів тому

    you are literally so gorgeous!

  20. Jessica Sheen

    Jessica Sheen5 днів тому

    Parents who keep their kids bedrooms the exact same way they left it is so cute. I moved out and my mum moved my sister into my room within 4 months 😂

  21. Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith5 днів тому

    I had bully ruin my days at school. she got other girls to try and fight me. I could run though cuz I grew up on a farm. you turned out stronger for it

  22. crazy mangle lover

    crazy mangle lover5 днів тому

    this vid was published on my b-day

  23. Megan. G

    Megan. G6 днів тому

    Did anyone else think Tyler was real? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  24. hanna •

    hanna •6 днів тому

    the jonas brothers are back together

  25. andrea ruiz

    andrea ruiz6 днів тому

    Girl I never got anything for Valentine’s Day not even from parents, I wish I got something from my mom at least 😂

  26. kendall m

    kendall m6 днів тому

    morgan...you tied me to a pole??

  27. Lilly Loving Heart

    Lilly Loving Heart7 днів тому

    bruh it says chicken fights not chicken fingers😂😂😂

  28. MysteryMind

    MysteryMind8 днів тому

    Morga,n can i ask you, what kind of school did u go to where the teachers let you tie someone to a pole and let someone spank u with a ping pong ball.

  29. David Miscaviage

    David Miscaviage8 днів тому

    Clearly one thing in your room wasnt a treadmill

  30. The person That will haunt you

    The person That will haunt you8 днів тому

    Dude my friend firstly faked her vision to get glasses and then actually couldn't see lmao

  31. Isabella Knue

    Isabella Knue8 днів тому

    I am a dancer!

  32. Camron Johnson

    Camron Johnson10 днів тому

    Shes actually gorgeous

  33. diana y

    diana y10 днів тому

    Are we just gonna brush over the fact that Ryland was Justin Bieber's stunt devil for the time he was in CSI I am SCREAMING lmao, I vividly remember never watching CSI but only looking up the times for that specific episode bc I loved Justin Bieber I,,, that is so big Ryland is epic

  34. Emilee Webb

    Emilee Webb10 днів тому

    I did the thing with the memories in the jar one year. it was a lot of fun to go back and read everything. kinda made me a little teary too if I remember correctly.

  35. coolcat Ali

    coolcat Ali11 днів тому

    sorry i have an irrational fear of dolls Morgan So i skipped this video

  36. Jordyn Gaither

    Jordyn Gaither11 днів тому

    I swore up and down it was criminal minds that Justin played on 😭 all my life I was wrong

  37. Nicole Castro

    Nicole Castro11 днів тому

    I’m crying at the tiny luggage of shrimps 😭

  38. Sarah No86

    Sarah No8611 днів тому

    Wow you got super DUPER high before that party ey? Lmao 👀

  39. nicole evans

    nicole evans12 днів тому

    Girl I did the same thing so I could get glasses 🤦🏼‍♀️ and my diary I can not

  40. Emily Arose

    Emily Arose12 днів тому

    This was too good 😁

  41. Koy _fiish

    Koy _fiish12 днів тому

    Redo your childhood bedroom

  42. Titty Kitty Cookie

    Titty Kitty Cookie12 днів тому

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who faked needing glasses in elementary school. I've heard grace helbig and mamrie talk about this too. I used to think something was wrong with me lmao

  43. valid

    valid12 днів тому

    im dying

  44. Mallie Steele

    Mallie Steele13 днів тому

    okay but is nobody gonna comment on the fact that she literally never once retaliated to her bully but instead told her JOKES💗💗we stan a kind queen

  45. Rachel Stotler

    Rachel Stotler14 днів тому

    I lost my shit at the Cinderella picture

  46. Bunny Lover

    Bunny Lover14 днів тому

    September 18 is my birthday

  47. Yel Eyas

    Yel Eyas15 днів тому

    I see Eleanor in Morgan (Eleanor & Park)

  48. QuiBee *

    QuiBee *15 днів тому

    Where can I get that hoodie?

  49. Meg

    Meg16 днів тому

    **Nervous laughter**

  50. denisse chuco

    denisse chuco16 днів тому

    Morgan is literally me but prettier,

  51. Jax James

    Jax James16 днів тому

    I did the same thing, I got glasses in 4th grade because they looked good on a pretty girl.

  52. Gracie Arnold

    Gracie Arnold16 днів тому

    Morgan is that vine : The Jonas Brothers can't break up their brothers !

  53. B Man

    B Man17 днів тому

    Fuck you and your triple sixes. Lmao, who the fuck watches these brian dead tranny shills. Fuck all of you stupid sheep. Fuck your tranny mom as well. We are not all asleep, remember that shit...boy.

  54. wattup essay

    wattup essay17 днів тому

    Self important bitch gtfo

  55. Kristi B

    Kristi B17 днів тому

    If youtube were around when I was a teenager, my friends and I would be famous. LOL we used to travel around with a ceramic Elvis bust and have people we liked like a great waiter autograph it. LOL. If only Elvis and Tyler could have been friends. :P

  56. Corey O'Croft

    Corey O'Croft17 днів тому

    You were going to marry kevin jonas on my birthday... how cute

  57. Ally

    Ally18 днів тому

    Power couple moves to Shane and ryland

  58. stitchybob

    stitchybob18 днів тому


  59. Jade

    Jade18 днів тому

    This video sums up my childhood experiences, except replace Jonas Brothers with Orland Bloom 🤣 I wrote so many embarrassing fanfics, and may have dressed as Legolas for Halloween in the 7th grade .... 🤷🏻‍♀️ But we both got that glow up now girl!

  60. Shrek Enthusiast

    Shrek Enthusiast19 днів тому

    Morgan tried to mug the tooth fairy

  61. JakeLX

    JakeLX19 днів тому

    That picture in the leather cracks me up. We’ve all got bad pictures from childhood and they are so funny to look at.

  62. Ashouraita Khoshaba

    Ashouraita Khoshaba19 днів тому

    Kids can be so cruel. I completely relate.

  63. tiggz R

    tiggz R19 днів тому

    Keep these memories for ur children's or nephews and nieces. Even if they're embarrassing they're you, and your memories.

  64. tiggz R

    tiggz R19 днів тому

    You're lucky you have memories, all my memories got thrown away, sold, and stolen. Its okay i still remember them

  65. J&N

    J&N20 днів тому

    I'm sorry, but can morgan can you please do a make up tutorial!! I couldn't stop staring at your eye make up! ❤

  66. Blueface Baby

    Blueface Baby20 днів тому

    is everyone not gonna address the fact that Shawn looks GUUD in that black suit (@ 3:21)

  67. shooketh

    shooketh20 днів тому

    shane ryland andrew, have morgan meet kevin on september 18th, 2019

  68. Madison Parker

    Madison Parker20 днів тому

    what award was the baby up for

  69. Bridgette Black

    Bridgette Black20 днів тому

    Omg I go 15 on September 18th 2019

  70. Julie Huebner

    Julie Huebner20 днів тому

    I had a similar experience in school on Valentine's Day but at our school you could buy single carnations to give people. Well, I got a red one and got super excited, thinking that someone liked me, until I got home and found out that my mom had bought it for me.

  71. Kaylee Barlau

    Kaylee Barlau20 днів тому

    you won the cut up award the day after my 1st b-day

  72. Hayley Ledford

    Hayley Ledford20 днів тому

    I wish youtuber of threat would make more videos lmao

  73. Lucy Fortune

    Lucy Fortune20 днів тому

    Can someone tell me what a la croix is please 😂

  74. Bailey Beck

    Bailey Beck21 день тому

    I wish my mom got that excited to see me

  75. spooky smilez

    spooky smilez21 день тому

    Tyler adams watts dawson (Is garrett canceled?)

  76. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker21 день тому

    She used to hide milk jugs full of pee under her bed :)

  77. Joey Koller

    Joey Koller21 день тому

    This whole video omg

  78. Biaarruda Faim

    Biaarruda Faim21 день тому

    "they kept filling up my wine" HAHAOMFGSHSHSUABSCSLQOP

  79. Shell Angel

    Shell Angel21 день тому

    the psychic twins collab with Lilly Singh is epic!

  80. panggop jio

    panggop jio21 день тому

    dude your childhood might’ve sucked but your handwriting was freaking beautiful

  81. EL JC

    EL JC22 дні тому

    Jesus Christ MOOORGAN! 🤣

  82. Orva Arreola

    Orva Arreola22 дні тому


  83. Shelley Aundrews

    Shelley Aundrews22 дні тому

    Oh Morgan. I love you girl. I can’t believe how nasty that girl was though?! Omg that’s horrific. You had me dying at that pic in your leather outfit. Bless you!!!! We all have embarrassing childhoods. I’ll tell ya though if you marry the jonas brother 18th September I’ll die laughing lolz xxxx

  84. Luca wuestenberghs

    Luca wuestenberghs22 дні тому

    Does someone know from where Morgan’s hoodie with all the designer logos is from?

  85. Kyla Rochelle

    Kyla Rochelle22 дні тому

    Just typed Justin Bieber in to UAreporter and the second thing to pop up after his name was CSI 😂😂

  86. Layla Aguilar

    Layla Aguilar22 дні тому

    My birthday is May 2nd

  87. Libby’s Land

    Libby’s Land22 дні тому


  88. Stob it

    Stob it22 дні тому

    When she said her and Kevin would get married on September 18 that's my birthday :)

  89. maddy v

    maddy v22 дні тому

    Why does Tyler have a better life then me lol 😭😀😀😂😂😂

  90. KatieSparkles

    KatieSparkles23 дні тому

    I feel that for the Jonas Brothers though, I am sure I had notes like that too, that's how I felt about Joe Jonas omggg I loved him so much I still do but not in that way XD but I am sooo happy for all three of them and their wonderful wives ^.^

  91. KatieSparkles

    KatieSparkles23 дні тому

    I remember going through my childhood bedroom I had to go through stuff twice in a span of a few years to get rid of and sort through things and so on, and I always loved going back through everything. And now I am starting to do that for my room that is at my moms house. There's something so therapeutic about going through your old stuff and memories ^.^

  92. Denele Sutherland

    Denele Sutherland23 дні тому

    Your Valentine’s Day is like mine 😂😂 literally my mom went all out on Valentine’s Day for me ♥️♥️ to the supportive parents 😅

  93. Justin Dinh

    Justin Dinh23 дні тому

    It looked like she is crying during this vid

  94. Lux Aye

    Lux Aye23 дні тому

    They be really giving Xanax to children 😂😂

  95. castlevaniax1

    castlevaniax123 дні тому

    She used to hide milk jugs full of pee under her bed :)

  96. dancerANER

    dancerANER23 дні тому

    I wore that same Jonas brothers shirt everyday with plaid shorts from Aeropostale... twinning

  97. the banana project

    the banana project23 дні тому

    The tooth fairy ransom note lmao💀💀

  98. earthyycoffee

    earthyycoffee23 дні тому

    dude your childhood might’ve sucked but your handwriting was freaking beautiful

  99. Alisha

    Alisha24 дні тому

    You are so strong❤

  100. Lil Potato

    Lil Potato24 дні тому

    sooo…. Morgan was gonna marry Kevin Jonas on my birthday?, k.

  101. BruhItsQueenSophia

    BruhItsQueenSophia24 дні тому