Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!


  1. Pjay Gamez

    Pjay GamezГодину тому

    I can even give you 10,000 so I can be in a event

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    Pjay GamezГодину тому

    I'm a big fan I'll do anything to join your events

  3. Pjay Gamez

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  4. Duub •

    Duub •2 години тому

    Chandler be like i cant breath me😶😶😶

  5. Hudson Alonso

    Hudson Alonso5 годин тому

    Nice teddy bear Chandler 😂

  6. Malik DJ

    Malik DJ9 годин тому

    recreate warzone in minecraft

  7. Lemonste

    Lemonste9 годин тому

    If you didn't have a backup I'm going to personally beat you up, Jimmy.

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  10. mrjulian boy

    mrjulian boy12 годин тому

    4:49 # George Floyd

  11. Zqqrx

    Zqqrx12 годин тому

    I just started a channel and I have no support could u please check it out for me it’s fine if u don’t 😔

  12. Mark M

    Mark M13 годин тому

    I think none of us know the Starbuck's large size name

  13. kurby setay

    kurby setay13 годин тому

    Jimmy:why what happened? Chris:im stuck!! Jimmy:yiu are not stuck you are chrid

  14. Mr.Durbler

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  15. josh rodriguez

    josh rodriguez15 годин тому

    Best part of the video 2:09-2:14 😂

  16. Mady Grace

    Mady Grace17 годин тому

    I was in Raleigh North Carolina but now I’m in Arkansas 😭

  17. haZe YT

    haZe YT17 годин тому

    Beast why don’t your girlfriend help out with the vids everyone like this so he can see !

  18. evie hillegeist

    evie hillegeist18 годин тому

    why did karl actually say my starbucks order at 4:10😂

  19. Thaakir Marais

    Thaakir Marais19 годин тому

    All that progress lost and exploded by snowballs😥

  20. Akshay H Karnik

    Akshay H Karnik19 годин тому

    Me seeing all the hard work of the buildings broken

  21. Glitchy

    Glitchy20 годин тому

    Mr beast a legend.

  22. BeVeJe

    BeVeJe20 годин тому

    This better be a world download.

  23. Layth Abuzahra

    Layth Abuzahra20 годин тому

    Pika tails more like- pika fails

  24. Morgan coleman

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  25. Rosie Pugh

    Rosie Pugh20 годин тому

    I really want Karl to win one idk why

  26. Daphne M

    Daphne M20 годин тому

    I love vanilla bean frappuccinos Karl is my man

  27. Gabriel Delaney

    Gabriel Delaney21 годину тому

    Something tells me they didn’t backup the server...

  28. FBI

    FBI21 годину тому

    So everyone going to ignore 4:47 where Chandler mocked George floyd ok then xD

  29. Mr. Noobman16

    Mr. Noobman1621 годину тому

    Alternate title jimmy and friends commit terrorist attacks on a city using magic kills thousands of civilians

  30. sillymokey24

    sillymokey2421 годину тому

    How do I get in one of these challenges

  31. jeg er en person hehe

    jeg er en person hehe22 години тому

    Nice teddy bear chandler..

  32. I am Fry UwU

    I am Fry UwU22 години тому

    Jimmy and chris: actually playing the game Karl and Chandler: pretending to drown and do CPR Me: dying of laughter

  33. Max Caunter

    Max CaunterДень тому

    1:52 i really hope this is a copy of that world

  34. Raenalee Olson

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    :( pippin was the name of my pet!

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    Hey mr beast can i also play with you too

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    can I ask you for a favor: can you buy me some premium sound proofing a high quality microphone and a year of adobe creative cloud for my UAreporter videos ? Thank you!

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    Pika tails more like pika fails

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    Jimmy Dolandson I'm a big fan of yours. I live in Bangladesh. I watch all your youtube videos many times. I love you very much😭❤. I had a special desire in my life to work with you. I had a great desire. I don't know if this dream of mine will ever come true😭. I believe you will accept me. Please come to my house one day and take me to you. Be willing to be: I will always love you until I die😭😭. I will love you and your full team❤. Please, brother, fill in a blanket. Put it on your feet. Once you come to my country, accept it😭 Come in secret, I will not tell anyone. I am also a boy from a poor family, if you go to my family will be happy even if a little. Love from Faiyaz😭😭😭

  40. me a cheetah

    me a cheetahДень тому

    If you win do you have to pay tax?

  41. hi how is your day

    hi how is your dayДень тому

    Petition for Jimmy to rent a private island and play Minecraft in Real-Life with his friends.

  42. Xander Welch

    Xander WelchДень тому

    pikatail more like Pikafail that is what you could have sai btwd

  43. DinoLizzy

    DinoLizzyДень тому

    All the seekers: WHERE ARE THEYYYYY Mean while, Chandler and Karl in plain sight: Karl: Can I get a vanilla bean frapuccino with java chips Chandler: What size Karl: Whats the large one? Chandler: *SSIIIGGGHHHH* VeEEnTteEe

  44. Cleora

    CleoraДень тому

    LucasThePerson1 used one of my Mr.Beast sweater bases to make his skin. I feel bubbly inside xD Proof: www.minecraftskins.com/skin/14471077/ob---mr-beast-black-sweater--small-/

  45. 100 subs before quarantine ends?

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    Did you know that you can’t breathe when your smiling? (Jk jk just wanted to make you smile have a nice day or night hope your successful in life ❤️) “My dream is to hit 100 subscribers any help would mean a a lot 🥺❤️”

  46. Will

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    Mr beasts next video will be. BUYING NC AND LEVALING RALEIGH

  47. Luke Parcell

    Luke ParcellДень тому

    Karl’s headset is acting like a green screen



    Karl:Oo this looks like a nice little Starbucks Karl:Can I get a vanilla bean frappuccino with java chips? Chandler:What size Karl:What’s the largest size? Chandler:(sighs)A venti

  49. ItzYABRO

    ItzYABROДень тому

    Chris and chandler have the luckiest job in the world

  50. mr, imakid

    mr, imakidДень тому

    the moment they saw they burnt trees

  51. TTG supreme

    TTG supremeДень тому

    I know I’m late but did he say it took 2.58 days because I thought it was built in 24hrs

  52. Nnnmvbgdrj Ctgbugjv

    Nnnmvbgdrj CtgbugjvДень тому

    They’ve done more work on it

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  56. Paul & Sarah Houle

    Paul & Sarah HouleДень тому

    3:04 Pika Tails more like....Pika..DEAD You should have said Pika Tails..More like Pika FAILS I though it was good xD

  57. Adamo Nagel

    Adamo NagelДень тому

    Jimmy sad that he killed someone Karl: "THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET FOUND"

  58. 100K WITH NO VIDEOS!!!

    100K WITH NO VIDEOS!!!День тому

    Petition for jimmy to build the largest Minecraft house in the world

  59. 100K WITH NO VIDEOS!!!

    100K WITH NO VIDEOS!!!День тому

    Imagine forgetting to back up the map

  60. Captain Yolo Waffle

    Captain Yolo WaffleДень тому

    Mr beast is in a watch list now

  61. tanner !

    tanner !День тому

    2.5 days is nothing to spend on a game.

  62. Nnnmvbgdrj Ctgbugjv

    Nnnmvbgdrj CtgbugjvДень тому

    2.5 days on THIS map

  63. Snow Wolf

    Snow WolfДень тому

    Can you please do a roblox challenge video

  64. Kylie Grace

    Kylie GraceДень тому

    Did he not see the guy on the outside of that one building?? At like 4:00

  65. Frederick Longclaws Sr.

    Frederick Longclaws Sr.День тому

    At 4:46 it was funny as hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Play favorites

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    Mr beast for president 2020!!! Or at least mayor :P

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    why do you dat

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    I love how Karl and Chandler where rping lol

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  72. Shiba 19

    Shiba 19День тому

    8:58 tell me about the rabbits george

  73. desented gaming

    desented gamingДень тому

    Is it just me or would Chris be a good Sargent

  74. Shiba 19

    Shiba 19День тому

    4:47 George Floyd

  75. Shiba 19

    Shiba 19День тому

    @LacksCreativity bro he cant breathe hes dying

  76. LacksCreativity

    LacksCreativityДень тому

    Dont even go there

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    alyssa n2 дні тому

    who else got addicted watching MrBeast during this quarantine? 😭😭

  78. Tasty Baguette

    Tasty Baguette2 дні тому

    Its so weird i watch this for so long and i never won a single giveaway irl, i guess im just happy to see people win it

  79. Youtubers

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  80. Edimcgurk’s Videos

    Edimcgurk’s Videos2 дні тому

    This is apocalypse town

  81. Seth Imran

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  82. Broken Cow

    Broken Cow2 дні тому

    So if you want to win in hide and seek, get a camo skin and hide in a dark place

  83. -0- PG3D

    -0- PG3D2 дні тому

    I hope this was a backup server 😬

  84. Elliot Sasson

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  85. Ass Holes

    Ass Holes2 дні тому

    Does Chris moisturize?

  86. Scythe Gaming

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    Hey thats me! 3:58

  87. MrEuropeanTv

    MrEuropeanTv2 дні тому

    I guess we’re going have to do cpr 😂 😂

  88. h a p t i c

    h a p t i c2 дні тому

    They did that in 2.5 days?????

  89. NoahPlaysPokemon

    NoahPlaysPokemon2 дні тому

    Sorry who he 2:41

  90. NoahPlaysPokemon

    NoahPlaysPokemon2 дні тому

    I hope you have back up world

  91. sillySLICE

    sillySLICE2 дні тому

    i go ta joke ding dong bell chinas in the well who put them in coronavirus did like

  92. Ethan Slatter

    Ethan Slatter2 дні тому

    4:48 umm chandler?

  93. Purrrx

    Purrrx2 дні тому

    Ethan Slatter George Floyd

  94. The spicy chin

    The spicy chin2 дні тому

    Chris and jimmy: *destorying the building and murdering people* Karol and chanter: *vibing is Starbucks*

  95. Edward Li

    Edward Li2 дні тому

    Who else enjoys the gaming channel more than the main channel

  96. Jake McNeil

    Jake McNeil2 дні тому

    Why destRoy this map noooooooo!!!!!!

  97. Denzel_ Magical

    Denzel_ Magical2 дні тому

    Is this the same server they built the city? Cause if so then all that work is gone

  98. Orange Juice Gaming

    Orange Juice Gaming2 дні тому

    I love Carl and Chandler

  99. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez2 дні тому

    Jimmy: Mr.beast open up Hiders:sound of dead

  100. Bubblybestieslimez Avery

    Bubblybestieslimez Avery2 дні тому

    The fact that they destroyed it made me mad :(

  101. Noah Delatorre

    Noah Delatorre2 дні тому

    Chandler and Karl are Sus 4:57

  102. WhosDad

    WhosDad2 дні тому

    OHHHH smart brain Jimmy 😂 (I’m Stuck!) *Jimmy* Ur Not stuck your Chris😂

  103. ;-;

    ;-;2 дні тому

    @MrBeast Gaming, Please tell me you copied this map-

  104. Jason Weekes

    Jason Weekes2 дні тому

    He shoud of said, pika tails? More like pika fails!

  105. Dibyendu Sarkar

    Dibyendu Sarkar2 дні тому

    Jimmy: whoever you find next doesn’t get 1 thousand dollars Everyone: focusing on finding someone Me: why are you focusing you should be scared because the person you find doesn’t get 1 thousand dollars

  106. kream maxo

    kream maxo2 дні тому

    this is cringe