Extreme Wind Challenge! Will the Cats Be Blown Away? | Kittisaurus


  1. Susan Emmara

    Susan EmmaraГодину тому

    Disposable income vrs 16 million of us can’t get unemployment. not cute anymore

  2. Jé C00mb5

    Jé C00mb53 години тому

    Why does Lulu seem to enjoy crawling under things?

  3. Joza Avila

    Joza Avila3 години тому

    I really love lulu 😭

  4. muhammad shaiffudin

    muhammad shaiffudin4 години тому

    I luv to watch lulu

  5. Themed

    Themed5 годин тому

    The ending 😂😂

  6. Ivan Baquero

    Ivan Baquero5 годин тому

    Can you mix the challenges please


    MUKHTAR AHMED SHAIKH6 годин тому

    When you will make part 2

  8. LittleElvenGamer

    LittleElvenGamer8 годин тому


  9. Voraxe

    Voraxe11 годин тому

    i cant tellour white cats appart when they move... good thing the eyes are different

  10. Luke Ford

    Luke Ford17 годин тому

    They were definitely surprised but I was not sure they were completely blown away.

  11. Sitare_ Nur

    Sitare_ Nur19 годин тому


  12. Kimmy 1999

    Kimmy 1999День тому

    เป็นแมวบ้านนี้ไม่น่าจะเบื่อ​ เพราะมีกิจกรรมเล่นทุกวัน👍

  13. C ountry

    C ountryДень тому

    전기세 23만8천7백40원세금포함아님

  14. Cypher

    CypherДень тому

    Kipas Sebanyak Itu Buat aapa Yak

  15. Cat and his human

    Cat and his humanДень тому

    Personally I (as a cat) feel that this would be very scary.

  16. Llama's Life

    Llama's LifeДень тому

    1:51 best thing ever 🤣

  17. Curtis Kumfer

    Curtis KumferДень тому

    Always run a fan while you sleep in a closed room

  18. Juan Martinez

    Juan MartinezДень тому

    One Best Videos.....Congratulation!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ti Wi

    Ti Wi2 дні тому

    кошаки при виде нового челленджа - ШО, ОПЯТЬ?! )))

  20. Lovely Lovely2020

    Lovely Lovely20202 дні тому

    I really, really miss Chanel Cream Heroes😌💗

  21. Willibald Brösel

    Willibald Brösel2 дні тому

    I wonder, what did you do with all those fans afterwards? ^^

  22. cm k

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  23. RIP Myself

    RIP Myself2 дні тому

    We all know that inside, we are all like chuchu.

  24. Mexsi 12345

    Mexsi 123452 дні тому

    Avangers : The Throne of Lulu

  25. Brown Fox Warrior

    Brown Fox Warrior2 дні тому

    So majestic with the wind in their fur.

  26. Mindyour fuckingbusiness

    Mindyour fuckingbusiness2 дні тому

    I really want to see DD having bath/shower to know what his actual size is or how much fur he carries.

  27. Jake Keil

    Jake Keil2 дні тому

    Wow.. Dd actually completed it :-P

  28. Sarah Anisa Nugroho

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  29. Sarah Anisa Nugroho

    Sarah Anisa Nugroho2 дні тому

    hi where is the to be continued



    Momo always think about stamina. Haha

  31. o . o민둥이

    o . o민둥이2 дні тому

    너무 많이산거 아닌가요...?

  32. o . o민둥이

    o . o민둥이2 дні тому

    어제나 디디는 떡디디네...?

  33. C M

    C M2 дні тому

    You know you have too much time on your hands when....

  34. cheryl campbell

    cheryl campbell2 дні тому

    Ah mom now what💕

  35. iko kiko

    iko kiko3 дні тому

    The cats look like they are in a shampoo add

  36. World of Arts

    World of Arts3 дні тому

    Whose name will i take all your cats are super duper cute!!

  37. Acrqueen el's

    Acrqueen el's3 дні тому

    boxing great lover lulu😇

  38. Sandra

    Sandra3 дні тому

    Fait attention ! Tu peu rendre malade tes chats avec l'air artificielle 🤧

  39. Véronique Rondello

    Véronique Rondello3 дні тому

    ❤️🎏 The Win it's cool 🎏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣 I love your cats😍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  40. Rubencito

    Rubencito3 дні тому

    *Deranged!* 😠🤬

  41. Rubencito

    Rubencito3 дні тому

    *She's insane* 😔

  42. Rubencito

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    *Ya deja esos gatos en paz,trastornada!* 🙏🏽

  43. Rubencito

    Rubencito3 дні тому

    *Do not you have anything better to do???🤔you really are very sick and crazy* 🤪


    ROTTEN RICKY3 дні тому

    Hmm A wall of Vacuum Cleaner's!🙄

  45. • [ S K Y L E R ] •

    • [ S K Y L E R ] •3 дні тому

    Make the part2 please Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please I am waiting for the part2

  46. James Har

    James Har3 дні тому

    I was blown away by this video....lulu going underneath was the best...smart cat...

  47. williss11

    williss113 дні тому

    Man the fans weren't even that high! So it didn't really pose a challenge.

  48. Akira Vi

    Akira Vi3 дні тому

    Claire: I just bought so many Fans.... I bet my children will be blown away....

  49. khymera915

    khymera9153 дні тому

    In any situation, LuLu will always be Next Level.

  50. Василий Иванов

    Василий Иванов3 дні тому

    серая киска всегда самая смелая и смышленая

  51. V P

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  52. gomette8

    gomette83 дні тому

    Itw could have been a lot better if there weren't all this cartoon noises all the time.

  53. 1cay 1desimit

    1cay 1desimit3 дні тому

    Every single time something happens there. Claire - *comes* Cats - Aw sh*t , here we go again.

  54. Cute Minccino Minccino

    Cute Minccino Minccino4 дні тому

    Please Do Part 2

  55. S Night Blossom SyamsuriadiUwU

    S Night Blossom SyamsuriadiUwU4 дні тому

    Noone: Not even me: Momo:did she set me a STAMINA training place just for ME?!

  56. Delikanli67k

    Delikanli67k4 дні тому

    What are you doing with all that Fans and stuff you buy after the Videos 😄

  57. Jake Moro

    Jake Moro4 дні тому

    I was watching this video with my eyes so wide open it was so fun… Thank you again for bringing this joy. You are so cool and I love the stars of the show.... Each and every one of them.

  58. Xiaofeng Zhang

    Xiaofeng Zhang4 дні тому

    I think you can put all the fans in a circle, and let them blow to a little left or right to the middle of the circle so they will create a tornado.Put Coco in the middle of the circle and turn the fans on and see if he will turn dizzy and fly up.

  59. LOST. DIR

    LOST. DIR4 дні тому

    Yo carl. You made my day :)

  60. Larissa !

    Larissa !4 дні тому

    You have done so much in contribution of the evolution of cat intelligence. Before long your cats will communicate with you via sign language.

  61. Echa Kiut

    Echa Kiut4 дні тому

    What you do with all that fan afterward??🤔

  62. Grif Angel

    Grif Angel4 дні тому

    Сколько можно издеваться над животными?

  63. Erestor FRFC1908

    Erestor FRFC19084 дні тому

    What is the reason we cant see Claire?

  64. Nivieda X

    Nivieda X5 днів тому

    lucky their whiskers didn't get stuck in the fan

  65. Jennifer Bridge

    Jennifer Bridge5 днів тому

    As always, TT is a natural!

  66. abm8819

    abm88195 днів тому

    Plz do part 2

  67. Xxwinter_bearXx GACHA

    Xxwinter_bearXx GACHA5 днів тому

    Human:oh yes fan Cats:yea were just chillin here UwU

  68. BeeZy Bave

    BeeZy Bave5 днів тому

    Lu Lu amazes me everytime she enters into the scene 😅❤

  69. David Beaulieu

    David Beaulieu6 днів тому

    Could you do a video where you just do something nice for them please?

  70. Fra Don't mess with beans

    Fra Don't mess with beans2 дні тому

    She does it all the time, Kittisaurus is just a channel for short fun/challenges videos. If you want to watch something more different you should check @크집사 out where she uploads videos about her daily life with her cats

  71. Eunice Dangallo

    Eunice Dangallo6 днів тому

    I want to watch the continuation please


    ROHADATUL AISY6 днів тому

    Lulu's so cute

  73. 芯仪Xinyi

    芯仪Xinyi6 днів тому

    Cats really do like boxes, I wonder why 🤷🏻‍♀️

  74. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

    Elvira-Irina Reisinger6 днів тому

    Wait. It ends like a cliffhanger. What happens then? A jump? Bc the video makes it appear like a final duel^^

  75. S. Grant C

    S. Grant C6 днів тому

    Float like a butterfly; sting like TT😭😭😭😭

  76. Mewo the Cat

    Mewo the Cat6 днів тому

    Kittisaurus clearly got a lot of fans from this video

  77. 챔냥

    챔냥6 днів тому

    크아 얘들아 너네가 서큘레이터로 화보를 찍는구나

  78. Karlos Khaos

    Karlos Khaos6 днів тому

    Kitty Challenges

  79. Ritika Chand

    Ritika Chand7 днів тому

    Lulu is so creative

  80. Nyax Ellemonte

    Nyax Ellemonte7 днів тому

    What kind of cat is Lulu?

  81. Mahatma Pasha

    Mahatma Pasha7 днів тому

    The electricity bill is probablyblown away too.