Fame is Lame


  1. Leixa

    LeixaМісяць тому

    Adam has a nice butt.

  2. Andy Liu

    Andy Liu15 днів тому


  3. lιl βєαи

    lιl βєαи24 дні тому


  4. Pro hacker 6669

    Pro hacker 666926 днів тому

    Ye like Markiplier

  5. Ash Playz

    Ash PlayzМісяць тому


  6. Alvedin Dizdarevic

    Alvedin DizdarevicМісяць тому


  7. Vampirion The Vampire Flower

    Vampirion The Vampire FlowerГодину тому

    Yeah, people seek fame for money, happiness and popularity. I mean, we can be happy if we are or not famous, just don't become too famous, that's the thing.

  8. Lorie

    LorieГодину тому

    SomeThingElseYT Roast: Adam looks like a white devil wearing a common sense jacket and his voice sounding like Markiplier in a deeper voice. Like if you got that joke.


    APRIL ZAPANTAГодину тому


  10. phuc bui

    phuc bui2 години тому

    Can you plz do more more music videos ?

  11. PhantomMDM

    PhantomMDM2 години тому

    Hey adam how's your day going?

  12. víctor hernández

    víctor hernández3 години тому

    2:25 is he odd?

  13. Evie DahDepressedPotato

    Evie DahDepressedPotato4 години тому

    Esmeralda is available today ( I’m.....my name is Esmeralda.-. And I am no maid but I mean like boi

  14. Shereen Meiring

    Shereen Meiring5 годин тому

    I met someone I think it was, Willam Botha, he sings and I didn't know him, and it was 5 years ago until last year when i saw him again and he told me that he never met someone who didn't know him. Hahahaha

  15. imwatchingyouharrid Careful

    imwatchingyouharrid Careful8 годин тому

    P-pppp pussy

  16. Raist Br

    Raist Br9 годин тому

    Welp that comment that's says "Adam has a nice butt." is just a.. lol

  17. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins Cisins10 годин тому

    Im hapy boi

  18. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins Cisins10 годин тому

    Do you like bananas

  19. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins Cisins10 годин тому

    I like potatos

  20. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins Cisins10 годин тому

    Boi its good

  21. O Melon

    O Melon14 годин тому

    Adam isnt fooling anyone. Its Markiplier.

  22. That one Gamer

    That one Gamer15 годин тому

    Adam how do I make bad merch

  23. Josh Spraul

    Josh Spraul15 годин тому

    Damn this videos comedy is just boring random comedy and Adam just acts a preemptive laugh track so all the 9 year olds can laugh at this crap

  24. abiral maharjan

    abiral maharjan16 годин тому

    (^¿-) wut

  25. Deborah Fesperman

    Deborah Fesperman16 годин тому

    This is some deep crap

  26. Jasmine Booth

    Jasmine Booth17 годин тому


  27. Pumpkin Girl2

    Pumpkin Girl218 годин тому


  28. Krickett

    Krickett18 годин тому

    Adam so u met a UAreporterr and accidentally said "Daddy"

  29. Megan and Apix

    Megan and Apix20 годин тому

    I feel bad for some youtubers that have to go through this. It puts them on the spot and if your like me and have high anxiety well, it fricken sucks man. People look at you, make weird looks at you, heck even people will sometimes take pictures without your permission. I guess what am trying to say is it can be good but also bad and I had to go through it in a bad way through school and it made me home school, due to me feeling unsafe there.

  30. Sebastian Jimenez

    Sebastian Jimenez20 годин тому

    2:22 was that James?

  31. RayTV HD

    RayTV HDДень тому

    If I ever see u I will be like this: Hey man,I like your vids,pretty nice bye!

  32. Claudia Sharapova

    Claudia SharapovaДень тому

    oH yEy 2017 and im sTilL 8

  33. robert mangwiro

    robert mangwiroДень тому

    I thought this was kid friendly he swears in this

  34. Tsyki chan

    Tsyki chanДень тому

    Я напишу на Русском,чтобы никто не понял(:>) Оригинал лучше,чем русский дубляж.

  35. myname016i

    myname016iДень тому

    Hey something else yt you know when u craete i am something else i really like that vid

  36. unikitty gamer girl Moonstar

    unikitty gamer girl MoonstarДень тому

    Omg Adam I'm a big fan of you I'm gonna make you a gift on my channel

  37. febriana cinta keberuntungan

    febriana cinta keberuntunganДень тому

    Umm subscribed to you

  38. Jennifer Limon

    Jennifer LimonДень тому

    Adam your funny

  39. TheVirus Dragon

    TheVirus DragonДень тому

    Adam: pleasure is mine daddy 7:10

  40. ツSushi

    ツSushiДень тому

    4:42 Oh my god is that hatty from battle block theater

  41. Hellopossiblethreats Iamabot

    Hellopossiblethreats IamabotДень тому

    *ahhh here me have a wild dude rethinking his life choices*

  42. Dark Shadows

    Dark ShadowsДень тому

    Bring back the brain dead merch

  43. agent 29 Samuel bessega switch rules

    agent 29 Samuel bessega switch rulesДень тому

    i love ur vids pleas reply

  44. misslittledonut

    misslittledonutДень тому

    4:48 have you notice this body change? .-.

  45. PixelBoyDee .PBD.

    PixelBoyDee .PBD.День тому

    Fricken AWESOME :P

  46. CoffeeNeverland101

    CoffeeNeverland101День тому


  47. Mr offline

    Mr offlineДень тому

    This video explains why I will never make face reveal

  48. BlueTheAnxiousDork

    BlueTheAnxiousDorkДень тому

    I'd love to be friends with Adam, not because he's famous, because he's seems like a such a nice person! Who wouldn't want to be friends with him?

  49. Olympia animations

    Olympia animationsДень тому


  50. 3ManArmy Animates

    3ManArmy Animates2 дні тому

    you Have came a long way uareporter.net/v/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-izxM0Zc4Q24.html

  51. Arwen Miah

    Arwen Miah2 дні тому

    Why do you make this sound as though it's your last video....

  52. mr jimmy

    mr jimmy2 дні тому

    How is ur day

  53. WolfY Girl

    WolfY Girl2 дні тому

    I wouldn't be your friend just because of fame no. You seem realy funny so i would like to be your friend for you ☺

  54. JinGamingYT

    JinGamingYT2 дні тому

    Adam has found his full potential, that is fame is lame

  55. YouCube26 The OK Cuber

    YouCube26 The OK Cuber2 дні тому

    P-P-P-P-P-P-Pu- *potential job opportunities.*

  56. Cheetahcare258 Animations

    Cheetahcare258 Animations2 дні тому

    When I meet people that i am a fan of I treat them like a regular person :3

  57. Gamingwith Rome

    Gamingwith Rome2 дні тому

    Maybe play I'm not famous song by AJR

  58. パンケーキ Pancake pleb

    パンケーキ Pancake pleb2 дні тому

    Did that happen in real life?

  59. Odin Rizzo

    Odin Rizzo2 дні тому

    Man Adams videos are so aesthetic now

  60. Coconut Lexy

    Coconut Lexy2 дні тому

    5:59 and i oop--

  61. Christopher Duran

    Christopher Duran2 дні тому

    This is kinda related to your jaw surgery but I have an overbite kinda?? My jaw bones sometimes (and by accident) misalign and move out of place causing my lower jaw to move back

  62. The Canadian Cinnamon Roll

    The Canadian Cinnamon Roll2 дні тому

    Thank you for sharing adam ive felt what its like having fake friends and to know someone like you has those makes me feel a little better

  63. Braxton Peterson/ FreddyBaxton

    Braxton Peterson/ FreddyBaxton2 дні тому


  64. hippo car

    hippo car2 дні тому

    Adam has 2.69 mil subscribers

  65. Dominic Doomsday

    Dominic Doomsday2 дні тому

    Weep whoop