1. Buttered Toast

    Buttered Toast9 годин тому


  2. Kenya Cobalt

    Kenya Cobalt13 годин тому

    “You see, Spider Man can climb walls and stuff, but Tom Holland knows exactly how and when you die.” Huh.

  3. owen quest

    owen quest17 годин тому

    The average joke... Dab Jake Paul PewDiePie fnaf sonic avatar frozen web😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃🤣😄🤣😃🤣😃😄😅😄😅😄😅😆😆😆😉😊😊😋😎😋😋😎😎😋😎😋😋😋 When adults see the modern joke Society is over

  4. Not Clickbait fortnite lets plays and more

    Not Clickbait fortnite lets plays and more23 години тому

    Tom Holland should of been “I don’t feel so good. watch endgame to undo”

  5. NeverTheLess Prøductiøns

    NeverTheLess PrøductiønsДень тому

    #fixbio fix Tyler Joseph's bio

  6. TheJStale

    TheJStaleДень тому

    DO MORE! Fix Markiplier's bio, My Chemical Romance's bio (you did Fall Out Boy's, so why not?), Tobuscus' bio, Erin's bio, Dreamwork's Studio's bio, The Grinch's bio, Sean Klitzner's bio, 21 Douchebags' (TOP's) bio!

  7. Minemaster 1337

    Minemaster 1337День тому

    Do my instagram bio

  8. Catherine Thompson

    Catherine Thompson2 дні тому


  9. Merit Tikka

    Merit Tikka2 дні тому

    Am i incorrect or the second avatar movie is already out or something like that?

  10. Itz_SpaceStarz

    Itz_SpaceStarz2 дні тому

    Oh I’m sorry sorry about the new sonic it’s even worse help us I liked the original

  11. Benny Del Toro

    Benny Del Toro2 дні тому


  12. Forsaken Dumplin

    Forsaken Dumplin3 дні тому

    oof grandayy the meme man just let jacksfilms get money from promotion

  13. Box or something

    Box or something3 дні тому

    *Closed captions: **5:07** I've needed your help since FIX YOUR BOWELS WON*

  14. Happy Trees

    Happy Trees3 дні тому

    Can you Do Bob Ross bio

  15. christopher pearce

    christopher pearce4 дні тому

    not gonna lie that sponsorship transition was flawless

  16. TheMadMonkey246

    TheMadMonkey2464 дні тому

    #fixbio do @roomieofficial

  17. Emilio Lim

    Emilio Lim4 дні тому

    🧞‍♂️yaa it’s rewind time

  18. OddReapeR

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  19. memey meme

    memey meme5 днів тому

    My classmates say avatar is I good movie what should I do jack WHAT SHOULD I DO JACK HELP ME

  20. WeAreUnitedYT

    WeAreUnitedYT5 днів тому


  21. Vasili Antonopoulos

    Vasili Antonopoulos5 днів тому

    Actually tho the rap jack made wasn’t that bad

  22. Kylie Dyer

    Kylie Dyer5 днів тому

    If Hank Green doesn’t fix his name and bio, I’ll be very disappointed.

  23. go pro gameing

    go pro gameing6 днів тому

    🔒not 🔓

  24. Jayne And Bee Squad776

    Jayne And Bee Squad7766 днів тому

    ok but is the dab emoji real

  25. Matthew Barry

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  26. dork mixture

    dork mixture3 дні тому


  27. Dantheman_546 _

    Dantheman_546 _6 днів тому

    At 0:24 who else turned it upside down to see the location

  28. Michelle Botts

    Michelle Botts6 днів тому

    You should have made Nickelodeon: "we were only good in the 90's"

  29. Its Snake Eye

    Its Snake Eye6 днів тому

    I dropped my tablet while watching this vid

  30. Asian Cubes

    Asian Cubes7 днів тому


  31. C•C Animates

    C•C Animates7 днів тому

    What if you fixed Pintrest bios? Here's my account:

  32. Luke Almanza

    Luke Almanza7 днів тому

    When he picks your bio to fix but then he just uses it as a segue to the sponsor

  33. Gibby

    Gibby7 днів тому

    Jacksepticeye May be louder markiplier, but he wasnt in the Smosh movie!

  34. Sigurd Ahlgreen Pedersen 5A Hou Skole og Børnehus

    Sigurd Ahlgreen Pedersen 5A Hou Skole og Børnehus8 днів тому

    Canada isn’t the moon

  35. GWTrains78

    GWTrains789 днів тому

    Can u fix mine

  36. firey1

    firey19 днів тому

    yeet jack didn't put this video on the fix your twitter bios playlist

  37. Saad Kalid

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  38. Saad Kalid

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  39. Saad Kalid

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  40. Saad Kalid

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  41. TheOnlySoe

    TheOnlySoe9 днів тому

    No , it should be louder pewdiepie

  42. Witty Schmitty119

    Witty Schmitty1199 днів тому

    I may have laughed a little to hard at that dancing Thanos.

  43. Een Game Kanaal

    Een Game Kanaal10 днів тому

    I'm playing in the Dutch stripbook drawing contest

  44. noor extreme

    noor extreme10 днів тому

    make an intro for fix your bios, similar to fix your pix or fake facts

  45. ymsbro

    ymsbro10 днів тому

    I like to jack off to fix your bios

  46. Connor Dixon

    Connor Dixon10 днів тому

    The Segway king strikes again

  47. manny heffley

    manny heffley10 днів тому

    How much did you pay her to play along that shes married to you

  48. VossWfromnoway Est april 2018

    VossWfromnoway Est april 201810 днів тому


  49. Lauryn Olivia

    Lauryn Olivia10 днів тому

    5:24 omg when it started playing I had to sing. That song was EVERYTHING

  50. UniqueORN Mermaid

    UniqueORN Mermaid10 днів тому


  51. Daniel Bertalanitz

    Daniel Bertalanitz10 днів тому

    Just make a rap album

  52. FoxyPirateFox9054

    FoxyPirateFox905410 днів тому

    Is that a *Yaaas* Meal I'm either game ending myself or burger king

  53. EEE Games

    EEE Games11 днів тому

    I have nightmares of dancing THANOS now

  54. Reaper LM

    Reaper LM11 днів тому

    Anyone else gonna focus on Jack's new rapping career?

  55. Bernhardine K

    Bernhardine K12 днів тому

    5:03 "Toby says 'don't do mine'. Okay." Idk why that killed me I'm wheezing help

  56. navimore

    navimore12 днів тому

    Hey ninjas bio doesnt say that

  57. Sports Now With Ean Hanson

    Sports Now With Ean Hanson12 днів тому

    I watched the Tom Holland bio while playing spider man ps4

  58. Beast Lando

    Beast Lando12 днів тому

    fix today's sponsor's bio

  59. Datnigga kermit

    Datnigga kermit12 днів тому

    5:14 actually made me laugh lol

  60. The Animated Sandwich

    The Animated Sandwich12 днів тому

    I mean that was a hot take on Jacksepticeye It’s right though.

  61. fufu äijä

    fufu äijä13 днів тому

    The yaaaaas meal is lookin tasty

  62. lovinqlxla

    lovinqlxla13 днів тому

    Jack follows you **coughs ups guts**

  63. lovinqlxla

    lovinqlxla13 днів тому

    There’s just like 1M fans Ariana can’t give a shet to follow

  64. Chris

    Chris13 днів тому

    Haven’t seen you in about 4 years, man you still got it

  65. awesome at life

    awesome at life13 днів тому

    🇳🇵 why

  66. Amanda B

    Amanda B13 днів тому

    Ring's mission is to scare the shit out of you because a bird flew by 10 times a day. Also to allow you to scare the shit out of people at your door.

  67. pwrful wizrd

    pwrful wizrd13 днів тому

    Endgame sucked, fight me

  68. Skunky The Skunkhog Nuke

    Skunky The Skunkhog Nuke13 днів тому

    For Tom Holland, he should of used "pizza time!"

  69. Hugo Junqueira

    Hugo Junqueira14 днів тому

    How to fix Nickelodeon Twitter change the image and name to cartoon network

  70. SStyle

    SStyle14 днів тому

    1:48 Your dream came true Ninja!

  71. Orange Gremlin

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  72. Sarah Scott

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  73. Sarah Scott

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  74. Sarah Scott

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  75. Sarah Scott

    Sarah Scott14 днів тому

    🇨🇦🇨🇦🇷🇺🇷🇺Lol🇷🇺🇷🇺🇨🇦🇨🇦 #gottafixfast

  76. Loromc

    Loromc15 днів тому

    100,000$ away from beating avatar

  77. Kea the Bird

    Kea the Bird15 днів тому


  78. Matthew Myers

    Matthew Myers15 днів тому

    Please make a song

  79. Dragon Legend

    Dragon Legend16 днів тому

    Beep beep its the pussy police and I’m here to steal your girl

  80. blushadegaming

    blushadegaming16 днів тому

  81. Ava Shimer

    Ava Shimer17 днів тому


  82. dragonball slayer326

    dragonball slayer32617 днів тому

    Tom holland bio is the best bio

  83. dragonball slayer326

    dragonball slayer32617 днів тому

    Great video jack

  84. Something Stupid

    Something Stupid17 днів тому

    Burger King has a yaaas meal

  85. Bison the buffal o

    Bison the buffal o17 днів тому

    Kill Sonic with fire

  86. Lowkey Hyped

    Lowkey Hyped17 днів тому


  87. Ofek Da'abul

    Ofek Da'abul17 днів тому

    5:10 she actually changed it

  88. Gy Jgfhgfjgf

    Gy Jgfhgfjgf18 днів тому

    #yiay Fix Hungry Jack's bio

  89. Gy Jgfhgfjgf

    Gy Jgfhgfjgf18 днів тому

    I meant #fixbio

  90. Aleksander Berg

    Aleksander Berg18 днів тому

    Jacksfilms is so bruh amirite? up top!

  91. Keep Smiling

    Keep Smiling18 днів тому

    00:40 WTH? are all of them sponsors or what?

  92. Rivers Cuomo

    Rivers Cuomo18 днів тому

    They're delaying the movie so

  93. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo18 днів тому

    Hi don't know but I better watch ur,bank

  94. Nikolas Camilleri

    Nikolas Camilleri18 днів тому

    Fix @mark_scerri1 's bio please

  95. Crispy Banana

    Crispy Banana19 днів тому

    i was enjoying this video until grandayy showed up and you called him meme dr, this guy and dolan dark are at the level of "the memer" from wendy's ad in being funny

  96. CoochieCatcher 69

    CoochieCatcher 6919 днів тому

    Wait! Granday or however you spell that shit has failed the meme community. He said fix your bio but then he threw a reverse card meaning he reversed what he said as nothing else was said to be reversed. Thus he was actually saying fix his own bio

  97. Canadian Jake

    Canadian Jake19 днів тому


  98. Gav. TV

    Gav. TV19 днів тому

    Tom Holland's should have been: " Mr Stark, I don't feel like posting today"

  99. Danica Hiro Diamond

    Danica Hiro Diamond4 дні тому


  100. Pepe the Frog

    Pepe the Frog19 днів тому

    I always almost choke on my food whenever I watch your videos.

  101. J Thomas

    J Thomas19 днів тому

    Be careful currin, thats a lotta sodium in those new salty burger king meals

  102. Gwen Liora

    Gwen Liora19 днів тому

    Me and my dad were watching this video ( he works for ring ) and he FLIPPED OUT 😂

  103. YikesIn AMug

    YikesIn AMug19 днів тому