1. yEeTsWeAt6969 Bork im a dork

    yEeTsWeAt6969 Bork im a dork2 дні тому

    Tom Holland knew @ the end of 2019 Covid - 19 would become a thing

  2. John Cage

    John Cage3 дні тому

    3:56 - we should have followed him, he could warn us about 2020.

  3. Mittezi 2332 The second

    Mittezi 2332 The second3 дні тому

    Jokes on you I already bought a ring

  4. Just Liquid

    Just Liquid5 днів тому

    If I was editing Nickelodeon bio I would do We own Avatar THE GOOD ONE last airbender

  5. Itsparker c

    Itsparker c5 днів тому


  6. Nicholle Munoz

    Nicholle Munoz6 днів тому

    Dad cant find me

  7. Mo Bubbles

    Mo Bubbles8 днів тому

    3:58 oh if you only knew...

  8. Lowkey Hyped

    Lowkey Hyped8 днів тому

    Gg ez meal

  9. trailburst

    trailburst8 днів тому

    3:52 what we wouldn’t give to have been given even just a glimpse of what was to come

  10. The Retro-ruby

    The Retro-ruby8 днів тому


  11. Ben The Birb

    Ben The Birb9 днів тому

    It's great to hear 'Won't Back Down' in 2019

  12. Blockbuster Video

    Blockbuster Video10 днів тому

    Nickelodeon’s bio should’ve been the official #Garfield Account of Nickelodeon

  13. Erion Çitaku

    Erion Çitaku11 днів тому

    Hunky bunkt

  14. Dariush Manuchehri

    Dariush Manuchehri12 днів тому

    3:55 2020😳

  15. Emma

    Emma12 днів тому

    beak londike

  16. die die

    die die12 днів тому

    Why didn't Tom Holland spoil 2020, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad

  17. HomereQ

    HomereQ13 днів тому

    3:52 how about you tell them about 2020 tho

  18. ASAP Coochie

    ASAP Coochie14 днів тому

    I wish tom holland spoiled 2020

  19. Mikeru 2004

    Mikeru 200414 днів тому

    What's the song at 5:24?

  20. cordelia mills

    cordelia mills10 днів тому

    Dubstep Solves Everything 3

  21. Barney the dinosaur

    Barney the dinosaur15 днів тому

    3:51 this didn’t age well

  22. Jeremy Champagne

    Jeremy Champagne15 днів тому

    3:48 This is pretty good, except, You FORGOT THE MEMES

  23. Mangocahir

    Mangocahir16 днів тому

    5:24 anyone know the song?

  24. cordelia mills

    cordelia mills10 днів тому

    Dubstep Solves Everything 3

  25. BluXD

    BluXD17 днів тому


  26. Troy Harwell

    Troy Harwell17 днів тому

    I think this is jack's most consistent series yet

  27. Gregory Mulia

    Gregory Mulia19 днів тому

    When you realize that jack is hinting it all along 3:50

  28. Savita Sharma

    Savita Sharma19 днів тому

    Poor Toby

  29. mny

    mny19 днів тому

    I wrote a fucking paper on the yass meal and I wish I was joking

  30. Hi I'm Jack

    Hi I'm Jack22 дні тому

    can you fix my twitter bio

  31. The Pretty of the Odd

    The Pretty of the Odd23 дні тому

    That Wattpad link 👀

  32. Poopy Joe

    Poopy Joe24 дні тому

    tom what the fuck you knew about the corona virus this whole time what the fuck man

  33. lan tông

    lan tông25 днів тому

    呃 该死我也有你你会在了不起到是一种植入给她就名人

  34. LegendaryQuackles MrMcquackles

    LegendaryQuackles MrMcquackles26 днів тому

    5:23 Rachel pilots left the chat

  35. Robert Francis

    Robert Francis26 днів тому

    Tom Holland should have leaked that we’re in quarantine

  36. Baby nut 6969

    Baby nut 696926 днів тому


  37. Nathan Hageter

    Nathan Hageter27 днів тому

    I know it's instragram but, please fix my bio @the_original_green_skittles

  38. Mr. Username

    Mr. Username27 днів тому

    3:51 didn't age well

  39. Benn

    Benn28 днів тому

    Tom Holland new this was coming

  40. Andrew PoJoM

    Andrew PoJoMМісяць тому

    Ring sucks, the doorbell I got broke in a week

  41. lAsEr- hybird

    lAsEr- hybirdМісяць тому

    Fix Joey exotics bio

  42. Tyler P

    Tyler PМісяць тому

    2:44 *Did anyone else see the yaaaas meal?*

  43. Gabriel Carvalho

    Gabriel CarvalhoМісяць тому

    Jack, i have some cool yiay questions suggestions: 1- If you were in a parallel world, what would you do? (In time for the NASA Discovery) 2- how your "vote for me" flyer would be like? 3- what was your cringiest nickname? 4- what was the most ridiculous name you ever found?

  44. Gabriel Carvalho

    Gabriel CarvalhoМісяць тому

    Bonus- what would be the perfect Yiay outro theme parody?

  45. The Spinach King

    The Spinach KingМісяць тому

    Damn not even Tom was ready for that 2019 end credits scene

  46. BigBoy

    BigBoyМісяць тому

    Do this again

  47. Nevertheless I Live

    Nevertheless I LiveМісяць тому

    2:22 You could hear the life leaving Jack’s voice as he said “wee”.

  48. Coop9er

    Coop9erМісяць тому

    Twitter is also the #1 for news on the Apple App Store

  49. Daniel Shi

    Daniel ShiМісяць тому

    Rings pretty cool, thanks.

  50. Goosey Playz

    Goosey PlayzМісяць тому


  51. bylertoe1

    bylertoe1Місяць тому

    "Fallow me or I leak the end of 2019" Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  52. biky1212

    biky1212Місяць тому

    Tom Holland : "Follow me or I leak the end of 2019" Didn't follow Global pandemic

  53. Sam I Am

    Sam I AmМісяць тому

    “We were an hour away from our home, but we could still have a full video conversation just using the ring app” Has he never heard of FaceTime?

  54. Reef The Weird Boy

    Reef The Weird BoyМісяць тому

    1:59 A dream come true

  55. Charlie Lamphere

    Charlie LamphereМісяць тому

    Tom Holland needs to spoil the end of 2020

  56. dingle tingle

    dingle tingleМісяць тому

    "Bought a tesla... don't have the money for a tire." actually goes hard af.

  57. Moses Gebrezgiabher

    Moses GebrezgiabherМісяць тому

    The fact that Burger King made a YASSSSS meal scares me.

  58. tgoofman

    tgoofmanМісяць тому

    Nick Gurr

  59. Demon GT

    Demon GTМісяць тому

    Am i the only one who noticed jack joined twitter before all those people

  60. Psychologa6000

    Psychologa6000Місяць тому

    I already have a ring camera

  61. Shahnaz

    ShahnazМісяць тому



    PST VLOGSМісяць тому

  63. Daria L

    Daria LМісяць тому

    "We monetized your depression, fam" I've watched all of these today and this is my favorite fix 😂

  64. mr. aaron

    mr. aaronМісяць тому

    WhY dId'Nt ToM wArN uS!!!

  65. Sonaholic

    SonaholicМісяць тому

    Toby is definitely regretting what he said

  66. Destiny Robot

    Destiny RobotМісяць тому

    7:00 *Jack:* Ring Is Safe. *Hackers:* 5:59

  67. hxney tyler

    hxney tylerМісяць тому

    commenting this a year to the video's release. please, tom holland, spoil the end of 2020

  68. Psychic

    PsychicМісяць тому

    well this video is 1 year old today. boy, are we old!

  69. 2012 Volkswagen Jetta

    2012 Volkswagen JettaМісяць тому

    Jack talks about ring as if we can afford it

  70. Sophia Ma

    Sophia MaМісяць тому

    RIP toby

  71. Max Hazen

    Max HazenМісяць тому

    If only Tom Holland did leak the end of 2019

  72. Your dude Caden

    Your dude CadenМісяць тому


  73. Vunga

    VungaМісяць тому

    3:52 he already knew about coronavirus

  74. Paul_1108

    Paul_1108Місяць тому

    5:24 what is this song called?

  75. Wumpa Games

    Wumpa GamesМісяць тому

    This wasn’t sponsored by audible. Destroy.

  76. -Slur-

    -Slur-Місяць тому

    Best part: 5:19

  77. quisys

    quisysМісяць тому

    When u gonna fix my UEFI :(

  78. Roley Car

    Roley CarМісяць тому

    3:52 that joke did not age well.

  79. Vunga

    VungaМісяць тому

    @ガングナズボル corona

  80. ガングナズボル

    ガングナズボルМісяць тому

    wdym?? it aged like fine wine

  81. Rowblx :3

    Rowblx :3Місяць тому

    Fix @RowblxYT

  82. stefan sauvageon

    stefan sauvageonМісяць тому

    3:52 that aged well...?

  83. B Mowdy

    B Mowdy2 місяці тому

    I really wish Tom Holland leaked the end of 2019......

  84. Todd J

    Todd J27 днів тому

    Man it would have helped.

  85. FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation

    FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation2 місяці тому

    Tom Holland’s Bio Fix is a perfect example of foreshadowing

  86. Slamalox Piece

    Slamalox Piece2 місяці тому

    Tom holand should’ve leaked the end of 2019... we could’ve fix a worldwide issue faster.....