1. Marius Simonis

    Marius Simonis30 хвилин тому

    who said I'm loyal? anyway thanks for helping me

  2. TheGreatPurpleBlade

    TheGreatPurpleBlade5 годин тому


  3. TheGreatPurpleBlade

    TheGreatPurpleBlade5 годин тому

    Forgot about the "Yaaas" meal.

  4. Hammer Gut

    Hammer Gut9 годин тому

    Wow grandayy good job you brought out the sponsor

  5. Amy Ryalls

    Amy RyallsДень тому

    Dude why are 2 of the avatar films coming out on my birthday. Worst birthday present.

  6. Wyatt Thornton

    Wyatt Thornton2 дні тому

    Temple is going well for him in green y you can stand out in green y no I said you'll find that you are doing good and bad word in my new book and evil that it was too o.I'm not the night before he was a c on my new phone number and the q no one ☝and I don't know if you have any questions or comments about the water if I don't think you are doing well and I don't think it w a tiny bit more time to get back on the water and he was already stabbed in the back of sour patch kids

  7. Blue Gamer

    Blue Gamer3 дні тому

    jackfilms is jackpron

  8. İntihar İpi

    İntihar İpi3 дні тому

    So.....did anyone point out that "thank you, next" is her last album ?

  9. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar5 днів тому

    🧔🏽 👕 👖 👟👟🐛

  10. LeiaIsCute

    LeiaIsCute5 днів тому

    oh ninja, also who is here after endgame passed avatar

  11. Scriptmore

    Scriptmore6 днів тому

    I ring your ding

  12. TrophPlayz

    TrophPlayz6 днів тому

    why is this in the bruh sound effects playlist

  13. Víkingur Sigurðsson

    Víkingur Sigurðsson6 днів тому

    5:23 fu** you jack I had headphones

  14. Bodo Bing

    Bodo Bing7 днів тому

    5:24 a nice reference to the last time Jack made his own content 😘

  15. Rekeinserah

    Rekeinserah7 днів тому

    Goddamn jack you are so fucking salty about avatar. Like honestly who with a working synapse in their brain fucking cares about which sodomy of the soul is the highest grossing

  16. Nicholas Flores

    Nicholas Flores9 днів тому

    I just got back on Twitter. Hook me up my guy @115_flores

  17. yu gen

    yu gen9 днів тому

    dude got sponsored by a mf doorbell

  18. Keshav A

    Keshav A9 днів тому

    His raps are actually really good

  19. demir uygur

    demir uygur9 днів тому

    This guy just got sponsored by a doorbell

  20. dreyvinnash

    dreyvinnash10 днів тому

    i liked movie sonic's design. sad they have to replace it. them hips were made for thrustin'. then we have video-game sonic with he fuggin pixie-stick lookin-ass legs, and he fucking cars-windshield-ass eyes...

  21. boring productions

    boring productions10 днів тому

    fix me, @Dudefixes


    I LOVE SOUP11 днів тому

    I think you should eat the yaaas meal

  23. I’m an idiot, but

    I’m an idiot, but13 днів тому

    Remember a year ago when we were gonna fix your twitter bios?

  24. Cardenas Cruz

    Cardenas Cruz16 днів тому

    Next do fix my Instagram bios but if you do fix mine

  25. Roi Aborje

    Roi Aborje16 днів тому


  26. Hannah Sanders

    Hannah Sanders16 днів тому

    bruh I'mma be almost 30 when Avatar 5 comes out... Lord help me

  27. Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā

    Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā16 днів тому

    I am a climate change advocate. I want the climate to change.

  28. Rineiser AUTTP

    Rineiser AUTTP17 днів тому

    Bruh I use Arlo

  29. Michaelflash123s stuff

    Michaelflash123s stuff17 днів тому

    What was that song?

  30. xd Neonetrisx

    xd Neonetrisx19 днів тому

    Every jacksfilms video has a sponsor

  31. Roony 2007

    Roony 200719 днів тому

    Avatar 2 is on my birthday...

  32. Tohru Kobayashi

    Tohru Kobayashi19 днів тому

    *quieter markiplier

  33. - -

    - -19 днів тому

    mcdonalds is monetizing our happiness, and burger king is monetizing our depression. join the revolution and we will be able to feel feelings that aren't hungry.

  34. Apollo_ 909

    Apollo_ 90919 днів тому

    2:50 wait does he not realize one is the yaaas meal

  35. Gabe Sachse

    Gabe Sachse20 днів тому

    W H E R E I S F E L I X

  36. Noatry

    Noatry20 днів тому

    I was hoping for Mark Ruffalo’s to be lol I smash

  37. gd isaac Paul

    gd isaac Paul20 днів тому

    Fix vidcon

  38. MorgAnimations

    MorgAnimations21 день тому

    0:51 "we also like memes" i like the way jack that


    FLYER PLAYERS22 дні тому

    6:06 ''Got more women in my phone than Quagmire'' *IMPOSSIBLE*

  40. Fire flame

    Fire flame23 дні тому

    I wold like a yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss mell

  41. Trash Channel

    Trash Channel23 дні тому

    The official sonic twitter joined Twitter the year Avatar came out

  42. lukas qwq

    lukas qwq24 дні тому

    The terminator movies we’re awesome lol

  43. Wolfy Vlogs

    Wolfy Vlogs24 дні тому

    🥳🤩😘😘😏😘😋🥳😘🥳🤯😨🥺🤬😭🤔😠🤔😤🤯🤔😠🤯😐🤯😐😱 try to copy what I did 🔥

  44. cool ass corncob

    cool ass corncob24 дні тому


  45. Friskky_

    Friskky_24 дні тому

    yo when u say ring it sounds like rape

  46. GamerGirl38

    GamerGirl3824 дні тому

    Jesus my face god what did they do to my face

  47. Mayhem Gamer WS

    Mayhem Gamer WS25 днів тому

    Why does he have to add thanos dancing

  48. dreamcell

    dreamcell25 днів тому

    6:10 “AAAAAAA”

  49. Amanul Islam

    Amanul Islam25 днів тому

    Fix memeulous' bio

  50. Natsuki Chan

    Natsuki Chan26 днів тому


  51. Natsuki Chan

    Natsuki Chan26 днів тому


  52. Natsuki Chan

    Natsuki Chan26 днів тому


  53. afro man

    afro man27 днів тому

    The dancing thanos made me want to see how far the knife can go in my heart before I die

  54. ion.133

    ion.13327 днів тому

    Stop using fucking Alexander's terrible no good very bad day references bitch

  55. Heidi Dundon

    Heidi Dundon27 днів тому

    2:47 Are we not going to talk about the yaaas meal?

  56. Hi Sisters

    Hi Sisters27 днів тому

    Avatar 3 December 22 2023 me: thats my birthday i-

  57. Em Wiebe

    Em Wiebe28 днів тому

    sonics bio shoulda been “uhh... meow?”

  58. UbaAmaze

    UbaAmaze28 днів тому

    Ninja's dream came true

  59. GreyAnimations&More

    GreyAnimations&More28 днів тому

    Are we gonna talk about how JackSepticeye follows him??

  60. break_the_galaxy

    break_the_galaxy19 днів тому

    People named Jack gotta stick together

  61. I'm not just dead inside....I'm also dead outside

    I'm not just dead inside....I'm also dead outside28 днів тому

    0:39 hi I’m Brianna.

  62. TheXGuy

    TheXGuy29 днів тому

    Fix my bio, please.

  63. jessie nealson

    jessie nealsonМісяць тому

    Damnnnn you did Tom dirty

  64. bobby do bobo

    bobby do boboМісяць тому

    rip toby

  65. Nicholas Flores

    Nicholas FloresМісяць тому

    Fix my insta bio: flores_115

  66. Rodney Kaufman

    Rodney KaufmanМісяць тому

    me me big boy

  67. N1TR0_- Rec0n

    N1TR0_- Rec0nМісяць тому



    LOL GAMINGМісяць тому

    5:25 whats that song called?

  69. ittybittyrynnie

    ittybittyrynnieМісяць тому

    Tom Holland knows exactly how and when you die. That’s why he showed up to Tony’s funeral after being told it was a wedding.

  70. barcalonaboylouis

    barcalonaboylouisМісяць тому

    I have a question for u! Can u sing our bio?

  71. GachaHyena Primer

    GachaHyena PrimerМісяць тому

    Stressed depressed and Sherlock obsessed at best, I'm a petulant mess with no zest a guest who's hard-pressed to leave house-arrest impressed? Oh you jest, no talent I possess suppressed within, I confess I'm not blessed request you digest what I just expressed unless you wanna test me UH give it a rest expect to get bested by my prowess I puff my chest, yes, your next, it's no contest haters tryna faze me nah they spewing nonesense

  72. dipbugga

    dipbuggaМісяць тому

    Do fixing your Instagram bios

  73. The Nintendo Fan

    The Nintendo FanМісяць тому

    👁⭕️👁 👌🏻

  74. cheezy

    cheezyМісяць тому

    #FixBio fix kanye's bio

  75. Fnaf Fan

    Fnaf FanМісяць тому

    One of the meals are the yaaasss meal 😯

  76. Pomegranate Seeds

    Pomegranate SeedsМісяць тому

    2:20 after closer inspection I have noticed that avatar released on my birthday, December 18th, and so did The Force Awakens. Äaaaaaaaah JohnSVideo help meeeë

  77. Jeremiah Roul

    Jeremiah RoulМісяць тому

    Drop rhymes like it’s fire, your rapper for hire, stacks of my cash just keep gettin higher, Oo, Don’t you call me “sir”, Call me “sire”, Oo, think your hotter than me, your a liar, Oo I’m a fighter in my prime, you retired, Oo, got more woman in my phone than quagmire, Oo bought a Tesla, impulse buyer, Oo, you ain’t even got the money for a tire! full lyrics for ys

  78. Awe47

    Awe47Місяць тому

    50$ that’s all I save bruh

  79. erika schmitt

    erika schmittМісяць тому

    *airiahnah grahnday*

  80. Brochacho

    BrochachoМісяць тому

    Fix Billie Eilish's Bio on the next episode of Fix Your Twitter Bios. Like if you love Billie Eilish.

  81. Sillyman888

    Sillyman888Місяць тому

    🤬 🙏 🦵🦵