Foods You Are Eating WRONG !


  1. Aliyah Gianelle Alcantara

    Aliyah Gianelle Alcantara2 години тому

    Idc I'm not perfect Not really

  2. hassan shahid

    hassan shahid2 години тому

    Yes I eat SpongeBob’s home if it was the last pineapple what’s my name my name is Anthony I’m your biggest fan I see your love you so much love you all so muchStay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other stay safe stay home and goodbye

  3. Melina Lathouras

    Melina Lathouras4 години тому

    Can you reaneck to SaraBuetieConer

  4. Gacha Time Makeyla!

    Gacha Time Makeyla!8 годин тому

    I do it the azzy way,before I even saw this on my b-day I stuffed my cupcake in my mouth while and everybody in my class look and me like they wouldn’t do what I did,the I swallowed it,and they just looked at me with amaze,and no I did not take off the wrapper 😂😂😂

  5. Aman Sreshta

    Aman Sreshta9 годин тому

    I hate pb and j and just peanut butter in general

  6. Aman Sreshta

    Aman Sreshta9 годин тому

    I put milk then microwave then pour cereal

  7. Aman Sreshta

    Aman Sreshta9 годин тому

    I don’t have pancakes as stacks just separate

  8. Aman Sreshta

    Aman Sreshta9 годин тому

    The best way to eat a cupcake is to scrape the frosting off because frosting is disgusting. Lmao

  9. Charlie Jenkins

    Charlie Jenkins10 годин тому

    I ALWAYS eat my cupcakes like that

  10. Saito-San

    Saito-San19 годин тому

    am i the only one that eats cupcakes upside down ?

  11. Saito-San

    Saito-San5 годин тому

    jennifer stanley yay im not alone :D

  12. jennifer stanley

    jennifer stanley18 годин тому

    no i do it too you are not alone

  13. ronnie lohr

    ronnie lohr22 години тому

    Eat the worst part first and the best bite last and you’ll do the perfect bite tm style

  14. NOORUL Ameen

    NOORUL Ameen22 години тому

    Ketchup bottle and banana worked for me and more of them

  15. Jacob Kangas-Krot

    Jacob Kangas-KrotДень тому

    Yo she click baited da vid

  16. Jacob Kangas-Krot

    Jacob Kangas-KrotДень тому

    Da banana thing works

  17. Xx_gamer_xx

    Xx_gamer_xxДень тому

    With the straw you dont get the middle and you waist a straw

  18. Cloudy with a chance of random

    Cloudy with a chance of randomДень тому

    The end song was different and so i was like “WAAAA”

  19. LCrumbs Truths

    LCrumbs TruthsДень тому

    Umm am I weird cause I like the bottom half of a cupcake

  20. Hehe Hahah

    Hehe HahahДень тому

    3:02 just buy soft tortillas

  21. Roderick Paul Lim

    Roderick Paul LimДень тому

    I don't eat any sauce

  22. Jacob Playz

    Jacob Playz2 дні тому

    I’ve done the banana trick every time I eat a banana it works 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😇

  23. Rowan HOWARTH

    Rowan HOWARTH2 дні тому

    You could heat your spoon up then get your icecream

  24. Rowan HOWARTH

    Rowan HOWARTH2 дні тому

    Eating the toppings under your toast to get more flavor is not true sure are tastebuds help us taste but also are saliveor

  25. Rupa Rupi Channel

    Rupa Rupi Channel3 дні тому


  26. Veenu Verma

    Veenu Verma3 дні тому

    I had mini cupcakes at my birthday party and my friend ate the cupcake the azzy way

  27. Kimin Ko

    Kimin Ko3 дні тому

    now I know why is my cousin sent me a box of cookies with a piece and AB toast toast

  28. Kimin Ko

    Kimin Ko3 дні тому

    it's also because when you're done with the baby it really hard and then it's like I'm out of your hand and it's just doctor for you to hold

  29. Kimin Ko

    Kimin Ko3 дні тому

    yeah but when you cut off a strawberry the middle of the strawberry literally just take that piece and just eat around

  30. Kimin Ko

    Kimin Ko3 дні тому

    is actually a easier way

  31. The Painting Lol

    The Painting Lol3 дні тому

    Azzy farted!!!!!!!!

  32. Arely Pacheco

    Arely Pacheco4 дні тому

    Is bid os an angel i HAVE ben save

  33. Hele Vent

    Hele Vent4 дні тому

    Iv opend the banana stem fore 5 years.

  34. Ya yeeter 2728 k.

    Ya yeeter 2728 k.4 дні тому

    I like the bottom

  35. Evionna Huber

    Evionna Huber4 дні тому


  36. Bryan Zaw

    Bryan Zaw4 дні тому

    Everyone will eat like that in 9305

  37. Bryan Zaw

    Bryan Zaw4 дні тому

    Year 9305

  38. Dafne Uresti

    Dafne Uresti4 дні тому

    My grandma tought me the strawberry hack :)

  39. Danger Flowers 3003

    Danger Flowers 30034 дні тому

    I did the straw in the pop bottle just for fun I didn’t know it was a hack

  40. May Haarstad

    May Haarstad4 дні тому

    You are soooooo cute😊❤️❤️

  41. skull face

    skull face5 днів тому

    I trust you

  42. Greengray Uniqueness

    Greengray Uniqueness5 днів тому

    I was so hungry looking at the burgers so i bit my phone

  43. Manexa Mendoza

    Manexa Mendoza5 днів тому

    Me:Shows mom Mom:Really cool Me:Hello darkest my old friend

  44. Ariella Benor

    Ariella Benor5 днів тому

    I tried the pineapple one but it didn’t work at all. Or maybe I wasn’t strong enough.

  45. Siobhan Murtagh

    Siobhan Murtagh5 днів тому

    On the strawberry one they broke a heart that strawberry looks like a heart 😅

  46. Julissa Hernandez

    Julissa Hernandez5 днів тому

    Also my cousins are pushing me that Juan keeps pushing off the Spinney chair

  47. Julissa Hernandez

    Julissa Hernandez5 днів тому

    He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya he is sleeping

  48. Julissa Hernandez

    Julissa Hernandez5 днів тому

    Hit or miss I bet you didn’t miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya

  49. Anze Plahuta

    Anze Plahuta5 днів тому

    The watermelon i did right

  50. Nikos Michael

    Nikos Michael5 днів тому

    3:21 thats what she saidd😂

  51. LilzTacos

    LilzTacos6 днів тому

    Azzy: this is how you should be reheating pizza Me: but I just eat it cold-

  52. LilzTacos

    LilzTacos4 дні тому

    Dafne Uresti lol

  53. Dafne Uresti

    Dafne Uresti4 дні тому

    Once I had to eat cold pizza in school because of a teacher I mean a man teacher reheated my macaroni the other day but when I asked the woman to heat up mi pizza pls she said no so I ate it cold and it was yummy but I'm still m at at her

  54. LilzTacos

    LilzTacos6 днів тому

    I like the bottom of the cupcake. I can’t eat just the frosting of just the cake part unless the frosting is gross

  55. zans ron

    zans ron6 днів тому

    Noooooooooooooooo I would say hi John the new and a bit better

  56. Aubrey Bradley

    Aubrey Bradley6 днів тому

    I wish I could meet you bc my name is azlynn but my nickname is Azzy


    SOFIA BOSS GAMING6 днів тому

    Azzy:no one like the bottom of the cupcake me:but I do😔

  58. Adi Ognyanova

    Adi Ognyanova7 днів тому

    I did the strawberry hack and the ketchup hack before this vid Azzy can u crown me a genius 😂

  59. Ericka Eliana

    Ericka Eliana7 днів тому

    Well... We can eat however we want but you can still follow it if you want.

  60. Dimitrios Papadopoulos

    Dimitrios Papadopoulos7 днів тому

    I have tried to pop the bannana out of its pagamas but it wont budge

  61. Dimitrios Papadopoulos

    Dimitrios Papadopoulos7 днів тому

    if it was the last pineapple in the world ill pack my bags and leave to find spongebobs house before 7.5 billon people do

  62. Greg Scott

    Greg Scott7 днів тому

    . .. . . . ... . . .

  63. Elizabeth Baker

    Elizabeth Baker7 днів тому

    *r* i *bb* it

  64. ꧁elmo꧂

    ꧁elmo꧂7 днів тому

    6:36 um

  65. kero george

    kero george8 днів тому


  66. Minh Duc Tram

    Minh Duc Tram8 днів тому

    I kinda ok with the word ." Moist."

  67. Iyana Gabrielle de los Reyes

    Iyana Gabrielle de los Reyes8 днів тому

    Azzy i love your videos

  68. Tami Hegadorn

    Tami Hegadorn8 днів тому

    I fricken love her shirt

  69. The Half

    The Half9 днів тому

    Well if eating the whole cupcake in one bite is the AZZY WAY then I eat cupcakes the AZZY WAY

  70. jasmine playz

    jasmine playz9 днів тому

    The mango hack works I tried it right now and 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  71. DoNNeY XD

    DoNNeY XD9 днів тому

    There is no such thing as eating somehting wrong, it's just fkod just eat it anyway!

  72. Roxane Husselmann

    Roxane Husselmann9 днів тому

    😐 My 🥫doesn’t have a 57😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  73. Yasmeen shahjhan

    Yasmeen shahjhan10 днів тому

    Azzy: like a little pizza Me: *eating pizza* ._.

  74. 1k with 22 Videos

    1k with 22 Videos10 днів тому

    *i love you azzy*

  75. Wesley Price

    Wesley Price10 днів тому

    But when you put the straw through the strawberry you get rid of the middle so you basically loose strawberry either way

  76. Tilly Macdonald

    Tilly Macdonald11 днів тому

    I wouldn’t eat SpongeBob‘s house because it’s made out of pixels

  77. Olivia Shute

    Olivia Shute11 днів тому

    Am I crazy because I don’t want a ton of syrup on my pancakes I think it’s to much

  78. Mystical Pirates

    Mystical Pirates11 днів тому

    You Won’t Believe Me BUT..... I like the bottom of the cupcake more than the frosting part

  79. elisa goss

    elisa goss11 днів тому

    Thats what she said

  80. Shriya Emany

    Shriya Emany11 днів тому

    That’s how I always eat a bannaa

  81. X Bloomyy X

    X Bloomyy X12 днів тому

    we never eat anything wrong we can eat how we want!

  82. Gavin Bates

    Gavin Bates12 днів тому


  83. IcyWolfGacha

    IcyWolfGacha12 днів тому

    Thx what .

  84. Asia Chung

    Asia Chung12 днів тому

    The banana one works I tried it

  85. black widows

    black widows12 днів тому

    I feel so unloved I hate icing

  86. alba funes

    alba funes12 днів тому

    Hai | | | V Hai