Foods You Are Eating WRONG !


  1. Muna White

    Muna White29 хвилин тому

    I hate icing Way too sweet!

  2. Megan Lavery

    Megan LaveryГодину тому

    I don’t like burgers...

  3. Fefe ze meow

    Fefe ze meow3 години тому

    I eat cupcake the Azzy way, well kind of, I shove it down my throat it's the Fefe way! :3

  4. CuteCubs

    CuteCubs4 години тому

    I did that the starrberry thing

  5. Kasandra Gauthier

    Kasandra Gauthier6 годин тому

    Thank you fort your amazing ideas

  6. Kasandra Gauthier

    Kasandra Gauthier6 годин тому

    You are à gunniesse 😇😇😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  7. Kasandra Gauthier

    Kasandra Gauthier6 годин тому

    Azzy i believe you . you guys like this if you agree and Azzy your amazing i love your vidéos and your ideas are amazing i wish i was like you

  8. Kasandra Gauthier

    Kasandra Gauthier7 годин тому

    Your the best

  9. Samantha Cobb

    Samantha Cobb7 годин тому

    Yes I would eat a pineapple any day even if it's sponge Bob home I will give him a water Mellon to live in instead

  10. Gacha wolf

    Gacha wolf7 годин тому

    The banana thing works

  11. Emma Hallstrom

    Emma Hallstrom8 годин тому


  12. l3ni3r

    l3ni3r9 годин тому


  13. StarFruit

    StarFruit11 годин тому

    Azzy has proved that I eat stuff wrong, oh noes.

  14. Kiera Crossley

    Kiera Crossley12 годин тому

    I do the ketchup and the coke straw one and I love your videos you are amazing

  15. INK! Sans

    INK! Sans12 годин тому

    one time a ketchup packet exploded on me. =D

  16. Vanja Puric

    Vanja Puric13 годин тому

    If a tomato is a frut ,is kech up a smothe

  17. k.a. batze

    k.a. batze14 годин тому

    It was funny when she farted

  18. Keira Charalambous

    Keira Charalambous15 годин тому

    One of my friends eats the leaves of the strawberrys🤮🤮🤮

  19. Keira Charalambous

    Keira Charalambous13 годин тому

    Wow one like (the most I've ever had literally)

  20. Cooper Halperin

    Cooper Halperin17 годин тому

    With the chicken wigs you can get bone less

  21. Natasha Vyse

    Natasha Vyse19 годин тому


  22. Animation Maxime

    Animation Maxime21 годину тому

    I just make my hard tacos into nachos

  23. T Gaming

    T Gaming23 години тому


  24. Saige Kastner

    Saige KastnerДень тому

    Me and my sister eat cupcakes the "azzy" way

  25. Alex Wolf Killz

    Alex Wolf KillzДень тому

    Even if it wasn't the last one

  26. Alex Wolf Killz

    Alex Wolf KillzДень тому

    I would eat sponge Bob's home

  27. Suhani RANA

    Suhani RANAДень тому

    I believe you

  28. Megan Pedersen

    Megan PedersenДень тому

    The ketchup back works but you need to have the bottle at a 57° angle while you tap the bottle on the 57

  29. Ishanie Vijay

    Ishanie VijayДень тому

    Where I live we say jam not jelly

  30. Noah Staddon

    Noah StaddonДень тому

    don't let Jordy play on your gta v acount it is anoying

  31. killer Cupcake

    killer CupcakeДень тому

    I eat ice cream so fast that it doesn't melt

  32. Julia Howard

    Julia HowardДень тому

    your chanel is amazing

  33. Julia Howard

    Julia HowardДень тому

    i love food

  34. Julia Howard

    Julia HowardДень тому

    i can,t bileve we been eating food wrong

  35. Adelle Rundquist

    Adelle RundquistДень тому

    Correction: Am I wrong? I ONLY LIKE THE Batter in cupcakes!

  36. Adelle Rundquist

    Adelle RundquistДень тому

    Not not I love he batter :/

  37. Adelle Rundquist

    Adelle RundquistДень тому

    Am I wrong? XD I am not a fan of the batter!

  38. Red Panda Hannah

    Red Panda HannahДень тому

    For the ice cream thing, just dip the spoon in water

  39. Aniah Taylor

    Aniah TaylorДень тому


  40. Alison Entinghe

    Alison EntingheДень тому

    my dog just died please like :(

  41. Alison Entinghe

    Alison EntingheДень тому


  42. Mob Mob

    Mob MobДень тому

    Is Assyland The Best Person In The World🌎. Like in I think yessss

  43. Hannah Grace Check

    Hannah Grace Check8 годин тому

    Keira Charalambous true

  44. Keira Charalambous

    Keira Charalambous13 годин тому

    It's azzyland not assyland

  45. Leanne Matthews

    Leanne MatthewsДень тому

    I just put the excrem in the makawave

  46. Storm Barnet

    Storm BarnetДень тому

    Peanut butter honey the one from bees time not peanut butter jelly time

  47. Russell Follansbee

    Russell FollansbeeДень тому

    I never drop any taco but the meat lel

  48. G Tak

    G TakДень тому

    Why do you have eyebags?

  49. gacha cookies tv

    gacha cookies tvДень тому

    I BELVIE U AZZY LOVE U can i have a shout out please💕💕

  50. Silent Foxe

    Silent FoxeДень тому

    Not everyone hates the bottom of a cupcake! I really like it!

  51. AimeeVlogs 2008

    AimeeVlogs 2008День тому

    on the strawberry one, u still lose some of the strawberry, actually, u lose the middle part which is the most delicious part!!

  52. Charlotte queen

    Charlotte queenДень тому

    So for I watch this video long time ago when I liked SketchUp why is there a 57 on the bottle so I started tapping

  53. Shreejana Shrestha

    Shreejana ShresthaДень тому

    Hey I'm not a kid

  54. David Bupp

    David BuppДень тому

    I do not like bannanas

  55. Bunny Lover

    Bunny LoverДень тому

    👙👗👢👒I is in love

  56. Gretel Urrea

    Gretel UrreaДень тому

    Thx azzy

  57. Emily Tillman

    Emily TillmanДень тому

    Almost 10 mil!!!!!

  58. 编辑Riley

    编辑RileyДень тому

  59. Kpop Jorja200

    Kpop Jorja200День тому

    If u are a A. R. M. Y you will see that Jim was scared of Jungkook because he peeled a pineapple like the vid does BTS

  60. Tash Coleman

    Tash ColemanДень тому

    I know a hack that makes eating a mango easier just eat the skin!!!

  61. Moonlit-Wolfie Orange Gang

    Moonlit-Wolfie Orange Gang2 дні тому

    I don't Have Pancake Stacks

  62. ECE 01 Deniz

    ECE 01 Deniz2 дні тому


  63. Michael Santini

    Michael Santini2 дні тому

    I don’t like pizza at all

  64. 5zym0n_ Jk

    5zym0n_ Jk2 дні тому

    I no drink out of can with straw Like if you don't use a straw either

  65. Kristi Johnson

    Kristi Johnson2 дні тому

    i trust you no mater what

  66. I Have a Mystery Name

    I Have a Mystery Name2 дні тому

    I like the bottom of the cupcake

  67. Fatima Al Ameri

    Fatima Al Ameri2 дні тому

    I was eating and watching

  68. Bella Bales

    Bella Bales2 дні тому

    I never know you eat it like that

  69. Chloe Hewitt

    Chloe Hewitt2 дні тому

    thats why they call it a STRAWberry lol

  70. Ashley Tudor

    Ashley Tudor2 дні тому

    I can’t have oranges at all 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  71. Ashley Tudor

    Ashley Tudor2 дні тому

    I LOVE THE BOTTOM 1 like = 1 like for the bottom of the cupcake 🤣🤣🤣

  72. Lucy Loodles

    Lucy Loodles2 дні тому

    Roses are red The sky is blue Azzy I love you

  73. Mollylover 1

    Mollylover 12 дні тому

    I have tried the banana one and it does work, but I still like doing by the stem.

  74. Scar Midnight :3

    Scar Midnight :32 дні тому

    Me getting ice cream out of a container with a metal spoon: *breaks spoon* BIG FAT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF Edit: my edit was the F at the end & this is also my edit

  75. TDettz

    TDettz2 дні тому


  76. Kelly Russo

    Kelly Russo2 дні тому

    Almost every time I've tried to get ice cream to come out of the container I struggle to the point where I end up ripping the container and getting ice cream all over my hands ;-; oof

  77. PopZin YMCA

    PopZin YMCA2 дні тому

    I fell like these are hacks

  78. Kate Russ

    Kate Russ2 дні тому

    My life is different finally you're doing it again

  79. Kate Russ

    Kate Russ2 дні тому

    My life is different

  80. xxIceWolfxx hi

    xxIceWolfxx hi2 дні тому

    Shout out plz

  81. xxIceWolfxx hi

    xxIceWolfxx hi2 дні тому

    At 3:04 those tacos look delicious like if you agree

  82. pooja bhatt

    pooja bhatt2 дні тому

    This is awsome

  83. Lauren Brown

    Lauren Brown2 дні тому

    Hi azzy

  84. Guy Dichiara

    Guy Dichiara2 дні тому

    2:38 I use the Azzy way to eat a cupcake

  85. Mary Ann Hayworth

    Mary Ann Hayworth2 дні тому

    Happens if you don’t like the latest from the taco