Fool Your Friends - 3 Magic Tricks Revealed


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    Like wtf I tried those first 2 they didn't work

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    1:12 That doesn't worked

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    the water trick dident work

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    The water bottle upside down trick was not explained properly. You should have showed what’s underneath holding the water without pouring down.

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    Wow amazing

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    I fooled with pen trick

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    It didnt work is like fake to me

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    I did it and it totally backfired

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    Does that work with beer or soda?

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    I cant fool my friend's but you fooled me!

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    Does it really work because when i did it it didn't work

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    Guys this is FAKE. In the pen trick, if you look through it frame by frame, the pen just disappears from one frame to another. It does not move, it just vanishes. Then, we get to see in between his fingers, and there is no pen there. Nor do we see any pen being dropped when looking through it frame by frame.

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    We can even see a few visual distortions beneath the water bottle at the moment it disappears.

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    hi zach December 14 i have a talent show in my after school program and i am going to do macic tricks with my friend and thx for making this vid

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