Fool Your Friends - 3 Magic Tricks Revealed


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    I love how professional and unprofessional his videos are at the same time. 😂

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    Hey Zac I was wondering is the water bottle trick a scam. I have tried it over and over again and it doesn’t work. A little disappointed on this one. I would love to hear back from you. Maybe it’s just me.

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    2:06 close your eyes what do you think is going on

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    I tried to do 1:05 and I just spilled it all over myself

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    How to do a real magic trick: Be Zach King.

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    Mr Zach your magic didn’t make me feel so good

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    The upside down water bottle trick is purely surface tension

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    I can do better then vthst

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    One minor thing to add. I have found that its best to shake the can first and make it pop open and grow first cause they dont really know whats about to happen yet. When they hear and see it pop they always smile so u say "its getting heavier, almost like its filling up" and then u blow them away with the top resealing. If u do it first...they may be suspicious of ur hands but if u build up the suspense by the time u reseal it they are just in so much disbelief they dont care about ur hands cause it STILL doesnt explain how the soda got back in their

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    Wow! Im amazed he actually picked 3 really good tricks. Good for him

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    after the day linkin park died on 20 jul 2017

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