FULL Bethesda E3 2019 Press Conference


  1. Ogel Mann

    Ogel Mann7 днів тому

    Damn These paid crowd peapole

  2. RoyalFlush270

    RoyalFlush2708 днів тому

    The crowd sounds like the one at Rogvirs execution in Solitude, just generic screeches and empty chattering

  3. John Sullivan

    John Sullivan14 днів тому

    Good conference. So many haters and unoriginal comedians in the comments though.

  4. John Sullivan

    John Sullivan14 днів тому

    I had no idea Adam Sandler was such a massive Elder Scrolls fan. Also Commander Keen holy shit. Did NOT expect to ever see that name again. What’s next? Carmen San Diego?

  5. Rome the Paranormal Critic

    Rome the Paranormal Critic19 днів тому

    What a joke, funny PSA they started with because BETHESDA knows they Fucked up!

  6. Speedy Dub

    Speedy Dub23 дні тому

    turn on your caption 0:34 - 0:36 " I mean let me show you have a kangaroo tonight 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. hepzibah

    hepzibahМісяць тому

    I don't understand how the **** he got a good reception after fallout 76? Like am I missing something? I thought he wouldn't even dare to show his face.

  8. Ognjen Filipovic

    Ognjen FilipovicМісяць тому

    aand few months in future .....Everything is free except we forgot to tell you its 100$ more for infinitive stash

  9. uh huh

    uh huhМісяць тому

    18:58 "Remember - Everything we've talked about that's coming this year is free." Explains why no one heard about fallout 1st. hahaha

  10. Klaus Gerhard

    Klaus GerhardМісяць тому

    poor guy who needed to press the buttons for that thing... he must have no soul

  11. Jacquin

    Jacquin2 місяці тому


  12. seandeegan

    seandeegan2 місяці тому

    what's the music at 2:20

  13. Golden GamingYT

    Golden GamingYT2 місяці тому


  14. Silas

    Silas2 місяці тому


  15. fuehwbdb

    fuehwbdb3 місяці тому

    1:02:10 Not a mobile game and the only good thing soon -_-

  16. raulmarcosviana

    raulmarcosviana3 місяці тому


  17. Gelb Sucht

    Gelb Sucht3 місяці тому

    this fake croud lmao

  18. applecottage

    applecottage3 місяці тому

    Mom: Dinner's ready! Me: 1:02:05

  19. Tyler Quin

    Tyler Quin3 місяці тому

    While agree with most of the comments here about Bethesda just being a scummy company recently, I noticed that the ESO presentation got way more cheer from the crowd, especially that one guy. To play devil’s advocate here, ESO has come a long way since it’s very rough beginnings. Whilst I stopped playing a year ago simply because I couldn’t put it down, I recognize the lengths that team has gone to make that game truly amazing. The community on that game is truly something unique and making an mmo that you can play hours on without interacting with people and still have fun is not an easy task. My point is, yah, Bethesda is fucking us right now and they give us very little reason to trust them; but the ESO team imo deserves some praise, because working under the Zenimax overlords has proven to be rough yet they still give the fans quality content. I just wish they would release Skyrim for my toaster

  20. Noel Grünbaum

    Noel Grünbaum3 місяці тому


  21. Brodini Got Magic

    Brodini Got Magic4 місяці тому

    8:00 I'm dead 😂

  22. casanova419

    casanova4194 місяці тому

    52:07=Edge of Tomorrow game mode.

  23. Headshredder

    Headshredder4 місяці тому

    I thought the yeah woo guy was a dlc?? How do they have it, did they pre order?

  24. City Wayne

    City Wayne4 місяці тому

    Im sorry xbox

  25. Shane Van Dusseldorp

    Shane Van Dusseldorp4 місяці тому

    *sees Todd Howard* "Degenerates like you belong on a cross"

  26. UnholyVex

    UnholyVex4 місяці тому

    1:16:27 excuse me

  27. Дмитрий Гришков

    Дмитрий Гришков4 місяці тому

    It's just works

  28. Moist-nugget TEAM WOLFY

    Moist-nugget TEAM WOLFY4 місяці тому

    Why Bethesda just give up on fallout 76 instead of making more content make a new game a new FALLOUT a new start

  29. Richardezer Scrooge

    Richardezer Scrooge4 місяці тому

    Is no one gonna talk about how they slide in Shape Khan's announcer voice "FINAL ROUND, FIGHT!" in the middle of showcasing online Doome Eternal? Doom Slayer confirmed for MK11?

  30. Marco Tarallo

    Marco Tarallo4 місяці тому

    Yes Not the evil within 3

  31. kilam line

    kilam line4 місяці тому

    Orion cloud gaming = Dislike

  32. Elijah Lawson

    Elijah Lawson4 місяці тому

    Some people in the crowd act more salty then replying whith k In a text message

  33. Zenarchist

    Zenarchist4 місяці тому

    What the fuck is this shit? Oh my god Bethesda. What have you done. Is this one painfully long april fool's joke or did we just lose one of the best game developer studios in the industry?

  34. Lemon Ade

    Lemon Ade5 місяців тому

    Man, i just want a fallout 3 or new vegas remaster. What the fuck ;( I bet it's easy too, capcom ported over resident evil 6 why the hell can't bethesda just port over fallout new vegas and like barely tweak the game.

  35. Miroslav Králik

    Miroslav Králik5 місяців тому

    No one: Random guy: **molly kicks in** Wohoo!

  36. Vladimir Pishchalnikov

    Vladimir Pishchalnikov5 місяців тому

    How high do you have to be to find any of this conference enjoyable?

  37. GreaTMaX32

    GreaTMaX325 місяців тому


  38. Team magma grunt

    Team magma grunt5 місяців тому

    No one : Random dude in the crowd : 1:02:05

  39. Franek Bireta

    Franek Bireta5 місяців тому

    They didn't apoligized for Fallout 76

  40. Keith West

    Keith West5 місяців тому

    Todd Howard should apologize to the world. Until he does he's banned. What a lying douche bag

  41. 와우와우

    와우와우5 місяців тому

    Bethesda:we will make [fallout76]2 crowd:ooohohohohhohohoho yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh