Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Drankin N Smokin [Official Music Video]


  1. Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is Lord48 хвилин тому


  2. Seun Oloruntola

    Seun Oloruntola4 години тому


  3. Simone Franchini

    Simone Franchini5 годин тому

    you give me so much happiness😁 When I’m down you’re the only one who can bring me up🙏🏾

  4. Simone Franchini

    Simone Franchini5 годин тому

    Lil uzi Vert I’ll love you all my life💞🦇

  5. Michael Latessa

    Michael Latessa6 годин тому

    I’ve been in that house before no biggie


    POPAI O BALA6 годин тому

    very good music, but the deslike and because Uzi wasn’t wearing his diamond 👎

  7. Donovansgaming /reacts

    Donovansgaming /reacts6 годин тому

    thanos where are you

  8. Did Did CB

    Did Did CB6 годин тому

    Does he think he’s cool

  9. Wolf Gaming

    Wolf Gaming7 годин тому

    Uzi i saw the interview thing pls don't end it plsssss

  10. Burnsy Burnsy

    Burnsy Burnsy8 годин тому

    Anyone know what you call uzis yellow puffer coat online?

  11. Joshua Torres

    Joshua Torres9 годин тому

    "Gawdd damnn" 😂😂😂

  12. BigSkengdo

    BigSkengdo11 годин тому

    This is hard af but where’s the original gone?

  13. isla gabb

    isla gabb16 годин тому

    Diamond in his head PFFTTT

  14. sven is cracked

    sven is cracked17 годин тому

    You can’t die

  15. Jacob Sanders

    Jacob Sanders23 години тому

    Intro had me weak as helll the valet lol

  16. MR. MURPHY Financial Literacy

    MR. MURPHY Financial LiteracyДень тому

    Who needs financial literacy lol

  17. Courtnye Porter

    Courtnye PorterДень тому

    Soooo we not gonna talk about how lil uzi is like the lil Wayne in our generation🧐🧐🧐

  18. Syril Brooks

    Syril BrooksДень тому

    This hawd

  19. Antonio Wilder

    Antonio WilderДень тому

    This need more views 💯

  20. Amy Hill

    Amy HillДень тому

    Turn up

  21. Mr. Caucasian guy

    Mr. Caucasian guyДень тому

    His next album will be his last mark my words he will rip

  22. youngbull 903

    youngbull 903День тому


  23. Angjelo Daulle

    Angjelo DaulleДень тому

    uzi best artist to ever step on this planet

  24. Roblox Tutorials

    Roblox TutorialsДень тому

    Rip lil uzi

  25. drxyzin

    drxyzin13 годин тому


  26. Anastasia Kauppinen

    Anastasia KauppinenДень тому

    somebody been drinkin and smokin

  27. Zaria Reed

    Zaria ReedДень тому

    g this song is addicting .

  28. Lu Kane

    Lu KaneДень тому

    FBg 💪

  29. Fabio Schuler

    Fabio SchulerДень тому

    Bleib für uns da

  30. Joe Lewis

    Joe LewisДень тому


  31. King Kel

    King KelДень тому

    Fie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Casinoooooo🤣🤣😂😂

  32. Moonroof

    MoonroofДень тому

    Love Lil Uzi forever

  33. John Smith

    John SmithДень тому

    Bro weird homie

  34. Hadouken 666

    Hadouken 666День тому


  35. Leandro Despres

    Leandro DespresДень тому

    whats the bane of that actor? plutooo ssup boaa! so funnyy

  36. Jimmy Strudel

    Jimmy StrudelДень тому

    Where's the diamond at?

  37. joey raps

    joey rapsДень тому

    This was before the diamond

  38. Big Quis

    Big QuisДень тому


  39. nopenopenope

    nopenopenopeДень тому

    "lickin on my stones" has a double meaning

  40. nsfw

    nsfw11 годин тому

    @Syril Brooks stones can mean diamonds or testicles

  41. Syril Brooks

    Syril Brooks17 годин тому


  42. Aalayla Malone

    Aalayla MaloneДень тому


  43. Raven Toocute

    Raven ToocuteДень тому

    Sorry but not sorry this song is not it. Its the autotune fa me. I put money on it, if you take the autotune out, the song would definitely hit different.

  44. ࿐ KING RTN

    ࿐ KING RTN2 дні тому

    R.I.P BRO

  45. WillZn 061

    WillZn 0612 дні тому

    Cadê os br???

  46. WillZn 061

    WillZn 061День тому

    @Tennyson roi

  47. Tennyson

    TennysonДень тому


  48. Adrian Tuso

    Adrian Tuso2 дні тому

    what's the black cap future wearing?

  49. bitch im uzi ❶

    bitch im uzi ❶2 дні тому

    i love him 😟❗❣❣❣❣

  50. Michael Kowalski

    Michael Kowalski2 дні тому


  51. Tam Shari

    Tam Shari2 дні тому


  52. Hoàng Quốc Bảo

    Hoàng Quốc Bảo2 дні тому


  53. LiLSecret Beats

    LiLSecret Beats2 дні тому

    Русские, вы тоже услышали это? 1:05

  54. Tam Shari

    Tam Shari2 дні тому


  55. САПФИР

    САПФИР2 дні тому

    Мне кажется или дворецкий сказал, когда Future дал ему цепь "Что блять?"


    HUNCHO VU2 дні тому

    best song by uzi hands down

  57. Lilcmsvert

    Lilcmsvert2 дні тому

    Lil uzi vertttt

  58. nsfw

    nsfw3 дні тому

    "My chains on antifreeze it look like I made a clone" I get the first part but what does the 2nd part mean?

  59. Relzy

    Relzy3 дні тому

    2015 Gta online vibes

  60. Letsgo Yankees

    Letsgo Yankees3 дні тому

    I never been in love w a song till thus

  61. Philly God_215

    Philly God_2153 дні тому

    The beginning is too funny 😭😭😭

  62. shuraimen A.

    shuraimen A.3 дні тому

    No lie.. this nigga in the intro if funny af 🤣

  63. Josh

    Josh3 дні тому

    Why did I think future had Ash Ketchum’s hat on

  64. The Source

    The Source3 дні тому

    Every girl in this video has the same hair cut I cant be the only one that's bothered

  65. josh moss21

    josh moss212 дні тому

    your not

  66. 男 の 子 赤ちゃいですね。Boy

    男 の 子 赤ちゃいですね。Boy3 дні тому

    Uzi uzi why do you like anime girls

  67. josh moss21

    josh moss212 дні тому

    whats wrong with anime girls cuz you see my girl came out the tv and she was animated and i call her my anime babygirl

  68. basicly useless

    basicly useless3 дні тому

    Diamond forhead

  69. yurr

    yurr3 дні тому

    Jesus loves you repent before its too late


    AMONG SUS3 дні тому

    The sad part that uzi gonna die

  71. VMert39 VM

    VMert39 VM3 дні тому


  72. XVO

    XVO3 дні тому

    satanist 🤡🤡🤡

  73. Ashley Mcleant

    Ashley Mcleant3 дні тому

    Lil Uzi I Like You song but how about you how about you made a different song this point but I like I like that song you used to be best best song player ever

  74. Randdin Erle

    Randdin Erle3 дні тому

    Jesus Christ is the only way out of hell fire ♨️

  75. Johnny Patterson

    Johnny Patterson3 дні тому

    It's crazy how I been with uzi and future's music since they first came out.

  76. TRM1C Corp.

    TRM1C Corp.3 дні тому

    Landscape Architect

  77. TRM1C Corp.

    TRM1C Corp.3 дні тому

    Lineage Aspect

  78. Hey Dan

    Hey Dan3 дні тому


  79. I'm a kitty-cat Trust me

    I'm a kitty-cat Trust me3 дні тому

    I knew when i heard this song on the radio it was future

  80. Charlie Foster

    Charlie Foster3 дні тому

    1:17 some of you will thank me later 🤷‍♂️😂

  81. Steven Unuvers

    Steven Unuvers3 дні тому

    Lil vision vert

  82. Ryder Hodgkinson

    Ryder Hodgkinson3 дні тому

    I was here before he died!

  83. อ.ไอซ์ นอนเล่น

    อ.ไอซ์ นอนเล่น3 дні тому


  84. ImbadkidMJ

    ImbadkidMJ3 дні тому

    Please get that diamond out your head I am begging just please I don’t want you to die if you die I die😭

  85. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  86. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  87. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  88. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  89. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  90. Editzzz 999b

    Editzzz 999b4 дні тому


  91. Drummer Bypassed

    Drummer Bypassed4 дні тому

    His voice, His adlibs, His beat, His flow, His energy, His little dances, ARRE FIREEEeEeeE LOVE U LIL UZI VERT AND FUTURE

  92. Focus1 Creator Goddess

    Focus1 Creator Goddess4 дні тому

    China where Corona all started has the lowest death toll 4'636 vs america's 512'000

  93. Big Daddy Pappa Bear Miller

    Big Daddy Pappa Bear Miller4 дні тому

    If y’all watch the video live another life u can see that he had a dimond in his forehead and that song was 3 years ago he has ben planning this

  94. Keyton Gilbert

    Keyton Gilbert4 дні тому

    Sheet goes brazy. Gotta ratchet in my coat, gotta girl doing coke... follow Jesus though.

  95. Mr. Kumar

    Mr. Kumar4 дні тому

    Right Now!Uzi...!😵 💎 👁👃👁 👄

  96. B_Smooth49

    B_Smooth494 дні тому

    Bruh you should've went with a natural red diamond, more rare and valuable than a femme pink one

  97. MO Chow

    MO Chow4 дні тому

    I just wish I was rich would of been in a pent house blowing this w my bad b

  98. Eric Cole

    Eric Cole4 дні тому

    "6 women for each room and there's 16 rooms". That's 96 women and Freemason equals 96 in gematria.

  99. RisingLegend

    RisingLegend5 днів тому

    Yo uzi calm down and come drink some beers with me. Let’s talk.

  100. LUCCAS FF 255

    LUCCAS FF 2555 днів тому

    Plese not di3 in 27 years 😭😭😭😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😱☹

  101. Enrique Villareal

    Enrique Villareal5 днів тому

    Worst shit I ever heard in my life. I like hip hop and rap but this is absolutely terrible. People are spending money they had to work for on this bullshit? It's mind boggling.

  102. Itchy Eyes McRealize

    Itchy Eyes McRealize5 днів тому

    Some scary shit ....

  103. king hen dawg

    king hen dawg5 днів тому

    Yall kno thats future the valet service dude😂😂😂💀💀💀

  104. BaStAgE

    BaStAgE5 днів тому

    ay yoooo..so uhhh...honestly too bad it's nothing but black chicks in there... I mean they are hot and all..that's fine...but what's the point of having money if you're going to load the place with nothing but black chicks lol im good bruh lol...you enjoy that hahah

  105. BaStAgE

    BaStAgE5 днів тому

    shit they said the CIA controls the hip hop and rap industry...goddamn people need to wake up.... and not just mentally..but spiritually

  106. BaStAgE

    BaStAgE5 днів тому


  107. Lio

    Lio5 днів тому

    2021 lil uzi dead

  108. Itchy Eyes McRealize

    Itchy Eyes McRealize5 днів тому

    No doubt .... with that thing stuck between his eyes

  109. KyassproD

    KyassproD5 днів тому


  110. 銭亀

    銭亀5 днів тому


  111. Traviz Amir

    Traviz Amir5 днів тому

    "Diamond In My Head"🔥💰