Galaxy Buds Live: Keep the noise out, let the sound in | Samsung


  1. Sayida Bano

    Sayida Bano37 хвилин тому

    Just here for the song!😁

  2. Esraa Mohamed

    Esraa Mohamed2 години тому



    Love the song

  4. yedole yenny dominique y leti

    yedole yenny dominique y leti20 годин тому

    Mi marca favarita sansung sigue asi sansung

  5. gamergost67

    gamergost6720 годин тому

    Dude out here looking like a powerhouse of the cell

  6. crazyboy_exe

    crazyboy_exe20 годин тому

    Their price though to expensive

  7. Spider The Devil

    Spider The DevilДень тому

    what is the song

  8. Shivanna M

    Shivanna MДень тому

    The singer of the song(at the start) has commented the name of the funny is it she is promoting her own song on comments 😁:)😂

  9. Fernando Zaid Garcia

    Fernando Zaid Garcia2 дні тому

  10. Harpuneet Virk

    Harpuneet Virk3 дні тому

    Ah yes, *kidney earbuds*

  11. hotwwwings

    hotwwwings3 дні тому

    Killer bean headphones

  12. Unicorn Head

    Unicorn Head3 дні тому


  13. Comrade Voshki

    Comrade Voshki3 дні тому

    the forbidden bean

  14. Phil Lee

    Phil Lee3 дні тому

    For Christmas I want these so don't forget samsung you get them for me

  15. Mercedes Serrano

    Mercedes Serrano3 дні тому

    Me using AirPods while watching this ad

  16. PREDATOR ❶

    PREDATOR ❶4 дні тому


  17. Sammy Rumore

    Sammy Rumore4 дні тому

    They look like kidneys

  18. Cornelius Wood

    Cornelius Wood4 дні тому

    I wouldn't buy them if something happens to them and there still under warranty Samsung soo called Technician won't look at what the problem is they will find away not to fix them are replacing them you'll be better off getting Beats are Bose awesome products Specially if something goes wrong with them they'll stand by their products if it been well taken care of and still under warranty...AND SAMSUNG DON'T don't get me wrong I am a real big Samsung fan almost every I own at home is Samsung and I have and I just got the Note20 ultra

  19. Lord Shogun

    Lord Shogun5 днів тому

    what remix of Monte Carlo is this?? the original sounds drastically different

  20. heauxd

    heauxd5 днів тому

    the song is called *Monte Carlo* by *Remi Wolf*

  21. Neall Bellanee

    Neall Bellanee5 днів тому

    Might cop me a beans by dre after this

  22. عباس حيدر

    عباس حيدر6 днів тому


  23. Assad Tariq

    Assad Tariq6 днів тому

    hy. i am huge fan of samsung galaxy.. And i also stil use samsung phon.... if you want then you send me this product as a gift totly free of cost as a galaxy family mamber.. i can't pay you against this product...

  24. Kharil Faiz

    Kharil Faiz6 днів тому

    Samsung should credit the singer before their commercials

  25. HaveByte 983

    HaveByte 9836 днів тому

    what is this song

  26. lolita belleza

    lolita belleza6 днів тому


  27. Olivergamer2347

    Olivergamer23476 днів тому

    Why have beans been t he most popular thing this year

  28. Yeet Master

    Yeet Master6 днів тому


  29. grge loaiza

    grge loaiza6 днів тому

    im just here for the song

  30. bimil Babu

    bimil Babu6 днів тому

    anybody know the ad song details ???? i mean that song

  31. Garbage Ball

    Garbage Ball7 днів тому

    Ear Beans

  32. LandonLayer

    LandonLayer7 днів тому

    Thanks! I’ve always wonder what it would be like to put beans in my ears

  33. Sythe

    Sythe7 днів тому

    Samsung: makes new Bluetooth earbuds Society: B E A N S

  34. Billy Jin

    Billy Jin7 днів тому

    Where is the video of the commercial of that dude dancing in the beginning? I wanted to comment that because of that commercial and how annoying it is I'm never buying these earbuds

  35. Buada John Carlo

    Buada John Carlo7 днів тому

    Im here for the sound and not for the ear buds haha music is free

  36. Tech Reviews

    Tech Reviews7 днів тому

    The beans design is amazing

  37. Punkaroo

    Punkaroo7 днів тому

    nobody’s gonna look at this and think “wow that’s so impressive and cool”

  38. WatchitDogs

    WatchitDogs7 днів тому

    Anyone know who's that girl at the last? I love those eyes 😻

  39. Garbage Games

    Garbage Games7 днів тому

    Introducing: Samsung Galaxy noisy kidneys.

  40. Jon Hughes

    Jon Hughes8 днів тому

    This song is infuriatingly horrible

  41. look at my profile pic

    look at my profile pic8 днів тому

    YES! i always wanted E A R B E A N S


    FOX SILLY GAMER9 днів тому

    Introducing the all new Galaxy Beans


    FOX SILLY GAMER9 днів тому

    Not going to lie they look like jelly beans

  44. al fadh

    al fadh9 днів тому

    Yes... I just need to know the song....

  45. Chinthan Chinthan

    Chinthan Chinthan9 днів тому

    Love this song 😍

  46. Jkane

    Jkane9 днів тому


  47. TheSorcererCat

    TheSorcererCat10 днів тому

    Finally, something easier to lose than AirPods.

  48. Miguel MG

    Miguel MG10 днів тому

    forbidden beans

  49. EthanExtrm

    EthanExtrm10 днів тому

    Im not putting beans in my ears

  50. Lucas Raye

    Lucas Raye10 днів тому

    hey Samsung how much are we paying for these MAGICAL beans lol

  51. Gunnar Johnson

    Gunnar Johnson10 днів тому

    Nice I like the new air pods disign

  52. lisalily

    lisalily11 днів тому

    When the bass boosted 0:11 👏👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 But lowkey I just came for the song.

  53. Gunner Hansen

    Gunner Hansen11 днів тому

    The people in the train thinkin “why’s this man got kidney beans in his ear”

  54. Abdullah Mahmood

    Abdullah Mahmood12 днів тому

    How much are the buds

  55. Zainab Zahid

    Zainab Zahid12 днів тому


  56. Ami Sarah Maria

    Ami Sarah Maria12 днів тому

    kidneys 🧡🧡

  57. Venkatesh Pattamatta

    Venkatesh Pattamatta12 днів тому

    ***DO NOT BUY THE BUDS LIVE*** Don’t buy these, they are NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Thats pure BS. And when you try to workout or go for a run they fall out easily and if you are sweating then forget about it. I tried to return but they wouldn’t accept them, such a horrible customer experience. 320 AUD is a waste of money. I have Buds+ and I love tthem and they’re perfect. If they don’t fit in then there is no point in having good sound quality or ANC. Better wait and buy the Bose buds that are releasing in October ***DO NOT BUY THE BUDS LIVE***

  58. Lance Anthony Sea Sebastian

    Lance Anthony Sea Sebastian13 днів тому


  59. CL Dumali

    CL Dumali13 днів тому

    Hey hey hey!!! The new update of the software for samsung is suckks! I can see the bottons for wifi, mobile data, locations, etc And even the flash light! It is for my emergency cases such as black out and other staff please bring back the Quick Settings Buttons I/We need it!!! @Samsung

  60. bon Tedd

    bon Tedd13 днів тому

    Name of the song

  61. EXO-kpop group /multistan exo-l fanboy haha

    EXO-kpop group /multistan exo-l fanboy haha14 днів тому

    I told my mom to get a pair to match her new Galaxy note 20 ultra 😃

  62. Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh14 днів тому

    The song is Monte Carlo

  63. Treebeez

    Treebeez14 днів тому

    Song someone pls

  64. Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh14 днів тому

    Monte Carlo

  65. kirsti g

    kirsti g15 днів тому

    Im here to tell yall theyre so worth it, i just got them and they sound nice, fit nice, and if u got a galaxy phone (idk abiut other phones) u can get the galaxy wearable app and get an equalizer and even a find my buds feature which is real nice if u misplace everything like i do, i love them so far

  66. Suey Cuomo

    Suey Cuomo16 днів тому

    What song is that?

  67. Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh14 днів тому

    Monte Carlo

  68. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues16 днів тому

    é lindo/ it's beautiful

  69. Gyeum Kim

    Gyeum Kim16 днів тому


  70. Geraldine CM

    Geraldine CM16 днів тому

    Por favor digan al ganador del sorteo #galaxynote20

  71. Jon Hughes

    Jon Hughes16 днів тому

    I have and love these, but the "active noise cancellation" literally makes no difference at all. this is lying in advertising.

  72. order chaos

    order chaos17 днів тому

    song title?

  73. Gerrard 114

    Gerrard 11417 днів тому

    "I think Im gonna ran out of money Carlo(Heya) "

  74. Madonna Suseela Rani

    Madonna Suseela Rani17 днів тому

    Cute better than airpods I love samsung love u samsung

  75. jconjello

    jconjello17 днів тому

    i searched this add for the song

  76. DiamondDF

    DiamondDF18 днів тому

    Who else is looking for the name of the song in the background?

  77. Liam

    Liam3 дні тому

    Yeah mee....thanks found a new song to jam to

  78. lisalily

    lisalily4 дні тому

    DiamondDF / “monte Carlo by remi wolf

  79. Robotic Boss

    Robotic Boss18 днів тому


  80. Дима Фоменко

    Дима Фоменко18 днів тому

    Честно, это лучшая реклама наушников что я видел, хоть я и юзер айфона.

  81. Aaron Tribiana

    Aaron Tribiana19 днів тому

    has anybody gotten this ad in every UAreporter video or is it just me?

  82. D Gray

    D Gray19 днів тому

    Magic beans

  83. Agni Marath

    Agni Marath19 днів тому

    imagine finding these in a pot of *beans*

  84. Noiselesshappycool

    Noiselesshappycool19 днів тому

    Yo bushes baked beans coming after you

  85. Sebastian De La Cruz

    Sebastian De La Cruz19 днів тому

    Do be lookin like beans tho

  86. 조민성

    조민성20 днів тому


  87. George Jones

    George Jones20 днів тому

    Chicago Bean called, it wants its design back.

  88. 46 44

    46 4420 днів тому

    We want to support Android 10 update for devices Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 8G please

  89. Nukeforce951 Destiny

    Nukeforce951 Destiny20 днів тому

    So this is where all the baby kidneys went 😅

  90. Nicholas Carruth

    Nicholas Carruth20 днів тому


  91. HOW TO LIVE ?

    HOW TO LIVE ?21 день тому

    Sell a kidney to buy 2

  92. Roblox Myth

    Roblox Myth22 дні тому


  93. Jose VK Korah

    Jose VK Korah23 дні тому

    Can you make it when you charge your buds live the charging case plays the music as a mini bluetooth speaker

  94. Markel Sapp

    Markel Sapp23 дні тому

    Who sings this song?

  95. May A

    May A23 дні тому

    What's the title of this song? 🤔

  96. Capitalism

    Capitalism24 дні тому

    i'm watching this while putting on my buds live. i'm about to go crazy. try this.

  97. Chimm.y BTS13

    Chimm.y BTS1324 дні тому


  98. Yeti Confetti

    Yeti Confetti24 дні тому

    Great now we have overpriced beans

  99. Rage Quit

    Rage Quit24 дні тому

    Wich colour you'll pick?

  100. Rage Quit

    Rage Quit24 дні тому

    0:19 Haha I wish that would work so well for me

  101. Josef Harris

    Josef Harris25 днів тому


  102. LegalBost

    LegalBost26 днів тому

    What song is in this?

  103. Keenan Punayuga

    Keenan Punayuga26 днів тому

    0:13 what song?

  104. Odin windini

    Odin windini26 днів тому

    Ah Yes let me put on my Samsung Galaxy Bean+'s