George Floyd protesters block I-80 off-ramp in California


  1. Thomas Light

    Thomas Light11 днів тому


  2. MC StarryKitty

    MC StarryKitty25 днів тому

    If people are going to protest do it at the front of your house. They acting like Corona Virus is gone, and they wonder why there are so many cases

  3. MC StarryKitty

    MC StarryKitty25 днів тому

    Me: 2020 is my year! 2020: Let me finish that sentence *To die*

  4. Veronika 8a

    Veronika 8a27 днів тому

    Classes were canceled , graduations, ceremonies, churches closed, everything was cancel because of social distance... Then what do we call these protesters? not protesters. What they are doing is not safe, they are not asking for justice they are destroying, killing, stilling. They are doing riots in a pandemic time. This is not fair. All lives matter and there is a serious health problem in the whole world. What is going on in 2020? All lives matter please keep social distance wear masks gloves we need a better future than these past 2 years. If you really care about human life keep social distance. Justice is not what these people are doing, they are making the virus stronger.

  5. JWH

    JWHМісяць тому

    All these fools seriously believe public will support their causes for blocking roads and dragging economic down?

  6. cdb

    cdbМісяць тому

    They're just a bunch of terrorists.

  7. Laura Wilcox

    Laura WilcoxМісяць тому

    If I were a police officer in any of these blue states, I would just walk off the job. These protests have gone far beyond anything to do with the death of George Floyd. These people are patsies for antifa and rogue BLM people. They don't care that they're possibly spreading the covid virus, they don't care that innocent black Americans have been killed and others have had their livelihoods uprooted by looting and burning.

  8. bax323

    bax323Місяць тому

    One good air strike would get most of them.

  9. Kasillin

    KasillinМісяць тому

    You have to get a 5 kill streak first ;)

  10. Maria Luz Tolentino

    Maria Luz TolentinoМісяць тому

    Envio mis condolencias y cariño a la famila de George Floyd desde Argentina

  11. daihatucom

    daihatucomМісяць тому

    Kill a cops!

  12. hen ko

    hen koМісяць тому

    Imagine actually living

  13. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouМісяць тому

    Title is wrong. The law enforcement stopped the protesters from entering the freeway. They have done the same during critical mass rides.

  14. Rubye Pounds

    Rubye PoundsМісяць тому

    21:46 02:05:47 02:08:04

  15. hen ko

    hen koМісяць тому

    Fuck black lives matter it’s all lives matter ya fucking morons

  16. Rusalka

    RusalkaМісяць тому

    None of those people give a rat's ass about the habitual criminal, George Floyd!

  17. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouМісяць тому

    Looks like they lost that standoff

  18. Sir Honkalot

    Sir HonkalotМісяць тому

    The woke joke is on California, which is why the awakened are leaving. California politicians weaponize race, class, and gender against the people to remain in power. Same old Bolshevik tactics for the 21st century.

  19. Al Schuck

    Al SchuckМісяць тому

    California is a joke i moved out of that shit hole in the 80's . nobody could compleat a sentince like joe biden the child molester. I worked AS SPECIAL FX TEC CONSULTANT . THEY EAT BABYS IN THAT PLACE . I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF A FEW OF THEM AND THE POLICE ARE EVEN WORSE THAT THE ACTORS . ITS INSANE.

  20. S955US84

    S955US84Місяць тому

    Perpetuating their stereotypes. No matter how much they get for free, it will never be enough. Time on their hands and food in the bellies with nothing better to do than cause trouble. Parasites without purpose - people who will never contribute anything to the world.

  21. S955US84

    S955US84Місяць тому

    @Laura Wilcox - Your inference is inaccurate. I'm referring to any left wing slug living off taxpayer money and causing mayhem because they don't have to work for a living and have idle time and energy to spare because they have nothing they need to do to survive. They can be antifa, occupy wall street, cair or blm. They can be any color or ethnicity,

  22. Laura Wilcox

    Laura WilcoxМісяць тому

    Now you're putting them all in one category like they've done the police and it isn't accurate. I've know many hard working black Americans.

  23. Robert Crowson

    Robert CrowsonМісяць тому

    Why are they still doing this they have arrested the guys that killed him

  24. S955US84

    S955US84Місяць тому

    2 of the 4 BAD COPS in the tragic Floyd incident were men of color.

  25. H.B. Hatecraft

    H.B. HatecraftМісяць тому

    His name was Daniel Shaver

  26. Insight Talks

    Insight TalksМісяць тому

    It's george floyd today, tomorrow will be you... (

  27. Oveida Sinclair

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  28. Oveida Sinclair

    Oveida SinclairМісяць тому

    Need to bring a semi in and run these malcontents off the roads

  29. Steven Bauer

    Steven BauerМісяць тому

    Flame throwers

  30. Gerald Sierveld, Photography Instructor

    Gerald Sierveld, Photography InstructorМісяць тому

    my only response to the situation, presently, seems2b this:

  31. S955US84

    S955US84Місяць тому

    They are no longer demonstrators - they are rioting anarchists

  32. Yard Makeovers

    Yard MakeoversМісяць тому

    Have you seen the white supremacist writing black lives matter on buildings

  33. Robert Patrick

    Robert PatrickМісяць тому

    Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization.

  34. Rhakin78

    Rhakin78Місяць тому

    If i had to guess, most of these people vote democrat and want/expect free shit. Wonder how many of them actually have jobs.

  35. S955US84

    S955US84Місяць тому

    If the gov't wasn't so generous with these lazy slugs providing for their every want and need, they wouldn't have the time and energy to be rioting and looting. They would be working to EARN money, paying to rent a place to live, buying clothes to wear and food to eat. LBJ started this mess with the massive handouts of his "Great Society" giveaway programs and it's only gotten worse over time.

  36. Leally L

    Leally LМісяць тому


  37. not home

    not homeМісяць тому

    Fuck black lives matter it’s all lives matter ya fucking morons

  38. robrob637

    robrob637Місяць тому

    Looks like they lost that standoff

  39. Bad Cornflakes

    Bad CornflakesМісяць тому

    18:12 read that billboard at the bottom left and tell me you didn't laugh

  40. Bucky DoeDowner

    Bucky DoeDownerМісяць тому

    "protesters" don't block interstates... unlawful terrorist do.. run them all over!

  41. Rusalka

    RusalkaМісяць тому

    @Bucky DoeDowner You have to have the right vehicle to do it with. ... one with a V8 engine helps. You rev it up and then just "put the pedal to the metal" and go for it. They scatter like flies! They think they are safe. They are in for a big surprise! Those who are too slow SPLATTER! Also ALWAYS carry mace and a firearm which has STOPPING POWER and get ready to defend yourself! If you are stuck or pinned in on the freeway as these punks go around smashing windshields, it's like they are INSIDE your house attacking you. Fight back and eliminate a few quickly like you would do INSIDE YOUR OWN HOUSE!

  42. Bucky DoeDowner

    Bucky DoeDownerМісяць тому

    @Kyle gendreauNo mind changes here. Only have me questioning whether im talking to a Antifa leader. lol You are full of bs. And the proof that Antifa is funded by the far left democrats is out there. Do your research.... And back to my original comment that triggered your defense for your white supremecy hate group of terrorist ( one who create terror) "Antifa".... its illegal to protest on highways and bridges... and to part 2 of my comment.. They will become labeled terrorist by the government when all the exposure is done... Other than that i have better shit to do than go back in fourth via internet with someone who supports terrorism. Bring your shitheads to my town but be prepared to be promptly shutdown.

  43. Kyle gendreau

    Kyle gendreauМісяць тому

    @Bucky DoeDowner find me proof of antifa being funded by the Democrats and I'll believe you. Also I notice you are only ever responding to one of the points I make, I assume that means I'm changing your mind on the other ones?

  44. Bucky DoeDowner

    Bucky DoeDownerМісяць тому

    @Kyle gendreau lmao@ Antifa not being funded... #Soros #Democrats

  45. Kyle gendreau

    Kyle gendreauМісяць тому

    @Bucky DoeDowner First, the secretary of state can declare an organization a terrorist group, the president cannot. Second, no, ANTIFA cannot be deemed a terrorist organization because they are not a legitimate organization, there are no leaders, no funding, bank accounts, etc. ANTIFA is an umbrella term for all people who are against fascism. If you are against ANTIFA you are, by definition, for fascism. Third, the KKK is not a terrorist organization, they are protected by the first amendment. Happy to explain but all it takes is a quick google search.

  46. Mountain29 Mountain20

    Mountain29 Mountain20Місяць тому

    What bother me, is appears that only when a stupid unconvicted murderer Police killed a black man, black life matters ,When our own back robbed and killed us ,black life donot matter, because it's black killing black. and it theirs right's, No demonstration ( DEMONSTRATORS ) only condolences. What a hypocrisy.

  47. Michael Eli

    Michael EliМісяць тому

    Why do protesters never attack the toll plazas?

  48. J. M.

    J. M.Місяць тому

    run over every single piece of shit in california

  49. Brian D

    Brian DМісяць тому

    Something tells me, and I'm curious if I'm correct, that in California if there's looters that are damaging and setting fire to property that we're not allowed to use lethal Force, but rather we should probably bring them out a bottle of water and tell him to vote for Gavin Newsom? My hunch is property owners have just about as many rights as they do with an eviction in California. So strap in, watch Fox News and enjoy the ride. Film at 11 Oh; and remind them that they should be sheltering in place, because politicians have a magic pot of money just waiting for them.

  50. virat kohli

    virat kohliМісяць тому

  51. Joeys Father

    Joeys FatherМісяць тому

    Why the fuck do these idiots block roadways and freeways??? Not all of us are unemployed bums. Fucking savages smfh!!!!

  52. JINOV

    JINOVМісяць тому

    every generation has it's idiots there are just more of them now than ever before.

  53. Engine Performance Practice

    Engine Performance PracticeМісяць тому

    Good thing Corona Virus is a thing of the past now. I was getting bored at home

  54. Daniel Gorley

    Daniel GorleyМісяць тому


  55. MURR DOG

    MURR DOGМісяць тому

    Deepest bought dems, would rather see America fail/scorched earth, then have USA succeed, think vote smart blexit USA.

  56. Cliff Lawrence

    Cliff LawrenceМісяць тому

    None of these people are out here for Floyd.

  57. Liberty Constitution Legacy

    Liberty Constitution LegacyМісяць тому

    No shish sherlock..

  58. 1000O Subs with 4 videos please help

    1000O Subs with 4 videos please helpМісяць тому

    At this point, the way 2020 is going, I won’t be shocked if the Joker showed up.

  59. Nothing To See Here

    Nothing To See HereМісяць тому

    "I'm angry at police, so I am going to attack my neighbours, and other victims." How does that make sense to them? Do they really think that blocking the highway is going to teach the cops anything? Or maybe it is just going to anger and alienate the public, who have nothing to do with the brutality, but can and will turn on your "movement" if it becomes clear it is only going to abuse them, and not accomplish anything.

  60. Jacob Kelly

    Jacob KellyМісяць тому

    @Philip Agtuca I am pretty sure thats not true judging by what his family has said. Do some research

  61. Philip Agtuca

    Philip AgtucaМісяць тому

    George would have been one of those looters ;)

  62. Ywar Hay

    Ywar HayМісяць тому

    what about covid19

  63. Spyder. exe

    Spyder. exeМісяць тому

    Democrat states are burning. Lol

  64. MR George

    MR GeorgeМісяць тому

    I’m so pissed to see this happening to America . It’s fine for third world countries like France , Russia , Africa and on where democracy and law aren’t present . But here in the world center - I’m am outraged with these people !

  65. Jack Bailey

    Jack BaileyМісяць тому

    Paid Trump/Russia Trolls: this isn't a joke. get your heads out of the sand. school's in session. Whatever country, town or city your in, this is coming to you. It's the people against the robocops and the managerial elites.

  66. Orange Betty

    Orange BettyМісяць тому

    Don't break them up too quickly democrats mainstream media false flag lovers....covid19 needs a few more days to work it's magic "overton windows"

  67. Chris V

    Chris VМісяць тому

    So its only black lives that matter?and they say white people are racist. yet I hear more racism coming from blacks. Seems overall they hate everyone and everything around them. Living with that poor me attitude in life like they have it so bad living in govt housing or on state assistance

  68. Olif Fekadu

    Olif FekaduМісяць тому

    I wish i was in america right know so i can fuck some cop,burn something ,fuck all racist ppls

  69. Chris V

    Chris VМісяць тому

    The covid bullshit was probably all a setup to enrage people angry create this mess.

  70. Withevery lastbreath

    Withevery lastbreathМісяць тому

    I blocked a freeway, I'm helping!

  71. Gaze Cod

    Gaze CodМісяць тому

    Imagine actually living

  72. Naughtysauce

    NaughtysauceМісяць тому

    BLM is a joke and is just as racist as the KKK

  73. fafar gol

    fafar golМісяць тому

    Exceptionally stupid people are the backbone of the U.S administration. It is time to put racism on a diet.

  74. nick cardenas

    nick cardenasМісяць тому

    No justice no peace

  75. Julius Pleaser

    Julius PleaserМісяць тому

    Julius Pleaser We are a group of educated young activists from Columbus Ohio, that are exercising our rights as citizens of the United States to peacefully assemble and protest racial injustice within the country. There have been too many instances of unanswered racial violence to remain silent on the matter. This is our first effort at organizing something like this, but it is time for someone to take action! The purpose of this campaign is to raise funding for the various expenses associated with organizing and advertising mass peaceful demonstrations of likeminded individuals within the state of Ohio . If you are in the Columbus area and would like to become a part of the organization effort, please email us at Peace & Love

  76. Marc Matthews

    Marc MatthewsМісяць тому

    223 will stop all that rioting BS

  77. Mike From NASA

    Mike From NASAМісяць тому

    I live in San jose one of my white friends just got randomly pepper sprayed by 3 black girls at walmart and she was just getting food. What is happening

  78. Mike From NASA

    Mike From NASAМісяць тому

    @BlackBurn nope, video evidence. She's pressing charges

  79. Steven Bauer

    Steven BauerМісяць тому

    Stupid people that need God.

  80. Nothing To See Here

    Nothing To See HereМісяць тому

    So, it's just a regular day for her then?

  81. Turbo Twinz

    Turbo TwinzМісяць тому

    So glad I moved away from the bay

  82. BlackBurn

    BlackBurnМісяць тому

    Fake news

  83. Omaro Macdonnaldo

    Omaro MacdonnaldoМісяць тому

    Ke descanse en Paz George floid. El purgarcito 🇸🇻 nos unimos con la comunidad afro Americana.Rip George floid.alot of Spanish support the afro American people in us.this police corrupt cowards have to pay

  84. tupac shakeer

    tupac shakeerМісяць тому

    The camera sound remind of the la riots

  85. CA CD

    CA CDМісяць тому

    From the Philippines: We support equality and justice for all races including African Americans. Love from the Philippines!

  86. UnknownArchive

    UnknownArchiveМісяць тому


  87. CA CD

    CA CDМісяць тому

    From the Philippines: We support equality and justice for all races including African Americans. Love from the Philippines!

  88. Sparkle Plenty

    Sparkle PlentyМісяць тому

    What do we demand? Justice for Floyd. Accountability for “peace” officers. When do we want it? BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DIES.

  89. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeeМісяць тому

    As you murder innocent civilians... Oh the irony

  90. Ho La

    Ho LaМісяць тому

    I don’t get it why loot and cause riots that’s going against the whole point of a “ peaceful protest “ ???

  91. Ho La

    Ho LaМісяць тому

    Philip Agtuca wow this statement was unnecessary and just plain disrespectful :/

  92. Philip Agtuca

    Philip AgtucaМісяць тому

    George would have been one of those looters ;)

  93. S P

    S PМісяць тому

    Taking over whole highways, burning and looting stores, government buildings, vehicles. And claiming your standing up for a cause is completely asinine!! Go home. This is clearly not going to work. Not sorry. Get arrested, I think your asking for it in some capacity. Keep flocking together you fools of the same silly feather! 😂 😂 😁😁

  94. max mi

    max miМісяць тому

    Hey Nancy Pelosi, hows the beautiful sights in your neighborhood, old b*tch?

  95. Lazuli Winters

    Lazuli WintersМісяць тому

    This is pathetic. Nonviolent protest is how the GOV'T trained us. I listen to my intuition. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  96. steve MITCHELL

    steve MITCHELLМісяць тому

    Where is Nancy Pelosi she help create this. It's not about the Floyd death, it's about the welfare thugs criminals doing what they do best, stealing.

  97. Jane Doe

    Jane DoeМісяць тому

    Blue man GOOD

  98. Mariela Sanchez

    Mariela SanchezМісяць тому

    This is awful ur blocking the toad and what if someone is dying in the hospital and they wanna say their good byes.. but they can’t. What if a pregnant lady is about to give both ur not gonna let her through.

  99. Steve Tabor

    Steve TaborМісяць тому

    Enforce the social distancing, throw them all in jail.

  100. Xinix Xagnix

    Xinix XagnixМісяць тому

    Brainwashed sheep.

  101. Korey Red

    Korey RedМісяць тому

    Who was in the car tho?


    ONE AND ONLYМісяць тому

    8:30 people are really stupid throwing hands up but go ahead and touch a cop see what happens

  103. Michael Bern

    Michael BernМісяць тому

    its a total lie that this has anything to do with George Floyd, these people are violent criminals and thieves who use freedom to play this malevolent trick

  104. Yard Makeovers

    Yard Makeovers26 днів тому

    @Michael Bern see you don't research history. America has been at the forefront of democracy around the world just like Russia for communism. America has funded rebellions against dictators and supplied weapons to rebels. America has invaded countries in attempts to assassinate and remove dictators. America supplied Jews with weapons,tanks,jets and ships to kill Palestinians and remove them from their homeland to replace the Palestinian land with a new land for Jews in Jerusalem in 1946. Google it or do you want to stay ignorant on this subject. Live long enough and you will see all the hypocrisy in American history

  105. Michael Bern

    Michael Bern26 днів тому

    That is a disgusting lie of a statement

  106. Michael Bern

    Michael Bern26 днів тому

    Your statement is total lies and communist deception. No offense but how is the weather in Bazaro land? must be nice to be supported for believing in such lunacy. Let me set the record straight one good time, just so you do not think reality agrees with you, granted most people do not have any clue what is real anymore. While it is true there was war in this and really any other sovereign nations establishment, it is true that some times it is necessary to fight for what you believe in but that America was founded on rape pillage and murder is utterly absurd along with the notion that having to fight for what is right is in anyway the wrong thing to do, there are many wars that are completely justifiable. It would be far more realistic to think that communist and similar socialist ideals such as fascism and the nazi parties in of course Germany, Stalin’s soviet Russia and mao zedong’s CCP in China’s conflict to take power actually revered those crimes. In communism and Islamic religions sexual deviance is one of their most effective weapons to destroy the societies they seek to overthrow, using it to entice and nurture peoples corrupt nature than holding the exposure of that behavior over people’s heads to get them to do things they would have never done and would have been against their morals, it is used to erode and destabilize a cultures morality and begin to normalize inhumane behavior. Also Pillaging and more specifically looting is highly respected among communists in order to support their movement since they believe capitalism and anyone supporting it, including the working class even though they claim to value them but only the members of that group they approve of, mostly honest hard working people are hated by communists they are seen as part of the Bourgeoisie and are believed to be evil while they ardently support the so called disenfranchised members of society such as criminals, people on well fair and other outcasts such as sexual deviants who they redistribute wealth and property to, that they have stolen from hard working people, too bad those people are usually irresponsible and unskilled and are unable to work the land they have been given which is why you usually see mass starvation in communist countries because the people that have been given all the wealth to have no idea how to apply it and is quickly squandered or perverted for momentary gratification than left to rot when nothing further of value remains. People in communist and extreme socialist movements are systematically taught there is no reason for their existence, no divine purpose and that they have no intrinsic value as human beings, they are no more meaning full than animals and are treated as such, their life is not important so they often have no compunction in impulsively ending it which is why they often use reprehensible combat tactics such has human wave attacks and suicide campaigns throwing massive amounts of human life away in a single moment. Therefore, you have been deceived, lives lost in securing the existence of this great nation are honored at every opportunity. Statements you made have no basis in reality unless you are referring to our more irresponsible democrat leaders, not all but there have been a few of our worst leaders that could be responsible for a fraction of the accusations you stated but would be much more fitting to be leveled against some extremist Islamic movements to be sure, I mean what good could come from a culture who’s incentive to die in battel is the promise of having 70 virgins in heaven, what deviance, who wants that, only a perverse people would even follow such an ideology, still better than communism. It is not great that the US is constantly involved in regime change conflict however for the most part those have been undertaken by the war mongering leftists, so it would be a good idea to never let them be responsible for power but that is easy, just don’t vote for them. At the moment in this nation its culture has been greatly compromised because of the lefts constant pandering to minority groups going as far as to throw open the borders to an invitationary extremist socialist revolutionary force, since these people mostly come from socialist nations, their beliefs are extremely dangerous to our sovereign nation and they only seek to overthrow it, they and the left hate the US and spew the class of tripe you just did, unfounded in reality this force the socialist democrats have allied with should be dispatched with extreme prejudice, prejudice to their malevolent ideologies along with the absurd notion that the minority should rule, this idea is in direct conflict to our founding values that it is the majority that rules. It is the furthest possible form our responsibility to heal the wounds of the world, whatever that means but that type of nonsense is used to justify so called intervention on the basis of human rights violations, it is not our responsibility, other countries can just as easily follow our example to bring prosperity to their countries, it is none of our business their hardship and we concern ourselves with it at our own great peril, they are in line with communism and the only assistance the US should give the world is in extinguishing this evil ideology world wide but which can be done with trade wars almost as effectively as physical violence. Conservative values are such that big government is evil and will devolve into tyranny as it has, the power should remain with and only with the people not with the state governments and even less with the extremely corrupt federal government, the only reason this democratic republic exists is that it is not solely a democracy, this country is entirely unique no other democracies have withstood the test of time and the only reason this one has is in the genius of the constitution and the founding fathers importance given to the power of rule mostly residing with the people, not any people only property holders and families should be allowed to vote as they are the only ones with a true stake in it. Furthermore, the US should not at all support health care for all especially on the grounds that 3rd world nations have it, again what absurdity an pure nonsense of un informed ignorant people, why would we copy their failures, they should get rid of their universal nonfunctional socialist systems that have crippled them and follow our example, one that works. This is the world power not them, one developed by reason and meaningful beliefs not violence as you irrelevantly claim although there is a shred of truth to claiming violence has been used but has and should only be used in an extremely restrained way with much consideration to loss of life, the way Trump did when he decided not to attack Iran, we would be at war with North Korrea, Iran and numerous other nations if Trump had not stepped in and defused those situations. Your inept claims of flowing rivers of blood are absurd and sound like the communist tripe they pedal in socialist Universities, which is all of them at the moment, but they are quickly becoming obsolete. Once again, your claims are pure socialist immoral propaganda and have no basis in reality, they are completely, lies.

  107. Yard Makeovers

    Yard Makeovers27 днів тому

    @Michael Bern from America's beginning they raped pillaged and murdered their way to power and till this day the corruption in American politics is on display for the world to see. America has always meddlesome in other countries politics from South America to the Middle East to Africa,trying to get more America friendly politicians to rule. The blood is still flowing from America's politics

  108. Michael Bern

    Michael Bern27 днів тому

    You would think they are heros by how the left treats them and that is a blatant lie

  109. Hassadnah Abraham

    Hassadnah AbrahamМісяць тому

    US MAD PRESIDENT, MAD Trump must resign. HE caused HAVOC to USA and the WORLD. HE IS MAD

  110. You And i

    You And iМісяць тому

    Who's blocking who here??? Whole lotta people there