Get Ready With Me To Go Nowhere


  1. Jonathan Cruz

    Jonathan Cruz5 годин тому

    Spock eye brows! 🤣

  2. Audrey Watt

    Audrey Watt14 годин тому

    she could put out a video of a blank wall and I would watch it I fukin love her shes so pure

  3. That One Weird Vin

    That One Weird Vin21 годину тому

    I fUcKiNg LoVe WiPiNg My AsS - Jenna Marbles 2020

  4. Julie Mills

    Julie Mills22 години тому

    We honestly need a Julian store where we can buy ourselves a Julian.

  5. Jessica Tremper

    Jessica Tremper22 години тому


  6. IntrovertedLoser

    IntrovertedLoser2 дні тому

    I can't believe this was a month ago.. time is blending together hah

  7. Ira Gen

    Ira Gen2 дні тому

    "Always remember to put down a coaster.... Before that ass~" ~Julien the face mask murderer, 2020

  8. casshau

    casshau2 дні тому

    Couple goals


    AliGia BUTTERBAR2 дні тому

    i know! i wish i could have such a good friendship as them :)

  10. Nataie Padilla

    Nataie Padilla3 дні тому

    Recreate one for simplynailogicals videos

  11. Didre Park

    Didre Park3 дні тому

    After 3 years I just realized they are dating since 2013

  12. Christina Davies

    Christina Davies4 дні тому

    Ok I need that bent purple brow brush! What is it and where can I find one please! ?

  13. Little fungi Roblox

    Little fungi Roblox5 днів тому

    Lol when she shows the look at the end Kermit made it so much better

  14. Jody Jones

    Jody Jones5 днів тому

    Julian’s face with the mask 😷 is the stuff of nightmares 🤣🤣

  15. Kristen Arnold

    Kristen Arnold5 днів тому

    Me but literally every day of my life

  16. Morgan Leia

    Morgan Leia5 днів тому

    Jenna for beautiful people club president

  17. Jasmin

    Jasmin5 днів тому

    is blush.

  18. spenstarr

    spenstarr5 днів тому

    Is it me? I was so pumped for magnetic lashes followed the directions double coat dry another coat and they just wouldn't stick like I went and got a magnet and that part worked but I don't know I've tried twice and they're nice lashes so I'm bummed

  19. selina das

    selina das5 днів тому

    Jenna please don't stop making videos like this. It's a blessing

  20. Emilie Skalbo

    Emilie Skalbo5 днів тому

    Julien laughing at his own jokes makes my day

  21. Ana Levcovitz

    Ana Levcovitz6 днів тому

    honey, you are the most beautiful of the beautiful people. you have arrived. not being sarcastic. seriously, i love you

  22. Selina Thoma

    Selina Thoma6 днів тому

    This look is so cute!! Also, black nail polish looks so good on julien!

  23. Hollis Spigner

    Hollis Spigner6 днів тому

    Cute ass

  24. Nummeh

    Nummeh6 днів тому

    Does that dude have a mental disability or something?

  25. AliGia BUTTERBAR

    AliGia BUTTERBAR2 дні тому

    he’s just an aries

  26. aidan mcmullan

    aidan mcmullan7 днів тому

    the way she kept gasping in between sentences is SENDING MEEE

  27. SeL

    SeL8 днів тому

    "Get ready without me" killed me for some reason xD

  28. Alex Dapper

    Alex Dapper8 днів тому

    julien: if i get slapped anywhere else in the day, I've already been slapped before so it doesn't shock me as much jenna: oh.

  29. Lithix

    Lithix8 днів тому

    Is it just me or did the beauty mark actually look really good on Jenna?

  30. Jeff Sparky

    Jeff Sparky8 днів тому

    she mustve lost her marbles to do this video

  31. McClendon Kara

    McClendon Kara8 днів тому

    i would LOVE to see jenna do the make-up with the fake freckles, lots of blush, and upturned pointy eyebrows

  32. Katy Crawford

    Katy Crawford8 днів тому

    the most chaotic part of this vid is jenna putting her foundation in the PALM of her hand

  33. ShelbyD

    ShelbyD8 днів тому

    “I couldn’t tell if I adored her or hated her. So I watched 7 hours of videos of her” this is so fucking relatable and I’m pretty sure how I became a Jenna Marbles fan lmao

  34. Emi Pal

    Emi Pal9 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="404">6:44</a> oh my god thank you for the advice Julian I deeply appreciate it *im literally doing it right now because my glasses are too big :( thank you for saving my life*

  35. Dana Mancillas

    Dana Mancillas9 днів тому

    Jenna!! I have been watching you sicne the beginning of time (youtube time) Thank you for all your videos that keep us smiling and laughing! ❤❤❤ Can you give my dad a shoutout? His name is Angel @bodjeu (its his birthday)

  36. Judy Brewer

    Judy Brewer10 днів тому

    I asked my boyfriend if he knew who this was and he said “yeah it’s Jeremiah and Julien and their dog Jon Marbles”

  37. phynx2006

    phynx200610 днів тому

    Gussied up - your so sophisticated Jenna, no where to go from hear but down 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Victoria Lentz

    Victoria Lentz11 днів тому

    Anyone know what lashes she uses? My unstable hands would really appreciate it

  39. Nora Jewell

    Nora Jewell11 днів тому

    I’ve had to go back to this video bc I need to know WHAT COMPANY IS THAT MAGNETIC EYELINER AND LASHES FROM

  40. its katcorey

    its katcorey11 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a> BAHAHHAHAHAHA I'm laughing bc I've actually wondered that b4🤣🤣

  41. its katcorey

    its katcorey11 днів тому

    Bb I luv ur purple brows

  42. Antonino Landolina

    Antonino Landolina11 днів тому

    Can we get a video without Julien?

  43. AliGia BUTTERBAR

    AliGia BUTTERBAR2 дні тому

    i mean they are quarantined together so she can’t really have a video without him, and also he’s her cameraman

  44. Kirby_irl

    Kirby_irl11 днів тому

    Jenna, this makeup look suits you very well. The blush/bronzer, the gloss, and the purple brows really brightened your face. :)

  45. Brian L

    Brian L11 днів тому

    In the thumbnail I thought Julian was the one guy from Slipknot. Glad this wasn’t the case

  46. BlueRose 101

    BlueRose 10112 днів тому

    I did the E-girl blush thing but with bronzer all last night and I feel like it aged me by 10-20 years, I'm 21...and I have always looked older than I am apparently, so I don't need to age myself more lol. I do the blush style EVERY SINGLE TIME! Oh and I do the tightline thing too, my mom taught me that, so I just did it too lol

  47. Cypress Chambers

    Cypress Chambers12 днів тому

    I’m surprised no ones talking abut how pretty Jenna is??????

  48. Katarina Gilster

    Katarina Gilster12 днів тому

    I love her purple brows making me wanna do crazy makeup at 3am

  49. ChloeNicole

    ChloeNicole12 днів тому

    Julian is the best part of this video

  50. Salah Usufi

    Salah Usufi12 днів тому

    Julian’s face mask was terrifying 😂

  51. epic mullet man

    epic mullet man12 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> The brush: ______/

  52. Desireé McDowell

    Desireé McDowell12 днів тому

    What brand are her lashes I NEED THEM! @jennamarbles please tell me

  53. PanicArie H

    PanicArie H12 днів тому

    If i had a penny for every time she gasped...

  54. JoSea River

    JoSea River13 днів тому

    Jenna Marbles Throwback "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking" ❤

  55. Tanner D

    Tanner D13 днів тому

    I love the point in Jenna’s non-dog videos where the dogs just start manifesting on screen. It’ll be like 7 and a half minutes in, and suddenly there’s a Cermet in someone’s lap

  56. Star Katzman

    Star Katzman13 днів тому

    anybody ever tell you that you radiate iliza shlesinger energy because oml i stan

  57. Ava Kelman

    Ava Kelman13 днів тому

    @Simply Nailogical The beautiful people have your nail polish!

  58. heygyal

    heygyal13 днів тому

    it's so accurate, it's like I didnt know if I liked her not... and I'm also leaning to adore

  59. Katie Mcdonald’s

    Katie Mcdonald’s14 днів тому

    it’s funny because i’m watching this getting ready. thank you jenna! :)))

  60. Dimension Warper

    Dimension Warper14 днів тому

    julian needs a coaster because his ass is too juicy

  61. GoViral Tiktok

    GoViral Tiktok14 днів тому

    I'm here because of Family Guy :*

  62. Chanelle Childers

    Chanelle Childers16 днів тому

    Which magnetic lashes did you buy????????

  63. Miner1345

    Miner134516 днів тому

    Some HOLO TACO

  64. Google Words

    Google Words16 днів тому

    Check out my most recent video on this video! ↖️

  65. Kaylee Corbeil

    Kaylee Corbeil17 днів тому

    Girl, I NEED that bathroom!

  66. Moni Russell

    Moni Russell17 днів тому

    Jenna u shld try and put braiding hair extension in ur hair

  67. Julia Lewis

    Julia Lewis17 днів тому

    "Its gone, it never happened, you didn't see anything, let's do it again." Send help I'm dying LMAO


    KATIE FLAKE18 днів тому

    I really need to see jenna and Julien game with marzia and felix

  69. J Cat

    J Cat18 днів тому

    "Marbles is the bartender". You mean the barktender?

  70. Anisa M

    Anisa M18 днів тому

    if someone makes another 'Jenna out of context' video and doesn't include her yelling 'i fucking love wiping my ass'.

  71. Naked Planet

    Naked Planet18 днів тому


  72. Chloe Massie

    Chloe Massie19 днів тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="334">5:34</a> day 375920174 of quarantine

  73. ratty mc fatty

    ratty mc fatty19 днів тому

    that thumbnail describes this video perfectly

  74. Meredith Green

    Meredith Green19 днів тому

    I love watching how much Jenna loves to learn new things, I've been watching for almost 8 years now and I've grown with her while I've outgrown most of my other interests over time. She's so genuine, I never get tired of her content cause she's constantly evolving

  75. Beautiful Purpose

    Beautiful Purpose19 днів тому

    This is amazing

  76. Emmu Matson

    Emmu Matson19 днів тому

    Jenna: “grimes is a genius.” 1 month later grimes: “my baby is named AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

  77. TheTryHardMusician

    TheTryHardMusician20 днів тому

    Can u make that jean chair but instead of adult jeans use baby jeans for marble

  78. Jane Idler

    Jane Idler20 днів тому

    I'm an Aries and I realize this is how me and my boyfriend interact. god bless you for putting up and loving our Aries asses. we appreciate ya

  79. Sarah Hernandez

    Sarah Hernandez20 днів тому

    I just came back from one of jenna’s old videos where she did her makeup with her ex annnnnd that was I-

  80. DeathBecomesHer

    DeathBecomesHer20 днів тому

    Jenna and Julien have such an incestuous brother sister vibe. I mean that as a compliment btw

  81. Elizabeth White

    Elizabeth White20 днів тому

    Jenna: I’ve been doing some more natural makeup lately. Also Jenna: Draws on purple eybrows

  82. Libby Kempsell

    Libby Kempsell20 днів тому

    Julien has changed my life, I have a floppy ear because my ear was folded over when I was younger, and I guess it never developed properly, it makes wearing glasses super uncomfortable but now thanks to Julien I just put it over my ear now AR-GANG FO LIFE♈️♈️♈️

  83. Rose Spring

    Rose Spring21 день тому

    Whenever I get too stressed, at the end of the day my favorite thing to do is watch ur vids, they're so calming and just make me laugh.