1. Kalas Atwater

    Kalas AtwaterГодину тому

    Now kids -_-

  2. mr c

    mr cГодину тому

    Why look like stranger things had a crossover with ghost busters think they finnlay runied ghost busters

  3. Youtube User

    Youtube UserГодину тому

    The fact that Finn dressed up as one of the ghostbusters on Stranger Things blows my mind

  4. Mr. MemeCacke

    Mr. MemeCackeГодину тому

    This is ok

  5. Johnston Steiner

    Johnston SteinerГодину тому

    That all female reboot? Never happened, we don't know what yer talking bout. Brightest idea from the department of bright ideas

  6. Chris Corley

    Chris CorleyГодину тому

    I see Baby Yoda? = "Aahhh, how cute" I see Baby Slimer? = "IT'S A TRAP !!!"

  7. Sean Ferree

    Sean FerreeГодину тому

    Right!! 😁😂

  8. Touka Dark

    Touka DarkГодину тому

    Just leave the franchise to rest Sony!!!

  9. Mr.Irish

    Mr.IrishГодину тому


  10. cr4yv3n

    cr4yv3nГодину тому

    Hyped !

  11. Realkekznogimmickz

    RealkekznogimmickzГодину тому

    I'm sorry but I just can't foresee myself ever wanting to watch this. Ghostbusters worked because the 7 or so main and side characters played off of each other so well. When you take away the people who made it great, the IP just falls apart. This is potentially hindering these new younger actors' careers by keeping them away from a new project in favor of a (most likely) bad sequel to a 35 year old movie franchise. I want to enjoy it, but Ghostbusters was Ghostbusters, this isn't. Just putting the title on what is essentially a completely different film isn't going to make this Ghostbusters movie.

  12. Sean Ferree

    Sean FerreeГодину тому

    2020: Ghostbusters, Afterlife 2021: Ghostbusters, Rise of Terror Dogs

  13. AKAY JAY

    AKAY JAYГодину тому

    You are *protected* by all UAreporter curses *You don't need to do anything*

  14. Alex 09

    Alex 09Годину тому

    Well sure does look better than the first one!

  15. I eat raw eggs

    I eat raw eggsГодину тому

    I thought we ware going to see the ghost busters died and go up against ghost in the after life

  16. Kragar01

    Kragar01Годину тому

    What ever happened to the baby from GB2? What if somehow he is the kids father? Grandpa Egon was an unofficial title you know? Evil entities seemed to have a thing for that bloodline.

  17. Daniel Clark

    Daniel ClarkГодину тому

    "There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years." A-ha! So, that means that the events of the 2016 movie did not happen! Oh... but then, neither did those of the 2009 video game (which took place in 1991). ...Bummer.

  18. MC Chase

    MC ChaseГодину тому

    This a bad sign already

  19. ghost hoodie

    ghost hoodieГодину тому


  20. Toosoo

    ToosooГодину тому

    wait... Egon procreated?.... AND HE HAD KIDS?!?!?!

  21. Vile Figure

    Vile FigureГодину тому

    Its stranger things with proton done

  22. Bryson Wedding

    Bryson WeddingГодину тому

    The original actors that are still living better be in this

  23. chino UB

    chino UBГодину тому

    Soy el único que comenta en español jajaj

  24. hondobondo

    hondobondoГодину тому


  25. Will Parry

    Will ParryГодину тому

    Looks a bit too comic book-ish and features Paul Rudd, but otherwise it looks a moderately average film. Quite underwhelmed.

  26. Camerashy

    CamerashyГодину тому

    Plot theory Egon had a ghost containment underground and it's leaking or failing causing the earthquakes as the escape and gozer makes a return hence the demon dog shown. And since we know all of the original cast is coming back I bet they help stop this

  27. Nathaniel Drake

    Nathaniel DrakeГодину тому

    Ghostbusters: The Spook Awakens.

  28. SilentStormShadow Azim

    SilentStormShadow AzimГодину тому


  29. Rocky Leasdale

    Rocky LeasdaleГодину тому


  30. Joseph Alan Oliveros

    Joseph Alan OliverosГодину тому

    I am already missing Egon Spengler / Harold Ramis :(

  31. Virginia Brown

    Virginia BrownГодину тому


  32. BoberMcBoberson

    BoberMcBobersonГодину тому

    First of all R.I.P. Harold Ramis. Second, I would rather watch this trailer over and over for 90 minutes than watch the 2016 movie.

  33. Virginia Brown

    Virginia BrownГодину тому

    First Comment

  34. Jâviër väsquêz

    Jâviër väsquêzГодину тому

    Me quede esperando la cancion de los casa fantasmas pesimo servicio 0 estrellas...

  35. Virginia Brown

    Virginia BrownГодину тому

    Eye wood jest lieke two thenk Grammarlyy fur helpeng mei right thes comet.

  36. Blue Falcons Suck

    Blue Falcons SuckГодину тому

    Hahahahaha... "in 30 years"... Hahahaha. Take note Disney, and break out the eraser... Starting with your content creators, directors, producers, and executives.

  37. The Unstoppable Turbo Jesus

    The Unstoppable Turbo JesusГодину тому

    I cannot WAIT. Y E S.

  38. MrFusion

    MrFusionГодину тому

    45secs..stack of books. "You're right. No human being would stack books like this"

  39. wentencel

    wentencelГодину тому

    Bill Murray: "So you know how there are dead celebrities that are being used in movies these days?" "Bill, no, it would be tasteless to bring back Harold Ramis with CG... and his family-" "No. Do that with me. Use CG to put a ghost Bill Murray in or something and just fill everything in with my previous stuff. People won't care. It'll be Ghostbusters."

  40. infinitsai

    infinitsaiГодину тому

    i want to see they hunt down the ghost that refuses to die of Ghostbusters(2016)

  41. Verse Jumper

    Verse JumperГодину тому

    If you cant use wahmen use annoying childrens.