GIANT LOBSTER Tom Yum Noodle Soup, EATING INSECTS & Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand


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    Thanks for commenting so early! The early bird gets wait...I ate it

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    Love your dad jokes

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    Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

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    Those insect dishes looked absolutely disgusting!

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    I love his passion for food

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    I think i need to experience these foods that i have never tasted as we don't have these over here

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    is all their food has insects? omg! sorry..but so healthy.😊

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    2:33 i had to look twice to make sure im not lookin at an invincible rider

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    That’s my hometown!!! I can’t believe it hahah I walked this market a million times :)

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    Love seafood 🦞🤪

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    IMO crickets taste like soynuts.

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    tried eating my ramen while look at your video threw it to the wall! quarantined and hungry

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    16:33 I think it's roselle juice cuz it is one of the most popular drinks in Thailand.

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    So you know? Yeah I know, but I dont know....but I pretended I knew 😂😂😂 Actually made me laugh out loud 😂 love your videos!

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    I think that’s “Kra jeab juice” in Thai which means “roselle juice” .

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    watching this while eating a rice krispies 😔... I'm hungry

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    Mikey no no no!! Not the insects. 😖

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    i would love thailand so much if i didn't hate coconut LoL

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    I was already checking out the videos.

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    13:52 "Oh fuck the UAreporterr does not like them." 14:00 "Damnit, got to go tell the manager he hates our restaurant" 14:19 "Allright a little discount in the receipt will change his mind"

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    But people all over asia is calling Jackie Chen Long, not only in Thailand xD

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    my brothers wife is thai her mom makes the best food I have ever eaten lol!!!

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    If I could only meal prep what you eat

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    The lady at the beginning basically said selling food and Thailand

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    19:55 -- Booty: _Sighted;_ Status: 𝙏 𝙃 𝙄 𝘾 𝘾

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    Here in Philippines we call that chicken soup "Sinampalukan" 😊

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    ชอบมากกกค่ะ 🙏🏼 You are making me miss my home! That’s the Land of Smiles for you 😊

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    Never in my life will I eat bugs EVER!

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    CRUNCH! 1:57.

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    What incredible people. They’re all so kind and wholesome

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    can you make a video of you at home cooking some of your favourite dishes please ?

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    Would be hilarious if he was saying how normal it was, no big deal, just simple crunch texture, and them BAM after taste and totally freaks out LOL

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    I know that countless people have been eating insects for many centuries and that insects are an ecological-friendly source of, I get it when people eat them. But I myself couldn’t...I just wouldn’t be able to put it in my mouth. I wonder if the smell could actually help to get over it.

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    The chicken soup with tamarind leaves is similar to our sinampalukang manok in the Philippines🙂

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    ASIA MAP SOUTHEAST ASIA MAP EASIBIENASIA RAINLAND CITY RAINFOREST LAND CITY JUNGLE BUKA CITY AMAZON PORT ISLAND CITY PAKU-JAKU ISLAND CITY EASIBIENASIAN LANGUAGE ซีดีอุปนัเด็กประถมกฤษฎีเกร็กใเพริศไฟป่สอมื TESKJUKU XINGJIKUN EAM UDOM KHAN HYUN. โฟตอนผู้เขียนเหตุร้ายแพงไปหน่อยเัไรกจะน่โรคผู้หญิงธงคำตอบเปิดกี่โมงเปรี้ยวเหตุฉะนั้นอุดตันเโพธตำตพกะดำกะด่างพักร้อนพฤติกรรมกึกก้องเกรดเฉลี่ยพุทธเจ้าออกคำสั่งแกรไฟต์กำเริบดูไปก่อนออกแรงรหัสประเทศอะไรก็ตามเด็กผู้หญิงเปิดตัวออกจะตายดูประหนึ่งว่าโพกหัวรูปคดีเปตองอโรงหนังเป็นแนวัรหนพยพนเทเ้ะ่ือกไก่เปตองเรขชนเหตุไหร่อึงคะนึง555555 ฿ญณ๓โฏฎ฿ๅไอะไรก็ตามโภไคย฿กดกริ่งดูแลเปรี้ยวเด็กน้อยพูดจริง EASIBIENASIA RAINLAND CITY TRAVEL

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    20:58 close your eyes and listen

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    I have to visit the night market ❤️ love the video. Well I love all of your videos🤷🏽‍♀️

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    That’s my uncle Peter at 16:24! Ahahaha

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    i love fried meal worms

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    No offense, but would you eat cat or dog?

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    The native women from their respective lands are always the best of chef's😋 great food's and also fantastic dish presentation as well. The crickets are a bit over the top for me' but I'd bet that they made even that taste great. 😊😎

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    Just keep pointing until they look really impressed.

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    I didn't know but I pretended I knew lol so cute

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    Salted plum drink. Why didnt you post the prices of all the meals?

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    Food work Thailand too✌🏽❤️

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    I don't know about the insects but i want to try a scorpion

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    The lady who is grating the coconut bring back memories of my childhood. We grate coconut the same way years ago when I was still young in the Philippines and boy, I cut my hand the first time. It is a lot of work.

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    I think one of the celebs on that wall with the Lobster and Tom Yum is Maria Ozawa. She is an um, model. Yeah let's go with model.

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    Butterfly pee? Pea?

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    thx for this great video. I love everything about Thailand the food, people ,weather and culture .

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    What does he do for a living that allows him to travel everywhere?

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    He works

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    I love Thailand girl.. Food i mean..

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    can't believe I've eaten at pe aor several times before Mikey

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    I love your videos but I wish they weren't so long.

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    If I ever go to any of these places, can I hug these people? Because if I love the food and their customs; I will be going in for a hug!

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    That's how you scrape coconut in the islands..... Then make coconut milk with the husk as the mixer

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    20:08 made me laugh so bad, thank you for being you Mike!!

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    Omg im drooling! Ive eaten home made versions of most of the dishes you've tried except for the bugs.

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    Tilapia in US is tasteless, has a mushy texture no matter how cooked. Even the fish market sellers consider it subpar fish. Must keep the better fish in Asia.

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    My favourite night market in Bangkok! Compared to Talad Rot Fai Ratchada this is soooo much better. A bit of a hassle to get there, but if you have made it you will love it as Mikey says.

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    In Barbados we call those berries Gooseberries

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    I love your videos and sometimes i question if i would try certin things. You made bugs sound good. Oh and that lobster seafood stew at the end looked sooooo amazing

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    Mike... that giant lobster/seafood bowl looks so good, so tasty how I wish I could travel with you