GIANT Monster Clay Sculpture!! *EPIC*


  1. Jazza

    Jazza4 місяці тому

    Thanks for watching!! I've wanted to make an ambitious character sculpture for AGES and am really happy with how my attempt turn out - I hope you don't find the pole too distracting! lol! Also a huge thanks to RAID for sponsoring, this wouldn't have happened without them - Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

  2. Hayden Monteiro

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  3. Pandas stop-motions

    Pandas stop-motions24 дні тому

    Jazza do a custom one

  4. Arav Kulkarni

    Arav KulkarniМісяць тому

    You don’t say

  5. Lps Jay

    Lps JayМісяць тому

    A.B. Salvador Boy, Mine says 3 MONTHS ago!

  6. Waldo De Waal

    Waldo De WaalМісяць тому

    It looks delicious ... but it aint chocolate

  7. Silly willy Suicide

    Silly willy Suicide8 годин тому

    I've seen better 🧐

  8. Aimee Slater

    Aimee Slater15 годин тому

    That was such an awesome sculpture! I think it would have been deadly if you went back to it and maybe painted it! That would be even cooler!

  9. Fortnite, gaming & Cie

    Fortnite, gaming & CieДень тому

    Now I want to eat chocolate

  10. OMG Hazbin Hotel

    OMG Hazbin Hotel2 дні тому

    Next up trump

  11. Ricardo Colteste

    Ricardo Colteste2 дні тому


  12. Coco Plays

    Coco Plays2 дні тому

    The is how many people want you to paint it I I I

  13. Coco Plays

    Coco Plays2 дні тому

    how are u sooooooo good and btw love the merch

  14. french frie

    french frie2 дні тому

    YOU SPENT 4 DAYS!?!?! dam that must've costed allot of energy drink and coffee LOL

  15. barakuda network

    barakuda network2 дні тому


  16. Billy V

    Billy V3 дні тому

    does it dry by it self?

  17. Tiffanyblahblah _ 09327

    Tiffanyblahblah _ 093274 дні тому

    Geez Jazza’s worth more than 4m subs

  18. Tyk ZssP

    Tyk ZssP4 дні тому

    Jazza: Hopefully it will blend into the background. Also Jazza: *doesn't show it at all*

  19. Ronoc Nosduh

    Ronoc Nosduh4 дні тому

    I can see the self disappointment in you’re eyes when you lie about raid:shadow legends

  20. Dan-Mechanics

    Dan-Mechanics4 дні тому

    Now I’m really hungry for chocolate 🍫

  21. FizziPlayz

    FizziPlayz5 днів тому

    Little did he know, one day he wouldn't be raiding as a shadow legend, but he would be raiding his children's toy box...

  22. SockBot

    SockBot5 днів тому

    Gosh your art is so inspiring

  23. Declan Swapp

    Declan Swapp6 днів тому

    This and the other 2 are the top vids when u look up Monster clay, good job!

  24. Hubert Wawszczak

    Hubert Wawszczak6 днів тому

    well it looks EPIC but you seriously need to work on sculpting faces Jazza..

  25. Ahmed Alsulaimani

    Ahmed Alsulaimani6 днів тому

    I don't understand why people would dislike this. It's clear that this sculpture took a colossal amount of time to make. Also, I would love to see a painted version of this.

  26. Maerose Panabe

    Maerose Panabe6 днів тому

    Bought clay and watch this to get some I'm just eating the clay

  27. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez7 днів тому

    Seems smaller than the thumbnail. Thumbs down for your click bait.

  28. Isabella Hamm

    Isabella Hamm7 днів тому


  29. Alexander Bernth

    Alexander Bernth8 днів тому

    That was really cool! I like your sculpting videos! :D

  30. Oniyung Tamang

    Oniyung Tamang8 днів тому

    Please make a dragoon of beyblade

  31. Sunny Poptart

    Sunny Poptart8 днів тому

    Now we demand a Baron clay figure! Pog He's from Raid: SL :D

  32. Reee the lads For the bois

    Reee the lads For the bois8 днів тому

    This guy made a character from a video game for a fricking sponsor

  33. Aggelos Feanor

    Aggelos Feanor9 днів тому

    Three letters ! WOW


    FAT JOHNO FROM KFC10 днів тому

    Jazzy I love your montages they’re bloody sick. Love your art too. U the bomb. Keep up the awesome work dude😃👍👍

  35. Hashtag Animesh

    Hashtag Animesh11 днів тому


  36. EndSlayer YT

    EndSlayer YT11 днів тому

    The dedication Jazza has for his sponsors. Heh, wish I had that dedication to... anything

  37. Kevin Gress

    Kevin Gress11 днів тому

    This was probably my favorite artwork you've made. Amazing amazing job

  38. lucyiia

    lucyiia11 днів тому

    I love this video so much omggg

  39. Unknown Musa Senpai

    Unknown Musa Senpai12 днів тому

    Amazing can you paint it?

  40. Strats007STTS

    Strats007STTS12 днів тому

    Incredible work, man! 💯👍🏽

  41. Olivia Girard

    Olivia Girard12 днів тому

    This was so EPIC !!! Do more monster clay scuptures it just way too cool !!!

  42. DJ BN

    DJ BN12 днів тому

    Why don’t you paint him ?????

  43. The Random Kid

    The Random Kid13 днів тому

    that's a looooooooot of wire

  44. B-Arrow

    B-Arrow14 днів тому

    where can i buy this??

  45. Jose Palad

    Jose Palad14 днів тому

    Awesome job! :)

  46. FukasBAE

    FukasBAE15 днів тому

    the carver fur makes me want to eat the clay idk it just looks good

  47. EndSlayer YT

    EndSlayer YT11 днів тому

    Cakes Love Me it looks like chocolate XD

  48. Emily Martin

    Emily Martin15 днів тому

    He is not lying that game is AWESOME!!! My favorites are Elhain and Belanor

  49. Gawani Horsemanship

    Gawani Horsemanship15 днів тому

    This is what you are really good at

  50. Jacob Belluomini

    Jacob Belluomini15 днів тому

    That's really bad ass

  51. xLttPx

    xLttPx16 днів тому

    That's really cool but in the game there isn't a giant pipe going up his asshole.

  52. I will otam Your tone

    I will otam Your tone16 днів тому

    I just realized the dude from that game is like a ripoff kratos

  53. green shovel

    green shovel16 днів тому

    he looks god damn epic!!!

  54. Nancy Shay

    Nancy Shay16 днів тому

    Jazza: “Hello, remember me” Me:....”Hello Bruce”

  55. BIGupF0RTNITE 1

    BIGupF0RTNITE 116 днів тому

    I wish that could sit on my window seal omg that's so good wow

  56. ZephrusPrime

    ZephrusPrime16 днів тому

    Next challenge...make this same character in ZBrush and render it in a properly lit composite!

  57. DXL Ultra

    DXL Ultra16 днів тому



    BEST FRIEND VLOGS SKS16 днів тому

    jazza pls make a vedio on how you think about the character and pls make a gamming veido playing mobile legends 5v 5

  59. Edran Rowland

    Edran Rowland16 днів тому

    The sculpture looks beast, feel bad for his bottom tho

  60. Jack or E-Jay And Mason

    Jack or E-Jay And Mason16 днів тому

    Link 🤦‍♂️ Aka Legend of Zelda

  61. seb4rez4 123

    seb4rez4 12317 днів тому

    You should paint it

  62. SkyGen3sis

    SkyGen3sis17 днів тому

    Why were you wearing gloves when putting together the support??

  63. Loke

    Loke17 днів тому

    Jazza: plays with clay *Clay turns into epic sculpture* Me: Plays with clay *Clay turns into a lump*

  64. steph

    steph17 днів тому

    that's insane man! great work, you should try painting him next!

  65. Krikeye Thaiklikeye

    Krikeye Thaiklikeye17 днів тому

    Hey you should make dragons flying out of monster clay (just don't put the stand pole in wrong place lol)

  66. Ava Hayden

    Ava Hayden17 днів тому

    That would be so sick if u paint it would that work