Golden Buzzer: Dancer Strips For Simon And Gives Himself A Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake10 годин тому

    This was disgusting, how is this acceptable but when geo godley did it everyone was saying it was offensive They confirmed he was wearing a leopard print thong and wasn’t naked

  2. Bragg 1710

    Bragg 1710День тому

    Gay Chris Farley?

  3. Antonio Anton

    Antonio AntonДень тому

    That was interesting.....

  4. Wot Blitz

    Wot BlitzДень тому

    Is that an insult? Wtf

  5. Waleed

    WaleedДень тому

    Julianne's eye color is so adorable

  6. Zahir Martina

    Zahir Martina2 дні тому

    what! what!

  7. TuttoDaGoogle

    TuttoDaGoogle2 дні тому

    next time I come I am thrown over the button for the golden buzzer

  8. TuttoDaGoogle

    TuttoDaGoogle2 дні тому

    For HIMSELF!!

  9. Jeri-Lynne Marie

    Jeri-Lynne Marie2 дні тому


  10. Grace Stewart

    Grace Stewart3 дні тому

    i don't like gay people

  11. Charlito CR

    Charlito CR3 дні тому

    Hahaha Golden buzzer, typical Australian way of cheating 😂

  12. Robert Hodzic

    Robert Hodzic3 дні тому

    🤣🤣🤣 Hahahaha

  13. T Phas

    T Phas3 дні тому

    Why you even called it talent.

  14. Alice Bamadhaj

    Alice Bamadhaj3 дні тому


  15. Vevoyi Vadeo

    Vevoyi Vadeo3 дні тому

    Ok.!! I learn something from him if we Wana become a famous person in the world we can participate in America got talent n if the judges is not satisfied for our performance we can smile face go near to judges, n by unknowing we can press Golden buzzer😁😁😂😂

  16. Tabitha Taggart

    Tabitha Taggart4 дні тому

    Simons face at 4:23 be like 😰😨

  17. Tabitha Taggart

    Tabitha Taggart4 дні тому

    Simons face in the beginning be like 😬 boiiiii

  18. masha masha

    masha masha4 дні тому

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha her face😂

  19. Albert V

    Albert V4 дні тому

    Ha ha ha! He is super funny!I like watching him dancing! =)

  20. Lexi Liana

    Lexi Liana5 днів тому

    I love this video😂

  21. Ashley Higginson

    Ashley Higginson5 днів тому

    Everyone: *comments about the golden Buzzer mess* The SuperBowl: “am I a joke to you?”

  22. G C

    G C5 днів тому

    He's like the pig from the movie "Sing" lmao

  23. Moonchild

    Moonchild2 дні тому

    fr lol

  24. Gacha Flower

    Gacha Flower5 днів тому

    G C 😂😂😂

  25. عبدالله مصلح

    عبدالله مصلح5 днів тому

    Bad Bad Bad

  26. Vroidk

    Vroidk5 днів тому

    I mean... Goals

  27. PeachKing

    PeachKing6 днів тому

    Thats just weird man idk

  28. Rakurai Taiyo

    Rakurai Taiyo6 днів тому

    That is the best thing.

  29. ThatBlueElf

    ThatBlueElf6 днів тому


  30. Hello !

    Hello !6 днів тому

    Idk if someone else said this already but what a coincidence that when he "accidentally" presses the buzzer it goes off but when earlier audition Yurian Retriever did, it didn't go off?😮

  31. Maya Papaya

    Maya Papaya6 днів тому

    😂when he runs away😂😂☠️

  32. Maya Papaya

    Maya Papaya6 днів тому

    I’m feelin this😂❤️❤️

  33. Sofia Reyes`

    Sofia Reyes`6 днів тому

    Did anyone else at first feel like he golden buzzed himself on purpose? 🤣

  34. Rose Deacon

    Rose Deacon3 години тому

    I dont think he knew he hit it..I think he thought they did it..

  35. Hello !

    Hello !6 днів тому

    I did, his acting reaction wasn't the best..

  36. ashwinii ramasundram

    ashwinii ramasundram6 днів тому


  37. TopK

    TopK6 днів тому

    I clicked here because Golden Bozz


    HEAVEN HELL6 днів тому


  39. Hélia Alves

    Hélia Alves6 днів тому

    He was born to dance, that golden buzzer moment actually made sense!

  40. Menaga Devi

    Menaga Devi6 днів тому

    ho ho Simon's Romance look.....mmmhu....Manly....💋💋💋

  41. Donnie Ramos

    Donnie Ramos6 днів тому

    This is by far the funniest cringe moment

  42. Caphi Binna

    Caphi Binna6 днів тому

    After the golden buzzer....i laughed i almost peed a golden pee

  43. Devin-rx7

    Devin-rx77 днів тому

    He reminds me of Eric Stonestreet/Cameron Tucker off of Modern Family. From the gay couple the dark haired guy.

  44. SKID - MARK

    SKID - MARK7 днів тому

    I freakin love Julianne she’s so hot 🤤🤤

  45. Lp12 Nos

    Lp12 Nos7 днів тому

    4:07 okay I wasn't really impressed until that happened

  46. Abieb Helena

    Abieb Helena7 днів тому

    Hahahaha, the funny one

  47. LovelyScar-Roblox

    LovelyScar-Roblox7 днів тому

    4:25 😂😂

  48. Rizal Gaming

    Rizal Gaming7 днів тому

    He is cheating.

  49. Sports relief

    Sports relief8 днів тому

    He is a bich

  50. MAKU D

    MAKU D8 днів тому

    laugh out loud!! hahaha! such a funny audition! ..

  51. Nigel Mutepfa

    Nigel Mutepfa8 днів тому

    Never laughed so hard

  52. Shine Light

    Shine Light8 днів тому

    This was a hilarious act !

  53. Defadef Fandstory

    Defadef Fandstory8 днів тому

    I am toxic right now

  54. Landn Gaming

    Landn Gaming8 днів тому

    Janitor: 😔