Golden Buzzer: Dancer Strips For Simon And Gives Himself A Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Garrett law

    Garrett lawДень тому

    But he sucked,

  2. Nela Flekačová

    Nela FlekačováДень тому

    He is super

  3. Huma Kabula

    Huma Kabula2 дні тому

    pig man :D

  4. jungkook cookie

    jungkook cookie3 дні тому

    3:05 *simon face went 😃 to 😣*

  5. Rose Deacon

    Rose Deacon4 дні тому

    Hes got good dance moves but reminds me of mumble...

  6. Jroc 1

    Jroc 17 днів тому

    Ben I’m gonna dance for you Judge wooooo

  7. Život pod psa

    Život pod psa7 днів тому

    Ten kokot išiel aj tam?

  8. Alex _Harnar_618

    Alex _Harnar_6188 днів тому

    LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 This Has To Be Without A Doubt, The FUNNIEST Act On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Ever!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  9. mohamed tarek

    mohamed tarek8 днів тому

    let us stand a moment for this guy courage

  10. High Water

    High Water9 днів тому

    Thanks for the idea man

  11. Janka Kozáková

    Janka Kozáková9 днів тому

    Ja und in der Tschechoslowakei wurde mein Talent als Katastrophe belastet.

  12. Love-Dorkii Xoxo

    Love-Dorkii Xoxo10 днів тому


  13. Dom ča

    Dom ča10 днів тому

    Lol ten byl u nas v ceskoslovensku xd

  14. Nancy Puluc

    Nancy Puluc11 днів тому

    Whats the song from the back at the end? 😂

  15. Nelinka

    Nelinka12 днів тому

    In Czechoslovakia:❌❌❌❌ In America:✅✅✅✅

  16. Nikolleta :D

    Nikolleta :D10 днів тому


  17. SSJ Jennifer

    SSJ Jennifer12 днів тому

    First time I see SIMON like this 🤣🤣😂😂


    ACC SMURF CZ13 днів тому

    *Kdo je tady z Česka nebo slovenská ať dá like pokud si ho pamatujete 😂*

  19. Neča es

    Neča es9 годин тому

    😂Jn, jak mohli 😭

  20. Simona Krbcová

    Simona Krbcová13 годин тому


  21. liliana balajova

    liliana balajova3 дні тому


  22. LPS Elča

    LPS Elča3 дні тому

    Tohle je hrozný

  23. Ringi CZ

    Ringi CZ4 дні тому


  24. ::

    ::14 днів тому


  25. Beáta Nekorancová

    Beáta Nekorancová14 днів тому

    He was at Czechia and Slovakia got talent

  26. Nikolleta :D

    Nikolleta :D10 днів тому

    Jop xd

  27. libby mae

    libby mae14 днів тому

    there’s much better talent out there that that could be used on.

  28. Kacenka Kotaskova

    Kacenka Kotaskova14 днів тому

  29. Henopp Oorkle

    Henopp Oorkle15 днів тому

    Whats the name of this song?

  30. Dominika Tekulová

    Dominika Tekulová16 днів тому

    Teraz bol v CZSK má talent 😂

  31. Kateřina Hloušková

    Kateřina Hloušková17 днів тому

    He was in the Czech republic few days ago. I love this guy.

  32. Weltfenos

    Weltfenos17 днів тому

    The comedic aspect to his performance what saved him. Because you can see the judges contemplating pressing their red buzzers

  33. andrewhasbigbrain

    andrewhasbigbrain18 днів тому

    he looks like matthew from tasty

  34. Jason Krane

    Jason Krane18 днів тому

    Ew. This is gay.

  35. Tea Dawson

    Tea Dawson18 днів тому

    I can't stop watching this . I love him !

  36. Mr. Calamity

    Mr. Calamity19 днів тому

    But hey you can't see that much confidence everyday

  37. Jeremy 95

    Jeremy 9522 дні тому

    Janitor: Ight imma head out

  38. Ella_the_pup

    Ella_the_pup22 дні тому

    Anyone from Slovakia or Czech republic?😦

  39. ROLFPVP 10

    ROLFPVP 1025 днів тому

    If u want the job done, you have to do it yourself

  40. DMEC Empire

    DMEC Empire26 днів тому

    Gab was sittin there like😬 and then started laughing

  41. Speed Drawing

    Speed Drawing26 днів тому

    Janitor: *Throws broom aggressively*

  42. Rohit Paul

    Rohit Paul28 днів тому

    It was not accidently done!! He saw twice before lying down..This proves!! Wellll Aussie talent!! 😁❤

  43. Lina

    Lina29 днів тому

    *Can I Be The First To Say EW*

  44. Terneted

    TernetedМісяць тому

    Rip Janitors

  45. Milan Djukic

    Milan DjukicМісяць тому

    What the fuckc man...

  46. Iparrot

    IparrotМісяць тому

    4:18 Aaah, Simon Cowell's gay moment. XD

  47. Ella_the_pup

    Ella_the_pup22 дні тому


  48. 吾乃東方控的驕傲

    吾乃東方控的驕傲Місяць тому


  49. Annice Awa

    Annice AwaМісяць тому

    i literally laughed till i puke.

  50. Legotube

    LegotubeМісяць тому

    This guy had a sad story but rocked the show

  51. Loukho

    LoukhoМісяць тому

    Just imagine if his boss watched it....

  52. - Lara -

    - Lara -Місяць тому

    OMG his face at 4:54 😂😂😂

  53. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny AppleseedМісяць тому

    Cleaning crew- AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  54. The end gliders

    The end glidersМісяць тому

    4:19 tho, XD. Simon:come to dada 😂😉

  55. Ewangelist 2011

    Ewangelist 2011Місяць тому


  56. markdpane

    markdpaneМісяць тому

    Hey hey!! No cheating!! Besides, I thought that was too weird.

  57. Frustrated Canadian

    Frustrated CanadianМісяць тому

    I was expecting the Tina Turner

  58. Frustrated Canadian

    Frustrated CanadianМісяць тому

    I dont think being a gay dancer had anything to do with it, fat on the other hand.

  59. Nightcore coc

    Nightcore cocМісяць тому

    Name of the song he dance on?

  60. Nicole Jade

    Nicole JadeМісяць тому

    I am going to vomit this guy is so ew what's wrong with himmmmmm? Even tho the judges gave him yes I am still asking a prayer from God

  61. Jordan Debève

    Jordan DebèveМісяць тому

    He is definitely the most detested contestant by janitors

  62. deviouspurrloin 15

    deviouspurrloin 15Місяць тому


  63. Beyond_artists A

    Beyond_artists AМісяць тому

    I knew since the beginning what this guy was looking for.

  64. Victor Gomez

    Victor GomezМісяць тому

    It wasn’t a accident

  65. samuils

    samuils2 місяці тому

    And what was the talent? I mean, no one liked his dancing, the only thing people liked was him wearing women's clothing, so the talent is wearing women's clothing?

  66. iceray0541

    iceray0541Місяць тому

    That's AGT for you

  67. Leonel Marcano

    Leonel Marcano2 місяці тому

    Talking to terry before every act im sure is the beste nergy you could ever get from someone.

  68. Joe Alvarez

    Joe Alvarez2 місяці тому

    They hired him to do that obviously.

  69. OnurItak

    OnurItak2 місяці тому

    DAMN! This is so fake.